Update: You can save even further by opting to pick up the eight-pack of this product which is currently on sale for $70. That brings the price of each down to just $8.75 apiece.

Right now you can pick up the TrackR Pixel for just $12.55 at Amazon, which is the lowest that it has ever sold for. Normally, this Bluetooth tracker sells for between $20 and $25, and has never dropped below $14 in the past. The device itself is on the smaller side, which means that you can easily attach it to just about anything that you find yourself misplacing.

It uses Bluetooth to find items at close ranges, and the free iOS and Android app can be used to ring your device and flash the light to help you find it even faster. There is a battery inside the TrackR, and the app will let you know when it's running low. You'll be able to order a replacement for free, directly from the app, meaning you don't have to replace the whole unit like you do with a Tile tracker. You can see where you last had your device on a map, and if you have the device but lost your phone you can simply press the button on it to ping your phone.

These are extremely useful, and at this price, you may want to pick up a few of them!

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