Speed Dial

Remember the old days when you could just hold down a letter/number on your BlackBerry keyboard and it would call one of your contacts? That's still been possible with BlackBerry 10 on the Q10 and Q5 but up until BlackBerry 10.2.1 dropped you had to have the phone application open - so not really saving a bunch of time. 

Thankfully BlackBerry have listened to us users and the good old days are now back, which means you can perform a speed dial without having to launch the phone app - sweet! 

Getting things set up is super easy, but if you need a quick run through here's how:

  • Open the phone application
  • Swipe down from the top bezel and jump into settings
  • Select Keypress Speed Dial
  • Choose your letters/numbers and add your buddies

I for one am stoked to see this feature return and although I don't make a ton of phone calls I've already set up my close friends and family - ready for action. Another nice touch BlackBerry.