If you're looking to back up your SMS and MMS messages on BlackBerry 10, there's no better way than offloading to a secondary location. One app that can accomplish that for you is Runisofts SMS To Email Pro. Using SMS To Email Pro, which allows you to send your SMS and MMS messages automatically to any number of email addresses, and easily back them up or read them from your desktop email client. Right now, until August 31, you can snag a free copy for yourself.

Below are the features of SMS To Email Pro

  • Headless application ! Runs in background and forwards SMS in real time!
  • You can EMAIL, PRINT and SAVE all your text messages.(Print from Email)
  • Send all SMS/MMS or SMS/MMS received from specific numbers in real time.
  • It also sends the "Sent SMS/Sent MMS from Hub" to Email in real time.
  • Send selected conversations from Hub to email addresses.
  • Send all SMS sent/received between a Date's Range.
  • Send "All Conversations" from Hub to email addresses.
  • If installed on multiple phones,you could monitor SMS that come on all of those phones.
  • Send SMS to one or multiple email addresses.
  • It is very simple to use and by using this way your texts can be printed or saved whenever required.
  • Backup of SMS in email - You will have a backup of all SMS in email. It would make it easier to search for the information in SMS when required.
  • The email will have the person's name, phone number, dates, times and message.
  • Notification support - Play a ringtone,Blink LED or Vibrate when a SMS is forwarded.(Configurable from settings)
  • Auto reply to SMS (If enabled from settings)
  • Monitor SMS from all family members if installed on their phones. In this way you do not have to ask them for any specific SMS. An email will come to you for the SMS that they receive.

SMS To Email Pro normally costs $1.99 but using the coupon code SMSTOEMAILFREE1000, you'll be able to grab 1 of 1000 free copies available. If you're looking to give it a go, open BlackBerry World, swipe from the top and hit the redeem button then enter in the code. You'll then be able to download the app for free and a big shout out to Runisoft for offering it up to CrackBerry readers!

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