1000 free copies of QuickPost available to download

QuickPost has long been one of my favorite apps on BlackBerry 10, and something I've sorely missed while I have been using the BlackBerry Priv. QuickPost allows you to Type Once, Post Everywhere. For those who frequently post to multiple social media accounts regularly, this app is great at being able to push out a status update without having to type it out repeatedly. What I love about it most is that it integrates with all native social media apps, including third party versions. So, I can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM Channels, LinkedIn and more, very quickly, all from one app.

If you have not yet given this app a try, how about a free copy? How about 1 of 1000 free copies that we've partnered with the developer to give away? Okay, we can do that! Normally $0.99, QuickPost packs tons of features. There's a Pro version that adds weekly theme sales and expanded history options, but if what you're looking for is the ability to quickly and efficiently post out to multiple social media accounts, then you might not even need to fork over for the Pro upgrade. We've got 1000 free copies of QuickPost up for grabs, and here's how to get one:

  1. Open BlackBerry World
  2. Swipe down from top and tap Redeem
  3. Enter promo code QPCB
  4. Tap the **FREE* green icon

If anyone is interested in the available theme for QuickPost, this week the developer's discounted the Silver Edition theme by 50% down to $0.99. If you miss out on a free copy of QuickPost, it's still a great purchase at $0.99, and it's available at the link below for BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Purchase QuickPost from BlackBerry World