February 26th, 2017 will mark TEN YEARS since CrackBerry's official launch date. To celebrate, we're bringing back the good 'ole days of BlackBerry. CrackBerry Kevin is out of retirement and actively blogging and making videos again. We're bringing back the CrackBerry podcast. And in true CrackBerry fashion, we're going to have tons of giveaways.

The timing feels a little bit like fate too, with BlackBerry Mobile gearing up to officially unveil the BlackBerry 'Mercury' at Mobile World Congress on February 25th in Barcelona, Spain. There's nothing more old school CrackBerry than the excitement leading up to a new BlackBerry phone launch! So join the party, visit CrackBerry.com often and be sure to follow @crackberrykevin on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and BBM Channels as well so you don't miss a thing!