BlackBerry 10 BBM

We couldn't have a favorites list without mentioning BBM. As the staple instant messenger of BlackBerry, BBM is getting a pretty amazing update for BlackBerry 10. It brings the instant messaging capabilities that we know and love and adds in BBM Voice and hopefully BBM Video to make it an insanely cool communication tool. BBM will still allow you to text chat with contacts as well as send files and photos, but add in voice and video chat to the mix? Oh man, we love it! Keep reading to see why BBM will be one of the coolest features of BlackBerry 10. 

BBM on BlackBerry 10

BBM has been awesome for BlackBerry users for years. It's the greatest IM service there is for mobile users, and with BlackBerry 10 is gets that much better. We've already had a crazy cool update a few weeks back with BBM Voice, and with BBM Video expected to be inlcuded in BlackBerry 10, it's going to be even more betterer (yup, I did that).

At the most basic, BBM lets you IM your BlackBerry contacts quickly and easily. You get indicators so you know if your message was delivered and/or read. On top of that you can send photos, videos and other files without leaving the app.

BBM Voice gave us an awesome update that now allows for voice calls through BBM over wifi. What this means is that you can call other BBM contacts while in BBM and not use any voice minutes. The calls go over the data network so you get crisp, clear voice conversations without even using the phone app. Add to that the fact that you can still use the text chat while on a call - inluding the ability to send files - and you have a pretty amazing feature.

BBM Video is expected to add video calls to BBM in the same fashion as BBM Voice does for voice calls. When in a BBM chat, initiate the video call and you'll be face-to-face with your contact. It's rumored that there might be a screen share option including as well which would just add to the coolness factor.

Of course you'll have the option to create BBM groups, so chatting with more than one contact at a time won't be a problem. In the groups you can send files, make lists and have a shared calendar, so keeping on track with your groups won't be an issue. 

It's BBM. You know it, you use it. It's amplified for BlackBerry 10 in many awesome ways. There really isn't much more to say, is there? I for one am really looking forward to BBM on BlackBerry 10. I'm hoping to reconnect with some long-lost contacts and also be able to use BBM as an even more powerful business tool on BlackBerry 10.  

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