RIM Network Outages Fail to Impress10. Remain calm and try to relax.

9. Speak positive affirmations to yourself, for example: 'the network will be up soon', 'everything is going to be ok', 'RIM will solve the problem shortly'

8. Exercise your thumbs. With the withdrawal could come tired and lathargic thumbs. Keep them in shape by doing simple thumb stretches and presses.

7. Turn your blackberry off and on constantly. Something might pick up. Keep trying until it works.

6. Run on the spot. It will burn off that built up anxiety and angst... Keep you relaxed and get your heart beating in a healthy way.

5. Grab a cup of coffee. Might as well pump some more caffeine into the system. Go for a dark roast with no cream or sugar. The way coffee was meant to be.

4. Pretend to yourself that your BlackBerry is actually working and continue on your day as usual.

3. Play 'Brick Breaker'.

2. Cry.

1. Pray.