Nothing pleases me greater than opening BlackBerry App World on my PlayBook and finding a new awesome game. That's what happened today when I found 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling. Bowling games have been popular on all platforms but I'm not sure if I have played a superb one on the PlayBook - until now. 10 Pin Shuffle puts a twist on bowling in more ways than one. Firstly - you don't use a bowling ball but more of a puck. Where this also comes in handy is that there are three games within the game.

First up, and this is where the puck comes in useful, is with 'Shuffleboard' which apparently is a game played in bars. I've not seen it myself but, what I do find it similar to is curling. You need to get your puck as close to the edge of the table as possible to score maximum points.

Next up is standard bowling where you have 10 pins to knock down, and then finally is 10 pin poker which is a combination of Shuffleboard, Bowling and Five Card Draw Poker. Earn playing cards for Strikes and Spares. Draw new cards when you have five. The player with the best five card poker hand after 10 frames wins.

WIth each game you can play against your friends or vs your PlayBook, plus graphics and sounds are all fantastic. Priced at $2.99 it is well worth the money. A rocking game.

Features of the game include:

  • Impressive 3D graphics.
  • Scoreloop online leaderboards and achievements. 
  • Real 3D physics engine and accurate pin physics. 
  • Instant replays of great shots. 
  • Unlock new opponents of increasing skill levels. 
  • Crowd reactions that reflect your moves in real time. 
  • Realistic sound effects capture every nudge, bump, and collision on the table. 
  • Controls that are easy to grasp, but challenging to master. 
  • Turkey rewards and winners animations. 
  • Bowling statistics and game scores are tracked and saved each game.

More information/Download 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling for the BlackBerry PlayBook