ZonaSnap updated to v2.4.2 adding filters, frames, and editing to your screen captures

ZonaSnap for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 16 Oct 2012 08:15 pm EDT
It's been awhile since the last time we talked about the feature packed screen capture application ZonaSnap. This has always been one of my favorite screen capture apps because it has a ton of useful features. Not only is ZonaSnap BBM integrated so you can send screenshots right to BBM contacts and groups, but it's also got options for Facebook, Twitter, email, and Photobucket. A couple of weeks ago ZonaSnap got a pretty big update with new features as well as bug fixes.

New Features Added:
  • You can open ZonaSnap with the shake detection (For Devices with Accelerometer)
  •  Open any image from Media menu
  •  You can add Text and Arrows from the Edition Screen
  •  Filters for apply to any image (Earlybird, Branna, Lofi, Sepia, Greyscale, Retro, etc)
  •  Frames (Vintage, Classic, Transparent)
  •  Added Facebook Integration
  •  BBM Connection Improved
  •  Connection with Photobucket Improved
  •  Upload to Twitter Fixed
  •  New Look
  •  Fixed the Feature for Send to a BBM Group
All of these new features are on top of the long list already included, so if you're not familiar with the app you'll want to see our review of it from earlier this year. One last thing to note: ZonaSnap is available in both English and Spanish, and has a 7 day free trial, after which the app will still function however there will be a watermark on your screenshots. To register the app and remove that watermark, it will cost just $1.99.

More information/download ZonaSnap (English)
More information/download ZonaSnap (Spanish)

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Reader comments

ZonaSnap updated to v2.4.2 adding filters, frames, and editing to your screen captures


I notice that most developers who offer BBM "integration" are making module calls that force you to download BBM EVEN IF YOU NEVER USE BBM: creating a "not found" for that specific module. Wish developers would give us an option to use their apps WITHOUT BBM!!!

Ok so I used the "check for updates" on my paid version and the app said there was a new version for download! Imagine my excitment and anticipation!!

"Would you like to replace v2.1.2 with v2.1.2?"....say wha?

Yes, of course I tried it! It replaced my current version with the SAME version, much to my dismay. Therefore, I am disappointed. Just like Mitt will be after this debate is over.


But I still had 2.1.2?... so I went to the App World link (previously used MobiHand) and updated from there with 2.4.2. That worked and I used my keycode to remove the watermark.

Now the app works but my phone cannot see my memory card! Investigation continues...

Ohhh gotcha, sorry. Too many 2s, I got confused lol. The dev is pretty helpful, send him an email if you can't solve it. :) Good Luck!

I have sent Senior Gonzalez an email regarding the 2 bugs I found:

- media card was not recognized (this is kind of a big deal! I also found the same feedback in App World from another user that had just upgraded to v2.4.2 too)
- for some reason my 'call end' button no longer functioned after the upgrade to exit out to the home screen

Unfortunately, with the prescence of these 2 bugs, I was forced to rollback to v2.1.2, where everything is working again.