Zombie Attack updated with 100 new levels - Still free!

By Adam Zeis on 10 Nov 2011 10:21 am EST

Zombie AttackZombie Attack

Zombie Attack, the free strategy game from Smart Apps, has been updated with 100 new levels. This means twice the action packed Zombie goodness of the original version, all still totally free.

You were one of the few who prepared. They all said you were crazy, but you knew better! Now your day has finally come. Armed with your makeshift launcher, more ammunition in storage than is probably legal, and your faithful zombie apocalypse survival kit, you stand prepared to face off with the hordes of brain eating zombies! Gaze out upon a new world survivor; one filled with zombies wandering and lurking among the wreckage of your city. It's time to fight back, retake your city for the future of mankind!

Fire up any of the provided weapons and take charge as you destroy all of the zombies and buildings that stand in your way. Head to BlackBerry App World for more.

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Reader comments

Zombie Attack updated with 100 new levels - Still free!


This game and angry farm are way to glichy! On multiple occasions I have had structures fall without even firing my first farm animal! NOT IMPRESSED!

I actually like this game quite a bit. I have Angry Birds on my PlayBook via Android Player, and I've played it on a Galaxy Tab and I don't really see it as being any better.