Zombie Attack adds 50 new levels

Zombie Attack Halloween
By Adam Zeis on 23 Sep 2012 02:22 pm EDT

The popular Zombie Attack game from Smarter Apps has been updated in anticipation of Halloween, this time adding 50 new levels - bringing the total to 250 levels of play. The zombies are sporting their new Halloween costumes but are still as hungry as ever. Use your rocks, grenades, fireballs and more to take out the masses of brain-eating zombies. This one is great fun and will keep you busy as you count the hours until October 31st. Zombie attack is available for most devices from BlackBerry App World. 

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Zombie Attack adds 50 new levels


Their AW page kind of sucks. Description is like 4x too long, but most annoyingly neither screenshot shows gameplay
[/unappreciative whining]

I agreee about the 4x too long. I have a 9860, the app does not fit my screen since I updated to 7.1.