Zinio reveals their BlackBerry PlayBook app should be available for download mid-March

By Michelle Haag on 26 Feb 2012 11:38 pm EST

Last week Zinio teased BlackBerry PlayBook owners a bit on Twitter, letting us know that the app is "coming real soon" to our tablet. Tonight they replied to a tweet from @Madooooooon about the release date, saying:

@Madooooooon Mid March. Still waiting for the exact date

So magazine lovers, it shouldn't be too much longer for this much anticipated release. We saw a sneak peak of the app at CES earlier this year, which got a lot of us excited for the app. You can watch that interview above. If you'd like to be informed when the app is released, you can sign up at www.zinio.com/playbook and they'll email you when it's available. When the app is launched and you download it to your PlayBook, you will also receive a $25 credit towards Zinio content as a special thank you from both Zinio and BlackBerry. Sounds good to me! Now just to wait until mid-March.

Thanks for letting us know @Madooooooon!

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Zinio reveals their BlackBerry PlayBook app should be available for download mid-March


My buddy at work is going to love this. He has been waiting for this one.

I just love to see new content. I'll probably sign up as well.

Glad to see content filling the Playbook.

Books - check
Movies - check
e-mail - check
Games - check
Magazines & Newpapers- check in two-three weeks.

Pretty awesome. I showed my tablet to a friend today and she is looking like she is getting one.

2012 is the year of the big BlackBerry comeback!

You forgot:
Music - check

.....Now if only they could bring all of those together into 1 integrated system that does NOT have the iTunes Bloat

Not if you live in the U.K where the content situation is alot different.

Also, will Zinio be available to U.K users and will we get a £25 credit?

where's our $25?
I want to try out with the credit for my PlayBook but no credit to be found. Have anyone received their $25 credit from Zinio??
March 21st, 2012

Zinio suffers from the same corporate mantra that afflicts RIM - it's been "coming soon" since the Playbook was first launched. Although to give them credit, this is the first time they have mentioned an actual month so I suppose that can be considered a good thing. But yes, this has been "coming soon" for far too long.

Something else to look forward too. I've been hoping for Zinio since I got my PB last year, thinking it could be one of the more significant apps for the platform.

I wonder what will be available. Looking around on their site, I see some things already show as being available for RIM, but many do not (and some things only show available for "Air"). I signed up for the notification.

I'd be surprised if there would be any limitations on what's available.

I AM concerned about how readable a virtual tabloid-sized magazine might be on a 7" tab, but this has been among my most anticipated apps, personally.

With Kindle side-loaded app now on Playbook, I can assure you 7' form factor is great for reading, much easier to hold for longer periods and easily portable.

It's a GREAT shame that Kobo (native ebook reader) cannot get their act together since the release of OS2. Kobo app worked quite well on OS2 Beta, but since the release of OS2, Kobo has been utter sh!t: every page turn = Javascript Alert dialog.

I've been emailing them every day since OS2 release and their solution is to switch off Playbook and reconnect to PC/Mac. This is supposed to allow RIM to push the new Kobo (v1.4.2.1) onto your Playbook. Well, it DOES NOT WORK. Nothing is updated.

Nevermind that Kobo now needs to be pushed by RIM through Blackberry Desktop Software. Every other app is updated wirelessly via BB App World. 100% FAIL. Read your feedback!

Which is a shame, as the previous Kobo on OS2 Beta was just about perfect...

I can't see what all the fuss is about with this app. However, with a $25 credit I will definitely download it and give it a try. Thanks RIM for another great enticement !!!

I can't see what all the fuss is about with this app. However, with a $25 credit I will definitely download it and give it a try. Thanks RIM for another great enticement !!!

How will this work? Will the $25 only be for new users, or will it be for current users as well?

This looks like a great service but i dont want to signup right now if i can wait 2 or 3 weeks and get $25 free!

I signed up too...I'm not familiar with Zinio but I do like to read magazines.

I had a look at the Zinio site to see what it's all about, but since I'm on vacation in Mexico all I'm able to get is Spanish-language content... Sometimes 'smart' websites are too smart for their own good.

The fact that this came from a tweet is kind of a bummer. I was hoping lots of new apps would be announced at MWC. It is feeling like no big announcements are planned.

Such a long wait - painful. I like Zinio on the iPad but I carry my Playbook on the road more often so I would love access there also.

Bring it Zinio!

I'd prefer if Kobo brought their magazines feature to the PlayBook, but assuming they continue to ignore giving us updates, having it in a second app is still a pretty good second option.

I side loaded Android Kindle on the weekend, lots of magazines on there. Works great.

I think Zinio will be a better app though.

Awesome news for Playbook! I can't see myself using it as I prefer hard copies to leave out and flip through casually, but for the 1000's of people waiting, fantastic!

I love my magazines but I'm willing to try digital. I know my wife will like it since I still have magazines I bought in '86.