Zinio reminds us all their BlackBerry PlayBook app is coming soon!

By Bla1ze on 21 Feb 2012 05:25 pm EST
With PlayBook OS 2.0 now in the hands of the masses, there is still a lot of folks out there wondering where some of the apps RIM showcased are. One app in particular, Zinio -- has been a target for that question as many were hoping to have the app as soon as PlayBook OS 2.0 was made public. Sadly, you'll have to wait a little bit longer for it but you can take solace in knowing that it is coming. It's not just RIM saying it is, Zinio themselves took to Twitter to address the situation:

@BlackBerry fans, Stay patient. The @zinio app for the Playbook is coming real soon #ResearchInMagazines

With over 6,000 new developers having signed up for PlayBook development there is a lot of apps that are still in the queue to be released. With each new day that passes, more apps will arrive and eventually Zinio will be among them.

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Zinio reminds us all their BlackBerry PlayBook app is coming soon!


Here is an idea. I don't care if they are 6,000th in line. They get approved first. Or second maybe. There is no need for them to stay at the back of the line just to let a bunch of fart apps be approved. If they aren't in line yet, I hope it is soon.

I'm going to hazard a guess and say that Zinio is already "approved", it just isn't released.

There have NOT been a lot of new apps released today; even the Android apps are pretty much all ones that have been available for those running the Developer Preview. I can easily see the project people wanting to have resources ready to support users just with the OS upgrade without wanting to throw a bunch of new apps into the mix.

This is one of the apps that I thought would be well-suited to the PlayBook. Looking forward to it appearing, in the meantime I will see what else has appeared in AppWorld.

There are two things I want on my Playbook. No not Skype (I have it on my my phone, don't need it elsewhere) or Netflix (tried it here in Ireland, can't be bothered paying for it). What I want is Zinio and the ability to browse and stream video and musci from my home server.

Thankfully it would seem that at least Zinio is on its way. Hopefully it will not be censored in the same way that the Android and iOS versions are (I read playboy for the articles, no seriously I do....)

Now if only I could stream from my server I'd be a happy bunny!

I use Subsonic installed at home, and either SonicAir (PlayBook app) or the browser to stream it all. All my music and movies and it's wonderful!

Good luck!!

I'm one of the 6,000 new and approved developers. I've spent the last week or two making a couple of crappy apps, waiting to be approved, but hopefully I can get better. It's a fun platform to develop for! Adobe Flash Builder is really a great tool to use, too!

No disrespect intended for Zinio but I can understand the hostility that they have been receiving via Twitter from Playbook users. This company, beginning last September if not before, has been indicating that their app was "coming soon". I think there is a lot of frustration on the part of Playbook users whenever they see a company use the phrase "coming soon" which, in reality, means that you will be waiting seven, eight, nine or more months.

I thought Zinio was going to be out in January, then I thought it would be here with 2.0. Still nothing??


Sad that we poor Playbook owners have to wait excessive amounts of time for everything!

It'll be here pretty soon, since os2 is here i expect to see a lot more big apps make their way through.

It says , "@BlackBerry Fans , Stay patient ." I think if there's one thing we've shown , it's that we can be Very patient ! Haha !

Yay a shitty Android port probably behind a bunch of other shitty Android ports! Android Player is an awful idea IMHO that will just allow developers to be lazy and since it is so late has delayed apps being available for the Playbook. I want Native apps, not knockoffs.

That Zinio app better not be an android port. The android app player hasn't been working so smoothly for me.

In all honesty the desktop version is written in Adobe Air. So one would assume that an application port would be an easy-ish task. Well at least in my opinion anyways.

not high hopes. They released their app for HP Touchpad WebOS and it sucks completely. You cannot even zoom into a magazine. And if you have certain magazines in your collection that have any interactive content - then none of your library will load at all.

I'm going to keep a positive attitude about the whole situation. I've been waiting for this application for the longest. I just hope that with this long of a wait, they don't do to us BlackBerry abusers what "LinkedIn" did to us. For all of you that had that handheld app, you know exactly what I mean. I hope by the beginning of March, I will be reading my digital magazines.

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