Zinio now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Zinio For PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 19 Mar 2012 10:15 pm EDT

For a while now, many folks have been waiting patiently for Zinio to arrive on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Previously, Zinio let everyone know it would soon be released but at the time, no date was actually given. As it turns out, the date -- is today. If you fire up BlackBerry App World on your PlayBook and search for Zinio, you will indeed find a native client there and waiting for you to download.

Key Features:
  • Thousands of top magazines from the world’s largest newsstand.
  • Full-color pages.
  • Full subscriptions or single issues available so you can choose what you want.
  • Sync your library instantly to your other mobile devices or your home computer.

The Zinio app is available for free but keep in mind, some subscriptions will cost you. Hit the link below to skip on over to BlackBerry App World to grab the download which, is listed as available to all countries.

Download Zinio for the BlackBerry PlayBook
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Zinio now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Can someone let me know if Time or macleans is o available, and the cost... Oh... The canadian versions - thanks guys. (I'm to lazy to download and check myself)

Excellent. Just completed the form and will wait for the credit to try out the content. I could see this app easily replacing my paper subscriptions.

Hi Jeanniey

I waited so long for this app. I wanted to get The Economist on my Playbook. I downloaded your app as soon as I was informed, but no The Economist. I checked on the website and it's available on iPad and Android but not, it seems, on Playbook. Why?

I signed up a while back and got the email this morning, but it's for just $5.00. Should I sign up again?

Looks great and plan on using it. But before I do I'm holding Blackberry to their 25 dollar credit that they shown on their you tube ch.

I just followed the site listed above from Jeanniey.....it just takes me to webpage that ask for email and country for Blackberry App updates. Is thso the correct page to get access to that 25 dollar credit? Thanks

They don't know you are on playbook. Only playbook user get it. When you register they will email the 25 credit.

Hi jeannie

I tried that link for the credit and all I'm getting is "error the requested url could not be retrieved"

Could you check that link and repost again please?

Thanks for the link Jeanniey
I registered at the Zinio site you provided the link to, so I assume a credit will be applied to my account.
One question I see a lot of magazines on your site that do not not show up on the app. Is the app limited in its catalog?

"Q: Why are some titles in my Zinio library not viewable on my iPad?

A: If there is a title that you own that you don't see in your library, please give it some time. Our entire library of tens of thousands of issues will soon be available for the iPad!

We are working diligently to offer access to our entire catalog of thousands of magazines and books -- including back issues -- soon. For the most current available titles, please open the Zinio iPad app and tap the "Shop" button at the bottom of the screen."

Found this in their FAQ. Same thing for Android. No FAQ for PlayBook yet, but i assume it will be the same. Back issues should eventually be available. But latest issues are definitely all available on the playbook. Tested it by purchasing a latest issue on their website, showed up on my playbook.

thanks for the tip. its insane. single issue in my country's currency is around $6. 12 issues for $9!!!!!!!!! Madness. Must get, for petrol heads. :D

If you are interested in motoring then road & track and car & driver are also usually cheap on zinio too.

I have C&D, RT and MT, plus Pop Science and Pop Mechanics subs. For the price of a single copy of either of those locally, I get a 12 month subscription on Zinio. I've been waiting for this since I had my PB in June. Thanks for finally coming through!

Now, if only I could get my past issues to sync. I've fallen a bit behind, see, as having grown accustomed to browsing on the PB I find it hard to read the magazines on the laptop. Hopefully soon!

and I just realized the free trial magazine I got shows up on my ipad, and samsung galaxy tablet, but it doesn't show up on the Playbook. Well that's not good....

Just signed in and bought the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine. Interface is smooth enough. The next PlayBook with HD display will make this experience even better!

Thank you for supporting PlayBook, Zinio!

I signed in for some Zinio credit too.

Bought and issue of Outside Magazine and got TypeError: Error #1009 when downloading it.

Bought and issue of Outside Magazine and got TypeError: Error #1009 when downloading it.

Now I know why.... Outside isn't formatted for RIM devices. I wish you could only see the publications available on RIM devices.

Not bad, the app looks good and 4 out of the 5 magazines I subscribe to are on the playbook version at launch along with regional versions of the 5th so that should be along soon too.

Here's hoping they see enough demand to keep updating the playbook version to add features like the text-only button on the ipad as that would seem quite a useful option on the smaller device.

Big +++ got PC Authority in Australia for 40% of its shelf price. AWESOME.
Sometimes bit hard to read text but thats the Playbook size more than anything.
Nice work!

I think its not about Playbook size as the magazines can be zoomed in. Zinio needs to provide higher resolution for the magazines, so that zooming in keeps the pictures sharper. Currently if you pinch and zoom in the browser (or while reading PDFs) to read the text, there is no issue with sharpness as PB screen is pretty good.
Otherwise this app is great and provides very easy access to magazines across the world at good prices.

It has a decent selection, but the over all feel isnt that great. A simple doubble tap should make the page fit to screen. instead of enlarging it and navigating your self. also couldnt find a way to have book marks so that next time i open a mag can go directly to the last page i left. left them a review too. hope future updates solve these problems.
but yes, they do have some good deals, even for indian content.
iam more happy that RIM is slowly expanding its app collection. happy to see all these new apps coming on board. just imagine a app/magzine/game on ur pb that can also be viewed on ur bb10 phone or on your car screen (ofcourse not when driving). food for thought :)

When you close the magazine the app remembers where you were.
This was the first thing I checked.
Be nice if they had a bookmark icon like on Kobo but not a big deal.

Forgot to say, another good thing about this app is i can buy in my local currency (Rupees) and not USD. so need need to pay fx charges to bank/credit card.

Thanks to Zinio! One of my 2 subscriptions showed up right away. Waiting for the other, which is due any day now. Hope that the ability to download back issues shows up soon as well. A good start!

WTF! I've been waiting for Zinio, and now that it is already in the appworld, I got Internal Error:[0003-0006] in appworld, can't download apps and can't even update apps, I already tried security wipe, but still no go, can somebody help.

Internal Error:[0003-0006]; in blackberry playbook appworld, help

The application is pretty decent. Hopefully, Zinio will keep working on it, and provide updates for some of the things that are missing (double tap for page fit to screen and bookmarks). However, I am a bit sad about my Esquire subscription not showing up as of yet. I know why that is the case. When I look at Esquire on the web application, it shows support for iPad, iPhone, and Android. BlackBerry, however, has not been added yet. Hence, until that happens, none of my magazines will show up on my PlayBook. Boo! The application is still in its infancy, so I am hoping, at some point, Esquire will have support for good ol BlackBerry. Overall, pretty happy with the Zinio app. It could work a bit better (some checkerboarding present) , but still not too bad. Kudos to Zinio.

Playbook is gaining traction - I am using it more and more every day. Add in Skype and look out!

I received my confirmation email this morning from Zinio saying that I received to complimentary issues of Esquire and Elle magazine plus a $5 within 48 hours.
So I open the app and check to see if they are in my library. Nope not there.
Secondly I thought Jeanniey the CMO for Zinio said here that it would be a $25 credit.
Hopefully a lot of things update in the next few days.

When I joined on iPad I didn't get my $25 credit until a few days later after I joined. I am guessing it will be the same with Playbook new owners.

Same thing here ... got the same email. I thought the credit was for $25 as well. Interesting ... wonder if Zinio could clarify the $25 credit vs this email offer ... and I too see nothing in my library.

Funny thing I sent them an email and tweet yesterday "Where's my zinio?" And I get an answer today. The app is pretty nice for right out the box. Hope to see improvements (updates) shortly. I'm pleased. Now give me some Tangle, ooVoo, or Skype, and Netflix and Hulu and the world will be complete.

Got it and bought a couple of subscriptions and I must say that it is better than what I expected. Thanks Zinio! Very smooth and fast downloads.

I have the app. This app alone might make a straong argument for why we need 10" Playbook with a Retina type display.

I agree. I would buy another Playbook in a second if there was a 10" also. Till then, we have our iPad I guess.

It would be nice if the hardcopy subscriptions of magazines that I have purchased (i.e. GQ, Maxim, Esquire, etc.) would be available on Zinio for free (since I already purchased the subscription)...

You can switch from print subscription to digital ones through the publisher. Make sure you have the same e-mail address for both publisher and Zinio.

This info was located from Zinio's FAQ

Q: How can I switch my print subscription over to Zinio?

BlackBerry 9810 + PlayBook

As it stands I think Zinio is still having issue on their end, even the website is crawling a little bit. I would give them a little time to iron out problems.
Nothing like releasing an app to the masses to squash out those last big bugs ;)

Hey RIM, you guys should start issuing magazines. Let people know what the RIMPIRE is all about. It would be great on Zinio.

Well I got my email from zinio for my credit and it's only $5 and 2 subscriptions to some girly magazines, elle I think was was one of them. Regardless, ones I will never use. This has to be one of those "oh, your from Canada" slaps in the face. Considering RIM is a Canadian company I'm even more peeved. Anyways zinio is off my PB

Did you ever stop to think that the one you received was a completely different from the $25 offer?

The CMO gave a link that you need to follow and fill out. You should have you $25 in 48 hours.

sent from my olskool os5

i wish they would update the site and add available for blackberry playbook along with ifad android and so on. It would be nice to see what it looks like to see blackberry being a choice in a app download :)

To preface this, I'm a long time blackberry devotee and defender of the faith, bought my playbook at full price before it was officially available in the uk, have defended the continued use of BB / BES for our company despite increasingly fierce resistance etc. However, just learned that the RIMPIRE have chosen to censor content available to playbook users from Zino to under PG13! WTF are you thinking of? This is the kind of lame behaviour I detest about apple. We patiently wait through missed deadlines for much needed apps and you then you want to limit the content! Zinio already has adult controls which can be opted into or out of by choice in account settings. I don't need you to play that role, if I did I'd chose apple. Not good enough RIM - how far out of touch can you get? Think this might be goodbye.

Bold 9900, Playbook 64GB, IT Director

I feel quite stupid after knowing I am not allowed by RIM to read Maxim on my playbook. It seems it is due it is an adult magazine. Am I not an adult?

Unfortunately not true koool1 - it should be adjustable I agree, but instead for whatever reason RIM has deemed itself our moral guide - this from zinio /help -

Are mature titles available through the app?
RIM, similar to Apple and Android is strict on what content they consider acceptable for the audience using their device. RIM restricts any content rated PG-13 or R for their devices and until they eliminate these restrictions, Zinio cannot provide this content for the Playbook.

So they you have it - RIM are now (apparently) deliberately reducing the content available to PlayBook users - like app world is full of content already! Sorry RIM if I want moral guidance I'll see a priest.

Bold 9780, Playbook 64GB, IT Director

+1. Thanks drrenouf. You went right to the point. RIM is deciding for me. Not by guiding me, but forcing me.

I don't think that should be legal. Even more, it might not be legal in fact.

Maybe our lone voices made a difference, this from Zinio support this morning:

'I apologize for the inconvenience and confusion, there have been some developments regarding the availability of Maxim and other content on the Playbook RIM app. These issues should be available on your device shortly and will appear in your library automatically when that happens.'

Still amazed the initial apparent RIM stance didn't cause more of riot, but at least we get to play grown ups again now!

Bold 9780, Playbook 64GB, IT Director

Hahaha, sure it was due to our whining :P

I was informed I could ask for a refund and so I did. It would be nice if they inform me things are fixed. I would go for the subscription again.

Waiting till the smoke clears anyway.

I didn't receive $25. I got an email that said spend $10 and you will get $10 to spend later.

What's up?

I signed up for the $25 credit so I'm still awaiting that but...when they first announced that Zinio would become available for Playbook, I went to the Zinio web site to see what was available. My favmag, Living Etc. was available - 12 issues for about $31.44. Now that the app is actually available, the price for 12 issues has gone up to $50.39. So any $25 "credit" has become a wash.