Take your magazines wherever you go with Zinio for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 16 Aug 2012 02:32 pm EDT

I've been using the Zinio app for the BlackBerry PlayBook for a few weeks now, and I have to say, I totally love it. I don't get many magazines, but the ones that I do seem to get lost in the shuffle or just end up not being read. Thank's to Zinio however, I get my magazines as soon as they come out and always know right where they are. The app is dead simple to use and there are thousands of magazines to choose from. 

Zinio stores all of your issues right on the device, and if you're a device hopper like me, you can easily read all of your issues across other devices as well. The app itself is free but you obviously have to pay for each subscription. I actually made a few customer service calls and had most of my print magazines switched over to the digital version with any extra fees. 

Check out the video above for my full review, then hit the link below to grab Zinio for your BlackBerry PlayBook.

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Take your magazines wherever you go with Zinio for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Really like this app...I'm still getting magazines which I paid with my $25 credit they gave to all PlayBook users!

This app is okay, but I wish they would actually make it for the Playbook instead of a repacked Android version.

I have a ton of magazines, but I hardly read them because of the tap to zoom, and pinching features. Its kind of a pain. When you turn the Playbook vertically, the page doesnt fill the screen and the text is still tiny.

Come on Zinio, make a real Playbook version! Please? :)

doubt it. They didn't do too much to make it Playbook friendly.

If you go into the Settings and choose Help> Troubleshooting, it has questions related to owning an Android device.

one question says, "I upgraded or restored my Android device, and now I cant view my magazine."

The solution says to reinstall the app from the Android Marketplace.

Indeed, the Playbook app has some vestiges of the Android version. In some ways it's a not-quite-finished app. The zooming and panning are annoying, but required more because of the device size. Zinio for Playbook is certainly native since it doesn't have the Android options menu, and does not run in the Android player.

That may be but it is a native app. The Android version has quite a few more features, I hope they'll port them to the PB version.

Decent is how I'd describe it, too. The iPad's version is incredibly slick and intuitive; far better than what PB owners contend with. Why can't we have a similar experience?

I'm not a big magazine reader but I tried it. Generally I'm happy with it, although for some reason my newest magazine isn't showing up on the app (I got the email for it about a week ago).

Yeah Zinio! Had it since it came out, not much time to read in it these days but thanks for the reminder i'm reading a car mag now, works ok, could be snappier but it works fine, nice app!

I also use Zinio sometimes. But ist isn't fun allt the time. Expecially the zoom ist very frustrating.

barring a few small things, the zinio experience on the PB is pretty good. after the app came out i switched my maclean's and canadian business subscriptions to digital only and purchased a few more (inked girls, XXL, maxim) with my $25 credit

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

I subscribe to a number of magazines via Zinio, and having it on the Playbook saves me (some) having to read on my computer. It's annoying having to zoom and pan, but that's a limitation of the device size, not the app itself. This is one of the few cases where an iPad (or similar-sized device) has an advantage. Otherwise, it works for me!

i think the iPad experience is better because the app was designed FOR the iPad and its size.

im sure they could create the same experience if it catered to the Playbook. The tap to zoom should wrap text to fit the screen size.

Have used it since it came out, but it doesn't seem optimized for the Playbook at all. There is also the issue I've had whereby a new magazine is released, I open the App and lo and behold, it isn't there and there is no menu item to refresh or download your library.

Worst App!
It's buggy, sometimes you cannot scroll through the magazines and the pages are not optimized to the Playbook screen.

If you want an example of a good Magazine App checkout The Economist.

I hate this app, I'm one of the unfortunate few that can't connect to the store, or download books; after filing a complaint they responded that they are aware of the bug and are working to fix it, that was back when the app first came out, since then nothing has changed.

Never got my credit and ignored all emails asking for it, pretty choked as most my friend got the $25 credit. For that they can keep the app. I purchased a few apps and after no credit came i dumped the junk since they don't do what they say!

It's a great app...on my Nexus S, but the latest update has screwed with the downloads. I've had it for the PlayBook for awhile now and the experience is lacking big time such as touch buttons and spinning clocks as it slides over to PayPal which is confusing because it just sits there for like 10 seconds on a black screen. Agreed with many of you that a PlayBook version is needed! I think I'll enjoy it more on the iPad mini!

One of the reasons I bought a Playbook at $599 (early adopter) was because Zinio was supposed to be available soon after a launch. It took a year before it came out, and it needed fixing from day 1. Buggy scrolling, often it does not remember where you were in a magazine, no way to bookmark, the list of needed fixes is long.

That said, I've stopped reading on my netbook, as it's a pain in the you know where. I am hoping for an upgrade for BB10.

Apparently is okay. However since going to the newest beta OS I cannot get my updated magazine. Get system error. Beta OS so not complaining but hope it works with official 2.1

I had that issue with the upgrade to the latest non-beta OS, on more than one PlayBook. I had to delete the app and reinstall it. Did you try that?