Zero Gravity BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Dec 2008 06:45 am EST

Here's a little bit of humor to start your Thursday off right. Remember the BlackBerry Helmet guy? This time Canadian funny man Rick Mercer pulls out his CrackBerry in Zero Gravity (4:55 into the vid). Big Thanks to Jennifer for sending this in. Enjoy!

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Zero Gravity BlackBerry!


hehe- I saw this on TV the other night. Poor Rick- his BB just kept floating away! And I felt bad for the BB when it hit the ground afterwards...ouch.

I adore the RMR...I never miss it!
And also- go York U!

only appears to work for canadian IPs, that is people in Canada and BlackBerrys going through RIM's servers, which is stupid for anyone stuck on GPRS yet trying to view it on a DSL connection.