ZEN & TECH 58: Zen in the workplace

By Rene Ritchie on 30 Aug 2013 04:14 pm EDT

ZEN & TECH is Mobile Nations' lifestyle podcast where we work on centering your inner geek and using technology to help reduce stress and live better lives. In today's episode, Georgia and Rene talk about making the workplace a less stressful space. From de-cluttering to familiarizing to feng shui, ergonomics, and taking breaks.



While Georgia is a therapist, she's not YOUR therapist. Everything said or implied on this show is for informational and entertainment purposes only. And shouldn't be taken in any way as a replacement for proper, professional care.


Music is Peace on Earth by wellman.

Thanks everyone, you're the best community on the web and we love having you with us!




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ZEN & TECH 58: Zen in the workplace


Great stuff! I learned a few new things, and received validation that I've done a few things right! Thanks!

Is that an iPhone!?!?


Just kidding!!!!

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I'm sure she is thrilled by that comment. You realise she's a very serious professional and blogger for one of CB's sister sites and not just eye candy, right?

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