ZEN & TECH 56: Why we hate people who love different phones

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jul 2013 10:00 am EDT

ZEN & TECH is our mobile lifestyle podcast, focusing not just on our phones, tablets, and gadgets, but how we can use technology to help us live better, richer, happier lives. It's how we center our inner geeks! Since it's platform week on Talk Mobile 2013, Georgia and Rene are back to discuss the elephant in every comment system - fanboyz, haters, trolls, and griefers. Namely, if we love a phone - or anything else - why do we feel the need to hate on people who love different phones?



While Georgia is a therapist, she's not YOUR therapist. Everything said or implied on this show is for informational and entertainment purposes only. And shouldn't be taken in any way as a replacement for proper, professional care.


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ZEN & TECH 56: Why we hate people who love different phones


Wait, so which platform does Georgia review? I might have to go to that site more often...

Yes, I just hijacked your useless "first" post, instantly making it useful. You're welcome. :-)

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Have no idea. Its just peoples choice and what they Can afford. We all know ferrari's are good cars but some get a lambogini instead or Maserati or even a porshe

Posted via CB10

That's because maserati is owned by ferrari tho lol.
As with all analogies I think we may have digressed lmao

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Really i always thought Maserati was owned by Mercedes.....Thanks for that. .....Okay i get it now i always Mistake Maserati for Maybach

Exactly! It's good there are different platforms to choose from. Some ppl like to switch it up so they don't get bored or they re already bored way before. Ferrari s are nice cars but if I could choose I get a Lamborghini

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If I can choose, for the same money you'd pay for a Ferrari or Lamborghini I'll get 2 Ford GT's and twin turbo one to over 1000 hp and mop the floor all day and all night with your European overpriced cars. :-P I'll keep the other stock for collector's value in the future.

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Agree with the collector value, but your Ford GT is no competition to a Mercedes SLR or a Ferrari Enzo...

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Uh, if you say so dude. Even comparing stock for stock, the Ford GT finishes most tracks I've seen compared with the Enzo and SLR, it finishes them on average about 1 second slower... Now you're comparing a $150,000 car with a $450,000 car and I don't even want to know how much the Enzo costs... Compound boost the GT and get anywhere from 1100 - 1900 hp out of it. And it'll still be hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper. You don't think that'll be enough to make up a second?? Lol. Alrighty man. :-)

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Actually, just because they are expensive doesn't make them good. Actually out of all the brands you just named, the cheapest, Porsche, is the best and most reliable. Lamborghini is notoriously unreliable. Some Maserati's cannot perform worth a crap on the track... Even Ferrari's are not the most durable cars, but that's because of their racing heritage, where engines and gearboxes only need to last one or two races...

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Lamborghini belongs to Volkswagen and are powered by Audi engines, mostly V8/V10/V12... Since then they're very reliable!

And you're right, Porsches are very well built etc. But nothing compares to the roaring of a V12 on a Ferrari Enzo or an old Berlinetta! And about Design we must admit that the Italians are the best and most copied ones...!

The best car would be: Italian Design, German precision and power, Americas muscles and a bit of British Understatement... :)

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I agree, Lambo's latest car, the Aventador is getting rave reviews. From what I've read, the days of the Lambo breaking down while getting spanked by the competition on the track are over. But I disagree (personal preference) about the rest. I personally HATE the exhaust note of Ferrari's. Worst sounding cars in my opinion. Out of the European brands, my favorite would be Mercedes but that's only because they actually kind of sound like American muscle cars, lol. The Ford GT is still my supercar of choice if I had the money because it's a great performer bone stock (driven several of them), but they are cheap enough that you have plenty of room for upgrades and still be much cheaper than the European brands. I've driven a compound boosted Ford GT (twin turbo AND supercharged) modestly estimated at 1000hp. It was a beast... I find it hard to believe there's a bone stock car other than the overpriced and overrated Veyron or the SSC Ultimate Aero that would compete with that thing...

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Didn't get to listen to the podcast yet, but I don't hate on people who love different phones; diversity is good. I just hate the people that insist that their phone is the best ever and every other phone is trash.

Because of what they want to get. Their agenda. Whatever it is, only them self and God knows. Period.

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She is no Ashley Esqueda or the Monday Brief but I can still watch Georgia and Rene from Zen and Tech.

Good show guys!!

We don't.

What we hate is people who insult our choice of phone and then we get defensive and insult other people's phones. It's a vicious cycle.

For example: Maria Menounos (from Entertainment Tonight) posted a picture on Instagram saying that she got a new Q10 and got 40+ messages from people insulting her choice , saying that she should have gotten an iPhone 5 or Samsung S4 and that all BlackBerry phones suck.

Americans in particular despise BlackBerry.

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...and not all Americans. I think a lot are just listening to our carriers....who despise BlackBerry.

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Well, being an American, should I be offended? Should I blast anyone who states opinion as fact because I don't fit into the statements parameters? I, in fact, like my BlackBerry Z and will not be trading it in to fit the parameters. Call me crazy. Call me stupid. But don't call me a Blackberry-hater.

Posted via my super-duper Z10

Perhaps its just the American BlackBerry haters seem to be more vocal and more extreme about their hate for BlackBerry?

This has just been my impression on numerous phone and tech forums and tech sites and blogs. But it's not a proven fact by any means.

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THAT I'll agree with. I've been to other mobile phone forums and have run into some very spiteful people, to the point where I felt it was necessary to challenge their stance. The ones I responded to are not nearly as vocal as they used to be.

By the way, no offense. I just wanted it to be known that BB-haters are not localized in the US. :)

I'm the leader of the BlackBerry National Socialist Party. Sorry. No BlackBerry for you, one year!

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Anyone who disagrees with my views or phone choice is obviously a sub par ignorant and misguided individual. BlackBerry 4life. The phone choice of above average individuals.

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Really good podcast. I've always wondered this myself. Why some people want competing companies to die, as if competition is a bad thing... Short-sightedness at its best...

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And I recommend you watch the video instead of just listening to it because Georgia's one attractive woman, and her little laughs and expressions are awesome. :-)

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Makes perfect sense to me, lol. :-P

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I've never understood the whole competition people have with regards to the phones that they own. You'd imagine that it was their sweat and blood that they put into designing and building it. Granted, I love my Z10. My experience with it has been nothing short of my rather high expectations. Those expectations caused me to ditch my iPhone. But I won't say I hate the iPhone. It just didn't live up to my needs. I text and write a lot. That phone's virtual keyboard and auto correct were a hassle for me. My friend has the new Galaxy, and she's very into her phone. She's the type that constantly is showing it off doing things like splitting the screen so she is watching YouTube and texting me at the same time; then asks me if my phone can do the same - my response being, why would I want my phone to do that? I haven't been 15 years old in a long time :p

My usual response is to have a race to write out an intelligent email. I myself to be honest am a relatively so typer. But with my Z10 I always win~

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If you value communication and messaging you love BlackBerry. If you like toys and games and your trendy "Samsung" you'll probably go with android or iphone aka "individual phone". If your a social media whore you'll definitely grab the windows phone. To each their own... I value communication, isn't that the point anyway?
Me personally, if you want to play games isn't that what playstations are for? Or if you wanna be on social media all day that's why we have pc's right. But if your trendy that's your own problem, get your own personality!

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Hate? Why? Because they use other "smartphone" then I use! I don't care. I know my needs and Z10 does all days very well (all most perfect ;-)

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I love people who hate different phones! Cant we all just get along? It is a personal device! Why do people care about the phone I use? It is however truly hilarious to watch real fanboys go at it over what is a very trivial thing.

I love the screenshot of her face, she seems so happy yet in the title it features a contrast of words like love and hate.

I'm a American and I love Apple and Blackberry, currently using a iPhone 4 and a MacBook Pro but,
I'm going to upgrade to a Q10 & iPhone 5 in the coming weeks. When upgrade to the Q10 I can leave my MacBook at home. I just recently traded my 9900 for my iPhone 4 because the 9900 is has an obsolete OS.