Zeemote JS1 Mobile Gaming Controller Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 27 Aug 2009 11:34 am EDT

Zeemote JS1

A while back we talked about the Zeemote Gaming Controller coming to BlackBerry but had no definite release date. Well it looks like it is finally available for purchase at shopblackberry.com for $39.99. You can use the Zeemote to control many popular games on your device, and the purchase even includes a free download from Gameloft. You can also navigate applications like the web browser, media player and maps using the remote. Honestly I think you'd have to be a pretty hardcore gamer to even think about picking up this $40 accessory, but to each his own. Anybody out there going to grab one of these? 

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Zeemote JS1 Mobile Gaming Controller Now Available


I agree with VolcomStone. I will play my 360. Graw 2 or Battlefield 1943 anyone? My gamer tag is biggMerv

agreed. get a ds or a psp if you want mobile gaming. if you can afford a blackberry, you should be able to afford a ds or psp

As a regular business traveller this would be an awesome way to get some good game play and kill some time - away from emails

Waste of money...

$40 come on, spend another $60 or so and buy a DS or something. Seriously 90% of phone games blow my ...

A clip on controller would make more sense. A wireless controller for a BB looks like it'd be awkward to use in most places.

But the quality of games on BB still leaves a lot to be desired. My iPhone has a lot of great games, but controlling them using the on screen direction pad was frustrating. After 5 minutes of playing Assassin's Creed and Resident Evil: Degeneration (that's 5 minutes combined), I gave up on it. Graphics were nice, but controls stank.

The last game I played with a trackball was Missile Command and golf in the arcade. Shows my age! :-) Trackball not ideal for most all games hence the joysticks on PS3 and XBox... I did try H.A.W.X on my BlackBerry and my plane with Trackball was soooo slow to respond and the keypad was too cramped to play (lots of missed keys).

I like the idea of a joystick to control my games on my BlackBerry. I plan on buying one to kill some time on my mundane train trip to work. Seems like a cool product and a good deal... Hmmm, buy a case for $25-30 (for a piece of rubber) or a Bluetooth joystick to control games, skip tracks for my music etc.

There is a cool factor to it in the sense that it's a new gadget. I just don't think it's really worth it.

I consider myself a hardcore gamer but $40 for a controller for smartphones games. I'll wait till this dies down....purchase it on ebay for cheap

I think this would be great for the Storm to utilize the big screen as you don't have many other opions ie trackball, keyboard other than games that rely on tilt or have a pop up controller that takes up half the screen. Whether you'd carry it around with you is another story ( leave it in the office for those mid-morning 45min coffee breaks ;) )

sometimes gamers are hard to play on any phone due to the controls. But it woul be nice to try as for a beta tester or.. even have a contest to get one of these bad boys to try out. But for that price... does Vaseline come with it?