Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Controller for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jul 2009 11:06 am EDT

Zeemote Inc. has announced their JS1 Bluetooth mobile gaming controller for BlackBerry smartphones. The wireless unit can control nearly all games and applications on compatible trackball devices. It features four action buttons and a thumbstick for navigation, and runs for an estimated 50+ hours on two AAA batteries. To use the remote, you simply download the Zeekey application to your device and you're good to go. The Zeemote will be available in the coming weeks from ShopBlackBerry.com and other retailers, and includes one free game from Gameloft. Users can choose from titles such as Wimbledon 2009, Pro Golf World Tour 2010, Sonic Unleashed and more. I couldn't find any pricing or exact release details, but check out zeemote.com/blackberry for more information.

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Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Controller for BlackBerry


this sounds like the worst idea ever. Who would carry around a joystick with them to play a game on their BB?????

If you are that into gaming you most likely have a better gaming systeam at home!!

The only time I ever play games on my phone is when I'm "dropping the kids off at the pool". Otherwise I play my XBox or WII.

Great "idea" but I doubt it will sell.

So I take it this won't work on the Storm? It says the device replaces trackballs.

Personally, I'd use it. Just carry it in my car with me and when I have to go to the doctor or another place with a long wait, just whip out the joystick and keep myself entertaing. Oh wait...er...that doesn't sound right.

i for one thought this would be a great idea now maybe we can get some decent quality games/emulation going on our beloved BBs and play them the way they were intended

i retract my good statement bout this thing...i went to the site and the storm is not supported!! wtf...the storm is the one device that needs it most due to its total lack of physical keys...u're right dumb idea lol

Seriously....a joystick for a bb! Is that the best they could come up with? Whoever signed off on this needs to be put on a Performance Improvement Plan!!!