Zara Compares the Storm, iPhone 3G and G1

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Mar 2009 09:30 am EDT

I like these smartphone comparison videos by Zara. For those who have yet to buy a BlackBerry or new device, in just a couple of minutes they provide a quick visual and highlight some of the pros and cons to a particular model without getting to technical.

We've previously rant on the blogs Zara's video shootout of the BlackBerry Storm, Curve 8900 and Bold, as well as a Pearl 8120 vs. Pearl Flip overview. In this vid she goes outside of BlackBerry and compares the BlackBerry Storm with the Apple iPhone 3G and T-Mobile G1. This year's Smartphone Round Robin began before the Storm was released, so while we went into detail on the blogs with Round Robin reviews of the iPhone 3G and G1, it was the Bold that made it into that comparison. So for those of you who wished the Storm would have been included, here's a mini-Round Robin for ya. Be sure to drop your reactions in the comments. And you can check out more of outube vids here

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Zara Compares the Storm, iPhone 3G and G1


im sorry but i think this girls a joke...
nothing in her videos actually give me any additional info than i already did and her comparisons are pretty bad, but who knows, other people might like the way she presents her stuff

Overall I though that was a decent summary for the masses of casual users (with personal opinion thrown in). I found the "tactICAL feedback" part cute... although it does say something about both her and the target audience.

As for the "hotty" part, she's more cute to me than hot (tight shirt over boobs doesn't equal hot to me, but to each their own).

I think this is the perfect video to send casual users who are interested in the hype of the new smartphone devices (ie. my siblings) who may not have exposure to them other than commercials and marketing hype. I did notice she had a jailbroken iPhone and no real changes to the layouts of the other two devices, so I think it was clear to see which was the device of choice.

Other than that, it was fairly unbiased and a delight to watch.

Is this chick somebodies girlfriend? Like, the person who owns this site? Everything sounds so scripted. She seems very nice and lovable though.

Its not a bad comparison by any means, but when I was debating Storm vs iPhone I saw some much better videos than that which were still very easy to understand for a novice.

I can't recall from any of her previous videos and the comments people left for the videos...if Zara actually directly responded to the questions/statements asked and referenced to.

So Zara; surely you know THIS video review is on CB; just as your past reviews have been...thus; surely you read these comments. So where art thou Zara? :-).

after the comparison with the Bold and the 8900 when she said the 8900 was the phone to go with because it had wifi
I seriously doubt she really has a clue...just a decent looking face used as a spokesperson IMO

Obviously, I think the Storm is the best. The video wasn't bad, but she forgot the most important factor...carrier coverage! I'm in South Dakota, and the iphone is nothing but a paperweight, but I have full coverage with Verizon.

I agree. The coverage issue is something that's very much worth mentioning, but was not brought up. Other than that, the video was pretty solid.

Men, do you get feelings of confusion, defensiveness and denial when your girlfriend, or a female friend, complains about gender discrimination against them? Well, save this page, and when ever you hear about gender discrimination, reread these comments. Come on, why are most of the comments here about her boobs, clothes, cuteness or hotness?

What is wrong with you nerds? She is NOT hot...and marginally cute, with some very ugly features Her knowledge of the phones is moot...she is clearly reading off of some cue yeah, I dunno why you guys are getting so excited? And yes, I called you all nerds. I mean...don't get me wrong...I'd do her...but still.


She may be cute and nice, but there was absolutely no detail or analysis to her comparison. She simply took a few of the specs off the boxes or whatever and stated them. There wasn't really anything useful there at all.

if she didn't sound like she was just reading off a pre-made index card it would be more believable. marketing of a cute girl to talk tech is fine if she knows what she is talking about and not regurgitating other people's thoughts.

I can't help but laugh.. you guys are hilarious..
I mean...don't get me wrong...I'd do her...but still.....CLASSIC HAHAHAHA

Another nice review by Zara. Keep them coming as they are informative and entertaining. Not sure why it's such a problem for some that she is easy to look at. No haters please.

That is the worst review ever very very boring and will NEVER watch her again .There was NO new info. BORING. AND HOT put your glasses back on

i think she is a butter face.

and last time the storm sucked for transfering to the sd card and now its the best lol.

definetly doesnt know crap about phones, another one of these blog/video blog chicks that get paid to pretend they know tech. there may be a couple that do, but most dont.

why do they keep posting this stuff? i cant possibly be the only one who finds her not only uninformative, but more than a tad annoying. first she knocks the G1 for not having an on screen keyboard then in the same breath says its better because its a real keyboard. she also has never said anything nice about the storm, which after using all 3 phones, i can tell you its the best. instead she brings up the BOLD in an all touch screen round out. YOU MAKE NO SENCE ZARA.

If you spent more than 10 seconds with the storm, you would love the surepress as it is by far the best way to type on a touchscreen yet. You say nice things about the iphone's ability to fix your mistakes because you cant figure out how to hit the right key on that small keyboard, but the other phones do that too, and you dont mention it. Why dont you do some real annalysis like which phones can multitask, send pics through MMS, or something like that. Are these little snippits ment for the 15 yr old girls that want a "cute" phone or an adult that needs functionality and other things???

please stop posting this crap!

and no, she is not hot, shes not even cute. id have to be past a 6pack before she got cute. but her voice would still kill the mood.

I just have to say that Zara is a babe. And if anyone thinks I'm being sexist I'm not I'm just being honest and your probably just jealous that Zara is prettier than you :)


Zara is not creating reviews for Crackberry addicts, she's doing it for the person who probably knows little to nothing about smart phones and that kind of technology in general. And in that vein she does a fine job. Someone who's going to buy a phone off her advice probably wants to know exactly what she reviewed, such as the battery life, how easy is it to type on, etc.

Her only hitch is that she's doing an online blog and youtube video for a target demo that probably wouldn't go looking on blogs or youtube for phone advice and would just ask their kids :)