The BlackBerry Z30 gets a price cut in India for a limited time

By James Richardson on 27 Mar 2014 06:43 am EDT

Another day and yet more BlackBerry good news out of India. It was only very recently that we told you that the Z10 was back in stock in India after selling out following the promotional price. It seems that BlackBerry have decided to go along the same route with the glorious Z30 as for the next 60 days you can snap it up for just Rs. 34,990.

If Z10 sales were anything to go by the Z30 stands every chance of doing as well. Will we see this one sell out completely too? Only time will tell. 

Press Release

New Delhi, India- Following the enthusiastic response to 10th anniversary special offer on BlackBerry Z10, the company has now extended a special offer on its flagship device, BlackBerry Z30 at Rs. 34,990. Reiterating BlackBerry’s commitment to the Indian market, this offer is aimed at providing a unique communications experience of BlackBerry 10 to the loyal BlackBerry user base and potential customers. This special offer starting today will be valid till for next sixty days.

Hitesh Shah- Director, Channel Sales, BlackBerry India said, “India is amongst the key emerging smartphone markets. The Indian consumers want access to cutting edge experience of a smart device combined with a revolutionary operating system – all at an attractive price point. We have seen a phenomenal response to our initial promotional offer on BlackBerry Z10 and are confident we will see similar off take for the 5 inch screen BlackBerry Z30 that combines technology and style quotient in one device. This anniversary price of Rs. 34,990/- will therefore ensure that consumers are able to experience the latest and best technology at an attractive cost.”

The offer will run across all BlackBerry retail networks. The white BlackBerry Z30 will be exclusively available on Flipkart at the same price of Rs. 34,990/-

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The BlackBerry Z30 gets a price cut in India for a limited time


Good for India. The Z30 has received great reviews from owners and has been receiving some good publicity.

It beat all other major smartphones in the Techno Buffalo "March Mobile Madness " contest....

They should sell a number of them at this reduced price.

Has anyone in CB bought one from BlackBerry direct "unlocked"?

CB10 from the Z30

Yep, got mine on Tuesday after ordering it on the weekend. Two days via FedEx to me here in Alberta Canada. STA100-5 going to go on Rogers (already have my work one on Bell, which is also STA100-5). So, will ship to Canada too!!

and how exactly would you like that determined? Shall CB be US Centric, Canadian Centric? lol. Giving the price in the current of the country in question would be best I would think. Since it is relevant and all. That and exchange rates can change very quickly.

This should have been it's price at launch & thinking about the fact that a Samsung S4 is 30k now in India it's still overpriced. Still a much better phone overall

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And it's still £150 cheeper than what BlackBerry are offering for the same device in the UK (and the rest of Europe)!

Without wanting to sound bitchy, but why are the Europeans getting screwed over by BB all the time on prices ?


In Europe, the governments have decided that everything is 20% more valuable. Hence, the Value Added Tax was born and is included in the price.

If you can use simple tool as calculator U would find out that 499$ equals about 300£. Adding 20% Tax takes the price up to ~360£. What is BB asking price in the UK ? 499£ which I can describe as a joke. Who is going to buy it for that price ? few BB addicts. Please take a look at their market share in the UK and correct me if I am wrong. Nokia overtaken third place in the UK marketshare for a simple reason - pricing. At the same time what can blackberry offer to the first time smartphone buyer to compete with Lumias 520/5 - 620/5 - 720 ?

While I think BlackBerry pricing is higher than it should, you have to consider that the same type of currency conversion BlackBerry applied from USD to say GBP or EUR is the same all corporate America apply.

Every north American company applies a near parity USD to EUR when deciding on pricing, when actually the value of one euro is about 30% higher than one us dollar.

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Well... Their trying to introduce bb10 to the masses with out of space price tag. Extra bonus with this "currency conversion" policy for EU countries makes it all looks even worst. That's not working and we know that for quite some time now. No changes on horizon ... which is sad.

Back when I had a Z10 (now Z30) I paid 650 CND$ and the price in Brasil was 2500 BRL. At that time FX was about 2.2 so the same phone was selling 1,136 CND$.... and Brasil is not exactly a luxury destination.

Price don't make sense but who's gonna fly out to buy a phone (ok except me)? So people pay.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

Samsung s4 and the blackberry z30 are priced at $482 in Nigeria. While the z10 is $258. I wanted the z30 but I got the z10 because of the price.

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As it has been said numerous times. Get the damn phone into people's hands and the rest will take care of itself. The Z30 is the best phone on the market today.

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Starting to sell it=/=a price cut. The Q10 going from $499 to $399 a couple of days ago, that's a price cut.

What are you talking about? It was announced just last week that the Z30 in the US store had a price reduction to $499

Price cuts across the board! It beats having a write down like Z10 and Q10

The whole world.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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The US Carriers and Tech media don't give a damn about BlackBerry....

So BlackBerry will start to turn their back on BlackBerry until there is enough interest outside of Enterprise.

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You'll love the screen size and battery life, and I like the bigger keyboard. Also, you might want to try Miracast to mirror your phone screen on a smart TV, the USB Hub (requires a special cable) where your phone is the master and can have USB devices connected to it (mouse, keyboard, memory stick, etc). Oh the FM radio can be handy too (though keep your ear phones handy).

Good to hear!! yes there is fair demand for Z30 here in india.I just checked flipkart its already 'out of stock' At last BB India is waking up

But I am not going to buy,as I love my Z 10, perfect in size, which fits perfectly in hand, some time can be use with only tumb..

So sorry Z 30 ;)

I'm thinking get this for my mom her first BlackBerry phone ever! Want people to see her really sexy phone!

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I think this is the sign of Z3 coming soon in the market, so the blackberry wants to clear their existing expensive stock before people jump on Cheap Z3 (Price wise )

That's what I thought about this price cut, though it's a welcome price cut. However, not enough to interest a lot of people. I think it should have been around 28

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Matthew 7:12 - "So in everything, do unto others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."

Follow that in your conversation with others, and these things won't happen.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Nice job BlackBerry. Keep the hype going on the demand. Focus on markets where you $ give you bang for your buck. Don't waste your time for the regular consumer market in North America and weak regions. Focus the sales/marketing force only on the enterprise side for those markets.

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Wow, 'bhinder' seems annoyed... and he's making himself seem petty writing the same abuse filled message 14 times in a row....

Maybe a mod could delete these multiple posts ?

$580?!? How much was it before? I think the $499 direct from BlackBerry in the US is possibly to steep.

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Shit's always more expensive in India. That's why a lot of Indians prefer to buy their electronics here.

I think this will improve sales. If they did at start of Z30 & Z10, we might see by this time very huge sales BBs.

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Simple description of Z30:
This phone is damn FAST.
Blazes through heavy use. Battery apparently drained fast for first few days and stabilised after 5-6 days. apparently the phone does indexing or something..
Battery lasts 1full day with super heavy use..using phone fr about a month far this was the experience..

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34,990.00 Indian Rupees equals

580.65 US Dollars

1 USD equals 60.26 INR

Doesn't seem like that great of a deal when they can be had all day in North America for that price. I wonder what it was before?

The Z30 is still listed, after the press release, on a few retailers for around Rs. 40,000 so I will assume it was priced at least that high before.

I will find out myself but maybe you could have included the cost before the drop so people could get an idea of how great of a deal it is.

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It's about time BlackBerry started being very aggressive with pricing. Once people start using BB10 phones, they will fall in love and spread the word.

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To those of you getting an unlocked Z30 from BlackBerry and using on T-Mobile, does the wireless charging work?

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This will not make any impact on the sale of BlackBerry Z30. A good price cut and zero advertising will do nothing for the sale.

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I'm planning to buy z30 in India..will be placing order soon..but i would like to know if there are any lags while accessing the apps from memory card ? or are there lags at any point ?

Price is still on higher side ...Z30 will not receive the response as Z10 got.....try a price of around 23-27k and see it will do wonder..... I also suspect, will these price cuts hurt the BB later as when they will launch there next phone, people would think they will get a price cut and wait for some time ....just a thought .....i can sense one more price cut for Z30 in coming days as Z10 got 2 huge Price cut.....i wish BB launches there future phones with much more competitive price and with atleast some marketing.....