BlackBerry testing new Carbonite Pocket case for the Z30

By Adam Zeis on 30 Oct 2013 01:17 pm EDT

BlackBerry is taking a new approach in the Beta Zone today as some users are receiving an invite to test out not new software, but a new accessory. First up in the deal is the BlackBerry Carbonite Pocket for the BlackBerry Z30. The case resembles that of the leather pocket or microfiber pouch that we've seen over and over again for various devices, only taking on a new carbonite form. 

From the description:

Protect your BlackBerry Smarthphone with the BlackBerry Carbonite Pocket. Thin, light weight and fabric wrapped with a soft inner lining the BlackBerry Carbonite Pocket protects against drops, bumps and scratches. Automatic power-saving technology works to help extend battery life.

It's not really much more than a pocket pouch and from the description it seems that it will have the ever-popular sleeper magnet to activate the "power-saving features". Eligible members are receiving a notice in the beta zone and can register to receive and test the new accessory. It's an interesting approach for BlackBerry that we haven't seen before, but who doesn't love beta stuff? Or even just stuff?

What do you think of the new case? Let us know in the comments!



Wow, sending out beta... accessories?!?

That's a first!
(... like this comment...) :eek:

This is how you CB10, son!


Will wireless charging work inside it?


Does z10 support wireless charging?!

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!


Adam, did you just say that wireless charging works on the Z30? I didn't know that! I'll have to pick up a Qi charger...

Adam Zeis

I haven't tried it, I think it's a VZW exclusive. But it does *support* it.

John Ho

Hmmm... not really that attractive.....


That's awesome!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.


Great can't wait. Interesting, I think they should of done it with the z10 holster.


Good initiative make some Z10 owners feel special too blackberry :P

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Guess that leaves out anyone in the USA. Lol

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It would be interesting if the material inside could wipe the screen as you slide it in/out of the holster. That way it would automatically rub off any finger prints.

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Sayumi Whisp

That would be great...

But need for my z10.

No need for a device big like a book :)

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Adam Zeis

More than likely it does. The microfiber pouch for the Z10 does just that.


Nice :)

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Carbonite??? And no one has yet made a Han Solo reference?? I am disappoint.


If it was good enough to preserve our galactic hero, just imagine what it will do for our Z30s!


The magnetic strip in the case for the z10 burns a line into the screen. Might want to watch for that

BlackBerry Z10.


Nice now this is a case I would be interested in. Off to check the beta zone to see if I got a notice about testing it out.

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Advantages of carbonite over leather or glass weave?


The impression I get is that this is more of a "hard" pocket with some better shock resistance.


Got the invite and filled in the details. I'm excited to get it.


Signing up doesn't promise I'll get one. The decision is made November 4th, dependant on if BlackBerry still exists most likely.


I'm over my bitterness. They invited me this morning ;-)


Me too. Thunderbuck, if you're a Z30 owner, make sure you update your profile in BlackBerry Beta Zone. I had left mine at 9810 for a long time before I realized I was missing out on BB10 beta software testing opportunities.


No invite when all my friends got one. Thanks for appreciating your longterm customers /sarcasm

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Wow, could you sound any more like a spoiled little ingrate?


How do I download it? (Kidding)


I'll test out a beta charging stand for z10)

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I've got one that I may be selling - seeing as I have a Z30 and my Z10 is being used as a paper weight / spare phone.. I've been thinking of using it as a loaner to friends who want to experience the power of BlackBerry 10!


That sounds interesting, you should do that.

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I'll think about that.... loaning my idle Z10 out to friends for them to try... but it's not unlocked... not sure I want to pay an extra $20 to unlock it so other people can try BB10... but I'm not ruling it out! :-)


Looks a bit bulky. Have my Z30 two weeks now and find that I need something to protect the huge screen. Was hoping for a case that you don't have to open when taking a call.

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Buy BlackBerry OEM leather flip case. I bought both white and black. The white one makes your phone become a white phone because the back cover is a nice pure white hard plastic + genuine leather material made. Both are nice except no protection for four corners like transform shell does.


The Z10 doesn't need a pouch. It needs a more powerful battery. That is all

From Zuri my Z10.


That's why that's for the z30.

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John Vieira

Got my invite and signed up :)

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they should get in contact with Disney and make a Han Solo one.


Got my notification to test it today! :)


How about they make the phone out of it.


Awesome. Pocket cases are my preference for BB devices. Too bad I just bought the leather one for the Z30 - this one has me curious!


I just bought one, too. Maybe I'll "raffle" the other one off, if I get selected for the beta and I like it, i might sell off my Z30 leather pouch for cheap. Note that my official BlackBerry Z10 leather pouches are showing disturbing signs of wear around top corner... like the leather was less-than-paper thin and has just worn away. I expect leather to be thick enough to last, well, not a lifetime, but more than 4 months.


Hopefully I am selected as well, just got the invite today actually. I had the pocket case for my Z10, but found it was way too tight. I struggled to pull it free most of the time. Hoping that isn't the case with either the leather one, or this carbonite one for the Z30.


Good to see that they try also different materials.

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Carbonite à la Han Solo?

(did I say that outloud??)

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I'll take anything that's called carbonite

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I would like someone to make a oversized horizontal holster case so I can still have my gel case on my Z30 for grip.

From my amazing Z10


Wasn't it the special weapon in star trek TOS " the carbonite " weapon or maneuver ?

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Corbomite I believe Cap'n!


I would much rather have a Corbomite case than a Carbonite case. I'm just more of a trekkie than a, um, jedi?


Indeed. A corbomite case would have the ability to destroy all iOS and Android phones within a 200,000 kilometer radius!

Zedi Master

Maybe it will be downloadable--to a 3D printer!

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That would be awesome.

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Changing the subject slightly -
The Z30 in the pic looks chocolate brown on my Z10 screen. Looks real different and kinda cool!
sam :-)

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Got the invite and filled in the details. I'm excited to get it.

I am in Colombia

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Got the invite, signed up, excited to try it out! :)

p.s. Anybody else notice that when you click on the picture in the email that it redirects you to some food fest in the Uk?


Yes, I thought it was spam because of that. Obviously some email marketer used a template they liked and didn't change the link. I love marketing fails.... because I work in marketing and am glad when it's not me! :-)


I'll test one!!!

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I have been looking for a nice slip in pouch for my new Z30, looks like it would fit the bill perfectly


Glad to test it out.....Send a Z30 and the case! lol

Section ThirtyOne

I just got my invite this afternoon, yeah! :D

Chad Thandy

What is carbonite? Thought it was just the thing Han Solo got frozen in...?

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Han Solo would not approve

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I think a Marmite case would be best.


Invite just came in, nice surprise. I was needing a case or something. This device is premium, I did not want accidental bumps and bruises to mar the look. I will report back on what Carbonite is once received.

Berry Clubs Black

Great, i just receive the Invitation email. ;)


I just got the invite!

Woot! Free case for me!

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Great idea but for a case, not just a pocket :)

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Anyone have one of these they would sell to me? I like the fact that it's rigid.