The BlackBerry Z3 and its potential in the low cost smartphone wars

By James Richardson on 25 Feb 2014 09:52 am EST

Right — just to get things straight — this article is based on my own thoughts and from a UK perspective. With the BlackBerry Z3 getting announced at Mobile World Congress and being targeted at the Indonesian market, initially I felt compelled to share my thoughts on where the Z3 should go after it's launch. 

The Foxconn manufactured device is hitting Indonesia first as that's where BlackBerry feel they need (and may well get) the most traction in the low cost smartphone market. BlackBerry CEO John Chen stated that the Z3 should cost under $200 which in my opinion seems a very reasonable price. Then again, I'm also not in Indonesia. 

Over the past few years here in the UK the BlackBerry Curve series has had massive success and in fact was the best selling smartphone two years in a row. The issue now is that all the BlackBerry 7 devices are dated in comparison with the not only the competition, but BlackBerry 10 devices too. 

And then there's the price. Here in the UK you can pick up a BlackBerry Curve 9320 for just over £100. The BlackBerry Z10 has seen a huge drop in price since it's release and now hovers around the £160 mark on Pay As You Go. However, if I'm doing the math right and the $200 BlackBerry Z3 hits the UK it should sell for about £120 — not far from the current price of a BlackBerry Curve. 

Historically, the UK has had a big subscriber base for BlackBerry and if the Z3 rolls out here as soon as possible, I don't see why it shouldn't be the perfect upgrade choice for current BlackBerry 7 users and also people picking up there first smartphone. Looking at the enterprise side of things, you only need to take a journey into London on a train to notice how many business men and women pull out their trusty BB7 device to bang out emails. Could the low cost Z3 be the perfect upgrade to BlackBerry 10 for them? They'll still have the ultimate in mobile security, but without breaking the bank. 

BlackBerry themselves are going to have to plow some marketing into this one — not only the normal 'new device' advertising, but now with the simple installing of Android apps, there is no reason for BlackBerry to not retain customers in my opinion. 

In terms of the competition, currently in Great Britain there's a selection of Android and Windows Phones you can pick up for less money than the Z3 will be. However, none of them are packing a 5-inch display, which may go in BlackBerry's favor.

When it comes to specs the average consumer won't know the difference between processors and screen technology so as far as I'm concerned the specs are not a major factor with the Z3. The beauty with BlackBerry 10 is the user experience and for people that have not had the opportunity to try the OS we're going to also need some help from the retail outlets in terms of customer service. 

There aren't any UK high street retailers that stock all the BlackBerry 10 handsets that I'm aware of. BlackBerry needs to ensure that the Z3 is available on every possible carrier around the world in due course and I can't see any reason why that shouldn't happen. Sure, the likes of the U.S. market may need some persuading when it comes to a low cost BlackBerry (if it goes on sale there at all) but if the Z3 starts well in terms of sales in Indonesia we'll have a clearer understanding of its market placement around the globe. 

If the price is kept low, the marketing is in place and the handset itself is sturdy and reliable then Indonesia need only be the tip of the iceberg for the BlackBerry Z3. 

Is this too much wishful thinking on my part or are you with me on this one? Let us know in the comments!

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The BlackBerry Z3 and its potential in the low cost smartphone wars


I think this should be sold everywhere. Target teens with it, get them hooked on the wonderful BlackBerry os experience.

Posted via CB10

Well said, it's perfect for teens and it won't break a family's budget with multiple teens, not to mention it's a BlackBerry so it's perfect for school and other usage. Big Ups to BlackBerry for this one!

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

Time will tell. All we can do now is hope, guess, wish and imagine what will Chen and team do. I think this is their very first big test on the field. We will be able to see them execute and compare it to the Z10, Q10, Q5 (and Z5 anyone?!) launch. Including marketing campaign and approach to potential customers.
It's time to show us BlackBerry loyalists and fans how you plan to keep this ship afloat Mr Chen and show us the way to success!

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Have you ever been in Indonesia?
I work there quite a lot. People use the cheapest phones possible. There is a second hand market for used blackberry 7 and even blackberry 5 devices. The price is a huge factor. And "just" $200 can break the budget for a family.

I showed lots of guys that work in factories my Z10 and the comment was always: wow nice phone but too expensive to afford for them.

People stuck with BBM and when BBM for Android came out, many dumped their old BlackBerry for a new cheap Chinese Android device.
I felt sad for BlackBerry.

Hope things change now.

Posted via CB10

Yeah Chinese Android device is very cheap and they don't need Blackberry to get the BBM... all my friends here using Android device or Blackberry 5/6/7 and i'm the only using BB10 :3

Posted via CB10

Have you guys ever been a teen? It's not about being different, it's about fitting in with the rest. Having a BlackBerry is not fitting in with the rest. Imo.

Posted via CB10

And that can change in a heartbeat, if someone brings along the "next cool thing" and everybody jumps on the bandwagon.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Have you ever been to Indonesia?
Not having BBM is being excluded in that country. And if you add the fine price of BIS, BlackBerry with BBOS still have a big market share over there.

The question is, will the Z3 be able to compensate in Indonesia for its non-dead-cheap price?

Posted via CB10

I'm an Indonesian and people here are starting to leave bbm for whatsapp.
Whatsapp is gaining a huge popularity here as it can be installed in any devices, including cheap nokia asha.

I love BB10. I own a Q5. The OS is really smooth to use, but it requires some learning, which most of Indonesian is not really keen on. One popular app here is missing from BB world, that is "Path". Though we can install apk in OS 10.2.1 but most people don't wanna get the hassle of searching for the apk and installing it. Besides, it doesn't run as smooth as native apps.

$150-200 price is sitting in the middle of nowhere. Middle income people will save some money to buy expensive iphone or galaxy note. Low income people just dont have the money to buy phone more than $150 (supported by the fact that lumia 520, samsung galaxy young, and some cheap chinese unknown brands have pretty decent market shares here).

Though the minimum wage here is around $200, but most low income people get less than that because the minimum wage is not enforced to the employer. It's only a guidance.

Z3 should be around $100 and released at early March. Only by that it PROBABLY still HAS A CHANCE to sell.

This is how Indonesians think:
-Looking for cheap touch screen phone? better go with samsung low end models or other cheap android brands that have so many apps. Touch screen is meant for apps.
-Still need keyboard but cant afford expensive phone? better go with 2nd hand legacy BB device because Q5 and Q10 are way too expensive.
- Have lots of money? iphone, of course!
- Have lots of money but also need keyboard? iphone and Q10.

I'm from Indonesia too :v just one of my friend and me using Path LOL.... the others? BBM on Android :3

Posted via CB10

Maybe it's because you havent met too many people yet. Or probably the case is different in every city. Where i live and work, they mostly communicate via whatsapp and never visit facebook anymore but path instead. Fortunately, twitter users here are so many so typing on blackberry is surely much more comfy

Btw I think i'm agree with your comment because we live in Indonesia so we have same opinions but for whatsapp? Just my cousin use it the others still using BBM hahaha

Posted via CB10

I'm indonesian, and live in small city, bbm still very popularr for IM, and so many people still use blackberry 5/6/7. And i think is BlackBerry have to persuade and educate people what is BlackBerry10. Because in their mind BlackBerry is lack phone. And how about the price..? They are still use 9220-9320 and its not far from Z3 price when it is introduced to the market.

The Q5 came out in decent time after it's initial markets. The problem with the Q5 was it's price which turned many people off...

The camera is not good enough for the selfie generation. This isn't 2010. However, stick a decent 8MP in and you've got yourself a winner.

@willowbeast..Teens love graphics,gotta keep them trending with top of the line visuals.Too bad the Amazing Tribe ,or whatever they were called,chocked.

The Z3 looks better than the Z30??

The Z3 looks a lot like a Nokia Lumia series phone.

Posted via CB10

I think this is Chen's plan to eventually push these kind of devices into all markets. I don't see this Z3 being available anywhere but in Emerging Markets. But I can see something such as a Z5 for example, built by Foxconn, for under $200 being available everywhere in the near future, along with the high end devices such as the future Z50, Q20/Q30.

Totally agree. Release it to the consumer market in the US and i'd for my teens the same day.

Posted via CB10

Until they start complaining because all their friends have snapchat and they don't know how to get it on their phones

Is anyone else thinking how easy it would be to turn the z3 into the next PlayBook. Foxconn built 7 inch BlackBerry10 tablet with a 200$ price tag. Sign me up.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Proves that it's not just us that think this first posting stuff is annoying.

Posted via CB10

I think it's meant for Asian markets....not US. I've been saying for years that emerging markets is where they need to focus.

The article mentions the hypothetical of coming to the US. My comment is valid in regards to the article. Agreed that it is for low cost, emerging markets. I was simply commenting on the article. and never going back.

BlackBerry did mention that a 4G version will be made available later in the year for other market. Maybe UK, Europe, USA?

Posted via CB10

One spec that is very popular among consumers in emerging markets is dual sim capabilities. Too bad the Z3 doesn’t have it.

Posted using my red Zed 10 and Z30

Remember the current BlackBerries in Indonesia probably don't have dual sim either so that's not going to be an issue for them.

Z10 on ST, .1925

I remember Thor saying during the BB10 launch is that they hope people will only carry one device when they use BB10. Well in emerging countries a lot of people carry 2-3 devices or just a device with dual sim since they can choose whichever plan from which carrier that suits them in any given time. Folks in the US may not care that much since their phones are usually on contract with a particular carrier but since smartphones are not subsidised by carriers in Indonesia ( where the Z3 is designed for) other than price, people do care about dual sim phones. Almost all of the cheap (read: less than 200 bucks) Chinese android devices have dual sim capabilities.

Posted using my red Zed 10 and Z30

yeah that would be a cool feature for Haiti... Many people uses two phones, regardless if they are upper, working class or poor class.

If they can afford too, they need to keep the cost as low as possible, while taking barely any profit, they need to get as many devices out there as they can!

Good point though on the larger screen. The Nokia Lumia 520's of the world are what worry me, you can pick them up for under $100 on sale and they've been selling more than any other WP.

Good points!

They should try not to worry about making any too much profit to any on these phones and just concentrate on getting these phones to the masses. That's the only way they ll dominate these emerging markets if they still have chance left against Android s or even Windows.

Posted via CB10 with my BB z30

Unless Microsoft plans to keep giving money away to WP buyers, they are going to have to fix that. The 520 is a bargain because Microsoft re losing money on every one sold.

in indonesia there are lot of 5 inch android phone with less than $200 prices...lenovo S920, S890, andromax Z, polytron. and sometimes it comes with 720p screen and 8mp camera

I somewhat agree with your article, but for some reason my gut feeling is, Blackberry as per usual will go in high and then axe the prices shortly after, I estimate nearer towards £200, approx 180 quid on PAYG.

Love my BlackBerry z30 and the z3 should be a huge hit!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I hope BlackBerry can also get the android compatibility up. Right now it's like a 1.0 launch, but if they can get the level of app compatibility up it will be less frustrating (and less hit and miss) for new users.

Posted via CB10

Playbook Android compatibility was 1.0 launch. Now three years later, we're with ICS, APK direct installs and apps running in their own sandbox.

But to a point, I agree, we need an official way of getting APKs, but it must be clearly indicated to differentiate from native apps. Anyway, that's another debate.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Not sure what your concern is here. BB10 now supports Jelly Bean and will be current for a few years.

The new APK install method introduced with 10.2.1 is dead easy.

The Z3 looks like a decent little mobile web device that can run the vast majority of Android apps. Looks like a winner to me.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30 2B6927F7

Specifications of the Z3 came in and the 5" display boasts a qHD resolution and is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 chipset and 1.5GB of RAM. Internal storage is 8GB, but there's no information if there's a microSD card slot available.
At the back, there's a 5MP camera, while at the front there's a 1.1MP one. Music lovers would also like the fact that the Z3 features an FM Radio, too.

The specs are good enough for my parents. My dad loves my Z10 but it is too expensive to just text and call. I'd definitely buy Z3 for him when it hits the market. Finally get the chance to get rid of their old Samsung lol.

Loving My SexyBack Z10!

I don't think you'll ever see the Z3 in UK or US. By the article's account it wouldn't be any cheaper than the Z10 which is much more capable. And with no LTE it's a non-starter.

Posted via CB10

No reason for it not succeed in the uk at all. The only phones in it's way will be the Moto g and soon maybe the nokia XL. Please blackberry put some marketing behind this. Bbm is still big here and a phone with a 5inch display and reasonable specs and the messaging capabilities of BB10 will be a massive incentive.

Posted via CB10

I agree with you james. Also may be if they could come out with the Z3 in different colours. To appeal to the college going population. It will give it some kind of a character.

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

Great point! But if they designed the back well enough accessory companies may pick up on doing it for BlackBerry without having to worry about it...

Posted via CB10

They should market this wonderfully, and the price mmust be really competitive.

No point in pricing it at $190 when there are cheap phones with similar looks at 110 or $130.

They must really go for the cheap with this one, and market it as the nest thing ever for peeps who wanna upgrade their BB7 phones, and young lads who want a touch experience without breaking the bank for an iPhone.

The marketing will be really the most important aspect. If they wanna target the emerging markets, they should really market this wisely and fiercely.

Posted via CB10

I find the low specs a little bit of a concern if they're also playing the 'also runs android apps' card while launching the device

Aren't android apps known to be resource hogs?

Posted via CB10

From the news release, BlackBerry is not playing the Android compatibility aspect of 10.2.1. They seem focused on the Z3's capabilities. So I'm not sure they are planning on marketing the Android angle, at least not yet. I guess we'll see when the device is actually released.

This should do well when it gets here. I'm not worried about the specs, the majority of people that buy non contact phones don't care either. The Lumia 520 costs $65.00 at my job, people don't buy it for the specs they like the idea of having a smartphone for cheap.

Swiped on my Z10

In my opinion BB might no be trying to sell this phone to regular consumers. This phone is probably oriented to business users in the Indonesian market, who probably can pay for a phone between the $150 and $200 price.

BlackBerry needs to target the Brazilian market with the Z3. Consumers in here are keen to some low cost smartphones and there aren't many competitors in this class.
Just a reminder that Foxconn has a production center in Brazil and the cost of importing could be lowered with that.
Just IMO

Posted via CB10

I think Chen's point is not to come in to strong markets with weak phones, UK is a strong market and so is the US. Last I recall he was trying to be the Lamborghini of cell phones and the Z3, is not even close.
I think he wants to push these phones where they are looked at as top of the line in certain countries and make the customers happy through their products and...BlackBerry Messenger.

Will need to be compared to the moto G for 130. I can see this being sold on Boost Mobile. The 5" display is a home run, because larger displays are hot right now. On the app front, android needs to be running buttery smooth

Posted via CB10

The Moto G is a ridiculous $250 here in Australia (just under $300 for 16GB).

The ones on Amazon are BOOST / Verizon locked on prepaid $99 (US), but no good on GSM Telstra, I guess.

Anyone any info what frequency band the Boost / Verizon ones support on GSM.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I got to agree with this article as blackberry has the advantage in screen size, but in due fashion the specs are needed so that we know if the phone will be worth the money or if it will be a flop from the get go. I understand that not everyone understands specs and processing factors but when people see information that is the factor that propels them to buy something because they can read and try to understand even if they don't

Posted via CB10

I think the android app market stores such as the Amazon app store should come pre-installed on the BlackBerry 10 devices just like Facebook and Twitter. But preferably BlackBerry should have they're own android market app

Posted via CB10

The amazon app store should be integrated into BlackBerry World, they should mention in terms and conditions that some apps are of android nature, a disclaimer if you like, but display all the apps available for download (BlackBerry 10 native or Android) in one unified storefront, we're heading towards a fragmented and disconnected user experience otherwise

Posted via CB10

This phone should have a had quad core processor like the moto g, then it would have beat the moto g with this screen size

Posted via CB10

They should have launched the high end and low end device at the same time, and all over the world.

What they need is a touch and qwerty that is under 200$, and then a premium touch and qwerty at a premium price

Posted via CB10

BB10 isn't going to be sold in US stores because that arena is dominated by Short Attention Span Theater. iOS and Android are a cinch to sell because in one minute you've told them everything they need to know. BB10 will work for suits because they are buying security first, ease of use second. Once you have BB10 gestures down its great but until then it's a bit frustrating.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 using pure energy

Totally agree! The Z3 should hit all the markets around the world as soon as possible, what the fuss? Does BlackBerry think that everybody in the wrongly called first world have the same wealth!?

Posted via CB10

Please BlackBerry, advertising....... that's what you need...... price aside, z30 is an awesome device but very bad advertising...

Please BlackBerry advertise.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately, imho, they have lost the window to advertise the Z30. It will come across outdated from a time perspective (and specs). All they can do now is advertise the OS and it's features.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I definitely think this phone should be launched everywhere as long as the user experience is on par with the Z10 and the price is kept very low around the globe.

But, I also agree that this phone would need marketing and carrier support in many markets and I don't see it getting that any time soon.

So BlackBerry should launch it in markets where they still have some brand power and there aren't any carrier subsidies on any phones. That's where it will have an impact. In the developed market that are controlled by carriers this will be just another online only option that no one knows exists.

I agree 100% with the idea that the UK can be big for the Z3.

I still think there is going to be some drag on the brand due to in store salespersons - the usual, but that is where price can sort things out. I've run out of wind saying that BlackBerry need to do a simple calculation to figure out how much brand toxicity and app concerns 'cost' in regards to making a sale. What this means is figuring out the price point at which a neutral person is willing to go against the salesperson's Android pitch and the BlackBerry is dead stuff.

The £120 price point makes sense for a device without the drag I have mentioned, but I think that £99 would be ideal. I DON'T think BlackBerry will do this, but I think that selling the Z3 at £99 would be the right thing to do. I would personally run the following ad: '90 days at £99 on the new BlackBerry Z3'. Something like that.

This Z3 launch is absolutely huge for BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10, and at this point sales are far more important than profit because positive sales numbers will bring a huge positive upswing in - everything.

I actually think that the Z3 should be released in the UK at the same time as Indonesia, but hopefully it isn't long after.

Join the Cause @ BlackBerry Bootleg Marketing Channel - C003483F4

I'm wondering how well those Android apps the target market loves, will run on such low specs. It's not great on a Q10 and if it takes them 5 seconds to load an app, then the experience isn't going to be great.

I cannot me much worse than on those crap android phones with shid specs anyways.

Posted via CB10

If they price this as a U$150 in Colombia out of contract, it would be a good selling phone, it looks better than Nokia 520-521, BBM is still an IM contender here, and people buy Huawei, but if you find a BB at the same price, you go for the last one for sure.

The sooner they release it, the better, before the competitors start upping their specs and dropping their prices.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

The Android app benefit is not really a benefit at this point, since BlackBerry isn't promoting that yet from what I know...anyone I know with a bb10 who is not tech savvy has no ideas they can install android apps and when I tell them they can and it's super easy I get a blank stare back. Until it ships with an icon linking them directly to apps, like Snap, most will be lost.

Posted via CB10

I think you are pretty much spot on, blackberry need to capitalise on the market with people who don't really mind what phone they have as long as it is reliable and reasonably priced they already have a brand name and with android and iphones usage becoming increasingly more complex. I think if they added a simple mode and advanced mode this could take a bigger market share from the others...

Posted via CB10

I think it should be released here in the UK, snap should go into blackberry world, and market the fact that you can get all the apps, then hopefully people will buy and then developers will see their is a market to make native apps

Posted via CB10

If I was Playing devils advocate I would say blackberry's biggest problem is that new devices keep coming out every day it's so competitive S4, Iphone, G2, Nexus, Moto X/G you really can't afford to have unpolished products at any price point...

Posted via CB10

The business men and women you see rocking a BB7 device are bankers tied to it by their company... Sorry for that...

Ferrari ZetaDieci

There is no point introducing new phones unless you can get carriers to sell them or you can but them directly from what ever country you live in.

BlackBerry 10 is the best smartphone out there no question.

I live in Ireland and can't get z30 asked all carriers here no one going to stock it asked BlackBerry but never get an
answer ... no Q 5 in ireland also.

BlackBerry need to do more in my country to get people using there phones because it's clear in ireland there is no BlackBerry people on the ground or if there is they are doing a poor job.

What's so annoying it's the best on the market

So here's hoping things change in ireland

Posted via CB10

Very good move I 'd say! If the price is as low as they say, we might just see more and more BlackBerry users out there and that would be a great thing. Here in Canada, we have small carriers that have great prices on their plans but no so much on their phones. So seeing a good device, other that Android phones, at a low price is great!

Posted via CB10

I suspect it's rolling out slowly to avoid the inventory glut that plagued BlackBerry in the past. I'd expect this to go to other emerging markets where BlackBerry has traditionally had a strong user base. (South Africa? Nigeria?)

Posted via CB10

That's true, Nigeria could be a better market for the Z3 as undergraduates and college students would plunge in for it.

Why Snap is not in BlackBerry world?

And hey, Samsung or google cannot sue BlackBerry for being porting apps to BlackBerry phones and marketing it?

Posted via CB10

All I can say is that I agree, a solid OS. And a blackberry in the hands of the many would be an amazing boost to BlackBerry the company :) with the right advertising and back up from the carriers the Z3 could go far :)

Posted via CB10

Problem with your economics. Made and shipped in Indonesia for $200 won't translate to £120 UK. You have to factor in packaging changes, shipping and ludicrous in taxes on top meaning it will probably cost more and possibly even replace the Z10.

Posted via CB10

If this hits the USA, it better go on prepaid carrier's only. I say this because it won't fit will in the higher up carriers.

Posted via CB10

Also I would think that someone as to look at the salesperson at the carrier... they are the ones that often suggest other phones!!!

Posted via CB10

My money is on this one to make a difference for BlackBerry. I doubt the Q20 will raise many eyebrows, at least not outside of the corporate environment (obviously where the complaints came from).
I am not saying the Z3 will be a succes, I am just saying it might deliver the push BB10 needs.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Not sure if this has been said. Hut can BlackBerry deliver a device that will automatically load up android apps? Pre-installed play store!? Would be way better selling point.

Posted via CB10

This is certainly NOT a game changer. Blackberry's device problem is not's perception (and apps). Outside of fans and BB die-hards, I expect this to have minimal impact on marketshare

Not sure about the price. $200 seems high , although you get a 5 in screen at that price. I would like to see BlackBerry come out with a phone similar in size and cost to a Lumia 520.

Blackberry Z10: STL100-3, OS

You people are on crack. This device compared to other older models of apples or Samsung which are still technically superior but cheaper than the new BlackBerry z3 makes me wonder what you think BlackBerry has going for it

Posted via CB10

I think they should quickly get this device to countries like India where their sales have plummeted since BBM was gone cross-platform & people are able to BBM on cheap Android phones

Posted via CB10

Now back to the missing app. Here instagram and path are very popular. Ok there is iGrann, but still no Path (native).
And guess who is got Path (and bbm) lately? Yes the 3rd OS

I hope z3 shines some light on blackberry. Npw that you can install android apps, the os isnt that bad!

Posted via CB10

Now that we have the track pad issue dealt with, I would like to see a virtual version of it somehow on touch devices, or perhaps a real track pad, and virtual programmable buttons to make up the rest of the 'belt'.

Go BlackBerry!

What is it with people saying "teens" alot!!
Most American teens want the best phone or the most popular and its definitely not the "low budget " z3.
This phone is not geared towards teens, it's towards DEVELOPING COUNTRIES!!!


Posted via CB10

I think you've hit all the points perfectly

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this one, and having every reason to be able to convince others to pick it up!

Posted via CB10

You're forgetting one thing, here in Rip-off Britain the dollar exchange rate for tech is about 1:1, so expect the rrp to be at least £200, assuming it makes it over here at all.

Posted via CB10

If this is really really cheap in Canada (if it comes) then I would even buy it as a Music player itself.

I think the Z3 would be moderately successful in a lot of developed world markets. T-Mobile in the US has moved to a buy it up front model or lay away for their phones. I think they could sell a lot of these. Good point about the 5" display being the selling point.

Posted via CB10

Just got my 13 year old son a z10 at 11.99 a month on T-Mobile in the uK. He's shown it to all his mates and they're all getting gassed (street talk means good) over his phone.

The 5" z3 could easily become the latest must have device for the youth.

BlackBerry have to market the hell out of 10.2.1 and it's messaging multitasking and android apk download capability

Posted via CB10


I couldn't agree more, while the UK is not exactly an emerging market in terms of smartphone availability or choice, not everyone here wants to spend several hundreds of pounds on a smartphone and the Z3 fits the bill perfectly!!

It would make an ideal sim free, contract free touch screen phone with a decent sized screen without the traits of other phones currently that fit in that price range. I'd happily buy myself and the wife one asap!!

Posted via CB10

I agree that the Z3 could find a market in Britain. Even midsize supermarkets carry a range of smart phones - usually lower end stuff. The Z3 would be the perfect device for this sort of sales venue - high traffic, no salesperson trying to persuade you to take the latest iPhone or Galaxy, and a customer base who are shopping based on price.

It's simple really - they sold millions of curves because they were dirt cheap. My parents were offered an upgrade from their old curves last month and there were no "cheap" BB10 phones in that price bracket, so they took a Samsung Galaxy Fame instead. BB's loss. The Z3 needs to go global.

Posted via CB10

The curves were dirt cheap for what they were, that's the point.
My wife uses a 9320, I'd like to buy her a Q10...but she doesn't want to change it because it does everything she wants (and also uses a PB).
She won't want something like this because (gritted teeth) where's the keyboard?

Hi, I'm 8520 user here in Indonesia. There are at least three android phones in Indonesian market with 5 or more inches screen, quad core MT6589T, 1GB of RAM and 4GB to 8GB of ROM around supposedly launching price of Z3. One is Lenovo S920, a 5.3" with 1GB/4GB going for $200 (8GB ROM version is $220) in addition local CDMA provider Smartfren has two versions of its 5" Andromax V with 1GB/4GB (older) and 1GB/8GB (newer) versions available at below $200.

Z3 is quite interesting though although I wanted a cheap BB10 device with keyboard but having a wide screen and bigger memory doesn't hurt either.

BlackBerry need high spec phones thats what sells Samsung has that one figured out. The more you can put in a device the better heart beat monitor s finger print scanners good specs all around . Developers are teck geeks they want specs to play with and the more gadgets the better so bring the specs and get the developers. But this should be a good low end device.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I feel like this is definitely a make or break moment for BlackBerry and whether it will really pursue the handset hardware business

Posted via CB10

They need a curve. I don't think this phone will get old curve users to upgrade. Right price, wrong phone. It may do well in its target market, but I don't think it will be the phone that gets people off bb7.

Posted via CB10

That screen looks seriously horrendous next to the already not so great Z30 screen... really bad sign.

Posted via CB10

are the carrier store staff suddenly not gonna go all BGR on BlackBerry devices? Doubt it.

Take the money that would have been spent on carrier marketing and advertise and sell direct.

Heck, duplicate the "Avon lady" business model, sending staff door to door, and they'd to better than putting their trusting the carrier staff.

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... Or better yet: advertise where the "BB10 experience" vans will be and sell direct off the van.

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Keep dreaming that BlackBerry 10 is all about the user experience and not specs...that is why BlackBerry is where it is at this moment! so confident in age of rocks!

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the price of Q5 in the UK sim-free is 129 gbp right now. If the curve is about 100, and Q5 is within a few pounds of that mark, shouldn't the Q5 be selling like crazy among all those people who had a curve but it was getting too long in the tooth? Q at least offers LTE (important in a developed market such as the UK) and a faster Krait core instead of the A7 in the Z3, so the price difference from what is proposed in this article is somewhat deserved. And yet Q5 is not the fire sale blackberry was maybe hoping it would be. What would be the killer feature in the Z3 that would change that?

that is exactly right. Price isn't the main sales inhibitor right now.

They are
1) customer concern that BlackBerry will go bankrupt and the customer will have "lost their money"
2) lack of knowledge of the excellence and quality of the OS and devices... but if 1) looms large in the minds of potential customers, advertising aline won't fix that.
3) BB10 unfamiliarity: not awareness, but approachability: all-gesture is too different from what both BBOS users and competitive platform users expect from a smartphone: hopefully Belted devices can fix that.

The way this will play out is that enough people have to get past concerns about BB going bankrupt and buy the low cost and Belted devices... then once BlackBerry has recovered sufficiently that more and more people believe they will survive, THEN more devices etc. is practical.

I hold the blogosphere responsible for this perception: legitimate media outlets were doubtful, but not entirely dismissive, but the Board is responsible for the "for sale" fiasco, but even that was brought on by public misconceptions about BlackBerry's financial health propagated by "their enemies". Bloggers are typically to busy spouting sheet to eat crow though.

Shakespeare said "kill all the lawyers". I think if he were alive today he'd say... politicians, but might say "bloggers" because they'd all call him a talentless hack in contrast to his success.

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The problem is that the Z5 may be cheap but it isn't offered in the places where people looking for cheap phones often go - Supermarkets. Put the Z5 in your typical Tesco or Sainsburys at that price and it would probably be selling like mad. Unfortunately the only Blackberrys you can find in supermarkets are legacy devices. If you're going into Carphone Warehouse or one of the carriers' shops you're immediately dealing with salespeople who are likely to steer you towards the Samsung or Apple offerings.

Yes, better sales channels sounds like a good reason. Don't know how many cheap phones are sold through Tesco etc. so maybe it is worth pursing that and signing some sort of a deal with the supermarkets. Nexus and Kindle devices were sold through google and amazon websites exclusively, and they are quite popular. maybe blackberry should think about selling directly from their website in the UK and a few other markets, and match the prices at Carphone Warehouse. Of course, that would require a non-trivial amount of money on advertising to get the word out there.

Hope it will sell many.... I live in Indonesia and all my friends change to Samsung products.... I don't think it will smoothly sell in Indonesia because the specification is lower than Samsung... and then the real problem is many Chinese phone like Oppo and Lenovo with cheap price and good specification... I hope Z3 will sucess :) Go #TeamBlackberry Go #MyZ10 :D

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The CHEAP (affordable for you MBA wonks) to get early adopters is to UNLOCK, and FREE the apps on the old BB OS 5 to OS 6 to work on WiFi and WITHOUT data plan requirement. Sorry, I don't have an OS 7 device for comparison/reference. You won't even need BBQ5 for a crutch. I just checked the old threads here and BB still hasn't addressed this issue. I wonder if all these blocks are purely attributed to contracts between telcos and device mfr? Sorry, I don't know this business, except for what's obvious to a lay person. Anyone got an insight on this?

dont get into the pricing war. This is a decent low cost device. The last thing blackberry wants to do is become the low price producer. Thats a guarantee to fail. You have to many giants with loads of cash that could squeeze you down to nothing. What they want is a decent phone that works and can be used for the average business user. In this case the z3 is perfect. Its an upgrade to any bold out there with a bigger screen and of course bb10 Thats the real key is to move people over from bb07 which is taking blackberry nowhere. If that continues to be the leading OS for handset sales they are doomed because this isnt there focus. I get a kick out of people saying its not cheap enough or it doesnt have the features. Its a mid to low tier phone. Not meant to be the world beater but a transitional device to get people off there old devices and on to bb10 experience. If this thing works well(not like the initial Z10) which had all kinds of glitches. Shutting off for no reason as well as lots of OS troubles. Now the OS is much better the handset doesnt need the huge mega core power it just needs to work and be reliable. Does everyone understand what this device is for? If you look at the plan. Its conversion of current blackberry customers to the new OS then with a decent size base customer you can build out from there. Again why the track pad belt button phone. To convert current blackberry users to bb10 and off the old OS Everything they are doing is working that way. Then once they get people converted over then you start looking at the other things. If they cant convert their own customers they are in real trouble. This is what the z3 is all about if they happen to pull in some new people great but thats not the real reason for this phone. Are they going to compete with the low end firefox and nokia lost leaders. Nope and thats a market they absolutely dont want. you want the mid to high market to make money. The rest is just not profitable and never will be. I think Foxconn will have an idea as well where this fits as they know the risk they are taking and what the phone needs to be. I think them being a big partner and carrying the majority of the risk will make them look at the phones they are producing as well and knowing what they want and who they can sell it too. So everyone take a look at this one its a well planned and executed move by Mr Chen and company they know who they want to sell to and they are well on there way to doing that.

BlackBerry Z10 is great gestur I seen. BlackBerry 10 is so intuitive for me.

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I was in Staples in Canada the other day and there was an Android 4.2 phone by a no name brand, huge 5"+ screen for $150! Why can't BlackBerry do something like that? $200 is still too expensive for emerging markets. BlackBerry is catching up but is still about 6
Months behind the market. Rather than news about a Playbook 2 coming "sometime" in the future, they need it now, to go along with the BB10 phones for enterprise. BlackBerry needs to catch up and quick. Samsung and apple are moving in to other marker segments, ie watches as well as all ready being in TV and such. It is quickly becoming a commodity based market where price will dictate and margins will shrink. Great to see the huge advanced in BB10 OS but we still need more. Better mapping, better voice activation and instruction. Better linking with peripherals.

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I think blackberry's biggest problem is marketing, everyone who sees my Z10 can't believe it's a BlackBerry. So breaking that will surely be a priority for them.

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Yeah I agree here. The os experience is nice. I shifted from a nexus4 to q10 and am hooked on the os10. The very fact that most day to day apps like evernote, fb, linked, twitter are baked into the os seriously maakes life easier and way comfortable.

The z3 shud be launched all over. I wud love to gift the z3 to my wife and cousins and introduce them to the 10(dulkar) experience.

Note: cricket lovers wud know 10(dulkar)

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