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From the forums: The Z15 concept slider

Q15 Slider Concept
By James Richardson on 10 Mar 2014 06:36 am EDT

BlackBerry concept time once again and this one is brought to us by CrackBerry forum member D_Gui who also gave us the recent Q15 compact concept that understandably had mixed views. This one certainly looks my cup of tea, although I'm not sure we need the screen to rotate, plus it would add to costs and potentially be something that could malfunction.

That said, I'm loving the concept forum thread we have going and it's awesome to see that there are BlackBerry fans out there sharing what they would like to see with future devices. 

With the Q20 news that was unveiled at MWC we know that the trackpad and function keys are making a return and in this slider form factor they would certainly come in handy. I loved my Torch 9800/9810 but whether we will see another slider from BlackBerry again is anyones guess. 

From the poll we ran a short while back it's quite clear that the CrackBerry nation would like another slider. 

Slider Poll

I'm sure BlackBerry will be taking these posts into consideration, although with their current situation in the smartphone market, bring a slider to us BlackBerry 10 fans is probably way down on their list of things to do. 

Sound off in the comments if you're liking the look if this one? I'm fairly sure most of you will be with me on my thoughts of the rotating display. Or will you? 

Head on over to the Concept forum for more details


Reader comments

From the forums: The Z15 concept slider

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Definitely a nice concept slider!!!

Have to say from creeping the android and iMore sites but not in depth as I could be wrong but it seems very obvious that Crackberry and BlackBerry have very passionate members and fans!!!!

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

Is it just me? That looks to be just a Z10 with a keyboard out the bottom. That is way too long! Also, 2 bezels?! How thick is that going to be!?

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Actually the bezel on the screen part would cover the bezel on the keyboard part. I think the reason the artist did it this way is so the keyboard would not be recessed with a bezel sticking out under the keyboard for the screen to rest on while closed.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Why not? If you don't want it to rotate, don't rotate it. If other people like the rotate feature, then it's good for them to have that option.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

It needs to rotate 180 degrees to go completely upside-down. Why? Never mind why. I have my reasons. It's rotating anyway so why not let other people have the option of rotating it all the way upside down. You are welcome to stop at 90 degrees of rotation if that's all you can handle.

Stark had one like that in the ironman movie. Thought it was cool back then. So sure, if that's what it takes to get a new BlackBerry slider, I'm for it.

Personally I don't like having to slide the phone to get to my keyboard. I prefer the fixed physical keyboard because it's always there. But I'm all for options for others who might not share the same preference as I do.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Agreed, I'm not a fan of slider phones. This concept isn't appealing at all due to its length and what's with the rotating screen?

Who do we think is going to use this phone Tony Stark! ;)
Hint: watch the first Iron Man movie.

Posted via CB10

I think if they make a slider it shouldn't come with the "Z" label. They should have a new line, maybe since Q is for qwerty that S could be for slider? Although don't know how Z stands for anything to do with being all-touch but it's already done so...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Whilst I loved my old Torch 9800 going back to a slider is not something I would want to do. Physical keyboard even if it was in the form of a slider form is not my bag anymore.

Z10 In action here!

Have to agree with you here. I loved my torch while I had it but felt it was time to move on. The Bold4 or 9900 hung around for far longer than the 9810 and there's a reason for that. Even the menu buttons I'm now finding to be on the tacky side as well. Look straight ahead and keep moving forward. No time for sidestepping or backwards movement.

Posted via CB10

Love the idea of a horizontal rotation! Maybe could be less tall. Thumbs up on this one (except the colour!)

Posted via CB10

I thought that was a cool looking concept, and would love to hold one to try.

Notice that even a "concept" has rotation issues for the home screen? (doh)


Instead of rotating, I think it would be a better idea if the screen kind of hinges outward on one side so then you can stand it up on a table...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

That is going to be a thick phone I'm suppose! Quite too long after sliding down the keyboard!

By awesome z30! Never regret..

I would always rather have a portrait keyboard. That's just me. Keep the concepts coming. Its a fact phone design is sXXt now!

Posted via CB10

That is my private opinion.
When i looked on concepts that is only one conclusion: WTF are these people have a bit of taste? , don't think so. This concepts are ugly as hell. Z30 with keyboard it is my type for ugliest phone ever, who wants half a meter phone in pocket (if you will find one it fits).

Posted via CB10

Opinion might be private but trust me it's not exclusive lol. BlackBerry needs some form of screen uniformity here ad well.

Posted via CB10

Never liked the slider. I don't see this creating much demand. I know there is a market segment that really lives sliders but it seems it's not enough to support an entire model. Hard to say though.

Posted via CB10

Nice concept... I agree about the rotating screen (costs) and the added malfunction factor... I would love a new torch... come' on BlackBerry, I need my fix...

Posted via CB10

It looks good and that's it, it's not practical and it will be heavy, that's going back in technology.

Posted via CB10

Nothing wrong in designing a concept slider device.

You have to listen to the market.

No one is buying sliders!! Period!!

Until BlackBerry starts to become the go to device. A slider device is going to be a pipe dream.

Bring me touchscreen and keyboard devices that are developer friendly.

At the moment Specs are king - 4.5 - 5.2 inch 1080p HD screen, extra long battery life, amazing front and back cameras, blisteringly fast GPU and CPU, expandable memory with a Graphene battery etc...

Posted via CB10

Even though I gave up on smoking, I'd have that pipe (dream), no worries!

Always bought the more unusual phones, kind of a habit. But it needs some sort of an added benefit or a function that other (boring) phones don't have.

$600 AUD -> I will buy

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I'm pretty sure LG had a phone of this design b4 so expect a law suite 4 this design if ever it gets 2 production. + this concept wouldn't work out

Posted via CB10

It's a bit crude, I like the keyboard though.
I think the way forward is the attached keyboard, the patent that BlackBerry put forward lately.

Posted on CB10 with the Q10

I'd buy it, I like that the screen rotates, but from a design aspects it I don't think it's practical. I'd hate to drop the phone with the screen rotated like that. Also get rid of the huge bottom bezel on the keyboard to shorten the overall length.


NO!!! Look at the Torches, they look sexy, not this sorry. I'd love to see a real BlackBerry slider though

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

Love the look of this one, but don't really see the need to add the potential issues of a rotating screen.

Posted via CB10

I like it in blue but not a slider.. and I don't want to see a Z model device with physical keyboard that's a Q model thing. Plus sliders are so dead now.

Posted via CB10

Maybe of Foxconn built it to a price point. We are almost to the edge of screen resolution and processing power versus battery life so if built with a price and market in mind it could capture a market segment. Slider needs to be on the length side versus width. Width makes it to high, better horizontal from a functional standpoint.

Posted via CB10

Oh my gosh, half of Yall on this post can NOT be using a BlackBerry keyboard to post....too many errors. Anyway, the slider concept is just fine, but instead of having the screen swivel, why not use the innovative feature shown on TAT's company video, showing a user able to stretch the screen horizontally to view content on larger scale? Didn't BlackBerry acquire that very company?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should seriously consider introducing different colours. This blue slider looks to be a winner.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

I like it. Should have the size of the Z10 and I'd definitely buy it. However, I would prefer a more decent colour.

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure if it has been done yet or not but, but why not one that slides out in landscape that is 3/4's of the phone but centered and angled to fit nicely in your hand. Think of all the free'd up screen real estate in landscape you could have. Honestly hold your Z in landscape and let your ring fingers and pinky fingers touch. You can almost see where it would be. The icing on the cake would be if it could somehow be contoured to fit and only be active in landscape. In other words when held in portrait you can still use the touch keyboard.

Posted via CB10

It looks nice, but would be better if it was a bit wider just for the keyboard.

Posted via CB10

This is the type of gimmickry stuff BlackBerry did prior BlackBerry 10 OS that got them in this mess it's too niche, and why should we have a physical keyboard when we have the best software keyboard in the industry


What I've been waiting for! People gripe about size, but my pockets are used to holding Berries with OtterBoxes, which add significant bulk for their protection factor. Not convinced of the rotation feature or the toolbelt being on the back panel, but I'm missing my Torch's screen real estate on my Q10, would upgrade in a heartbeat to this. Now make updates factory direct so I don't wait for ATT to release their gutted versions, and bring out a BB10 PlayBook, and I'll be loving BlackBerry again like I was with my 9800 :). Keep listening, there's a market!

It's overboard! Too much! Keep it simple! I agree as well about possible hardware malfunction. I love the blue though!

These words are brought to you by my elegant and classy Z10 or Q10.

That's more like what I've wanted to see! Just not a fan of the rotating screen. Otherwise looms great!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Ok guys, I scanned my z10 with max mobile security and it found a threat called "android.copycat.a" is that something I should worry about? Thanks

Posted via CB10

What design? If you take a good look, it's just a BlackBerry Z10 with Apple 5c I-Phone fruity colors.

Maybe fruity colors in limited production is good idea.

If your going to built on greatness of its predecessor BlackBerry Torch, the phone ergonomics is important. Phone should have tool belt below the screen. Not practical to place it sliding out. Track pad should come with security feature.

I also think future BlackBerry should have exceptional quality camera. The phone should be water resistant.

BlackBerry Lead

Do not Follow

Posted via CB10

Kind of awkward in my opinion. Especially landscape texting. But hey, if it works for some of you, then I won't knock it. But just not for me.

BlackBerry 4Life

I think I've out grown the old style BlackBerry phones...I've become adopted to the Z30 quite well and with the keyboard suggest flick...if anything...the Q10 with a 4" screen would be great...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Beautiful concept. Personally I don't like sliders. Although according to the polls I am minority.

Posted via CB10

Honestly, I would love to get bes of both worlds but damn this looks ugly with that sideways screen.

From my White Z30

Concept is Light but I worry that it would be very top heavy and holding it would be and feel awkward.

Posted via CB10

Looks like another old blackberry. We need something fresh that no other phone maker can top!
The color is nice though!

Posted via CB10

I do believe there is a place for this device. Personally, it's not for me, even though the Torch was my favorite device before my Z10. Flicking words up on the screen is so efficient, it's miles ahead of any of their previous keyboards, and most likely any of their future boards, as well.

Posted via CB10

Instead of a slide keyboard, why doesn't BlackBerry make a case with keyboard attached... that way it wont have to worry about thickness and durability and users can decide whether to have only touch or with keyboard experience

Posted via Ro's Z30

I agree, this thing would be very top heavy. I don't like the swivel display either, there would be a lot of broken phones out there.

AmaZ30ed by my awesome BlackBerry Z30

That is a very chic concept phone! Hope it becomes a real phone at some point too! The S50 Slider phone was a great looking concept phone as well. I have a Z30 now but I would definitely love to get my hands on a slider if/when one is one the market!


There are two things that I would love BlackBerry to do: rewrite BlackBerry 10 OS to 64 bits and release a slider.

Posted via CB10

I always thought that a phone like Samsung's variant of the sidekick with a blackberry created physical keyboard running bb10 would be killer. I could see BlackBerry licensing the hinge for sammy's sidekick and making a "slider" version of the z30.

Posted via CB10

Yeah I would be interested in this. I never owned a slider. Currently own a Q10 and there are times I have screen envy looking at Z30 but then that quickly disappears as I type on my physical keyboard. I think they. Should try manufacturing a slider and sell it where the BlackBerry market is hot. If it does well, move it onto other markets.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

i would rather want to know when will they add more languages supporting OS10? My native lang is not supported.. *sigh*

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Some may hate me for saying this, but those keys and touchpad are a thing of the past. They're totally redundant with BB10. BB7 needed them because of the cursor controls, and the OS didn't have quick access to those functions - phone answer/hangup, back button, menu. BB10 does answer that call and makes it easy to do all these things! Why do we need to carry them forward?

BlackBerry must put the past behind them and move swiftly forward. The past isn't called history for no reason - learn from it. Look what hanging on to the past has done to some large organizations. Companies who hang on to tightly to the past are the ones that find the path forward much more difficult than the rest. They lose.

BlackBerry - MOVE ON!

If it is this exact design then yes I would want it because it looks awesome. The only thing that annoyed me is that I bought my Z10 for a high price when new so I can't sell Z10 for a good enough price and buy this. That sucks.

Posted via CB10, Z10

Umm, Well i get damage the Flex of my 9800 two times, and is very expensive fix that, i dont like sliders anymore.

If the virtual Keyboard on blackberry is the best, why you want a Sliders?, if you die for a Keyboard buy one Q series.

I would love to see someone talking on the phone with the thing in the T configuration. I don't think I would be able to stop laughing.

Why would the slider be why down the list for BlackBerry more than the silly belt that they are putting back now?

Posted via CB10

I guess I'm one of the few that actually liked this concept. I loved my BlackBerry Torch. My youngest son loves it as well.

To have it rotate when i'm doing a long document, or editing powerpoint slides is phenomenal.

Posted via CB using my Q10

No rotated screen alignment means abject fail in my book. Current z10 is bad enough when you rotate it stays in portrait mode. :(

Posted via CB10

I would like this phone, i dont like having to keep my phone with the rotation lock off,causes to many issues, so by having this available would really work for me

Posted via CB10

The track pad protrudes and therefore couldn't be on the keyboard section, it would have to be on the display section.

A slider sounds cool but I found that with my old Torch, I would tend to ignore the slide out keyboard for the on screen one.
It was just easier for me to type on screen than to slide out a keyboard first. The keys on the old Torch were somewhat small, too. My big fingers tended to have a problem finding the keys sometimes during those late night drunken texts to my ex.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry please!
Why going backward. Slider will make the phone more delicate and somewhat ugly.
BlackBerry needs improvement in

Camera pixels
More options in camera
Optical stabilization
Gorilla glass
Minimum 4.5 inch touch screen
Minimum 450ppi with super amoled
Battery life improvement
Phone security one button option

There must be an option to freeze the touch option screen to watch something without hesitating to touch screen by mistake .

Posted via CB10

Looks nice. But only reason it looks nice is because it's blue. Other than that I would expect people to complain about screen detaching after a few months of use

Posted via CB10

WHAT! Why rotate it and have a track pad? With the track pad you're just making the keyboard smaller and more difficult to type.

Posted via CB10

It's a nice concept but I think the keyboard is too cramped. Also, if you have the screen rotated you can't prop it up without the handset wanting to tip over from being top heavy.

Posted via CB10

Actually won't be top heavy... As you can see the display, front speaker & mic as well as FFC are the only things on the sliding part, the battery and other 'heavy' components are in the base...

This is my dream phone. Who cares how tall it is when the keyboard is in use? As long as it stores small. The rotation mechanics would be a fascinating challenge. My Torch was bulletproof when sliding but rotation would require a new system. Though two tracks that go straight up -then click into place - with one then further curving up on a circular path to the left and the other curving back down on a circular path to the right - then clicking into place again - might work.

This is the best thing I've seen on CrackBerry and would buy in in a heartbeat.

Posted via CB10

This is like my design back when the day before Blackberry Jakarta was announced. But my design was like a Blackberry Jakarta and i remove the touchpad because blackberry 10 OS was design for touchscreens smartphone.

OMG!... NO, kill it! No sliders. I don't want to see another slider concept, let alone one that looks like that.

"Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" BBM Channel: C001214D9

That rotated screen is just ridiculous. Why? If it's to watch videos, why would you need a keyboard for that, you can just hold the phone in landscape...

Posted via CB10

I know the reason for these concept phones is because some people still love the qwerty board and want a bigger screen. BUT lets get ovet it. ALL touch screen is the way to go. Lets build a KILLER Z30 type phone. It took me a while but I learned to type on my z10- z30. Loving it!!!!

Posted via CB10

It looks too long and it looks just like Z10 with keypad at the bottom. The slide part and the screen twist is a no no 4 me.

Posted via CB10

Don't really like that concept. It's too long. If the new slider is kind of like the torch but a little more slim and sexy. It would be perfect. O and make sure it comes to verizon pre loaded with 10.2.1 because I have a q10 and I still haven't seen my update smh

Posted via CB10

Slider, yes, rotate no...undermines productivity position of having too many things to do to simply type out over the QWERTY keypad.

Posted via CB10

What the hell? I'm only using this crap blackberry til I can get another droid, so I can't get my Google voice calls directed to blackberry?

Nice, but after 2years I still can't get the "Blackberry Blade" concept out of my head. That style with updated specs would be a killer.