It's birthday time in India so the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 get a price drop

By James Richardson on 1 Mar 2014 04:14 am EST

Just a quick heads up for you folk in India that may be looking to pick up a BlackBerry 10 device - the Z10 and Q10 have been reduced in price. This is to celebrate BlackBerry being in India for 10 years and sees the Z10 price drop to Rs.17,990 and the Q10 Rs.32,990.

On a personal note - it still bugs me that there is such a big difference in price between the Z10 and Q10. I know that the keyboard may well be more expensive to manufacture, but surely not by that much. Anyway, roll on the Z3 with it's 5 inch display and budget price. 

Those prices are still slightly more expensive than some regions in the world but every little helps. Will you be jumping on the discount bandwagon?

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It's birthday time in India so the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 get a price drop


you'd think a full touchscreen phone would be more expensive than a keyboard one, i am a proud owner of the blackberry z10 since yesterday and i;m very satisfied, i had blackberry 8800, 8520 x2, 9320, 9720, 9000 and 9900, and now i have my first full touchscreen, i am impressed with blackberry and will always be a fan

Sadly, it won't be helping BlackBerry. In-fact, it has made the situation even worse. First of all, most people don't even know about BlackBerry 10 - thanks to zero advertising - and those who know about it first ridiculed it, and rightly so, for the ionospheric price at the time of launching, and now that the price is down from 43k to 18k, it is only valid for people to mock the device. What this offer has done is made people ask questions like how bad a device could be to have a price dropped from 43k to 18k within a year of its launch. Hell, my friends from other cities have called me up just so they could joke about this price drop. *facepalm*

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I could see how people would think like that. And you are right, the price at launch should have been no more than 35k. At the very least they could have generated some interest in the new platform. Bad call but different ceo means different rules with a better outcome.

All the faith in the world with Chen.

BlackBerry for life!

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Yes that was the real head scratcher at launch. Pricing in price sensitive markets as if the new platform had already established itself as an aspirational brand with obvious advantages vs. the comp.

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Wow, what kind of friends wait for something like that to call you. Sorry for you...

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The price drop is because of the idiot CFO or whoever it was who approved building so many Z10 phones without getting orders for them. That's why you'll see the big price drop on the Z and not the Q.

We are always happy to hear from the doom and gloomers. Give it a rest already.

Posted by the indomitable Zed Ten.

It's a great thing if that's happening. Point was: even if they are trying to clear up the inventory, it's doing more harm than good right now. No one (who is used to Android and iPhone and has never used a BlackBerry 10 - which is a majority of customers here) is ready to believe that a phone which drops from $900 to $300 in a year could actually be a good phone. People who've used my Z10 understand what a great deal it is, but they're far too few in numbers, anyway.
Also, to people suggesting "get new friends" - you don't, and shouldn't, blame people for either stating the truth or being funny about it. They're right in mocking the pricing and the drop (and not the device itself) anyway.
And for the records, that sell out means a 500 devices a day, which still makes it a few thousands, maybe. I bought my PlayBook 2 years back with a similar sale at half the price, and it isn't a happy picture as far as the PlayBook is concerned right now.
It is understandable that they have a hub stock piled up and this fire sale might help 'em clear up their inventory, but as far as brand image is concerned, BlackBerry (here in India) have slammed the hammer down on its own foot with this trench of a drop.

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Hi Ankit, I completely understand where your coming from... I am a die hard balkberry fan and i have been using a Z10 since the day it launched in India. Now all my friends can do is make fun of the way the price has dropped from 44K to 18K. But you know something i have no regrets :) Still Love you BB 10......

This is so ridiculous!
I bought 4 Z10s on amazon for €145 in December and it was retailing in the UK for £20 less than it is in India, they are a potentially significant market, and these devices are now quite old!
Sell them for dirt cheap while there is still some interest for people to buy them!

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Gettem' while they are available.

But I do agree that the q10 is way too expensive... it's as if they don't want to sell them...

Prefer the full screen anyway!

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It's not that they don't want to sell the Q10. It's that the former BlackBerry executives, who later John Chen fired, decided to build many Z10 devices than they could ever sell. So now they're sitting on many Z10s that they're selling at a loss. If it wasn't for the mistake made by building so many Z10 devices, you wouldn't be seeing this big price drop on the Z10. Their mistake is to your benefit because you're buying the phone at a huge discount.

Q10 is expensive for its own reason. I own one now for over 8 months and just love it. Perhaps they should have marketed it well by saying world's only handset made with cold steel, single chassis, sound cancellation and hand assembled. Pity they dropped the prices of Q10. Shittier android handsets with gimmicky features sell for higher price. Hope they are able to sell more Z10s with above, off to buy one for my wife this evening.

iPhone = toy.

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Manufacturing costs? I don't think that's the reason for the price difference.

My guess is that BlackBerry:
A) has found that people are willing to pay more for physical keyboard phones, than touchscreen phones.
B) don't want to dilute the premium from the premium physical touchscreen BlackBerry.
C) wants to get as many Z10s out the door as they can before the Z3 hits the shelves in two+ months.

But what about the Q5? Isn't it for sale in India?

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It just does not pay to buy a BlackBerry. The guys are selling a Z10 for 7k less than what I paid for the damn q5 three months back.

And the damned q5 is positioned below the Z10.

I feel so cheated. This is the last nail on the coffin.

BlackBerry never again.

Honda did sell 100 Hybrid Civics in India. They were CBUS. Completely built units. They just did not sell beyond the first ten. They had to sell the balance 90 cars at Rs.10 Lakhs discount.
You know what??? They returned the 10 lakhs to the initial 10 buyers who had not availed the discount.
You know why Honda is Honda, and why BlackBerry is failing. Cheats.

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Doesn't one pay what it is worth to them at the time. Sure we all want to feel we got the best deal possible but feeling robbed or rather saying one was cheated seems a bit much.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

BlackBerry needs to make money. These prices do not allow for much profit, if any. True, you can write down inventory. But it does not work long term. I like my z10 very much and I think it should sell competitively with phones of similar age. I paid a big price when it came out. I knew the risk. The question now is how to make the best of those that are not selling at a loss. Where to sell and how?

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I got my Q10 last month through one of carriers in the Philippines named Globe. It was a promo they say. Pay 999php or about US$23 per month with unlimited 4G LTE surfing and 101 regular load. Twas a steal! And now they're putting back the original price. Oh, if I buy the phone only, it would cost me 31k or US$700! Imagine! And I got mine for US$500 with unlimited surfing!

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I have a feeling that if BlackBerry had a lot of cool and cooler apps, this would attract people. I mean there are a lot of youngsters than business dudes. Cmon bb! U know I love u!

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My guess is that BlackBerry needs to prove that their iconic BlackBerry keyboard design is a niche to prove to the court that Typo has infringed it's design

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It's not just the keyboard. The stainless steel chassis, AMOLED screen, FM radio, Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, Bluetooth Class 1, and better battery life are some of the big differences the Q10 has over the Z10. The pricing is more than justified.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

But This is not fair. I paid Rs. 43,490/- for the Z10 around 11 months back and now its priced so low. Why is Blackberry not considering its loyal users? This was my third BB and now i feel bad such drastic fall in price that too within 11 months.

You used the phone for nearly a year and you are complaining?

See, there is a new iPhone coming out every 12 months, so a year is a looooong time in the mobile world.

My Q10 cost me $630 seven months ago, but I got massive use out of it. Now I can get it for $399. I am not complaining. Z10 is at $309, but sold out with that supplier.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

In uae the Z10 is more expensive than the z3!!

C001230B6 Exclusive wallpapers for your BB10 device.

The Z10 is a higher end model than the Z3 so it should be more expensive. Plus the Z3 isn't even out yet and won't be out until April, so I don't know what you are basing this off of or what the point of your comment is.

Everyone, my friends, who own a samsung or sony called me up to make fun of my Z-10!

This is seriously ridiculous!!

BlackBerry Thumbs DOWN for your bullshit strategy!!

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Being with Nexus 5, the one thing that i am looking forward in my Z10 (which i booked today) is to port my android apps with the goodness of BB OS, lets see...launching at 43K down to 18K, they could have sold more by positioning it in sub 30K from the beginning. as long as it does not become like symbian, i am ok, :)

That is why I suggest BlackBerry sell further discounted phones to BlackBerry loyalists with some promotional campaign to show appreciations to us. We love to have extra device for our families.

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It is not too much about money. It is about fairness and strategies. Do sth. for loyalists. Little things will make difference!

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Blackberry should calm down the loyalists. Anyone who bought same blackberry model earlier with price difference of 20% or higher gets 5%, or may be 10% further discount on a new device. I think that should work. Give them better deal, they deserve it and sell even more devices. Meanwhile, tell your friends to shut the fu*k up.

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Thinking of buying is it.never used BB. Currently using lumia520.should I buy z10 or help

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Go for the Z10 it's a much better phone only disappointing bit is the battery life which is around half a day on a single charge but otherwise phone is fab at 18k

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Anyone ever think that as technology devices age their price comes down.......also some retailers will do promos to get customers in their stores.
Don't really see what the big deal is with this.

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It only means there is new ztuff q-ing up to come down the pipeline!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

The price difference is not a question of cost here but a question of demand. In my opinion, q10 demand is stronger due to demand coming from professional. Moreover inventories have been impacted by depreciation done on Z10.

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Hmmm.... this was expected looking at the current BlackBerry sale in India.

I bought my Z @ 29k in October on first price drop. I knew it will drop further knowing the current state of BlackBerry in India.

Now, let me put my perspective about mobile devices like this...

I bought my 9810 @ 28k year and a half back. I Consider I sold it for 5k (actually given it to my daughter which saved my money for buying a new handset for her). Same avg when I bought 9810 and sold my 8520.

So, I consider my mobile device expenses @ avg 2k monthly. No matter what device I will buy or sell, this will be my budget for myself. Device prices and duration of use will vary. When I apply this calculations, it pains less when price drops for the device I bought. :) Maybe that it the reason I didn't bought it on its launch @ 44k. I Honestly thought it's not worth that money that time.

I'm enjoying my Z10 very much. It's a lovely device.

It will not be easy for BlackBerry to increase its sale even at this price. The reputation and brand positioning is what needs to be repaired in India. It's a beautiful brand.

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When buying a device, one generally buys it because they think it is worth it knowing full well in time it will be discounted.

For those that are pissy about the large price drop, it is normal in this circumstance so let's not make a mountain out of a mole hill. You could take this opportunity to buy a second phone as a gift for a family member/friend and help get BlackBerry devices in as many hands as you can.

For the "friends" who think it is cool to make fun; grow up, buy a BlackBerry and be productive.

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Well, well well here we go, its really bad to see such a big price cut down, it leaves all the FANS enthusiasist who bought the Z10 before this CHEATED, FOOLED. It really doesnt send the right signal, Next time blackberry launches a phone, I guess people will wait and buy it when the price is halved, I have already jumped down from the bb wagon not because I wanted to, but only because I was left with no other option. Living in a 2nd tier town in south India, its difficult to get any support for blackberry devices. We are not even able to see a device if we wish to buy, hope bb addresses these concerns hope to join the bb wagon in 3 years

Hell, yeah!

Being Indian, I demand Blackberry to reimburse the money I paid to buy my Q10. I demand Blackberry to give me the next flagship phone free of cost. Blackberry also must provide me with free, unlimited (which is what we Indians want always) mobile plan ( All voice calls free, free text messages, free mobile data connection, all applications in Blackberry world...etc etc...). Since my "friends" make fun of me, it is natural that Blackberry compensate me some way ( how about providing free coupons to movie shows, eateries, amusement parks..etc? ).

Last, but not least - Blackberry must give me ("free,unlimited" ofcourse) status symbol premium mobile ( iphone - nothing less) too so that I can show off in front of my "friends" any time they have the mood to make fun of me.

I am sure my demand does ultimate justice to millions of Indians who aspire to hold a premium smartphone in their hand.

Hopefully folks in crackberry will forward my honest demand to Mr. Chen.

I really hope you are not as ignorant as your post above, because it suggests you find it way too difficult to understand the simple statement that the "friends" are mocking the pricing and the drop, and that it is perfectly fine to do so because it is correct, and does hamper the brand image.
And I couldn't find any post with any reference to iPhone being the cooler phone. So, I am assuming it is you who think of phones as some kind of status symbol, just like you managed to assume others are asking for freebies when they are simply expressing how stupefying it is to justify such a massive price drop and yet manage to sell the phone (here).

Also, if you get offended (instead of having a good laugh about it) by friends making fun of something that deserves to be mocked (the price drop), you don't need to get new friends but some sense of humour instead.

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You are right , that hope expressed in your first statement is not in vain. I am not ignorant at all. Because of that I perfectly understand that why you wrongly interpret and got the exact opposite meaning out of my comment. So,'kindly' allow me to me make it simple for you.

1. I am all for democracy and freedom of opinion and all that. What I found strange is grown up people feel "embarrassed" and "shamed" by their friend's comments. Such practices and reactions are common among kids (so serious that peer pressure forces kids to do pretty nasty things - even to commit suicide). It is a phone, after all!. It is not some kind of physical deformity or disease that can't be cured.

2. If you don't find any posts about iphone about superior phone, it is because you did not find many such posts here in crackberry. It is that simple. Your assumption in that matter , about my assumption that iphone is 'cooler', is invalid too. Stupefying, eh? If you look close, the price of a lot of electronics items (TVs, Laptops and digital cameras - to name a few) are high when they are introduced, and gradually goes to lower figures over a periods of months. There is nothing new in that. For that reason I find statements such as "Blackberry cheated met" and "Die Blackberry" are pathetically funny. Yes, freedom of expression is applicable here as well :)

3. I regret to inform you that, your third 'if' also falls in the wrong category. Seeing my Q10, when I bought it, a co-worker asked me "Chinese phone?". Well, that is one of the best questions I ever heard about a newly launched phone. For weeks those words were the punch line among my friends in my Friday evening parties. Oh, I must admit I really enjoyed the sole carrier of a "Chinese White Blackberry" and hence the point of attraction :-)

Did you say something about "getting" sense of humor? Having forced to explain my previous post point-by-point ( with numbers, not less), I am sure that you have access to a vast source of that commodity. Good for you!.

Z10 is a good phone. I bought at 42 k. Now feel like an idiot with such a price drop in 1 year. Guess BlackBerry planning is just awesomely bad

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Why do 'you' have to feel like an idiot if you like the phone? Let BlackBerry do that job instead for failing to price it correctly in the first place. In fact, you should get another one instead, if you need one.

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BlackBerry Z10 sold out in India

BlackBerry's 10th anniversary bash is getting HOTTER n WILDER as company's new breathtaking offer on BlackBerry Z10 has strike the bullseye selling more than 500 devices per day throughout the country. So today we reached out to BlackBerry to get more details & their action upon shortage.

Read More -

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Why is a price drop in the electronic world such a shock and surprise? I bought a TV christmas of 2012 for $750 or so. 51" plasma. Within four months that had a sale where the same TV was half the price. It happens.

I bought the BlackBerry Playbook when it first came out, paid $800 for it (I bought extended warranty and a case at the same time) within a few months you could pick them up for more than half that price.

When the Z10 came out my carrier lagged behind on the launch, couldn't tell anyone when it was going to come out, so I went to anotehr carrier and bought the phone outright ($600) and then two weeks later my carrier finally announced the Z10 for like I think $200 on a three year contract.

It happens, get over it. Things are going to go down in price. I don't feel cheated. I know I chose not to wait to pick up my electronic devices and paid more for it.

When will that Z30 go down in price? Would really like to take advantage of TMo's $200 credit deal for turning in an old BlackBerry device for a Z30, but I believe the deal will be over before/if TMo decides to bring the Z30 to the network. I already have both the Z10&Q10, and will be turning in a Curve9360. Oh well, another Z10 it is....or do Yall think I should get another Q10? Anyway, glad all my Indian friends can get both devices at a cheaper price.... guess this cancels out the preconceived notion that "someone" ordered to many Z10's and "not enough" Q10's...?

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Latest by my own experience; Z10 is out of stock in most upmarket retailers in Mumbai city. I had accompanied my friend who wanted to switch from legacy device and Z10 was his obvious choice having experienced my phone but we had to scan the entire city to find one. It seems the discounted offer had skyrocketed the demand for Z10 device. Finally we managed to grab a cute pure white piece. All is well that ends well.

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If they make more phones how so ever good it is its not gonna make people but it.

People in India consider BlackBerry as a dead device the ones who use it these days are the loyal ones.

So price reduction won't have much influence!!

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Yeah James it bugs me too! I am an avid BB fan and wanting to buy Q10 as I somehow did not like Q5. I want a Q10 white device but price is still a tad too high for me

I don't think BlackBerry will drop Q10 much more. They had huge inventory of Z10 particularly STL100-1 model but never read about the Q10.

Still hope for the best.

I live in Pune and it's not easy to find a Z30 here. I think BlackBerry India has gone to too cautious on Z30 stocking. I really want to have a live demo of it but not finding it. :)

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