UK retailer Carphone Warehouse cut the price of the BlackBerry Z10 once again - by a lot!

By James Richardson on 12 Nov 2013 04:54 am EST

It's been a few months since we last saw a big price drop with the BlackBerry Z10 in the UK, but Carphone Warehouse are at it again. Right now, the UK retailer has the first BlackBerry 10 handset from just £149.95 on Pay-As-You-Go when you upgrade, or £159.95 for new customers. If you need it SIM free then you are only looking at £179.95. And the contract prices are cheap too - starting at just £14.00 per month with no up-front cost for the BlackBerry. 

These new prices are a big step down from when we last looked - then the Z10 was £259.95. Why the Z10 has dropped so much is anyones guess. I realize that it has now been around since Q1 this year but at this new price I can't see much (if any) profit being made. Carphone Warehouse still have the BlackBerry Q10 at £499.99 SIM free which seems a bit of a joke when you put the two side by side now. 

On the run up to Christmas this could possibly be one of the biggest bargains for the UK smartphone market. I wonder if that is what is behind the new pricing?

Feel free to air your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for the heads up Steve

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UK retailer Carphone Warehouse cut the price of the BlackBerry Z10 once again - by a lot!


Yep cool if you wanted to buy one - but I can't see people rushing to get one..

By the way James stop wandering what's behind forgot the 1bilion$ write down?!?

Dang.. it is less than a third when it was released now???
Man, when the OS situation seems to get better.. myz10 is now practically worthless LoL..
It is understandable because the z10 specs is not that impressive..
Blackberry needs a super phone to get back in the game.. something like htc one or sony xperia Z..

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According to an article I read a couple of weeks ago BlackBerry is still the number 1 chosen phone over all others. It leads as No.1 in the UK

There are still a lot of old BBs out there but I've yet to see anyone with a new handset - most people don't even know they have new handsets!

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Good news, maybe this will attract some more people to the BB10 plattform. Prices are going downhill here in germany too, at least for off-contract phones

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Jingle bells. Jingle bells. Jingle all the way. UK BlackBerry users should tell their friends so OS10 can be spread to non-users! Can't wait for Thursday here in the US. Finally roll out of Z30 by Verizon.

SQN 100-4 v10.2.0.1761

Why is Q5 more expensive than a Z10????

(Q5 should be free with contract...)

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That and easier loading apks in 10.2.1 should help a bit. Better to get them in people's hands than collecting dust on the shelf!

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Gutted I was hoping to get £200 on eBay for my Z10 with a long list accessories to put towards a SIM free Z30, looks like I'm gonna end up having to sign up for a 2 year contract...............

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That's crazy.. how people will see this? Chinese phones are more expensive.. this will just bring questions

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People already see BlackBerry as cheap. That was what built up most of the 80 million they used to have. The z10 should have been cheaper from the start

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Z10 is by now very ole phone in- terms of mobile life cycle.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I was hoping to buy into BB10 and this might be my best opportunity to do so on my meagre budget, but I was actually hoping to get the z30... still, £160 payg is cheap as hell...

Q10 won't go down. The Q10 is to the Z30. As the Q5 is to the Z10. That's the way it is right nw. If they had made a cheaper version of the z10 like the Q5. The Z10 wouldn't have have dropped.

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The Q10 is not a keyboard equivalent of the Z30 in any way. It in merely being priced as such. The Q10 has the internals of the Z10 with a better battery and an AMOLED screen.

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Sry to early..

I would definitely buy one from amazon US, it's 440 usd! (they don't delivery here)
Here in my country still 730 usd.

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Since BBRY has taken the hit already can they just pass on the discount to everyone and grow the ecosystem? There is a Z30 now plus devs would love more of these in people's hands.

thjis is simply going the way of the playbook.. price cut.. then cut again, then cut again.. then cut again.. then obsolete

This happens with all phones though. New ones come out (e.g.: S4 replaces S3, S3 price drops; or Z30 replaces Z10, Z10 proce drops etc...) and replace old models. Old models eventually become obsolete.

i disagree with this. what your saying is actually true. but i disagree in the sense that the z10 is being overtaken by the newer z30 etc and so the z10 gets cheaper and so on...

i think the the price drop on the z10 is for entirely different reasons. That reason is its lack of success... as was the playbook.. it wasnt popular at all. the z10 came out in feb of this year and is already almost as cheap as the playbook was at its cheapest time... the s3 is still a very very popular model and is nowhere near obsolete.. it is much older than the z10 yet more succesful. and this is also the same for the iphone 4 and 4s. it still a very popular iphone model here in the uk, with retailers offering competitive contract prices for people who cant quite afford the iphone 5 and above prices.

im paying premium price for my z10.. yes i knew i was gettig into this... but its not just the publics lack of interest in bb10... im personally being let down by bb10 a little as well.. and can see why things have gone the way they have.

It's competition against nokia lumia 520 that's for sure here and i paid 590 euro :( mmm think twice before buying the Z30

I really must question the absurd stupidity of this statement:

"Why the Z10 has dropped so much is anyones guess."

I mean have you been living with your head in the sand the last six months? We are talking about the Z10 that was written down to 0 by Blackberry.

The answer to the question, which is clear to all but the author, is NO ONE IS BUYING the Z10...

Not sure what you mean, but I can't see how any can claim to not understand why the Z10 price is falling through the floor.

I know Crackberry is a fan site, but members here can not be that oblivious to what has been happening?

Maybe it's a glitch in the forum or something, but it appears to me like you've replied to whatsever's comment: "It's competition against nokia lumia 520 that's for sure here and i paid 590 euro :( mmm think twice before buying the Z30"

I agree with your point though, prices drop due to competition and Blackberry has a lot of that right now.

I understand the price drop but feel sorry for myself that i paid so much and maybe my statement to buy Z30 as soon after the first price drop under 500 euro :)

It's 590 at the moment in Holland . love BB10 . sorry for my harsh words.

The Z10 has gotten a really bad rap since its launch despite the FACT the phone is a great device, and much better than any iPhone to date. It even outclasses the new Galaxy due to how much more effective and efficient BB10 is compared to Android.
People only need to use the device to truly appreciate how well BB10 runs on the Z10.
Price the Z10 to sell. Move them into consumer's hands as fast as possible. Then Prepare for the Christmas Season. So far from my own checks, the Z30 is selling steady. So this phone may be the magic that BBRY needs for the Christmas Season.

Taking the loss to get them out the door since they already wrote them all of? Then they can move forward with the next step in restructuring.

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Correct, so selling the z10 at ANY price is positive now as company has valued the phone at $0. Getting $50 per handset would be great.

Let's just hope that CPW can flog a few off.

Bought two of Amazon, same sim free price on there. Easy Xmas presents sorted for the parents!

Good pricing, should out compete Nokia here in the UK at this sort of level. Cheapest 4G phone? Must represent best value on the market. Well done BBRY.

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There is nothing to wonder about. People literally don't know this phone exists!!!

This weekend alone 2 friends who I hadn't seen in a while looked totally amazed at the sight of my Z10 and PlayBook. I would consider these guys as slightly more informed than the average consumer yet here they were admitting they hadn't seen either product before nor did they know of their existence.

While loyal BlackBerry fans try to challenge the media narrative of BlackBerry dying, the general public have already written off the company as dead. So no surprise that some retailers are trying to offload their stock of bb10 phones for a third of the original price; for a phone that isn't even a year old.

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It does feel like the Playbook all over again doesn't it? Which is worrying to me as I don't really want a Z10- even at this price -if it is going to end up a relic that can't receive updates in the future...

I think it is Blackberry that is off loading. Trust me, Car Phone Wharehouse DOESN'T hold Blackberry stock other than a minimum needed for basic shelf space and logistic/shipping pipeline. They are much too smart for that. The Q10, they will have stock as that is another matter. (I expect Q5 and Q10 to drop in price too, but no so much)

This means that price cut is coming from BBRY. Which is good news as it means they are awake and have smelt the coffee up in Waterloo.

Once upon a time the Z10 was the BlackBerry flagship and now it is in the bargain bucket. I worry for sales for the Z30 because folks may just wait/expect it to also go the way of the Z10.

Not to state the obvious but BlackBerry needs to well and truly do something to prevent further brand degradation.

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From the a brand perspective the brand is dead to consumers as this disaster has been so public.

Ask anyone other than a Blackberry die hard about Blackberry and they will tell you "Oh, aren't they going out of business?" - This is a point of no return for a brand, Thank you Thorsten Heins et al.

The last hope now is "Blackberry by XXXXX" be that google or msft etc.

It's just not a viable stand alone brand any more.

+1 everyone I speak to thinks Blackberry are finished so why would they buy into a new handset when they think the apps they want will never come to Blackberry now.

Posted via CB10 will make the Z10 fresh again. I think its a good strategy. Sell the Z10s cheap, increase BB10 adoption and deployment.

Z30, Q10, iP5

At those price points, even at no doubt a loss, I would be tempted to get a Z10 even though I'm primarily an Android User now. I also don't see why Blackberry can't sell these unlocked directly from BB themselves world-wide. Yes BB wrote off some $900 million in stock but could they not recover some of this money? I'm on Mobilicity and at the initial price of $599 there is no way in hell I'd buy a Z10 at that price but at 180 Pounds Sterling (or roughly $300 Canadian) I'd be tempted, even though another $50 gets me a 16GB Nexus 5 or another $100 more gets me a 32GB Nexus 5. I do want to test out BB 10.2 myself and at this price point its very tempting for me personally. Never though I'd say that myself.

Last year was a significant price drop with the PlayBook (64GB for £130) looks like this year it's the Z10. I was initially a little pissed as I was hoping to sell my Z10 for around £200 against the cost of SIM only Z30, although upon reflection this is probably the way to to get more people to make change to BB10. The Z10 is of a higher spec than the iPhone 5 a little push in the way of advertising this wouldn't go a miss...........

Posted with my Z10 via CB

I am surprised that the sales of Z10 is not so encouraging every where else in the world but here in Nigeria it's still the top selling BlackBerry phone and arguably the second if not best selling phone now. Check to confirm sales of their products. The phone still price between $350-400us here but the Q5 is about the same price or more expensive in some stores.

Posted via CB10 on my white Q5!

A shame the z10 is such a great phone think it under values it. A better advertising campaign would of been better from the start in my opinion. Instead the slash the price. I paid top price for mine with no regrets.

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I can't help thinking if the Z10 was cheaper from the off more users would have bought into BB. Even giving them away would've been preferable - $1bn worth of phones out in the wild rather in a warehouse.

I don't believe it had anything to do with the price - lack of advertising (most people I speak to don't even know Blackberry have a non-keyboard phone!) and lack of apps.

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Just ordered mine..sim free. On contract until March with 9900 but at this price just couldn't say no. Hope I like it, the Bold has been brilliant.

I did the same thing, upgrade from Bold 9900 to Z10 in white. I loved it. Got a Q10 later to test it out. I won't go back to the Z10 just because I payed so much for the Q10. I still only have positive thoughts about the Z10 though.

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$149 pounds is still a lot of money to pay for a Z10, that's about $300 CAD. You can get Z10's from various carriers in Canada from $0, so you see they need to come down even more!

you do realize that for £149 or £159 (plus the £10 you have to pay for credit) is pay as you go....which means its SIM contract....that is mega cheap. Plus you didn't do the extra math...(taxes etc)

I could buy four of those right now.

They are also SIM free at this price on Amazon's UK site (£180), where the black Q10 is £340 SIM-free too. Z30 is still £450 though.

Maybe carphone warehouse is trying to empty it's shelves. If you look at phones4u website (another big mobile retailer here in the uk) they don't offer any blackberry devices anymore!

Maybe this is a sign of things to come....

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P4u don't sell BlackBerry anymore as p4u failed to deliver on their sales targets so BlackBerry wouldn't give them the discounts. Carphone Warehouse now get nearly all the UK allocation on BlackBerry handsets, with all the discount, hence the amazing prices. Remember p4u consultants still get paid commission for sales so will push what's best for them. Carphone Warehouse don't pay commission so it's what's best for the customer that counts.

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They should have done this a while ago. It's a great idea the most important thing right now is for BlackBerry to get BB10 phones into people's hands. The company is highly toxic right now, and BlackBerry need to pay for that. People are not going to buy the Z30 at its current price in great numbers. Practically giving away the Z10 is the best way to slowly combat the negative image that isn't founded in reality. If the low price can get people to take a chance on BlackBerry, the phones will win them over, and word of mouth can help from there. It's a start. I still own a Z10 and still love it.

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Definitely the bargain of the year, but annoying when you bought into BB10 at launch and paid £475 up front for handset. I looked at a phone recycle site the other day and they offered £125 for Z10, but £285 for iPhone 4s. The markets are dictating the price.

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I feel like this phone can't even be given away. Smh. I have to say that I'm not surprised. I've had my Z10 since July from AT&T in the US and my frustrations greatly out weigh my pleasures from this phone. Facebook has never worked properly (doesnt work at all now, the only app I care for on bb10), carriers don't care to push updates out in a timely fashion, and app developers don't want anything to do with bb10. I regret getting on bb10.

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I love my Z10. It's still my phone of choice from the whole market. Why hasn't it become more popular? I think it is down to very poor marketing. The television commercials make me cringe. 180 quid for an unlocked Z10 is going to make a great Christmas present and a lot of surprised people very happy.

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I think the issue here is that people have very negative perceptions of BlackBerry. This is why retailers are off loading stock at deep discounts. It's a real shame the people are so fickle as BlackBerry is a great platform and the devices are well constructed and specified. not everybody wants a phone with a billion pixel camera or bonkers beats music. We want a phone that work and we can depend on. For me that is blackberry. Others will disagree but that's the great thing of a free world we can all have our opinion. So let's stop downing BlackBerry and just let's all get along! Let's play nice for Christmas!

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At ATT in USA, Z10 is 99 cents and Q10 is still $199 on 2 year contract.. and no plans of releasing Z30.

Z30 at Verizon only - and Verizon sales reps hate BlackBerry.

This should work out to be shit.

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I think that people give the wrong reasons for not liking BlackBerry or anything else, for that matter. Just now I was reading a Z10 review and one of the negative aspects of the phone was "lack of apps". Lack of apps!!!!! Is it me or does this not have anything to do with the phone's quality??? Would a Z10 work better, look better, have more quality as a device if there were more apps available? People's perception of things is so distorted as a result of media and advertising manipulation that even the way they hold a mobile phone is determined by it. (ever seen how a movie star holds an iPhone (what else?) whilst walking on the streets pretending to ignore the papparazzi?)

Definitely going to cajole my Mother into getting one now. She can get £100 cash back via Quidco too on upgrade...

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How is Frank Boulben still in a job?

Who was CMO in charge of the BlackBerry 10 campaign? FRANK BOULBEN!!!!!

It's time he
resigned for the good of BlackBerry . Time to outsource the marketing contract. I'm sure Mr Chen is already thinking this.

Let the Marketing companies bid for the contract. Each do a presentation of their marketing campaigns to revive the brand.

Then chose the best not the cheapest, throw in an added incentive regarding numbers.

The chosen team has 12 months to increase circulation by 50,000

If they can add 50,000 increase in BB10 smartphones they will be BlackBerry's campaign team for a further three years.

But the following year has to be 100,000.
Year 3 - 200,000
Year 4 - 400,000

Any drop in numbers the contract is open for bidding again. This is to ensure no slacking.

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A good price they should push it as BlackBerry. Messenger. Phone and hub coming from.a curve is great buy

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Ordered one right away from with shipment to Germany ;) sim free for 180 GBP for my son!

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I just bought it from Amazon. Z10 black sim free for GBP 179.95. Brilliant bargain :) Finally a BB10 phone in hands! like to see some 'flipboard'ing with 10.2 ;)

That's £50 cheaper for their Sim fee Z10 than their Sim free Q5.

I was tempted to buy my mum a Q5 Sim free, coz she likes buttons...but this could be interesting.

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While this will hurt for those who paid a lot for their Z10 just a few months ago this absolutely needed to happen.

BlackBerry have needed a low cost BB10 phone in the UK all year long as that is there core market here, cheap phones for the young and the cash strapped.

It's clear BlackBerry can't currently produce a BB10 phone at this price point that makes a profit (or indeed any phone at any price point that makes a profit but that's another story) so it's a good compromise to have the Z10 so heavily discounted by retail now that the Z10 inventory has been written down entirely.

This should get more BB10 handsets out there this Christmas in the UK as people look to upgrade from cheap and cheerful Curve 9320s. The Z10 is one hell of a phone for the money!

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I really wanted a Z10 (even before the price drop), but the unlocked price was too high for me so I ended up with a more affordable Nexus 4. I'm sad now. :(

"Why the Z10 has dropped so much is anyones guess."

They have not sold a single about it as a guess?

Lately the Z10 was available at amazon UK for 179 which was an attractive price. Today I realized that they increased the price and the black Z10 is out of stock. Furthermore, it is on amazon bestseller rank 157 in electronics.. I think it was never that high. I hope that has cleared the stock of Z10.. and more and more people will get to know it.