'BB10 on the Z10 is making me a BlackBerry fan again'

By Adam Zeis on 29 Mar 2013 02:37 pm EDT

Matt Miller is becoming a BlackBerry fan again thanks to BlackBerry 10 on the Z10.  Matt has a long history with Mobile Nations as the former EIC of our Nokia Experts site (now covered by WP Central) and very well respected when it comes to the mobile space.

At any given time he has plenty of devices in his arsenal and often switches between them daily. He uses everything from the Nokia N9 to the Galaxy Note II to the BlackBerry Z10. He was a former Bold 9930 user and loved his PlayBook so much that he bought another immediately after he regrettably sold his first (a bit of sellers remorse you could say). 

After using the BlackBerry Z10 for a few weeks, Matt has become a big fan of the BlackBerry 10 UI - notably the Hub and peek function. Like all good reviewers, he knows that it takes time to put a device through the paces (you can't crank out an accurate review only using the device for a few days) so he's decided to use his T-Mobile Z10 exclusive for at least a month to "give it a serious test". 

We're confident that Matt will continue to love the Z10 the more he uses it. Heck - Kevin, Bla1ze and I all dropped our multiple devices in favor of the Z10 - and being geeks that says a lot. 

So take a few minutes and check out Matt's full post over at ZDNet. It's definitely worth a read and we can't wait to see if when the Z10 wins him over for good. Afterwards we'd love to have him back for another CrackBerry podcast to hear his thoughts. 

You can find Matt Miller on Twitter at @palmsolo

BB10 on the Z10 is making me a BlackBerry fan again

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'BB10 on the Z10 is making me a BlackBerry fan again'


Count me in as a born again fan. But blackberry need to really market it, get developer support and have its own ecosystem or a better one. I'll buy the q10 too, just let me know when it's released. BB should really put out a BBM app for to the IOS/Android heck even Windows just to extend its reach. I know most of you would say there's sms, whatsapp, viber and etc but there's nothing like BBM. They should just throw everything at promoting not only its devices, the brand but the platform even if that means releasing a BBM app to those other platforms.

I think that BBM is one of the reasons people are moving back to BlackBerry, so if this app would be available on other platforms, people would just feel comfy there using BBM,

BlackBerry Z10

I have enjoyed this guys articles in the past - he's thoughtful and realistic.
Pretty sure he's going to 'join the family '!


Even with a new contract? Then make yourself back a bit of the money by selling your Curve on Craigslist, or on eBay, kijiji, etc, if you prefer.

This is how you CB10, son!

Get in from TMobile...US$28 monthly or whenever payment plan...u just pay 150 i guess to get it :)..NO CONTRACT..

I've always had a blackberry as far as "smart Phones" go, and this being the first full on touch screen I've had, I'm very impressed. I could give a rats ass when it comes to something like Netflix. All the apps that matter to me are either available, in planning mode or soon to be released. I enjoy toys as much as anyone, but for me to pay this kind of money for a toy, it should do a whole lot more than entertain well, and it does just that. Typing is an absolute breeze as well. Smart phones typically don't save you time. They allow you to acomplish more, and BlackBerry has figured out a way to do both.

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Finally, a reviewer with some sense. It takes time to figure out of if you like a new product. I got so mad at a the tech reviews that came out just after the Canadian launch. After using the Z10 for a few months, it was clear they had no idea what they were talking about. Completely false information was spread around the Web.

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This phone don't take a few days to get to know, you need a thumb to operate it, one thumb, that's it people. You can look at all of your messages from any source with one thumb. You can open up to ten multitasking screens with your thumb. If you have one thumb, you are all set here, most people do.

While I agree that it doesn't take long for learn how to use the phone, it does take some time to appreciate it. The more I use for Z10 the better the phone gets. Using the device for a good month will allow him to fully understand the keyboard and some of the other nuances of the OS.

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My friend has loaned me his extra Z10 while he's back to using his bold 9900. I've had it now for about 24 hrs and I'm really loving BB10. Big time.

I am a physical keypad person as well but I'm slowly but used to it. Still miss the feel of the keyboard but we'll have to see what happens after a couple of weeks.

You can't make a judgment on the device in a couple of minutes trying it out. You really need to use it and see.

So far so good.

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7 years and running, never strayed away, started with a curve and then a bold, both torches and no Z10.


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What will Mobile Nation's do after all their bloggers switch to BlackBerry 10? Will they all write for CrackBerry?

Finally, a reviewer with wisdom. I can never understand why tech sites are so eager to get reviews out so fast. These so called tech nerds don't even have the sense to give a new product a few weeks before they cast judgment. After using the Z10 for a few months, it was clear they misinformed the web by not taking the time to figure out the simplest of things. Extremely unfair to both the public and the makers.

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I too decided two weeks ago to use my Z10 exclusive and put away my iPhone 5 for a month. I am pleased i did! Now I'm getting used the keyboard etc i cant see me turning that other thing back on, may just pop that on ebay!

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I've always been with Team BlackBerry. Went from the pearl flip, to the blackberry curve, and now I have the Z10. I hope BlackBerry catches up with IPHONE. With the BlackBerry Z10 I just know they will .

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Thats very encouraging to hear. I hope in a months time he is still as happy with it as he is right now.

Good for you guys, dropping all that other stuff. I can say nothing bad about my Z, but I can see some folks still needing certain apps. I would like a great sound recorder and a garage band type app.

I think they already have, what I should have said is I have always had a bb for work etc and only went to two phones when the iphone came out, having in the past thought only the Pearl and Pearl flip were the only true bb phones this Z10 is the only one that has made me think of using just one again. Thinking back I have had the 7230, 7130, 8120, 8110, 8230, 8830, 8320, 8310, 9520 (worst ever) 8900, 9800. 9700, 9900. I love this phone and I think with proper marketing this and the Q10 (which I have tried) will prove to be successful turn around for bb. I hope in the road map there would be a flip again, the Pearl flip was the best ever prior to the Z10.

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I've always been a BlackBerry fan and always will be. Even thru the lean years family and friends tried to get me to switch to an iPhone but I resisted. To me it was like giving up on a relationship when times are tough instead of trying to work things out, especially if you believe in what you are fighting for... I believed in BlackBerry.

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Forgot to mention... I'm a proud owner of the Z10 which I got on February 5 and loving it! :o)

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I did read few of Matthew Miller article in past weeks, and so far it's articles and comments are on the fair side, which I do appreciate.. .not like some others which credibility is just not there.

I agree, you can't really comment a device without really using it. Especially with the OS 10, using it make you love it more and more.
I will guess that in a month he will come back with positive feedback, and maybe bringing few constructive improvement the he forese, as we all have.

My question is;
How will be its return on other devices?
..I suspect probably not so good.

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Me not... however I'm still addicted to BB. BB10 is fresh but it is another BB OS that does lack most popular native apps (viber, skype, instagram, kindle, vyke and so on). Moreover, there's no data compression, which I miss most. For about two weeks I used up about 500Mb data without watching any footage online. I do not know what made it (Z10 always asks for Wi-Fi when updating). And battery, battery, battery - what's this?! The battery problem concerning Z10 is probably worse than the one with 9900. Sometimes I'd like to have my Z10 with my OS7. BIS wasn't bad, I really loved it :) In general, I do recommend Z10. It's a good mobile!

Can't wait for more detailed reviews from this guy, and for BBRY to take on his suggestions for near/future enhancements.

Sure helps to put perspective on those thread starters who claim that they returned their Z10 after 5 days.

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Since I've learned the importance of BBM in BlackBerry, I've been a diehard fan of BlackBerry.


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"you can't crank out an accurate review only using the device for a few days"....... not according to the folks over at CNET along with many others who haven't even touched one!......Excellent!

Huge huge fan, although a basic function like MMS does not work on UK vodafone. Lots of people having same no one helping, shame cus if it's network and not phone its ruining name of blackberry

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Has anyone in the UK on Vodafone tried sending themselves an mms first? Have they called provider tech support and asked for mms originating and terminating to be turned off then back on and retried sending themselves an mms to test?!

Try that to see if provider network is the full root cause, vs improper tech support troubleshooting.


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Received my Z10 Thursday and I'm so loving it! Have been a BlackBerry fan for years and was waiting on this for a year! So glad I waited and didn't jump ship! Just an Awesome experience! Thanks BlackBerry for this great phone!

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the z10 UI is amazing and the keyboard is astounding but i need more than that to turn me over from a 9900..

The Z10 is simply amazing. The up and down swipe feature; the active frames; the amazingly accurate virtual keypad; and of course in a blackberry, makes the Z10 a very modern device unlike others that seem to have lost their charm. Need to work a bit harder on the app front.

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Is anyone a big fan of the smileys? They are awesome and blackberry gets mad props for throwing them on the device.

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I'm platform agnostic (as I am in real life) but I prefer and enjoy blackberry more than ANYTHING ELSE!!! :D

If BB10 is Storm 95xx some time ago, we definitely see a different picture today :-)

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