The BlackBerry Z10 sale in India pays off with all stock sold!

By James Richardson on 3 Mar 2014 05:18 am EST

We posted just a few days ago that BlackBerry in India had reduced the price of the Z10 and Q10 to celebrate them trading for ten years in the country. It seems that it was a rather good move as the Z10 sold out completely!

BBIN have reported that sales of the Z10 were three times greater than expected, with some stores selling over 300 devices, now meaning that walk in customers are having to place pre-orders until the stock is replenished. 

It sure looks like BlackBerry made the right decision in India. Whether we see more regions follow suit with a price drop remains unknown, but from where I'm sitting it makes sense for BlackBerry to shift Z10 stock prior to the Z3 launching. Either way - great news. 

Source: BBIN

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The BlackBerry Z10 sale in India pays off with all stock sold!


Yup it is!!! Glad they lowered the prices for those phones to make them that much more appealing and affordable in India.

They were priced to high when they were released therefore making them unattractive to most.

Z10's and Q10's are great looking phones and with a more mature BB 10 through updates from their release last year they re even more awesome to use!!!

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Agree 100%.
Great devices, but both were just priced too high. The public just wasn't ready to pay the same price for those 2 devices as they would pay for the other flagship phones for other companies.

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And the platform wasn't quite ready for that "public" out there. Now that it has matured to the best platform out there, plus a price drop, this was to be expected.

Won't be long and all those written of Z10s are gone. in Australia has been sold out since Christmas $309 AUD.

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Agreed, it's great to see BlackBerry not just sitting on that excess inventory and doing things like this to help drive BlackBerry 10 adoption in regions where BlackBerry still has some brand power.

That would be a clever move indeed. But I think 10.2.1 is available in india officially anyways.

The demo units in the shops should be 10.2.1 to show off what BB10 can really do.

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I'd like to see Blackberry keep up the momentum, even if that means dropping prices on the other models whilst pre-orders are mounting for the Z10.

Profit < Marketshare

Do we have a number as to how many were actually sold in total?
1,000? 5,000? 5,001?

That's great...BlackBerry has just to make the marketing & price correct. Everything else it great!! (Q10 owner)

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Probably not a lot or if any. Better they sell those z10s making little to almost no profit than them still being in stock not being bought at all. At least now their phones are getting in the hands of the masses :)

Those phones when released were priced to high in India and that's why they weren't being bought.

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That's it, they have the inventory already written off so the losses are yesterdays news, and they desperately need to show BlackBerry 10 sales starting to at least overtake legacy BBOS sales to convince people that the new Platform is finally catching on.

People wanted BB10 to be a smash hit, but just ask Microsoft how long it takes for a new Mobile Platform to catch on even with billions spent on marketing and securing and acquiring Nokia.

It would have been more great if BlackBerry had introduced this prices right at the beginning. No doubt BlackBerry 10 is awesome. But BlackBerry still needs to get price right and tight for Upcoming devices to keep up the sales with Android and iOS devices.

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BlackBerry 10 is still a couple years away from Matching iOS sales if they ever manage to pull it off at all. Unless Samsung pulls out of Android in favor of Tizen BlackBerry will never catch up with the likes of them, but may be able to match smaller Android players like LG, HTC, Lenovo/Motorola, and Sony for sales.

Could this be too little too late? Or could this turn out to be a great strategy to get back some market share? Let's hope it is the latter.

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I'm not sure it's either.

BlackBerry 10 still has to develop a competitive suite of CONSUMER services to win back market share in the developed world. They really need to turn BBM into a winner. Plus, BlackBerry needs to bring back OTA to BlackBerry Protect for BB10 and they need to find some way to reintroduce email to consumers. It would also be a good thing if BlackBerry had a consumer cloud offering. It's the services that make Platforms sticky to consumers.

People stick with Android for Google services, people stick with iOS for Apple services. BlackBerry has much better consumer services on Legacy BBOS then on BlackBerry 10.

They don't have to bring back full fledged BIS with the data compression, but the rest of it should be reintroduced.

They should also consider some form of BES light as a paid offering maybe a $50 annual fee or something that offers encrypted email and web browsing.

Team up with hushmail, another great Canadian service, and you could have it by tomorrow.

I pay about $50 per year for encrypted IMAP on 10GB that just works, unlimited aliases, etc.

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Lavabit is gone (or still fighting! In the courts), so someone has to jump in. Go BlackBerry!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I think is a bold move from BlackBerry and JC, since they 've already been written off, that means is all profit, and not just that, is the strategy to put BB10 devices in as many hands as possible to create awareness.

The word of mouth publicity is the best advertisement ever.

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Kevin and others tell black berry to sell z10 under $250 so they can be sold all over the globe. Its better to sell cheap then book write off loses.

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Exactly - with 10.2.1.xxxx out the Z10 is much more interesting to me personally at say a $200-$250 price point considering BB already wrote off the inventory. Better than sitting somewhere in a warehouse. I can find used Z10s sometimes in Toronto for $250. What I want is brand new at this price point.

The Z10 is selling for R3000 here in South Africa. Thats about $300 and it's a bargain for the phone

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BlackBerry should envisage in other countries with stocks a special promotion with special price to STUDENTS. Good way to seed BB10 and harm IOS

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I couldn't agree more, build brand loyalty with students and benefit for years to come

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Z3 will be a huge winner here in indonesia.. and sounds like India as well.. hopefully foxcon can make a quality devixe not like the low end adroid garbage flooding the markets.

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And he's talking about the note 3?
Just a question,

Sometimes people talk (write) just because they can,

And nothing people in these countries mentioned could or wanted to afford, I guess

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This comes on the heels of a good news article about BlackBerry in the New York Post discussing how "innovative " the company has become.

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Yes, but they're getting BB10 into people's hands so that must be worth something!

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The Z10 inventory has already been written off by BB. Here, they're at least selling units that would have sat in a warehouse somewhere.

Just a question if someone can answer it please:

The Z10s written off last year by BlackBerry.... can they be brought back into the market and sold now? or since they were written off that's no longer an option?

Thanks in advance

They just wrote down the value of the phones they had manufactured and held in stock, aka what they could earn from those phones.

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They should bring down the price of Q5 as well to below Z10 or atleast equal. It will help migrate the Curve users to BB10. Another thing that they need to do is publicise is the fact that BB10 works with a normal internet plan. Indians are very sensitive to cost of ownership. We get 2G data at $2 and 3G data at $7.5 for 2GB. Whereas the BIS packs start at $6.5 for 2G (unlimited) and $10 for 3G (1GB). So BB10 devices are actually cheaper to own.

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No. It will not feature BlackBerry Natural Sound or the BackBerry Paratek Antenna.

These types of features are BlackBerry owned features that will be reserves for up market devices geared for the business class market and high end consumer market

I tested BBM Voice between my wife's new Moto G and my Q10, and the sound we got between the two phones was "pretty natural", almost unreal. (She wants dual SIM and wanted to get off Samsung)

So I guess the Z3's BBM Voice experience will be more than good enough.

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Agreed. People in Emerging Markets are salivating for the opportunity to buy sub $200 BlackBerry 10 based devices. And at 5" LCD Screened BB10 phones? That IMO is a huge win. This Z3 blows the Nokia WP8 out of the water by far.

Y'day went with sis to buy her a Z10 & searched whole of New delhi with around 50-60 retailers for Black Z10 but none of them had one. Few of them were carrying white, but not a single black Z10 was available.
Some were courteous enough to take our contact details for the availability but most of them had no idea as when the stock would be avbl. But i was convinced that stock would hit back in a week's time from some of the authorized retailers.

I need a white z10 but it's not available with any retailer in Gurgaon. Could you please help me with new Delhi retailers who still have white ones?

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You can call either of these, one of them confirmed me to come n pick it up right away.
3.Toughees Telecom
Safdarjung Enclave,

4.Dolphin Enterprises
Safdarjung Enclave,

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Got my z10 on a £13 a month contract for 2 years so by the time it's finished I'd of paid £312

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Z10 selling more than 500 devices per day throughout the country per Store? WOW, awesome BlackBerry. Keep the sales coming.

They should have been selling Z10 for a much lower price since its release, they would not end up in loss from hw sales.

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Maybe they could ship over all the Z10s that weren't sold in the U.S.!

It would be a pain to take off all that carrier branding though...

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Is it possible to buy a non-branded phone? I'd love to be able to see my Z10 completely devoid of carrier branding. It's such a sleek and elegant device. Branding on a Z10 is like garish tattoos on a beautiful woman.

I agree! I removed the Verizon branding on my 9930 using a product in the States called Goof-Off but I have tried removing it from my Q10 and I couldn't get it removed!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

It is still available in online stores.The thing with BB India is that though BB10 products have got still got some traction here in India for whatever reason they are poorly marketed there are virtually no Print,TV ad's where as APPLE and Samsung ad's are all over the place.The front end-staff(the dealers who still do keep BB) are ill informed about the product's and its availability.Recently upon enquiring for Q10 white colour device the sales staff of a particular retail store told me that though there are sufficient orders for Q10 & Q5 there is no supply from the head office .The problem could be lack of marketing by BB India ...that I think is pretty much evident

Welcome to Everywhere Else in the World! There is no BB marketing at all here in the States. I can't remember the last time I saw a BlackBerry commercial. There's no vendor marketing support whatsoever, and it seems BlackBerry themselves have no marketing department working to put the brand in front of customers.

Same here in the UK - pick up any newspaper and it will be full of ads for android, apple and windows phone but have yet to see one ad for BlackBerry. Been like that since BB10 came out.

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Wait till the z3 hits these markets. BB10 will be a power house over the next 2 years. It's too smooth and stable not to be.

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Shows the proper price point of the phone. I do not think phones should launch at low price, but six months out they need to drop a good amount. Six months is an eternity on phone time.

I hope not only BlackBerry but the industry takes note. When HP fire sale priced the touch pad they all instantly where sold and showed the market a true sweet spot in tablet price... since then tablet prices have gone down.

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If they hadn't launched the phone at an extremely high price then, I think, the moderate price would've stuck. Price cuts are not always necessary in some markets until a year later.

Well they have already written down the existing Z10 stockpile so a sale at this point makes good sense - especially now that 10.2.1 is out as it really helps the phone to shine.

Now I am wondering how write-downs work - did BBRY write down 100% of the inventory value or some percentage of it? However it works, it makes a nice piece of news now!

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Wow.. let me see if I have this correct. Lowering the price a bit resulted in huge sales of a decent device. How unexpected! Who could possibly have guessed at such an outcome? I only wish someone could come up with a strategy for selling z30s. Now let's all put on our thinking caps and see if we can come up with an idea........yeah, me either.

I' planning to buy a Z10 by the end of the month, it costs 250 € in Amazon Germany :-)

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Great! Here in Manila, Philippines you'll find a lot of BlackBerry 7 users everywhere! One factor - being so affordable. I hope BlackBerry will bring Z3 here in Manila very soon. Filipinos LOVE BlackBerry!

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Now Since you got success in India, would you (BB) mind making the BB map work in India as well?

+1. But i dont see it coming anytime soon. Please bring the INR symbol on the BB 10 keyboard and also lot of content in the Indian Music front

There are a lot to bring for Indian BB Users. There are some apps as well which doesn't even support in India and also BlackBerry Protect is not working here..

Surely this is goo move. All are thinking surrounding me to buy this device at this low price

Now imagine if they had priced it properly from the start how many BB10 devices could have been in people's hands much sooner.

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Great it's about time if new apps and pricing is correct BlackBerry is here to stay. This pricing is awesome retailing at 17500rs.

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They need to do the same here in my country. It's still priced rather high and I've started to notice people actually eyeing to get one but still waiting for a price drop. I keep hearing them say that they want one but it's just too expensive as of the moment.

It's so funny I went into best buy in Toronto and I want to see if they could fix my blackberry PlayBook and the guy in best buy look at me and said no they don't because blackberry is going bankrupt!!! Thats why they don't fix blackberry. I was like wow!!!! It's so sad So meay people are so miss unformed. Only if they new how blackberry 10 is selling. BlackBerry needs to get the word out that they are here to stay and ant going nowhere! It might not change all the eyes but it will change all the minds because now they will know that blackberry ant going nowhere and they will have the right information on blackberry10 and people won't be so scared to invest back into blackberry

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@toppatoptobz...the stock is going up from it's low and people are starting to talk about BB and their new direction, so that is a good starting point for BB.The pieces are finally falling into place.Got a ways to go but ,It's all good!!!

Great news! Now if blackberry could get 10.2.1 in the states that would be awesome! Does anybody have any news on when verizon will release the updates? Please don't link me to some auto-loader, I am going to wait another couple of weeks before loading the updates myself. :)

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If this was done last year then blackberries would have gained much more traction... anyways better late than never....

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I went into a random phone shop in our mall and the sales guy was from India. I was just looking at Q10 display and he is all over telling me how he loves his Z10. Thought that was cool.

Reg leaked Q10

If only it was like that here - the sales staff will do their utmost to convince you to buy an android instead.

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What does "sold out" mean? I missed the numbers....

Sorry, but I am reserved over this one, as it sounds deja vu (in a bad way), so I will wait to jump for joy when ER cones, or we hear real numbers here.

Either way, just hearing the words "BlackBerry is selling..." sounds good.

Great job BlackBerry. Please improve the marketing here and BlackBerry Q10 devices will sell like hot cakes

Q10 is marijuana

If I wanted to buy a Z10 in Canada, without signing up to a provider. A gift, anybody have suggestions.

Don McAskin

Chen knows what he's doing. He doesn't want all that Z10 inventory to go to waste. Now let's see them drastically cut the price in other parts of the world and including via the BB website.

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To all the naysayers who were upset about the price drop....i guess it turns out that BlackBerry knew what they were doing, eh?

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If I was in India I would have bought like 4 of them the z10 and q10 are amazing phones

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Awesome news! I live in the Dominican Republic and my carrier is Claro Dominicana, I just found that the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Are in offers! Z10 price droped significantly, and free with almost every contract plans, but I know this because I went into the Web store, there has been no advertising about it what so ever.

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This move made few of my friends who were still using legacy devices to switch to Z10. I am not sure, if this move made any non BlackBerry user switch to BlackBerry 10.

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Good Decision BlackBerry.

I also upgraded to Z10 from Torch 9800. Loving it so far. Just wish all Android apps could work. Truecaller through snap even does not work.

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That's awesome!! Clear the shelves BB! Keep it moving : )

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Yes there is a huge demand for Z10 here in India. But, I also came across hilarious situations today while doing rounds of various retailers.At one particular retailer the guy(I was looking for Q10 as the price has come down though not as steeply as Z10) said BB is closed and asked me to go for another another brand! at another place the guy said BB has merged with lenovo and asked me to wait for some time till stocks arrive!! mind you these guys are all major retailers here. I think BB India has some serious marketing issues!

Here in South Africa they slashed the Z10 and Q10 prices to R2999 EACH! Thats roughly the equivalent of 276US$. The Q5 is even cheaper at 257US$ considering that just a month ago the Z10 was 552US$. I bought both and now just got myself a used Z30 for 460US$.