After stock running dry in India the BlackBerry Z10 is back

By James Richardson on 26 Mar 2014 06:18 am EDT

Back at the start of March (2014) we told you that the BlackBerry Z10 had sold out in India after the company had reduced its price and had sold over three times as many devices as they expected. The good news is that the Z10 is now back in stock if you fancy picking one up. 

Although stock running out would have been frustrating for some consumers, it sure is encouraging that BlackBerry are able to shift so many devices in a short space of time.

India has long been a strong market for BlackBerry and it looks like it will continue to be if this current trend stays. 

Press Release

Sameer Bhatia, Director, Distribution , BlackBerry India:

“The fantastic consumer response to BlackBerry’s 10 year Anniversary special promotion led to a sellout of BlackBerry Z10 stocks within a week. BlackBerry is proud to announce that BlackBerry Z10 has now been restocked across BlackBerry’s retail network across the country and on, starting 26th March 2014  . Running the latest BlackBerry® 10 OS version 10.2.1, the device will be available in the markets for Rs. 17,990/-  till stock lasts.”


jojo beaconsfield

The Q10 is back in Costco too!!


Man. Are you fte at Costco? Just wondering

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fte = ?

I'm just wondering..


I have the same question. Maybe it means first to enter?

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Got it

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Fillin' the Excursion...(Ford's Suburban=Family Truckster)

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Yeah I think jo jo is full time employee there ;)

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jojo beaconsfield

Things are looking up for BB and I was amazed to see that Costco,who shipped all their BB phones back to BB a couple of months ago, had the Q10 on display yesterday it was like they had been resurrected from the dead.It made my day,lol


We have BlackBerry's why can't we all just spell *bleep* out now?


Good to hear!! Go BlackBerry

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I hope they have learnt from their initial pricing strategy.

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I WANT NUMBERS! How many thousand devices? Or are we talking about millions?

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How do you do that BlackBerry logo?

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Paul Collins4

I would like to kn ow the same

Z10STL100-2/ pin:2AE6118E


Just copy & paste it.

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I know right?

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Like this?

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I copied and pasted the picture into my custom dictionary and put the word as b-b-l (without the dashes). The phone will convert it to this  (I used b-b-l to help me remember 'blackberry logo' like bbm, etc)

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From what I read (BBin BBM channel), 500 units a day.

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That's not really much?!

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So BlackBerry is issuing a press release for 3500 phones sold in a country of a billion people? I somehow suspect the number to be a bit larger then that.


We don't know yet

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Me too was not impressed at all. Nevertheless BBin replied to me that 500 units a day was really good for India, and I thought wtf.

From BBin BBM channel :

"BlackBerry's 10th anniversary bash is getting HOTTER n WILDER as company's new breathtaking offer on BlackBerry Z10 has strike the bullseye selling more than 500 devices per day throughout the country. So today we reached out to BlackBerry to get more details & their action upon shortage.

Read More -

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I hope we see positive high. numbers on Friday.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

jatb0y says "till stocks last"

Wonder how long it'll last....

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They shouldn't have reduced the price so much.. i bought z10 for 40k.. and now people will be buying it for 18k.. didn't expect this from the new CEO.

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So because YOU paid twice.. they shouldn't reduce the price?
Ha? What?

Big error!

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That's the way of the world, I'm afraid. I've seen the price of the Z10 and Q10 go down considerably from when I first got them (my wife uses the Z10). I paid $199 CAD on a three year contract for my Q10. You can get a Z30 cheaper than that now on a two year contract.

Prices drop over time. If you want to be an early adopter, that's the price you end up paying.


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I have no issue with price drop. I only paid $50 on a 3 year contract for my Z10 on day 1 in Canada. Called up Bell customer service, talked until I got what I thought was reason enough for me to stay a customer.

I guess I had a compelling argument. :)

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Christophe Piquemal

well, you pay it in your contract..., and maybe more than once.


So BlackBerry is selling good?

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They could reduced the price of Q5 and launched a new model of 18k worth instead of reducing the price of z10.

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They wrote down a billion dollars worth of Z10s, I somehow doubt there will be a new mid tier model until they manage to clear out that inventory. They had to reduce the price. The Z10 didn't sell well and they made way to many of them.


That's good to know. They should have priced it reasonably and it would have flown off the stocks. Sad that they have to resort to this strategy now

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My sis waited for 3 weeks to buy herself a Z10 and finally she had enough of it,so last sunday i bought her one from ebay with sellers warranty. Although it arrived with 10.0 so updated it to 10.2.1,
All's well with her new Z10, and she's rocking that one in college.


BlackBerry needs to get BB10 in peoples hands no matter how much they need to cut the price. Its the only way at this point to ensure future sales. Its like a drug dealer approach, got to get everyone addicted before you can really sell lol

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Awwwwww Mom... you know that isn't true right? Drugs sell themselves.

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Now if retailers would start stocking Z30s. I'm talking to you Bestbuuy

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It's nice that Z10 is selling well in India. Unfortunately Q10 is not included in this offer.

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I don't know how many unit they sold. I live in Bangalore, India and own a Z10. I never saw another BB10 device in public. I saw a few legacy devices though.

All i see is Android and Windows phones !!!


MDN131: Just wanted to say that BB has sold approximately 4.5 million BB10s around the world. That's about 1 per every 1000 people old enough to own a smartphone. In India, sales of BB10 have been abysmal, mainly because they were just priced too high in the first place, and almost immediately after BB10 went on sale Apple and Samsung cut prices and/or offered special financing. BlackBerry did not respond. Long story short, you'd be lucky to find a Z10 once for every 10,000 smartphone users in Bangalore. Perhaps after this recent sale you'll have your first public BB10 sighting!


Finally they made the right move.But this learning should transform to wisdom and should reflect in their new device pricing strategies. India is a country where people have value for money options like Karbon,micromax,spice etc.In between these players even placing a flagship phone in the price range of 40+k was suicidal.

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Lol where is it available?! I've contacted 15 - 20 different stores and none of them have the z10 in stock! Even the 'exclusive' store in Connaught Place (New Delhi) doesn't have it! I think someone needs to alert BlackBerry about this... they really need to improve sales in India

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Vimstan Moses

Hey!! Me too...I'm from chennai... And i have called up pretty much all the stores in my locality....NOBODY has annoying...maybe we should wait a little longer and see....


Sold out 300 devices

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Crackberrians told them the launch price was to high.


What are the numbers?

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BB Super Junior

Hope there is still some reasonable margin on these. Still, the revenue is good as the sales are still greater than the cost to fill the channels and sell the phones.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/


Amazing, now give us numbers!!!!
How many did they sell and how many they restocked?

From my White Z30


Price according to your market and your rivals.

Bring on the Z3 and Q20!!!

BlackBerry.. Get it done

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Dude I paid a lot of money for my Z10, around $1000
If they need to drop price to sell more products, I'm cool with it.
Everybody knows, early adopters pay a premium, and i don't regret it for one second.
My Z10 still rocks

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Great New !! hope to see some Z's around now... :)


It probably took BlackBerry a while to scratch off all the AT&T and Verizon Wireless logos from the unsold Z10s in the U.S. market. Lol

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vineet chaudhary

I was looking for it, but now I have bought android not my first choice.

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Great to hear that India is restocked...But why in the HECK did it take soooo long? sometimes BlackBerry is on other times...BlackBerry is straight lunchin'

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Hi how do you that blackberry logo.

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android player better than android.


 copy this!

android player better than android.


Z10 and Q10 gone from our Costco and BlackBerries in site.


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I keep hassling the staff at Costco for not carrying the Z30. I keep getting the same old "we only carry the phones that sell well" story and I now push back and say this is the best device on the market and unless you have it available, it won't sell very well. SMH. Same for other retailers I ask about the Z30 and why it's not on display, they tell me they'll go to the back and get one as I walk out and say their competitor is getting the sale for your lack of enthusiasm.

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Sai Kumard

Well done BlackBerry

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India, let's show the world that we know the best technology and that's bb10 for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser


Premium watsa would be proud for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser


My z10 is rocking in india....
Waiting for q20

Ravi on BlackBerry

Prem WatsApp

Good stuff.

Show it around, and flick like you've gone wild! People will notice...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Great news! I hope the demand is steady or increases even more, and that BlackBerry keeps up with the demand. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say. Go BlackBerry!

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I don't know if anyone has noticed that Flipkart is actually selling the Z10 for Rs. 32,399/- instead of the advertised Rs. 17,990/- Go figure!


If the z10 was $200 in Canada it would sell alot better too

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Not only that, but a lot of Indian citizens would start importing Z10s from Canadian sources to save themselves $132! 17.9K rupees translates to ~$332 Canadian. I'm pretty sure that, even at $332, BlackBerry's margins are 15% or better.


Where is the best place to buy a z10 in bangalore india?

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John Kastanes

Will the Z3 be available in India?


Black Ice

Some of you guys think that you got a blackberry for a steal just for signing a contract? Think again, trust me they rolled that price right up into that contract. You just don't see it. On average you are paying close to what everyone else is paying more or less $50=100 bucks! Ain't no such thing as a free lunch!

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You got that right!!
Unless your job payed for it. Then you get your pie and you get to eat it!!

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Bring snapdragon. processor to India as stl 100-1 don't have snapdragon processor

Ravi on BlackBerry z10


I thought the Z10 was an over-stocked product!?


No that isnt the case.. my z10 was manufactured in february.. the one my friend bought before stocks were replenished was of april 2013. That means old stocks have finished. New z10s are being made.


Awesome news go BlackBerry go!.


I had the pleasure of going for a business meeting in Mumbai in 2011.
The city has an absolutely huge number of intelligent, skilled, enthusiastic people and - in 2011 - they were swapping bbm pins instead of email addresses and mobile numbers! (and I didn't even have a BlackBerry then, didn't know what BBM was!)

If I were BlackBerry, I would take a huge punt and absolutely flood the Indian market with affordable bbm10 devices to build a solid user base, gain familiarity and traction in a fast developing country such as India.

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Prem WatsApp

Z3 should be coming to India, too.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

John Kastanes

Need to get Z3 into India!!!


Sridhara Shankara

This is really good news for us BB enthusiasts out here in India.Yes there was huge pent up demand for Z10 & I am assuming for other BB10 devices as well. Hope they reduce price for Q10 & Z30 which are also quite popular & BB India please put in special efforts to market BB products!!


They should have their phones available at decent prices all over the world!

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till stock last - is that the last stock?


I bought one in this offer. So did my best friend. We are BlackBerry freaks and were waiting for the right price. Just when my friend was finally thinking of buying moto g, the z10 price reduced. And now we both have z10. Finally... and guys it feels awesome. Being a student we could not afford a costly phone. Price reduction was nothing but a gift for me. Else I was planning to wait for z3 to arrive. Thanks BlackBerry....

This comes from my super duper sexy z10.. Feeling awesome to write this.

Vimstan Moses

Where and when did you buy it bro?


Bought it from Flipkart. Was waiting it to come in stock. I used to check it everyday and as soon as it was in stock I ordered it. Within two days the order was delivered.

Bacon Munchers

Tired of hearing "we have sold out if stock...". let's talk numbers....

Fool me once....

Observation Junkie

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate


Cool picture :)

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No matter where in the world you are mobi city will supply they don't make clear that the devices ship from any of their worldwide stores so take about a week to deliver so don't bother with paying for faster delivery. Also as the phone is from a different region the manufacturers warranty is invalid but they replace it with their own and supply charger adapter for your country. I think they need to be more transparent but it is a good global business model and you get a good price. I got my Z10 from them and i would recommend them.

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10


Most of Indian film stars using BB.

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Do more promos and get it in the hands of more people while getting the celebrities to help with marketing.

If growth #'s are good, start making India a strong BlackBerry nation and focus there. Forget consumer market in North America and regions with weak marketshare. They are a lost cause right now outside of the enterprise space.

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Sold out after a PRICE DROP. Is BlackBerry hearing this? It means that BlackBerry 10 devices are overpriced.

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Nazmi Saifee

I think blackberry did not plan well. I know of scores of people who paid for the phone and then went for a refund as the phones did not arrive for a month!!
It is really bad that at such times, these things aren't planned well.

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That must be the case of those who ordered it on Infibeam. It isn't a trusted seller.

Satyajit Jena

I had ordered a z10 at Infibeam on March 14 and still waiting. Now Infibeam says stocks are expected only on April 9. This date they have already shifted twice.

Suseendran 55

Please implement map service for India..

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Nauman Yaseen

Switched from a Curve to the Z10 during the price slash.
Loving the new os!!

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Rajat Kasana

Ordered mine 2 days ago from flipkart
Can't wait to get my hand on it


You're gonna love it. Same was the case with me. It's worth the wait.

Vimstan Moses

Every store in chennai say that the z10 is not available...


Bought my Z10 in this sale
Love the phone
Just wished there were more native apps

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