The BlackBerry Z10 gets announced in yet another country - This time it's the Philippines

By James Richardson on 7 Mar 2013 02:38 pm EST

Another day, another BlackBerry 10 launch. Today saw the Z10 officially announced over in the Philippines, just 48 hours after the Indonesia launch that we also posted about. BlackBerry are certainly building up the air miles with the rollout of the BlackBerry Z10 and the hype seems to be pretty big everywhere they go. America - your time is real soon. Just hold out a little longer. It will be worth it - trust me.

Manila, the Philippines – BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) recently announced the launch of the all new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone in the Philippines. The BlackBerry Z10 (all touch) is the first smartphone powered by BlackBerry 10, the re-designed, re-engineered, and re-invented BlackBerry platform that creates a new and unique mobile computing experience. The BlackBerry Z10 will be available from authorized carriers and retailers in the Philippines. Customers can reserve the new BlackBerry Z10 from authorized retailers at starting today. The new smartphone is expected to be available in the Philippines starting 19th March. For more information, visit

Cameron Vernest, Country Director for the Philippines at BlackBerry said, “2013 is the tenth year since BlackBerry smartphones were first officially introduced here. We are excited to announce that the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is coming to the Philippines. BlackBerry 10 offers a faster and smarter experience that continuously adapts to you. Every feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed to keep you moving.”

Available in two colors, Black and White, the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is elegant and distinctive, and the fastest, most advanced BlackBerry smartphone yet. It features a 1.5 GHz dual core processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and an expandable memory card slot that supports up to 64GB cards. The smartphone also includes the latest enhancements in high density pixel and screen technology to display clear, sharp, and incredibly vivid images. It features a micro HDMI out port for presentations, and advanced sensors such NFC (near field communications) to support mobile payments and the exchange of information with a tap of the smartphone.

How many of you folk in the Philippines will be picking up the Z10 as soon as you can? Please let us know in the comments.


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Keep it moving BlackBerry ;)

Loving my Z10!


Welcome to the BB10 Family!

Please no Americas flooding this board with whining, it's coming "soon ;) *crosses fingers*


Welcome to the BB10 and Z10 family

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Go BlackBerry!
Welcome aboard, Philippines!



Perhaps you mean the "roll out" of the BB10 rather than the "role out"...

James Richardson

Just testing!

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Can't wait for EE in the UK to release the new OS

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What Mr. Powers said. Now I can buy my wife a BBZ10 and test the video chat. Hope they can get good plans there.

Oil sands Fueled


Yay!!!! and boooo!!! (I'm jealous in the USA) lol


Welcome aboard to the BlackBerry 10 Family.


Mabuhay ang BlackBerry! I'm sick of seeing iPhones and S3s here in Manila.


Need to save money now =)


And Me Still Watin Here In Brazil WtF ... Seriously


Yay! I hope my bro's girlfriend grabs the Z10. I'm going to be bugging the shit out of her to check it out and try it out the next time she is with him at a mall and I'm there.


its about time, cant wait to bbm video family and friends!


Reserved already! Good things come to those who wait! #BB10


When is z10 coming to Brazil? I need it so badly =(


Already reserved, 1 white and 1 black, so excited! Carriers does not open for reservation yet, only retailers (unlocked ver for sure). P29,990 is about $750. The only gray area is if this is only 3G ver capable of 21mbps + hspa then we've been robbed, LTE capable is around $600-700 right? Carriers here is already LTE capable launch early this year. Nevertheles I'm still excited, :-)


My carrier cannot even provide good enough 3G. And it's not true that it's 4G or LTE Capable.

There must be a reason why BB will only release 3G here.

Anyway, it's still more fun in BlackBerry Z10.

P.S. Hello, Globe Telecom.


They did say they were going to release in the biggest market area for blackberry, and its obvious US isn't a big market for blackberry lol


Wish AT&T would hurry up... I'm getting tired of using the DEV vm to play with BB10.. Hate to admit it but the vm has been running for almost 3 weeks and pretty much my daily driver..

Just hope Im not holding BB10 too high... only to be kinda disappointed..


So happy to know about this! Been really wishing for this to come here in The Philippines!!! Wohooo! Excited to have one.


It's More Fun in BlackBerry Z10!

It's More Fun in the Philippines!

BB10 Bigger than 5. Better than 3.


Will definitely get one..!!! Hurry up Globe!!!


I've had the z10 for more than a week now. Its my first full touch phone and happy to say that its been the most amazing phone ive held yet. Im just glad its officially being released here in the Philippines so more Pinoys can experience this awesome gadget.

I have one question though.... The press releases say the units to be released here are LTE ready (4G). But when I check the Blackberry Philippines site, the specs say it is only up to 3G ready. I hope this gets clarified. Thanks.


What?! The Z10 released in the Philippines won't be LTE capable? But the Globe and Smart LTE networks have just begun a massive roll out-- wouldn't make sense not to take advantage of that!


Based on the rumors I've read on Twitter, LTE on BlackBerry Z10 might be available on Globe :)


I am not sure about the success of that massive roll out. Again, my carrier cannot even provide good enough 3G even when I am in Makati where the LTE roll out was initially deployed. But yes, I must agree that 4G LTE version should also be officially released here in Manila.

P.S. Hello, Globe Telecom


Well, that's what it says in Blackberry PH ( If you compare what's posted in Blackberry SG (, the specs of the corresponding Z10's are different. They differ in Network and Connectivity features. I really hope someone out there can explain this.

I'd have to agree. If what's posted in BlackberryPH is official, I dont get the point of not releasing the LTE capable handsets when PH is already LTE ready.


Just got my z10 and it's awesome!


Where did you get yours? From Online stores? I wonder if it is safe buying from Online Stores. How's the warranty?
I am very particular with warranty. I had my first BB 9900 bricked and good thing my carrier was able to replace it after six days (with great effort on my part, after several calls to 2199 and visits to their store). I even raised a dispute/inquiry regarding the 24 months warranty.

Anyway, I hope nothing wrong will happen to your Z10.


Hi just got this from a reputable filipino-owned online store. Re it has 1 year shop warranty. been using it for more than 8 days now and still giving me worth of my money. Thanks for the concern. Hope u get one too.


mine, too. im fine with 1yr service warranty.


hi! applicable pa rin ba ang bb social plans (golbe/smart/sun)? ive read a couple of articles that z10 can now be used with a regular data plan. just want to double check,. thanks! mabuhay!


Not anymore. you need the regular data plan or u can just connect to a wifi hotspot and all apps will work inculding BBM. But that's for now, Ive read somewhere that carriers will soon device data plans for BB10. so let's wait and see.


Awesome !

Another great country on board !

Now everyone ..... go out there and BUY THE BLACKBERRY Z10 !

It's an awesome phone !



Mabuhay BlackBerry barkadas

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Will definitely be getting one!!!


Now this is what I'm talking about.


my new phone is a Z10!!! its sexy and you now it!


Got my z10 from dubai amazing;)

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Rogie Santos

Hi CB...I'm a proud owner of a 9900 and except for a few hiccups have enjoyed using the device....I'll definitely be upgrading to the Z10 within the year......glad that BB's back.....and I hope that they stay back!


man, its about time! my 9105's asking for help! LOL


Welcome to to the Philippines BB10...keep it moving.


nice to have it here, mahal ko kayo blackberry :)


I'm using the BlackBerry plan from the one of the big 3 telcos and I've observed that you still need the specific plan coz once the BlackBerry logo on top is missing u can't even surf or use the messenger... need to verify?

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Welcome aboard Pilipinas!
Enjoy the Z10 like I am. :)
Mabuhay kayo!

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Mabuhay pinoys.. welcome to BlackBerry Z10 family. ;-)

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Hi, I have the Z10 already and I'm loving it so much... si fun to use. my only concern is, I tried subscribing for bbm month in Smart, and it did register but I can't send bbm texts. Im currently using a wifi if I wanted to use the bbm. Do u think I should apply for the full data plan? Please advise. CSRs of smart don't know what to say as well. They just keep telling me to monitor it.

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BlackBerry thanks for this awesome device. :)

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