A to Z with BerryBuzz

By Adam Zeis on 25 Sep 2009 10:18 am EDT

** BerryBuzz is today's CrackBerry Deal of the Day - if you like it, you can grab it at half price! **

This is the first in what I hope will be a great resource for the CrackBerry readers. Each week I plan to take an application from A to Z and give a brief and hopefully useful overview/review. Sure you can look at pictures and read reviews all day long, but wouldn't you rather see it in action? I know when I go to pick up an app, I sometimes have specific questions about functions, options etc. and I want to see it live. So I hope to give you a broader look at some of the most popular and newest BlackBerry Apps through the power of video (and a fantastic narrative) as we go from A to Z. 

This week we will start off with what is one of my favorite apps for BlackBerry - BerryBuzz. I won't get into the details here and I'll let the video do the talking. 

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A to Z with BerryBuzz


I won this in one of the contests here at CrackBerry and I can't say enough about it. It's a great little app and at 1/2 price well worth it.

I really like this product.

They need to release an update for supporting Gmail Enhanced Plugin though.

Very nice video of a great BB app. I bought v1 and was happy with that...when v2 came out I couldn't believe how much it had improved.

I paid full price for this app, and would again in a heartbeat. If you've even been curious about this app you can't go wrong at 50% off.

I finally caught this on the Deal of the Day after missing it last time. Heard great things about it and can't wait to try it out.

Adam, you probably should have thrown in there that there IS a icon for the app. But the only purpose of it is to kill/clear all current BerryBuzz reminders (which also shuts off the current sequence of LED blinking).

This is off topic, but what weather program is that on his home screen? I want one that shows the temp all the time like that. Thanks

I just bought BerryBuzz (am new to Blackberry & smart phones). The instructions say "from home page, go to
"options", but I can't see this on the home screen! I'm very frustrated!! Someone, please tell me how to install this app.

Thanks very much!