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Looking for a sweet alternative weather app for BlackBerry 10? yWeather is well worth a look.

By James Richardson on 23 Apr 2013 08:28 am EDT

I know we have a native weather application built into BlackBerry 10 and it seems to work just fine. However, I recently found yWeather in BlackBerry World and it's a real beauty.

The majority of the display is taken up with the current weather conditions and included in these are some extra things we don't always see with weather apps. These include: Humidity, Pressure, Cloud, Rain, Wind, Visibility, Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset - good stuff!

Below the main section is the forecast temperatures for the next ten days which is pretty sweet - we don't normally see that far ahead with many apps. And sharing the weather is simple as there is a share tab at the base of the home screen so you can send the weather to your buddies using any of the accounts/apps that you have associated in your BlackBerry Hub. Plus the app comes with a nice Active Frame - they always make me smile.

Priced at £1.50/$1.99 yWeather is decent value if you ask me. Clearly if you don't care about the weather move along.

Main features of yWeather for BlackBerry:

  • Works all over the world, the widest database of places and cities around the world
  • Always accurate and up to date weather forecast
  • Detailed forecast contents information about wind, humidity, pressure etc.
  • Long-term forecast up to 10 days forward
  • Automatic update
  • Live icon shows actual weather and temperature
  • Live wallpaper with actual weather forecast
  • Easy sharing over the email, SMS, Twitter or Copy&Paste

More information/Download yWeather for BlackBerry 10


R Field

Sticking with accuweather that is a great app.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


Don't see a point in switching as you can't delete the native app.

Posted via CB10


There are many weather apps that don't cost money... some even pretty good

Posted via CB10

Lexx Spartan H

Yea I agree with good ones that don't cost a dime like the weather network it has all these things and it's free.

Posted via CB10


Looks pretty basic to me, how does James pick the apps to promote?


Maybe a kickback from the developers?

Posted via CB10


I wish we could delete the native app, the actual accuweather app is a lot better than the native one they provided

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I use the weather network. It has the most "Feel Like" temperature displayed lost prominently.

Posted via CB10


The "Feels Like" feature is a must have.

Posted via CB10, rocking my Z10!


Not available for my device. A Verizon Z10. How nice.

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10


I'm also happy with the native weather app. It's enough for me.

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

I like the native app, it does exactly what I need.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry world say it's not available for my terminal... Again, again and again... saying definitely bye bye to BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10


Blame your carrier. Don't let the door cut off your feet on the way out.


Strange - showing not available for my Z10 (Rogers). Perhaps the vendor needs to fix his sales panel settings.


Because of a weather app?? O_o


I have 3 weather apps and I may add this one too, can't have enough info on the weather LOL This one sounds interesting and $1.99 is not going to break the ban!


Well damn, it's not available for my Z10 how odd.


Native one that build in with Z10 is good enough. maybe latter will add PM2.5 index?

Posted via CB10

John Pawling

The link says that the app isn't for my Z10.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10


The last weather app. Best app, most accurate :P



Can you stop spamming?


It's not available for my z10 and why do I need to buy a weather app when I have a free one already on my device??? Thanks anyway.

Posted via CB10


Beweather all the way for me. It's a bit pricey but it's a beautiful app. Hopefully as more developer APIs get released it will just get even better.

Posted via CB10


Be weather is a good app too

Posted via CB10


Accuweather does all that and more. And it's free. Hmmmm. Why pay

Posted from the best phone ever my Z10


To support the developers supporting BB10. I don't work for free so I don't expect others to do the same.

Posted via CB10


Dont see any point in switching or adding another app when I have weather channel and accu weather and didnt have to pay 1.99

Jamez Avila

Not even available for my BlackBerry Z10...maybe because it's Verizon but u don't see how that would have any thing to do with it.

Posted via CB10


Advice to get rid of the weather app that came on the Z10.... create a folder and park it there with others you'll never use.

Posted via CB10


I use "The last weather app" .. get the weather and a laugh..


Not available for my Z10 either...pity.

Posted via CB10


Am I the only one that tried the link only to have it say "Unavailable for this Device"? I miss having the beweather wallpaper on my desktop and thought this would be a great fix, but it doesn't work on the Z10???

Posted via CB10


I think I shall stick with Be Weather Pro.

Posted via CB10


I wish the Weather Network app would give us the current and forecast radar maps. Love that feature for says when I know I am going to be sitting watching son play baseball. I know how to dress the other kids, myself, whether to take umbrellas, etc...

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen


Hi, correct link for app is:

and also price is only $0.99...

The link in article is link to the older app for BBOS (5.0+ - 7.1) devices


The link in the article is again for the BB7 OS. Does anyone even check these things before publishing them? Like, i don't know the author of the article? Guess he was trying to make up nonexisting advantages to justify the price, like sunrise and sunset times that not every app shows, but the preinstalled one does. And the only reason i would support a developer is if he provides an app that is not available for free, or the app is superior to the free alternatives. This is none of those things. Supporting someone just because he did something, even if it is useless, is, well, useless.

Oh, and the native app that cannot be deleted is not exactly native, it looks like html5, it is slow and the interface is inconsistent with all the other native apps (just like facebook), which use cascades. The official accuweather app looks much nicer, but is like 80mb.... for a weather app...

Posted via CB10


Too busy trying to...

Posted via CB10


Why pay for an app that is free and perfect preloaded? I find the native one is spot on with its rain reports also, very accurate

Please review something more worth while that was a waste of a review

Very surprised for the lack of zeebox reviews on be world one of the best apps full stop on BB10, developer deserves more recognition

Posted via CB10


I have my own valeting business so when I mean spot on reporting I do mean spot on, use it for every day plan for valeting

Posted via CB10

omega supreme

It's true accuweather is a much better app; it gives you 2 weeks of weather (although anything over 7 is really a guessing game for any weather report). You get the live wallpaper and active frame which corresponds to the time of day. You get a to-do list of categories for your area and weather which is convenient when you can't decide what to do on a bright sunny day....all that, and it's FREE.


I use The Weather Channel app and it's free, and as a bonus you get Google maps ;)

Posted via CB10, from my DarthBerry


Come on people, don't hate on some developer's hard work.