YouTube Mobile goes HTML5 for BlackBerry 7 devices

By Bla1ze on 2 Oct 2011 03:42 pm EDT

If you have a BlackBerry 7 device and frequently visit Youtube, you likely noticed a change in the formatting. Yes, Youtube has now rolled out their HTML5 layout for BlackBerry 7 devices. Of course, this does come much later then other platforms but either way it's nice to see it being implemented finally and much of that can be credited to the work that was done on the BlackBerry 7 browser by RIM and their Torch Mobile browser team.

Sadly, if you're not running BlackBerry 7 you are indeed stuck with the older mobile layout and won't be able to take advantage of the higher quality streaming and better formatting Youtube now offers. But you can add that to the list of reasons why you need a new BlackBerry.

Thanks, @SirPedro83!

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YouTube Mobile goes HTML5 for BlackBerry 7 devices


Bla1ze - really? If so, that alone might be worth the upgrade from my 9800. Most music comes up "Not available on mobile!" which is extremely frustrating. Can anyone confirm this?

Can't say this is the case. It formats the pages nice, but still loads the .3gp format in the native bb player, this is not html5 video, but just html5 mobile layout. So this should work on OS6 also, if you want html5 video on bb7, you still need to load desktop site, with html5 beta turned on, and this works :)

Right, and the desktop html5 version of youtube works also on the OS6 browser (on my 9700 a bit too slow, but the videos are nice)

^^This. I don't see the point of HTML5 on OS7 if its still going to load in the native BB Player. What's the advantage.

I look at YouTube on just about a daily basis so when I saw this I thought something was wrong but it was cool how everything was showing up so much faster and clearer and faster, or so it seems to me. Thanks again for the shout out Bla1ze

Im glad this topic had come to the surface. I do like the design however functioning hits an all time low. Videos on my 4G bold 9900 (Tmo) Look so horrible Im almost embarrassed to share them with anyone else. Am I missing something here? IS there an optimization that I was supposed to do? Seriously though. Wow, crappy

I have bad quality and extreme good quality.

I think it depends on the original "real" clip and when it was created for the mobile version, isn't it?

actually all newer things I watched have good to very good quality. (better as 640x480 aka 720/1080 will not give me better quality ;) )

I would like to have the options as we have on the desktop/normal version.

240/360/480/640... if I have no WLAN near this would help with my plan ;)