YouTube on BlackBerry 10 - Users much prefer the browser than a third party app

By James Richardson on 23 Mar 2014 05:40 am EDT

Poll results time once again and this one relates to when we asked you if you use the BlackBerry 10 browser for watching YouTube videos or a third party app. As I said in the original post - I'm a third party app guy, but looking at the below results it seems I'm very much in the minority - with 75% of BlackBerry 10 users favoring the browser. 

Am I surprised by these finding? No, not really, as the BB10 browser is absolutely awesome, plus it's free - unlike some of the best third party apps which charge for all the features within the app. 

If BlackBerry were to at some point release their own native YouTube app I suspect the findings would be different. That said, we've had BlackBerry 10 for over a year and as the browser does such a good job is there any real need for an app? I suspect the answer in the BlackBerry camp is no. 

If you're thinking of developing a YouTube app for BlackBerry 10 I don't think it won't be one to make you rich, I'm sorry to say. 

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YouTube on BlackBerry 10 - Users much prefer the browser than a third party app


Was using Fastube as it can cache locally video. But still prefer thé browser althought.


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Wish these apps would allow you to download the video!!!

Doesn't android have apps you can download videos from YouTube?

Wish RealPlayer would make an add on for BlackBerry's browser to download videos like you can on your desktop browser.

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Downloading videos is supposedly a violation of YouTube's policies, which is why third party apps allow caching at best, still requiring the app in order to view the video.

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Yip, FastTube and SuperTube are the apps I use. The ability to cache videos on the device is why I use the apps.

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Essentially they're saying they can store the video to watch later, without having to stream it. So if you're in a low service area or just don't want to stream the same video (a music video or something) over and over and use data.

You know what, I am veeeeeery surprised

I've been the paid version of FastTube for 6+ months, the updates keep making it better and better.

ONLY time I find myself using the browser version is when I'm typing to pair it with my TV/Xbone/etc

Besides that, the HD option on Fast Tube seems superior, the black theme is fantastic, and background plays list's sweet... But to each their own :]

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I used fasttube until supertube came out and it blows it out of the water..

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Before I had the xbox one, I'd use my z10 with the xbox 360 sometimes. I believe it happened through DLNA, so as long as you have the xbox already on and connected to the same wifi network as your phone. Then go ahead and open your music/pictures app and use the 'Play On' feature that's present once you click the three dots on the right side of the screen on each respective app. This should play/view your media onto the TV through your xbox... I think :]

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I'd prefer an official YouTube app too, whether by Google or by BlackBerry.

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I suspect a lot of browser preference comes down to the lack of a free, official, app. That's my thing anyway. Because all of Google's services are linked, I have a hard time chucking my password to my Google-world into a 3rd-party app. If I want to view YT videos while mobile, I use my iPad mini. Great app on that sucker.

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Actually, for me, it comes down to the fact that the browser is fast enough that, not only for YouTube, but most of the things I do online, I simply use the browser. It took a year for my bank to come out with a mobile app, and I haven't downloaded it because accessing it on the browser is more than fast enough for me.

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Ditto, and I actually do use the official app through .apk install. Just have to find the .5332 version as the latest one no longer works. Can't sign in but that isn't a big issue since i don't upload or really favourite any particular channels. just like the official app's interface.

One big reason is fast tube for some reason does not store all my videos on the APP upgrades. Just like now, I had all my videos did an upgrade and voila only 3 of my Storymaker vids. Show up

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"I don't think it won't be one..."

?? That's quite the double-negative.

So you are saying that you think it WILL be one to make people rich?

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I've been using most of Google in the BlackBerry browser and it works like a dream. I have YouTube as a home screen icon, so it appears as an app icon anyway. I don't think I would even bother with an app from Google or BlackBerry if one were to surface.

I very much prefer using FastTube and SuperTube. Simply because the browser seems to always play in blurry low res with no option to scale up.

SuperTube pairs with my Smart TV so I just use that when I want to watch on my TV. Though I prefer FastTube for viewing on my phone.

The only time I use the browser is if I click on a link and it takes me via the browser.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

Without a doubt, the BlackBerry browser iis better than any 3rd party app :)

C004635F8 - BlackBerry 10 Wallpapers.

Over 100 different wallpapers and counting. Have a look.

I think that Thirdparty apps would dominate user preference if it wasn't for the fact that they all require a payment for full feature usage.

BlackBerry Z10 |

Super tube and fast tube are way better d have no lag for me. The browser is fantastic as well but those two apps are hard to beat in my opinion.

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I hope to see Google releasing their services natively for BlackBerry 10.. but that won't happen

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It's a little weird of this news probably all these persons who voted for browser never tried the famous app: FastTube and Supertube who is very but very better than the original YouTube !

In my opinion we don't need a native YouTube App because FastTube, Supertube and Stereo tube are really superior !

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Coulda told you this without the use of a survey, although it's always good to have empirical information. Anecdotally speaking, users have been saying for some time that the web app beats all the known YouTube BlackBerry 10 clients.

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Several of the apps are pretty good. But the browser, especially after 10.2, is really awesome.

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I use the bowser because I like that way official Youtube works and looks and third party apps aren't the same

This is my Stars: Supertube, FastTube, Stereo tube, and at the YouTube browser experience !
Sometimes all of this four is running in my background device !

BlackBerry 10 is really better than my last iphone 5s thanks you BlackBerry ! Keep going !

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It's a nice clunky, un-flowing transition for those who came from android and prefer the browser.

I used FastTube for ages and now using SuperTube.

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Yes I agree that the browser is very good for youtube now.
My sister got a new iPhone 5s and said my z10 sucked because the youtube video stream we were watching on my z10 was choppy and she brought over her 5s to show how smooth it ran on hers and she wasn't even on wifi This happened last night. I said wtf and started to dig deeper. In the end I found out that my settings had youtube using flash which runs like crap instead of the html5 player which uses h264 codec just like the Apple devices. So I turned off the flash, held my finger down the video... click the about html5 player and requested to use the default HTML5 player all the time. Now the streaming ran beautifully smooth just like on her 5s even without the wifi turned on.
I can't wait to tell her that it was my settings causing this issue and not my phone. The cool thing is.. unlike her iphone.. I can run in desktop mode and flash mode opening up the flexibility of my browser where she can't.
She'll just have to look for another excuse why she thinks her iphone is better than my z10.. I just know that that list is very short :)

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How did you change that setting from flash to html 5 again? I turned off flash but can't find where you pressed on a video and the html 5 player popped up to change that setting? Thanks.

"No Z10"? --> "Buy from Chen...". Thanks Prem!

I like the browser.

But caching in Supertube is nice, no searching, bookmarking or downloading.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

That's because no one tried SuperTube. Try Do a comparison between SuperTube and the browser before you pass judgment . And don't be so cheap. If a developer wants to get paid for their contributions by charging in-app for advanced features, it's our job to support them. I pay for third party apps wherever I can.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

For what I use YouTube for, I cannot justify paying for an app when I can use the portal icon for the mobile site. Especially since I have never liked any of the UI of any of the "apps" for YouTube I have ever tried. I have never had any trouble watching videos in HQ. But I have no desire to download videos from YouTube, and have no need for any of the features these real third party apps seem to bring.

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I don't even use that one! I almost always by pass that portal and use the bookmark for You Tube in the browser.

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My issue with the browser is trying to move forward or backward in a video. Hard to move the slider.

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Not to be a downer, but the poll doesn't ask:

'Do you prefer a YouTube App, or do you prefer the BB10 browser?'

It asks:

'Which one do you use - an app or the broswer?'

Just because more people use the browser doesn't mean they prefer it. I use the browser, but I'd prefer having an official native app. Maybe you should try re-wording the question.

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I used FastTube but I've switched to SuperTube. Way better than the browser imo. No need to worry about "not available on mobile device" for videos.

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Used to always use browser, but I've been using FastTube for a month now, and haven't used the browser version since. The app is really good.

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Anyway to download normal YouTube. When I first got my phone there was YouTube then I download fast tube and delete the normal now on can't find normal version in BlackBerry World to download

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You're not missing anything by not having an official YouTube app. The iphone/ipad app is awful. I use flipboard personally.

I love using the browser. Songza, for example, has an app that is unreliable. With the browser, it's beautiful.

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If BlackBerry were to release it's own youtube app it would suck let's face it

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Well, when we use an app, we would expect it to be better than the web, but they take away features unfortunately. Learn how to write apps, and we wouldn't have to use the web!!

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Probably cause the app is useless. A no Brainer. If it’s just a half baked attempt at an app, I can see why users prefer the browser version.

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I've had a really good experience with Fasttube and would recommend it highly.

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On the Q10 FastTube or SuperTube are far better than the browser because you can zoom into the video to use all the screen. Not ideal for wide angled videos but SuperTube you can move from side to side also.

I prefer FastTube as it's a lighter size app than SuperTube and the ui is more to my tastes.

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I sometimes use the Fastube app but honestly after downloading I sometimes forget and use the BB10 browser. The browser on our BB10 devices are just amazing. Plus most of the time we don't need third party apps like Iphone users think... such as groupon, their website is like using an app already! Long live #BB10

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People just don't know about the third part apps I'm guessing. The browser will lag at times and is nowhere near as crisp; SuperTube/fastube fixes that

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I don't understand why people think a flowless, clunky, lagging experience that is the browser is good enough on BB10.

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Can anyone explain for me what is happening?!
I'm not understanding anything!
And what is third party app??

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Wow, I just downloaded, upgraded, and played with the paid version of Supertube after reading the rave reviews. I'm already a fan of Fasttube, and the Supertube app is amazing and has many more features than either the browser or Fasttube. The additional features of the third party apps only cost a couple of bucks, so give them a try - - they're a great bargain.

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I don't think users "prefer" to use the Browser, I think it's just because it's the default option. I wouldn't be surprised if many users probably don't even realize they're in the Browser, as there's an Icon in the Navigator called "YouTube".

Also, I don't think anyone's going to get rich off a YouTube app regardless of the opinion expressed by this poll - I can't imagine the market for paid YouTube apps is highly active.

There's no HD in the browser with the mobile site. I don't know how anyone could put up with that!

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Yes me included. The YouTube on browser do the necessary. So why spend Phone Hard disk space why it?

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I like third party apps rather than the browser one. Hate the fact that any link will automatically take you to the browser and not the app. Wish though, since I paid for the app, they would have some ways of making my inbox messages appear in the HUB.

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Browser work perfect one less app on my phone, then y'all complains my phone slow my phone this my phone that smh

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I prefer browser most of the time for any website not just You Tube. BlackBerry browser is much better than other platforms that require apps because their browser sux!

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Super Tube is Worth its money and it's better than the native app. My opinion

I went Berry once and i'll go Berry for ever!

Browser doesn't use HD playback unless you go to full site mode which is just slow and terrible and IMO its useless. Fast tube is my go to for Youtube.

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I've been using the FastTube for 9 months now and I can't be happier with the best YouTube video experience.

FWIW, on my PlayBook, I use the native BB PB app, even though it's subpar. However there are some videos that cannot be played using the app, so I'm forced to go to the browser. I don't use the PB browser, I downloaded Origami Browser and it's amazing.

This is a reflection of how app unsavy BlackBerry users are. In m opinion the 3td party apps are ten times better and failure your use them is just because users haven't bothered.

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If you use the desktop setting in your browser, you can see HD youtube videos (720p) better than on Supertube which I downloaded just now for comparison. I use flash because many TV stations ask me to download flash if I turn it off.
I tried zoom on Supertube but it does not have better resolution than the full screen desktop native browser version. So why give an app permission to your phone when the browser does the same and is more secure?

I also see the same problem with the Origami browser on the PB. It is not better than the native PB browser if you watch live TV. Most stations need flash and the origami browser, unlike the native one, fails miserably...

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I think most users prefer the browser simply because most of the 3rd party apps are so lame and lack lots of features.

For example, if u use Google YouTube player, u will fall in love with youtube again.

BlackBerry doesn't have a powerful player yet for YouTube!

It is as simple as that

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I use Fast Tube! Faster than browser and i can preload the videos to watch them lately without data usage.

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The app is terrible. Most things come up with an error that it can't play the video. Have to turn to browser or FastTube to get it to work.

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of course they do the app doesn't work, search on the app then open the browser and do the same search, it only shows like a 10% results from the actual video library its rubbish! if the app worked well I would prefer to use it of course.

getting a bit upset with some of these articles lately they pretty...well....obvious...

Not even the actual Google you tube app plays ALL the vids...just the popular ones...try playing a boring old sermon or will tell you "can only play this video on desktop..." or something to that effect. Realize it...Google has narrowed who the MAIN consumers are (both in the present as well as those who will spend considerable revenue in the next 5-10 years)and that's who they cater too.

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