YouTube App Being Pushed to Verizon Storm

By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2009 05:36 pm EDT


Following in the footsteps of Slacker and Facebook, Verizon is now pushing the YouTube app out to Storm users. Reports have been flying in of the icon popping up, and if you haven't seen it yet you will after a reboot. The app has been available for download for a while, and if you haven't checked it out you may want to give it a whirl. It looks like its only hitting the Storm for now, but other Verizon devices are sure to follow. Just a reminder that the pushed icon is a shortcut to download the app - so if you don't want it you'll have to just hide the icon and be done with it. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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YouTube App Being Pushed to Verizon Storm


awesome! i hope this means we'll get a new update to the youtube app so we can view videos with better quality :D


Thank you verizon for giving me yet another app icon to stick into my folder of misfit app icons! My slacker, vcast song id, flickr, vzw tones, google talk, msn and aol icons were all getting lonely. Please Please keep the icons for apps I wont be installing coming.

Thanks again!

It's a lot easier to put them all in a folder and then just hide the folder, particularly for those few times when you have to "Show All."

yea thats what I do, I made a folder for all the un deletable garbage that is stuck on my phone.

I really wish they would knock it off, What bugs me the most is the last couple of them - slacker and now this youtube- Are apps that have been out forever. I already downloaded used and then deleted these apps 6 - 7 months ago.

I understand it might help out people that have a BlackBerry and do not have viigo or CB to help them know what is a available, But to force all of us to be stuck with these stupid icons is bull.

Come on give us the ability to delete this stuff we have zero interest in.

Although Youtube is one of my favorite things on my Storm, I HATE the fact that I keep getting content pushed onto it... UGHH!!!

I'd really love to delete those unused icons... That should be illegal... anything more than pushing data necessary to execute the services you request is wrong... even if its less than a kilobyte... extra unwanted icons are not necessary to the functioning of the phone or data services. There should be an "opt out" option to verizon pushing anything unnecessary to the phone!

btw: I already had youTube installed and I just restarted my phone and a new icon did not appear.

Why do so many people complain about this? It's an icon, whoopdy doo... Just hide it and get on with your life, no need to waste time on nonsense like that...

As a side note, they have not added it to the Application Center yet.

I have to say im excited about this new application. It is so easy to view my gymkhana video's now hahaha

Not sure what I think of them sending me this stuff automatically....they have sent me the VZW Tones icon and it is on my phone twice!! I don't have any use for it, so i want it GONE. Well, I clicked on the HIDE option, but its still there only shaded out a bit...any thoughts??? TY for any tips!!!

Go to the BlackBerry Menu and I think 2 items below HIDE is SHOW ALL ... uncheck SHOW ALL and you will not see the hidden icons anymore

yup, that worked...GREAT JOB on sending the tip so promptly! Just because something is hid AND not visible, I am thinking it is still there and using up memory---any tips there ??

ty again,

bell mobility had this app pushed to the storm as of launch date. didnt know that verizon peeps didnt have this....either way u guys werent missing out on much. the quality is so horrid....

just a question. the way verizon keeps pushing these to us makes me wonder, when they get their app store up and running that they have been asking devs to work on, will they be sending thousands of these to us? because it feels like they are just testing the water right now. everyone keeps saying hide them. but when I get hit up with 800 icons in one day, i am not spending the entire day hiding icon by icon. just a thought.

Been using this app for months. Works great but without flash its just a grainy video. not that clear. still nice app.

Yea I was just scrolling down my home screen on my storm and I saw the youtube app up there (nice icon by the way) ...downloaded it and it runs fast and smooth...betta then if u use it off the browser

I have a great idea for a new application. How about creating an application that will blocks Verizon from putting icons on my phone, which I do not want. I know some will say there just trying to be helpful, by informing there customers of the different applications that are available. If that was there intention, then why don’t they push down Google Voice so there customers can make call to Europe for $ 0.02 a minute.

to me the issue isnt that they are sending these (although if they up the frequwncy it could become one) the issue is when you delet them they resend them. ONCE is more than enough.

I noticed the social scope alert icon at the top of the homescreen in the screen come I dont have this? one of my biggest issues since upgrading to the tour is all my downloads, socialscope being one, is in a folder and not on my homescreen, and so I never see the red star or new msg alert, I have to be honest, I didnt even bother to try to move the app outside the folder, but I would love to know why or how there is a icon for it in the screen shot above..I have the latest version of social scope as far as I know

Kinda makes this app a bit useless when you can just get on the web and go to At least to me it does. I think the only two apps that I haven't hidden are Slacker and VzwTones.

Well I pushed it and downloaded it and when watching a video it "caused a fatal error" and now it shut off and won't come back on at all. So I plug up to charge and all I get is a white screen == this is BS

How long will this take to show up on a recently purchased storm? How can I get this on my operating system?

I am not with Verizon, but want to try the app. Is there somewhere i can Download the same app and version as the one pushed to Verizon customers?

Guys/Gals, you can delete the unwanted icon(s) by going to options > advanced options > service book > and deleting the unwanted records.

I would not recommnend deleting willy nilly in there, just the ones that are obvious.

If you find that you did indeed delete a necessary record, you can resend the service books by going to your email setup > logging in > blackberry button > service book > send service books.

You can also do the above process at, the value after ?brand= changes by carrier.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does anyone know why I am unable to view certain videos (being totally pixelated) with either the youtube app or viewing it directly at their site on my Storm?