Your very own personal shopping assistant is here with iM Shopping Cart!

iM Shopping Cart
By Kerri Neill on 21 Mar 2012 09:20 am EDT

"Keeping a shopping list with the iM Shopping Cart just makes sense, no more wads of paper in my pocket! And i-Mentalist group makes it so seamless, just like all their apps which make my electronic life “work” in real life." - Joe, BlackBerry App World User

Ever ran to the store and forgot an item? Need a personal assistant to remind you of items needed? iM Shopping Cart allows you to schedule a shopping trip with multiple stores all in one list.

With iM Shopping Cart by, you have the ability to create multiple lists (groceries, home repairs, auto, etc) and include multiple stores/locations within it. This means I can create a list for groceries and include both Walmart, where I buy my dog’s food, as well as Safeway, where I purchase the majority of my other grocery items.

The Review

Main Screen iM Shopping Cart

Developer: i-Mentalist Version (at time of review): 1.0.18
File Size: 4.05 MB
OS Requirements: Smartphone: 5.0+ Tablet: 1.0+
Cost: $2.99 Website:

iM Shopping Cart comes jam packed with a ton of cool features. You'll never need to dig around for a pen and paper to keep track of all your shopping trip items.



iM Shopping Cart uses a database called iMSCdb. This is the easiest way to search for products and input them into iM Shopping Cart. iMSCdb is currently in Beta but is open to all those who wish to be included in building the database. The service is free and is country specific.



Add a note so you'll never forget little Timmy's construction paper is needed for the big project due next week.



Not only does the app allow you to sort items by stores, you can also use the categories feature to sort items by aisle. When items are connected to categories, iM Shopping Cart will automatically sort the items in to aisles so you'll never have to turn around and go back to find an item.


Item/Product Names

This comes in handy for those of us who like a particular brand of a specific item. My dog really likes a specific dog food and with the Item and Product Names option in iM Shopping Cart, my husband knows exactly which one to grab. I simply put "dog food" as my item name and "Ole Roy Kibbles Chunks N Chews" for the product name.



Use the in-app camera to snap a picture of the store or logo (you can upload them yourself as well) to make it easier to select certain stores in the app. You can also use the Images option for items to make sure you're buying the right one (comes in great when sending the hubby to grab an item he wouldn't normal purchase).

Shopping Records

iM Shopping Cart allows you to keep all your previous lists and tracks your shopping habits. Records include all the information originally included into shopping lists. This way you can track costs and the number of items you are buying at any given time.


To help find an item even quicker within the app, you can select from more than 30 different icons (more coming soon).



Add the price of an item and you'll always know how much money you'll need to get everything on your list. Prices in old shopping lists will remain the same even after you update the price in future trips. This can help you track a store's High/Low weeks so you know when you can get the best deal.

Quantity per Unit

Products are packed in different package sizes. With the Quantity per Unit option you can make sure you're buying the correct package. An easy way to look at this is when adding eggs to iM Shopping Cart you can set that you usual purchase the dozen egg package instead of the half dozen.

Store Connected Items

Connect any item with a specific store so you know where you buy brand specific items. iM Shopping Cart will automatically sort the items by store and you can quickly and easily see what you need to get from each place. If one of your family members is running to one store and you another, send them that store specific list via the Share feature (listed below).

Bar Code Scanner

Now if you can get this option to work (hit or miss on my 9930 and not available on my PlayBook) it's a great way to double check that the item you are purchasing is the correct one. I myself found it easier to just snap a picture versus trying to input the bar code scanner.



My favorite feature is the Recipe option. You can enter in your favorite recipes and the ingredients are connected to items in your database. With a few quick clicks all the items you need are transferred into your shopping list.

B2B Ready

If you own your own store or offer delivery service and would like people to have all the new information and products you sell. This would be a great option for those who have home based business like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef. Your clients can send emails in the in-app email system so you can import them into your application and make your deliveries.

In-app Email System

I know it's hard to believe but some people don't use a native email client. With the in-app email system that's ok. You can still send your lists to friends or family members (not available on all devices)


iM Shopping Cart has a built in Import/Export feature so you'll never have to worry about losing your stored information or if you switch devices.


Create a list and share it with family and friends using the in-app email client.


iM Shopping Cart is available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android

Social Networks

Connect the app with your social networks and let your friends know what you're buying especially if it's a great deal on Blackberry Merlot!

This is a really well thought out app. It has just about anything and everything you could possibly need. I use a different list for Warehousestores like Costco and Sam's Club as well as a Home Repair List. The options are endless. iM Shopping Cart is available for most BlackBerry devices and the PlayBook for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World.

iM Shopping Cart
by i-Mentalist

The Good

Easy to use and new items are being added via the database everyday! The UI is really well done and I love being able to add pictures so my husband will get the right item!

The Bad

Wish the bar code scanner worked but that's a BlackBerry camera issue not an app issue. You do have to input any items that aren't in the database and since the database is new not a whole lot is in there.


This app has the potential to be great. We need more users to add products to the database to make it better. With the future updates that are scheduled to come, I expect this will soon be a favorite of a lot of BlackBerry users as well as other platforms.

iM Shopping Cart

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Reader comments

Your very own personal shopping assistant is here with iM Shopping Cart!


So, can the wife enter the shopping list on the PlayBook and it update on my 9930 without it being an e-mail?

A sync function is in development. Then you will have a web page, where you can create your lists and items, share them with your friends and family. All your items will be in sync on all your devices.
For now you send a list to another person (email) that then imports it in to the app.
Items can be shared across devices via import/export function.

I'll probably jump on this app once this syncing is available. Having lists constantly in sync between my Bold and PlayBook and my fiance's Bold and PlayBook would be extremely useful.

And let me tell you, it went all wonky on my 9930 when I decided to try it and load it. I loved OurGroceries and used it all the time. Ended up bricking my device and I had to reinstall the OS.

There's always Cozi... The BB app stopped working properly several months ago so I created a link to the website. Works great on my 9900.

Shhh...not so loud. My 9900 with OS7 is running OurGroceries just fine. I don't want it to get any ideas and quit working. ;)

I really liked Ourgroceries on my Bold 9700, but it says it is incompatible with OS7 (Bold 9900). I've emailed them twice asking about this and have received no response. Do you know if this is actually compatible with OS7?

A sync function is in development. Then you will have a web page, where you can create your lists and items, share them with your friends and family. All your items will be in sync on all your devices.
For now you send a list to another person (email) that then imports it in to the app.
Items can be shared across devices via import/export function.

At this point, I think I want to wait until I hear more from folks about their live use of the core funtionalities. Been burned too much on apps recently.

It sounds interesting. Can the database tap into store inventories to ascertain if a certain item is available for purchase?

It's understandable that you are careful, but I'm sure our app will not disappoint you.
As for now we don't have a big user base for such an integration in store inventories. As that base will grow, such functionality will be considered to be included in the future releases.

Sounds like a great app. As soon as I can afford a smart phone and data plan for my wife, I will be evaluating this type of app.

I think I would waste more time setting, maintaining and using an app like this than it takes me to shop in the first place. I go in, get what I know I need, and get out. My list is pretty well the same every week and after 20 years of getting groceries and household items for the family, I don't think I need an app for that...I suppose some people might.
For the unusual items we occasionally may need, I just make a memo on the BB. Voice or typed. Depends on my mood. :)

Do you have to buy theapp twice if you want it for your phone and tablet?

Blackberry only since 2006! Currently rocking a Blackberry Playbook/Bold 9900.

"When items are connected to categories, iM Shopping Cart will automatically sort the items in to aisles so you'll never have to turn around and go back to find an item."

Does the app already know what categories are in each aisle or do you setup that up for each store?

The items in lists are sorted by store associated with the item. And in that store by category associated with the item.
So if you have 2 items in category "fruits", they will be listed together to find them sooner.

Sounds interesting. But I'd be happier if there was a trial period to see if it fit my needs.

I started with OurGroceries on OS6. It was OK. Thinking I might like cross platform access to my list, I started doing it in Evernote, which allowed me to include quantities and add to the list in the sequence I normally shop. After awhile, I realized that I mostly only used my phone to create and read the list. And using Evernote meant that data signal could be an issue. So, I started using a memo app. I really don't need brand designation that much. There are a few things I have set brands I buy, most others I purchase by price. Does the app allow for a mix of brands and unspecified?

I'd be happier, I think, with being able to input on one device or on a website (my choice which) and have the rest updated automatically. I live alone, have no one to send me last minute changes. If I'm doing something jointly with friends, they have my phone number.

I was using OurGroceries on my 9850 so it does work in OS7. I emailed them twice to see if they had plans for a Playbook app (I know, I know, I can use the web site), but I never heard back from them. I've posted several comments on the i-Mentalist forums, on this forum, and via email and their customer support has been excellent and has always responded that alone makes the purchase price of this app more than reasonable. I can't stand software developers that will gladly take our money and then disappear after the sale, yes even the dollar apps (or free in this case, they set the price not me).

I've been using iM Shopping Cart for about a month now and I really find it useful. There are some enhancements that will make this app better, I've put my two cents in with the developer and they're promising enhancements are coming, like cloud synching. I don't think you can find a better shopping list app out there for the Playbook right now and if the improvements come it's only going to get better. Worth the price.

Thanx a lot for this kind words! We'll try to do even better in the future since we are soon including some new Support options on our redesigned website.

And if it's not too much to ask I would liek to ask you to review iMSC on App World too. Thank you!

Did so a week or two ago. By the way, when cloud sync arrives, I'll buy this for my wife's Galaxy S. For now it's on my PlayBook and my 9850.

This app is nice and easy to use. Been using it for the last couple of hours and added all my categories . I will add items as I buy them.

Really like this app and finally found a good proper shopping app.

Only one problem and that is the barcode scanner doesn't work on the Bold 9900. Maybe it needs an update or doesn't regonise Irish products. Can't see why it wouldn't regonise Irish products. Tried it on 4 or 5 different products and wouldn't scan either . Scan them in daylight and with the lights in the kitchen on also.

Looking forward to the sync option :).

I'm really glad you like our application! I hope it's not to much to ask but please review it on App World also.

As for BAR Code scanner... it not problem in application. The problem is in continuos focus on 9900 device. Devices with Auto focus can recognize bar codes easy but camera on 9900 doesnt have one. :(

So I downloaded this app for the playbook and now i want to get it for my bb phone, but it is saying I have to pay again???

Previous threads say that you dont have to buy it twice???

Anyone help?

In the screen shot, it looks like a combobox is used for selecting the store at which an item can be purchased. Since comboboxes allow only one selection, this makes it appear that any one item can only be associated with a single store. Is my interpretation of the screen shot correct, or is there a many-to-many relationship between items and stores, as there should be?

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Went to the site and started to purchase this app ... but it is not available for Android or iOS. Sharing shopping lists is a must and many households need cross platform sharing.