Is Your Mute Key No Longer Working For Stand By Mode?

Is Your Mute Key No Longer Working For Stand By Mode?
By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2010 06:10 am EST

It seems a lot of users have noticed this with the most recent OS' released. Kind of weird for it to be removed really, as many users actually enjoyed having the function there. Now that it's gone, many folks have been calling blaming it on a bug. Fact is folks, it's not a bug it's actually intended.

As The RIM knowledge base states:

In earlier BlackBerry Device Software versions the mute key was used to turn standby mode on. Due to changes in the lock key functionality on the BlackBerry smartphone starting in BlackBerry Device software 5.0, the mute key no longer places the BlackBerry smartphone into Standby mode. The mute key will still function to mute calls in the phone application.

Sorry to break the news to those who used the function. It doesn't seem as though the function will be coming back anytime soon. While I never really used the option myself, I'm sure some folks out there wouldn't mind if a 3rd party developer looked into overriding the setting. At the same time, I'm sure some may see it as an improvement to the OS.

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Is Your Mute Key No Longer Working For Stand By Mode?


IMPORTANT: This post is MISLEADING. As a standby user only on my BlackBerry, updating to on my Bold 9000 has IMPROVED the standby functionality in several ways!! This is a GOOD THING.


Am I supposed to fish through menus to put my phone in standby now?

Definitely not impressed. Sticking with .351 for the time being.

Well, with the lock key locking the device keyboard and not the entire device, it should function as a standby mode.

Then again I have a Storm, mutejey/standby never worked and carry it in a sleep holster. Thing is I have a password on my device if I push the LOCK key I want it to lock not just blank the screen that I push any other hard key it lights up anyway. Now if I want to lock my device before the timeout I have to fish through menus, kinda hard if you want to lock your device quick manually.

I use the mute key standby option constantly. I work in a dusty environment and there are no full coverage cases to adequately protect my 9700 that also have standby magnets. I'm currently using a hard shell nylon camera case. Currently on official .405 for ATT and I still have mute key standby. Maybe no upgrades for me now. Unless key lock will also activate standby mode.

What is the "new" setting? Does the right button only mute the device now? How does one put the BlackBerry in standby without involving a magnet?

As long as I have a way to lock it I am fine. Left top or right top, it doesn't matter to me. I carry My Tour in all sorts of pockets and have "pocket dialed" way too often. I like locking/unlocking it with 1 touch.

locking only locks it. standby not only locks it but gives you a kajillion more battery life

WOW! I never realized that Standby saves battery life. My 8330 only had the mute/standy. When I got the tour, I Didn't understand why it had a lock AND a mute/standby key. I figured Stanby was the same as the lock. I've been using the Lock feature because you can also unlock from the screen. I'll be using the stanby feature more now.

By the way, I'm a verizon Tour running O.S. 5.0 v .419. I do believe the Sprint official eliminates standby from the mute. I'll stick with .419. I find it works great. Not sure what all the bugs people talk about are.

I use the standby mode all the time with the mute key on my 8330. Why? because my son got a hold of my brother's BB and hit the 911 key when he had his device locked.....
Yeah my at the time 4 yr old was wrong, but what's next? No sleeper magnet?

So it isn't effecting me yet but once I upgrade or VZW rolls out an officail it definitely will. While at work I use a holster so no problem there but when I toss it in my pocket after work or on the weekends I always use the mute button to put it into stand by.

I would have to think that there is a good reason for removing this feature, otherwise why waste the time. Guessing it either effected something in the newer 5.0 builds or maybe they had to remove it for something that is coming soon.

I put 5.0 on my Tour and I can only lock/standby by using the left side lock key, the mute key no longer puts it in standby mode.

how do you get a hold of that hybrid OS? currently running .461 should i bother with the .509?

I love the mute key standby feature. I'm so hooked on it with my phone when I reach for somebody else's phone I'll quickly tap the mute key if the display is off. It's such a habit. Maybe I won't upgrade for a while.

This is precisely why I left bb and went to the iPhone. RIM keeps effing things up way too much. I have seen the light, bb used to be the greatest thing since sliced bread but now they just straight up blow goat balls

All I can say is, WELL THAT SUCKS!! I use that standby all the time. I love that great feature, keeps me from making pocket calls.

My BlackBerry Bold 9000 running BlackBerry OS (official Telstra Australia upgrade) still has standby... Sort of.

If I hold the mute key down, I don't get the "entering standby mode, press any key to cancel message" that I used to see, but the screen still turns off!


I own a Curve 8520, and I recently upgraded to 5.0 (the official one from Wind Hellas). So far (i.e. 4.6) what i had was:

- long press on * would lock the keyboard; screen would stay on displaying the owner info; unlocking was made by pressing *, followed by Send key;
- long press on Mute (top of phone) would present, for a second or so, the message "Entering standy mode", after which the screen would turn off; getting out of standy mode was made by pressing the Mute Key [which, by the way, in the Curve 8520, also functions as Play/Pause and as a shortcut to Media]

The behaviour I now have is: either a long press on * or a long press on Mute will immediately lock the keyboard and turn off the screen; either way you do this, unlocking is done by pressing Mute (if you press some of the keys, the screen will light up and tell you "keyboard is locked, please press Mute to unlock"). The owner info is not displayed as it used to be when keyboard was locked in 4.6; the only time it appears is when keyboard is locked after turning the phone on, but, unlike in 4.6 (where you had to manually unkock the keyboard with * and Send), it automatically unlocks after one second or less.

I still haven't figured out if the current key lock feature is something between the old "key lock" and "standby" modes.

For those that don't use holsters or sleeper cases, place your BlackBerry on a hyberpad to get the same benefit.

A lot of people seem to be missing that you can put it into standby, by pressing the LOCK key now. I have the Bold 2 (9700) and this came into effect after OS 5.0.442 - so that one is still "safe" but any releases after that will have the new functionality.

I like the new standby mode *better* because it INSTANTLY goes into standby, instead of waiting 10 seconds while giving you that warning message.

What I miss is the original Lock Key functionality, because I no longer have a one-press method of just locking (and thuse securing) the phone instantly.

Ditto. I hate it that I have to use a 3rd party app to lock my phone because it doesn't offer it as an option anymore.

There should be an option to lock the keypad and the phone at the same time by just pressing one button/key.

I did discover that with the 9700 at least, you can press alt+enter to lock it. This is sometimes confused though, as it sometimes brings up the language input selector (which you can turn off in options, and I still need to do).

I had no idea! Thanks for mentioning this! I changed my language selector to Shift+Space and now alt+enter locks WITH PASSWORD. you rock!

Actually I just learned this when I got my new Storm2 and thought it was just related to that.

By holding the power button, it locks, but my understanding is that w/o standby mode or in a holster, the locking mode isn't the same as standby when it comes to battery consumption. Would love if CrackBerry could confirm!?

I definitely notice a difference from my 8830 World Edition. Granted I have a few more apps running, bigger screen and the touchscreen no doubt uses up more battery power, but I used to go a couple days at least without putting my 8830 on the charger. Even without using it as a phone, I end up putting my Storm2 on the charger every night.

*edit* sidebar: Maybe just the Storm2, but also hate that I can't set a delay for asking for a password. Used to have it set for 4 hours, which was a balance between risk and convenience. Now, with having to enter it every time, I don't use a password...probably like most people. Great feature upgrade...not.

Press and hold the "a" key. On my bold with the latest 5.0 Os this puts the phone into standby now. Its much easier and actually faster as the screen dims instantly.

I wish I could take it out of standby with a key insted of the mute key as well. That key is hard to press sometimes.

Nope, that's not standby and you can tell because when you try to wake it using say the "back" key should say that it's in standby and how to properly get it out.

Pressing and holding the "a" key only locks the keyboard - I can't seem find a single key press that now puts it into standby, which like a lot of people is something I use a lot and one reason I replaced my 9000 with 9700 as the mute key had stopped working.

I really think RIM need to reconsider this odd change.

It is standby. However I have only noticed it on my latest OS5 (509 for the bold). I don't know if it was there before that version. When I press and hold the A key it puts it in stand by. They modified it though so that if you press a number key or end/back key it brings up that standby msg. You still have to press the mute key to bring it out of standby. Its the 5.0 standby.

I wasn't even aware of the function until the uproar about it being gone started. It's amazing how vehement some people are about it. Me? I couldn't care less.

why remove this feature? RIM needs to stop changing things that work and start fixing things that don't work...

I use the mute key all of the time on my 8330. I have 5.0 running on it. It works great but if it goes away how else would one put it in standby mode?

The reported inabililty to password lock using the A key is a deal breaker for me. I have too much critical data (passwords, account numbers, etc.) on my device to leave it without password protection. I don't want to mess with having to click on some icon that takes up space on my screen. I need a quick, easy (A key) method to protect the device.

Terrible decision by RIM to remove this functionality. At a minimum they should give users the option of retaining this functionality.

That was my frustration in the forums about the new change. Yes, I understand the BB is becoming more of a "its cool to have one" device for people that could careless about security but, the for few that are left it's really important to me. I have 8 email accts, passwords, banking info, merchant and customer info, site access info, etc. a lot of information that requires security. And I just about every security option turned on including media encryption. If I lost my BB right now all my data would be safe, yes I'd need a new phone but I wouldnt have to worry about any info getting out.

Icon locking and timeout password locking is just not acceptable for a business phone. trading off password locking for standby is silly. Everyone is talking about saving battery and stuff. But, lets be realistic the BB has a insane battery life, I can go up to 2days if not more without recharge with regular usuage. You can definitely get through a 24hr period without recharging a BB. Why not make everyone happy and give the user the option on how they want the button to work.

Someone mentioned in above comments that there is a way to lock with password. Go to Options -> Language and Text Input. Change "Input Language Selection Shortcut" to Shift-Space or None. When The Language Selector is not set to Alt+Enter, that becomes a Password Lock shortcut. I have a 9630 running .484 and it works like a charm for me!

I use this feature all the time and its irreplaceable...i cant imagine using it on another key!!
Miracle habits!! ;))))

So I'm still running 4.7.161 on my Tour, mostly because I was hoping Big Red would come out with a really awesome official 5.0 version someday before I get rid of the device all together. Not sure that will even happen....Anyhow, on the new 5.0 OS does the top left key still lock the phone from performing any operation other than an emergency 911 call? I didn't use the standby mode key much but if the lock key feature has changed or been taken away too then I'm totally screwed. My phone lives in my pocket and we all know what happens to unlocked phones down in the depths of our pants pockets.

Standby mode has been a staple... it removes power from the keyboard and screen... AND SAVES BATTERY LIFE!!!!

WHY take that away... does the Lock button now do this for us.... NO!!!!

Curve 8900 here with from December I think. Mute still works for standby.

Having lock and standby as separate things has always seemed kind of strange to me. Maybe this change is to combine them(?). It seems doubtful they'd take away the battery-saving stand-by mode.

When I lock my Storm 2, the battery life improves immensely. It may not say it's standby mode like it used to, but I see all of the benefits of standby mode anyway. My two cents.

i think the only reason this move is justified is with newer devices such as the storm 2 having a separate mute key from the lock key....i guess the older devices getting the 5.0 upgrade just pretty much get the shaft from RIM

I use standby mode everyday and love it! Why would they take this option out? Unless they plan on adding it to the lock function, I see this as being a big mistake. It's shortcuts like these that are a part of making BlackBerry great!

Its funny to see how many people bitch when rim makes an improvement. I have a 9700 on att that I upgraded from .405 to .545. This new feature is great! Before you could either hold the mute button to put into standby, or tap the lock button to lock keyboard. Standby made it so if you pressed the keys, nothing would happen where if you locked it would light up when you pressed the letters. Now the lock key is the standby key. It instantly shuts the phone down when you tap it. You can also still hold the * to do the same thing. I have no problems with this feature and battery life. I charge my phone at night and since owning it I have not once ran out of juice. The only thing I'm mad about is that damn car charger I waisted $10 on that I have not used once :(

I upgraded from .545 to the .593 leak on this site...and while .593 somehow recovered about 30 mb of space and pretty much everything is running a little smoother, .593 (actually I think pretty much anything above .545) took the lock key functionality away.

It's only a keyboard lock now, as in it only takes a single tap on the same place to unlock it completely. It's almost enough of a dealbreaker to make me downgrade back to 545, i lived and died by that "single tap on top" motion on the way to my pocket!

Just a friendly caution to stay put at .545 if you want to keep that ability. (Side note - yeah, I was blindsided by that damn new adapter, too! and it was literally about two days after I was giving my buddy a hard time for his iPhone's "special" plug...ugh)

Sooo disappointing...but I'm getting used to it now. I guess BB figures we all will in due time :-/

I still hope they bring back a single key 'standby' mode option. Not only did I like it to conserve battery life, but I also liked how it displayed the owner info on the screen.

I always found the standby key to be a pain. I would hit it by accident pulling it out of my belt holster so im happy to see it go!!!

I have the official Sprint 5.0 release for the Tour, and the standby key still works. Oddly, when I upgraded from a leaked version to the new Sprint version, it didn't work, but when I upgraded from the default 4.7 (or whatever it was) to the official Sprint release, it does.


As someone who used standby 99% of the time and lock 1% of the time (only when listening to music because standby would turn off the music), I find the new feature to be SUPERIOR.

The functionality for standby is the exact same for me. Pressing and holding mute puts the phone in standby/lock (the features are essentially combined) - and pressing mute again turns the phone back on. The only difference now is that 1) standby/lock engages delay with warning message, screen just goes black and locks the keyboard and 2) while most of the keyboard is locked, the number pad will turn the phone on (keeping it locked) in order to facilitate easy 911 dialing.

ALSO it's great that standby no longer turns off my music.

I believe the main battery life improvement with standby was that it locked the keyboard so buttons pressed in your pocket wouldn't turn the screen on. That is essentially the same. Press anything (including side buttons) other than CALL/END/BACK/BB Button or 0-9 will not cause your phone to turn on. Hitting those buttons will turn on the screen and display "Keypad is locked. Press the Mute button to unlock." for a few seconds and then turn off again.

I am using a Bold 9000 with

Forgot to mention that holding down the A/* key will standby/lock exactly the same as holding down mute...but only mute will remove the lock.

"Forgot to mention that holding down the A/* key will standby/lock exactly the same as holding down mute...but only mute will remove the lock."

Don't you mean "but only the lock button will remove the lock" since the mute key is limited to mute/un-mute. mute key is the only key I use to enable and disable standby/lock mode. This is how it works on

If I wanted to put the phone into standby/lock with the a/* key I could but I am used to the mute button and that's how I've used standby since I first got my BB.

Fascinating. I'm running .509 on my 8900 and the mute key does not do that. It is limited to muting only. I engage/disengage my locked BB using the lock button. Hmmmm... which BB are you using?

The 9000 doesn't have a lock and a mute key. just a mute key like the 8300, 8100, etc. 8900 has a lock key on the top left and a mute key on the top right just like all of the newer BB's

That's great...for you. I'm getting the impression from the amount of comments posted though that many folks are actually finding value in the this post. :)

You are causing people who have not yet tried the newer 5.0 versions afraid to do so because of something that is not true at all. I can't speak for phones besides my Bold 9000 but the standby/lock functionality has improved for me. You should make that clear.

I am not sure what RIM's knowledge base thing you posted there really means...perhaps the term "standby" has been done away with and they are calling this new standby/lock feature just "lock."

Either way, it works even better for me now and your post makes it sound like we're all SOL if we wanted to use it.

It's not me thats causing the confusion. It's the variations of OS' that's causing the confusion. You stating it's working on one OS and having another person on the same OS with a different device telling you the options are not the same is pretty much confusing as well.

You're speaking from 3 different OS versions on one singular device, as you stated. Consider the fact you have at least 3-5 used devices running OS 5.0 out there. Add in the factor of those people running many different variations. Then you have the problem of trying to make a point from a one device perspective which is simply not possible. Given the amount of variables added to the mix. If I had all the devices in question, I'd try and sort it out for you but I simply do not.

This is why the comments exist and users can sort through what information is valid for their devices based on their OS. The information is, as it was posted on the RIM knowledgebase. They stated "5.0" as to where it began in the process and on which device(s) it carriers over to is not known to me..or you. So to say it's inaccurate is only partially's not that it's inaccurat, it's that the info given to end users from RIM is not complete.

Fair enough. However you do nothing to help sort through the problem. Your post does not make it seem like there is some ambiguity going merely makes it seem like it's black and white, standby is gone forever.

My personal guess is that "standby" as it was is gone. However, the lock function has been changed to be more like standby (i.e. keyboard/side buttons deactivated to prevent accidental power on to conserve battery). In that sense yes standby is no more, but the essence of it still remains.

It's unfortunate that some people read your post and despair about "another stupid decision by RIM" because they trust as a reputable source of information. Most people will never revisit these comments. Perhaps you pushed one person over the edge with RIM and they smashed their BlackBerry against the wall and went out and bought an iphone and never have a reason to visit again: you just lost a customer.

That's a little over board...the hard core user, the ones who actually know how to use their BlackBerry (like you) are the only ones that are gonna notice and care about this anyways. And if you're that hardcore about the functionality then certainly you'll take the time to find out more about it.

Again, it is as it was posted by RIM. Could I have elaborated and went through a full explanation...sure, but 9/10 of the people wouldn't have even made it halfway through the explanation.

Like I said, those who care....are reading the comments clearly..otherwise it would never have reached thismany comments. And from looking at said comments and as I mentioned before, the situation is not cut and dry for everyone to explain it one way...may not even make sense for another person due to the wide variations.

Prime example is the fact you love it...others thathave it on their OS don't feel the same way as you. They want it back to the way it was previously despite the fact you personally find it beneficial.

Yes, the situation is not cut and dry but your post is. That's the problem.

Having used these forums for awhile now it is VERY clear that all the people on this site are not "hard core" BB users. There are many people who are clueless - no offense to them - but they come here in need of help with basic issues and that's great.

The reason this post reached that many comments is because of your "cut and dry" post. Perhaps that was your intention; unfortunately it's to the detriment of RIM and - in my opinion (yes I know it's not a huge deal - that is just an example - but the post is misleading nonetheless). If you had made it clear that there was ambiguity going on and some people still have perfect standby functionality - that the lock functionality was improved to be more like standby, which some people find to be an improvement overall - more people (like myself) would have seen this post as less significant and not posted the "OMG how could RIM be so dumb I LOVE STANDBY" posts.

Perhaps some added detail in the article would be beneficial to clear up the confusion. Up until, the lock/mute buttons worked as they always have. It also seems that .509 builds have different behaviour depending on the BlackBerry model. On the 8900, the mute key is only for mute and will not invoke any lock/standby mode. On the 9000, the mute key seems to trigger the lock/standby mode.

With OS on the 8900, they completely eliminated the lock key and only the mute key worked.

Now they've flip flopped it with .509 on the 8900.

Ball of confusion! ;)

More detail would be awesome! In my case:

Bold 9700:

** (official AT&T OS) -
Lock Key on Top put the phone in a completely password-protected state.

** (OS Leak on this site) -
Lock Key on Top only locks the keyboard, no option to password protect. Only way to do that for me is Alt+Enter or the Home Screen Icon.

Lesson - If you want to keep that functionality, STAY WITH .545!

(But I have to say, aside from that, .593 is fantastic!)

I use the hold-mute-standby option, but it never did make sense to me. Hold-*lock*-standby makes sense. Push-lock to avoid pocket-dialing; hold-lock to save battery, too.

And I've wished I could configure that.

And then, as long as I was wishing, I wished I could use the "mute" key to set the "in-a-movie" profile. If I'm not on a call, that just makes sense to me.

But I'm still wishing...why not have flexibility? What I'd *really* like is to be able to configure *all* of the keys (did I mention that I turned off the push-a-key-to-look-up-a-contact; now my letters are hot-keys to apps...I just wish I could specify the apps!)

I'd like to be able to say push does this, hold does this, alt+push does that, alt+hold does the other...maybe even shift+push, shift+hold...and if we want to go hog-wild, double-push too...

I wouldn't mind much if the "straight-hold" options (no alt, no shift) were bound to the address book the way they are now...but I'd still like to have complete control. Like turn "q" into my voice-mail button, so I can assign "w" to "call work".

With that many options...if I could remember what I've got configured...I could get to *any* program right away.

NE Way, that's my rant. Thanks for listening.

(PS: I know there's an app that allows much of this - but I have to hit an extra button to fire that app up...bleah)

Now if they would only remove that lock key on top, the 9700 would be perfect!
I don't use either, I would like it to be an option like the side buttons.

Use a great app called AutoStandby from Steelhorn software, you can have it automatically put your BB into standby (or full lock) on a timer based from your screen timeout. I don't use a case typically as it goes in my pocket, so I always need the keyboard lock, and the battery saver of course. It's a great little app, you can also set disabling rules if you want it not to activate when you are in a certain program like the Browser for instance. After you set it up as you like through it's entry in Options, it's turned on and off by pressing the mute button three times, so if you are doing something--i.e. listening to a Google voice message--you can do that to stop it from activating, then turn it back on when you're done.

im till trying to figure out all the ins and outs o this new update. the stand by function is a very important one for me. when i got my 8900 i used to lock it coz im a leftie and button was closer to my finger. then i found out that stand by mode saves more batter power, so i made an effort to use stand by. now when i got used to the stand by button being the mute key, they go and switch it again...

i have 2 important questions i really hope someone who downloaded the OS can answer me.

1. does it infact put the phone on stand by ( meaning it turns off the keyboard completely even if buttons are pressed nothing happens unlike lock when it pops up to tell you the keyboard is locked)

2. in the .461 version the lock button was only used when a password was set, and you had to write that poassword every time you wanted to unlock it.

is that the same case for .509? not only did they put stand by with lock but also a password is needed? coz if thats the case i wont update ever!

also another question is it even worth updating from .461 to .509? any extra features im missing out?

.509 is amazing on my Bold 9000.

1) The only differences between the new standby/lock feature and old are

a) Holding mute or a/* do the same thing: instantly (no delay) turn off the screen and lock the keyboard/side buttons. Only the mute button will take it out of standby/lock.

b) The keyboard/side button lock is exactly like the old standby except that the numbers 0-9 will turn the screen back on...this is to facilitate easy 9-1-1 or other emergency dialing.

c) Standby/lock does not turn off music that is playing like the old standby did.

2) The password being set is no longer associated with standby/lock. It works the same whether a password is set or not. To lock with a password you can either set a "security timeout" anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes of inactivity or you can manually lock it with the "Lock Phone" icon that appears when you enable a password.

Thank you !!! Now if you can also do an official post that states not having a 3G icon is NOT A BUG and not being able to do over 160 charaters in SMS is NOT A BUG as well maybe the crazy whining threads will stop or at least slow...

i thought the issue was the "a" key no longer locks the device, the mute button still puts the device into standby mode on .509 here... i think what people are upset is that "a" does the same thing, and that the only way to get out of it is to press the mute button.

I have never really used the mute key before. Once or twice to see what it did, but I usually just lock my device and drop it in my purse.

It's only the newer 5.0 releases that have this - I'm running 5-.411 on my 8900 and both top keys work as they always have.

Can we get a definite confirmation of what the LOCK key does on these new OS's? Does it still just lock the keyboard or has it taken over the STANDBY feature?

Also, I've read on here that these newer OS's have a feature where you control the amount of time it takes for the password to set. So once you set a password for the lock key, you can control how long it takes before you would need to actually enter it when unlocking the phone. If you really want privacy/security, you would set it take effect immediately. If you just use the lock feature casually to prevent accidental keystrokes, set the password timer for maximum time. If you are just using lock/standby in between uses, then the password shouldn't activate before you need to unlock it again.

You think that applies to all devices? It would make sense to keep everything the same across all formats.

I hope clearly seems like an intentional change. What worries me is that the same OS (.509) for the 8900 does not use the mute key. I would hope that's just a bug and what I am enjoying on my 9000 is the future of standby/lock because it's much improved.

the only reason i use standby is to avoid accidental locking on onyx. the top buttons are too easy to accidentally press, resulting in having to unlock every several minutes between uses.

standby don't really save battery, so not really useful i think.

Forgive me if this is already being done.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we need to do now is figure out which 5.0 OS's have the Mute key standby and which don't. Maybe the best place to do this is in the forums but what we need to do is have people post there device, OS version, and whether or not the mute key works for standby or not. Once we have that information we can figure out which OS we should use depending on whether or not we want that feature or not.

For the Bold 9000 I believe it was like this:

.411 normal
.464 password required to lock
.509 standby/lock combined into 1 excellent feature

I have not read about a Bold 9000 5.0 OS where the mute key will not initiate a standby or standby/lock.

weird I have, when I hold the mute button, it goes on standby, if I press it quick, it just mute the phone. Where is the problem ?

On 9700 with new OS:
-pressing mute key just mutes music or calls
-pressing former "Lock" key now invokes keyboard lock/standby but not password lock
-in order to get password lock, either press "alt + enter", use password lock icon, or wait for amount of time you've set.

I personally wish I could still password lock with the top button as that is my habit, but I see the benefits of having lock/standby be on one key instead of two separate keys...

I preffer using the key lock button to lock my cellphone...

it's a good idea after all...Mute key = mute!

key lock = key lock/standy mode

very nice

I am a bit of a n00b to BB, so I do not understand the difference between lock and standby. This is what I have and what it does:

Device: 8530
-Pressing and holding mute will put my device into "Standby" mode.
-Pressing and holding A/* will "Lock" the device.
While locked, my owner info is displayed, but while in standby my regular homescreen is shown. If I press any key while in standby mode (besides the mute button) it will turn on the screen and tell me that it is in standby mode and that I must press mute to exit this mode. If I press a key while the device is locked, it will turn the screen on and tell me that the device is locked and that I must push "A/* + Send" to unlock it. Lastly, if my device is locked and I press and hold the mute button it will ALSO enter standby. Thus, I have to press the mute key then press "A/* + Send" to actually use the device.

That being said, can someone please tell me (or define) what the terms "Standby" and "Lock" actually mean? In practice I cannot see any difference between the two, however they may be working differently behind the scenes in regards to battery life and such. Thanks for the help!

The classic standby was different from lock in that it disabled all but the large keys on the keypad...and all buttons except that button presses in your pocket did not turn the device on...with lock the screen/keyboard LED would come on and tell you to it was locked...thus wasting battery.

Standby may also have had some internal component that saved battery...judging by the fact that standby would turn music off if you were listening to it...thus the only reason I ever needed to use the lock instead of standby.

The new standby/lock seems to combine the best of both worlds...for me at least.

Since we are dealing with a smartphone, why not give people that option to designate that key as they choose.

Press and hold for a second, the top left button and it puts the Tour into Lock Mode. Quick Press the top right button and it puts it into Mute. Press and hold the top right button and the 9630 enters Standby with a message on the screen confirming. Works fine on Alltel.

is a way to lock the keyboard, etc. and not have the option to accidentally call 911.
That is why I basically use standby, but then again I am on an old device.....

It was a "two-fer"...lock the keyboard and save the battery with just one press of a button. I've used the mute function maybe twice since I bought the device, and standby only every time I had finished using it. What? This is better functionality? An improvement? Better for me that my battery doesn't drain so fast and I'll press the phone to my shirt if I want to mute it...howzat?

I've notice this on my Tour but on my Storm 2 I don't have to worry about it because if having a stand by button and mute button on the top. RIM should do that to all devices!

Currently the Mute/Standby button works as it always has.
I am trying to figure out on the newer OS's what the Lock button does.

If you press the Lock button it Locks it an if you hold the Lock button does it Standby it?


Lock is now Standby meaning that when you press Lock it Standbys the device?

The Mute button doesn't work the same for me (Tour 9630).

I use a password to protect my device. The Mute key used to put the phone into "Password Lock" (there a better term for this?)

Now the Mute button, well, mutes. While the Lock button and A key both lock the keyboard, but don't put the device into password-protect mode.

This is a big deal for me. Now I have to assign the "Password Lock" app to a primary slot, or assign it to the side convenience key. Using "Mute" for that was always preferable.

wow, that makes me not want to update my OS!

As a corporate BES controlled BlackBerry I'm required to have a complex password. Standby allows me to keygaurd my phone quickly and easily without having to lock it and then enter my password to unlock it when I want to use it just moments later.

I find it weird how the mute key no longer put my 9000 in standby mode, but it was running a version of that I have a 9700 running, of course, a version of 5.0 the button works just fine for standby mode...I don't get it

I like that mute key for standby and I use it all the time.
Fortunately I have an ATT Bold 9000 so I probably won't see OS 5.0 anytime soon LOL.

Well im Stuck on version 5.0.314!! Everything still works for me, and i still get the 5.0 features. VVM-Picture scroll, and all that good stuff. And my standby still works. 5.0 was pretty buggy if u ask me.. I was even having a problem with my mp3 player.. if i was listenin to music, & got alerted, my music would stop...Before 5.0 my 8900 never did that..So i ran thru a few os's. And i found 5.0.314 was the most stable. is anybody else havin these problem on the newest os? exmple.

Contacts info not coming up.
Music stops playing we u get an alert.
BBM crashing.

Lemme know if its safe to upgrade to the newest.. Or should i just stay put.

my mute key doesnt work for standby, but not because of software. the button itself is worn out and i have to jam it in with a lot of force to get it to do anything, it sucks. I'm on a bold 9000, does anyone happen to know how a fix to this?

I'm running Tank's Act 2 .491 and my standby key is still working however I also have BerrySlider installed and when I put the phone into standby, the BerrySlider isn't activated anymore, even though the check in for the mute key being setup correct within BerrySlider says everything is setup right.

I'm not sure if anyone has covered this, because I don't have the patience to read through three pages of comments. Here's my take on the whole situation.

We haven't lost any functionality! In 4.7, the only difference between Lock and Standby was that Lock imposed a password and Standby did not. For those of you that argue that Standby mode saved you battery life -- Lock functionality will save the same amount. That's why RIM did away with Standby! The main consumption of battery life is caused by radio functions (call/data/text, Bluetooth, GPS) and by screen backlight. Standby mode did not disable your radio -- because if it did, you wouldn't be able to receive calls when in Standby. So all this leaves is the screen. Both Lock and Standby turned off the screen, but one imposed a password. When I was still using 4.7, I alternated between Lock and Standby to test battery life, and it was the same either way. STANDBY DID NOT SAVE ANY EXTRA BATTERY LIFE AS OPPOSED TO LOCK!

So that leaves us with one downfall -- not having a shortcut to impose a password when locking your device. Bitemark was kind enough to post the shortcut he found on his Bold, and it works on my Tour as well. Alt+Enter will lock your device AND impose the password. However, most devices default to using Alt+Enter for the Language Input selector. If you go into Options -> Language and Text Input, you can change your option for the shortcut under "Input Language Selection Shortcut". Select Shift-Space if you use this feature, or choose None if you don't switch between languages. Once you save these settings, your Alt+Enter will function as a Lock device WITH PASSWORD.

Problem solved!

Unfortunately, we still won't achieve the same battery life we did with 4.7 because that's just a flaw with the new OS. This is a much bigger problem that RIM needs to address... why does battery life suck on 5.0?!?

You're missing the fact that standby disables side/keyboard buttons. If you press the buttons while in standby (i.e. numerous accidental presses in your pocket) the device will not react.

If you press the buttons while the phone is locked, the device turns on: screen and keyboard LED back-light. For some people this can cause significantly worse battery life on its own.

The new standby/lock combines the best of both!

My Mute button still puts the phone in standby mode and I'm running the newest 5.0 for the bold 9000.

The last update I did to rendered my Lock button useless unless I had a password. I had to use the Mute button to go to standby in place of the lock. I never use the Mute button. I always hit the Lock button on top and put my 8900 in my pocket. I only password my device when I am going out somewhere where I could potentially lose it. So it was now a hassle every time I unlocked my BB. So I went back to Lock Button works again, and no need to use the Mute button. So I am kind of lost as to where this posting it coming from. I lost Lock, not Standby/Mute.
To add to this, I have not tried the latest As long as the lock key still works on the 8900 with .509 like it does on the 8900 with .411, I will gladly update. But I see someone said something about not being able to have the password activate when pressing the lock button. Can anyone else confirm this or deny?

This is bs. What "feedback" did RIM get saying that this feature wasnt desired? I use it all the time. GRRR. Back to .419 for the Tour. No more hybrids or new leaks for me. looks like I wont be upgrading anytime to the Tour2/New Bold any time soon either. I really got ticked off when i found that the device lock and standby mode had been changed. Now Ive gotten my gripe in. Thanks. lol

The new upgraded way is much better. I never really understood the old way of locking and standby. For all of the crybabies out there, shut up! The people on here will never be pleased with anything. The new way serves as the same function but in my opinion, better. But it is still just an opinion!

The worst part is hitting the "Lock Key" doesn't even lock the phone proper anymore. It just "locks" the keyboard. Serious security issue in my opinion.

Well, when I first bought my BB, I thought why would one keep the "mute" key for "standby" function. Either their understanding of english is not correct or they just made a mistake.

Mute = mute the calls
Standby = be on a lethargic mode, ready to wake up when required, immediately. Saves battery.

It seems they have corrected it now and I am glad they did.

People get used to it, like you wrongly got used to mute=standby. :)

Well this sucks rim. I downgraded because of it. Looks like I will stick with .411 since I have no problems with it. I'm starting to hate rim now with their crappy devices and outages. I love my BB tho. So hard to stay yet so hard toleave.

I keep hitting that stupid key every I go into my pocket to get my phone. Quite annoying.

I haven't downloaded the latest OS yet since it's not officially released by my carrier...but that's a good change.

This feature is quite helpful to me, I liek to put my phone on standy when im sleep, when im using my phone to play music in my car....its a great feature it saves my battery from dying so fast...why is blackberry doing dumb things?? I have the curve 8900 so I dont have 5.0 I was thinking of getting it but im not so sure now, plus there are other things about 5.0 that scare me

I have not yet upgraded to OS 5.0 (Verizon customer!), but I understand that in 5.0, the Mute Key no longer puts the device into Stand By mode. This is a huge loss for me. I probably use that feature more than any other - dozens of times a day, everytime I put the device in my pocket. In fact, I use this so often that I am now considering NOT upgrading if/when Verizon releases the new OS. That way, I will still be able to use that feature, at least until it is time to upgrade my device.

I don't know why RIM keeps eliminating small features that are useful to people in their OS updates (elimination of the call timer ring a bell?). Seems to me that it takes an actual effort by a programmer to remove a feature that is already there.

the most annoying thing is that while in the holster my mute key no longer pauses the music player. I use this frequently whenever i have to interact with a customer, so now it's try not to crash while driving as I remove my bb wait 2 seconds then hit mute

I'm using (which works great btw) on my rogers bold 9000 and my mute key still puts me in standby. So... Awesome.

What a bunch of BS. I'm running and the mute key can put the BB in standby. I actually just learned the mute key can do that, two days ago.

Where did you get this information? There are some people who have upgraded their phones to the wrong software version (like people who have had the Blackberry Tour upgraded to software that was meant for the Blackberry Curve), so all the features don't work properly. Anyway, I have the new Blackberry Curve 8330 from Boost Mobile running the v5.0.0.419 OS and my standby works just as it always has on other models.

Where did you get this information? There are some people who have upgraded their phones to the wrong software version (like people who have had the Blackberry Tour upgraded to software that was meant for the Blackberry Curve), so all the features don't work properly. Anyway, I have the new Blackberry Curve 8330 from Boost Mobile running the v5.0.0.419 OS and my standby works just as it always has on other models.

Where did you get this information? There are some people who have upgraded their phones to the wrong software version (like people who have had the Blackberry Tour upgraded to software that was meant for the Blackberry Curve), so all the features don't work properly. Anyway, I have the new Blackberry Curve 8330 from Boost Mobile running the v5.0.0.419 OS and my standby works just as it always has on other models. how can I exit now from the key lock if I DON'T have any mute button anymore?!?!?
Before the os 5.0 upgrade my key lock feature was enabled by pressing the "A" button for 2sec and exis by pressing the "A+phone" sequence.....BUT NOW?!?!?

I'm not happy at all the Standby was removed. I purchase Auto Standby which would go into Auto Standby mode after 30 seconds, now I have to try to get my $$ back! Why on earth do they take functionality like that away?? many complaints. Thought I'd put my two cents in!
I have a Bold 9000. OS is .509.....I downgraded from the .554 because of too many "SMS issues/bugs". I love the .509 version!

Top/left button has TWO functions -
1. Quick press once *will* mute your music
2. Press and hold will put the phone on standby mode. To me, it's like a "soft lock". Press and hold the button again and it will come out of standby mode...but you don't have to enter a password - so it's not a "true lock" function.

I found that if I enabled the Password (Options>Password)that I suddenly had a weird looking icon in my Applications folder. It looks like a little green robot - very weird because the icon actually looks like the Motorola Droid blow up that CB had posted about "BB Tour to take down Motorola Droid" on April 1st!!!!

So, once you have enabled your Password, you get the "droid" icon and can "true lock" your phone - set to auto-lock anywhere from 1 minute to 60 minutes; number of password attempts, etc.

The only problem I have with the "true lock" function, is that (with my current theme) I can't put the "droid" on my main screen. I also tried to set the left convenience key, to be my Password Lock, via Options>Screen/Keyboard. It shows that Password Lock is set to the Left Convenience Key...but it doesn't work. I've restarted and did several battery pulls. So, my work around, is that I just hit the BB key and select the "droid". BAM! My phone is locked and requires my password to unlock.

FYI - something I learned from a post on CB...I set my Owner Information to read: "GPS Enabled! Please contact 816-XXX-XXXX. (I also have a great app called Phone Basics (free, not a trial- in BB App World) that can lock your phone remotely from your computer or another phone and also send you GPS info (via Google maps) that is pretty accurate, if you lose your phone!)

Sorry for such a long post..Just wanted to make sure I posted exact info, as clearly as possible! Hope this information is helpful to someone!

anyone help me out please reply to me in a personal inbox message, since i done the update on my phone the stand by mode went and the keypad lock style had changed but i was sitting here at my pc and my phone was locked and i see it light up and its unlocked itself, how stupid is this its like its on a set timer to unlock, if so thats very silly idead because my phone will now make calls in my pocket. well done blackberry !

if you want to password-lock your phone since that doesn't happen with the new functioning anymore, hold down alt and the send key :) put your phone into standby - simple as that. I figured this out by implementing the feature, and then putting it into a blackberry pouch. When I removed the phone, the screen lit up immediately, and the keypad was unlocked. In conclusion: the button put it into suspend mode, and removing it from the pouch put it back into active mode.

I am neither admonishing, or condoning the new feature with this post.
I am running a 8530 on vzw. I hear of some people on this post that seem to have later versions than others that have retained a standby, on the same device/carrier. and some that are still running 4.7 that have lost it. It seems to be random across the board, with no real pattern.
It seems that there is no real rhyme or reason to whether or not the standby feature is still available on the os5 phones. I discovered standby, just before I upgraded to os5. After the upgrade, standby went away. The mute/standby button, and the a/lock button do exactly the same thing. Both will lock the kb, but if I press one of my hard keys (send, menu, back, or end), or a numerical key, the screen and kb will both reactivate and tell me that the keyboard is locked and to press the mute key. the alpha keys (everything right of the numeral/alpha keys) don't cause any action from the phone.
Very odd. Either way, my battery life isn't really an issue, since I have GPS enabled at all times, and that drains it to the point where I recharge at least once a day, anyways.