This is your digital life, and your carrier knows every bit of it

By Adam Zeis on 3 Aug 2012 10:33 am EDT

Have you ever really wondered just how much data your phone gives away about you? German politician Maite Spitz gave a brilliant TED talk on your carrier collects crazy amounts of data from your mobile phone use. Spitz had asked his phone company Deutsche Telekom for this data multiple times, however they refused each time, so Spitz filed a lawsuit. He ultimately won and agreed to drop the lawsuit in exchange for his data. What he got was a file with over 35,000 lines of code that showed his life over the last six months. With help from ZEIT ONLINE and OpenDataCity, Spitz mapped out a visualization of his life -- all thanks to his mobile phone data -- and the results are astounding.

It's pretty crazy to see just how much your carrier and other agencies know about you just from your phone use. granted, using a BlackBerry is secure, but your carrier can still get at your data Just a reminder to be careful with all of the data you lay out online (not just on your mobile phone). Check out the full video above and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Android Central

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This is your digital life, and your carrier knows every bit of it


Great video but pretty creepy for sure. Its like 1984 is happening in 2012.

Once you put your info out there you cant take it back and are at the mercy of people who have it.

In corporate Canada/America there is zero respect for the average Joe.

True story. I once gave my phone number to Scotia Bank here in Canada. Their privacy policy was good and stated my info would NOT be sold to any 3rd parties.

Within a month I was harrased by countless telephone solicitors every day. It got so bad I had to change my phone number. When Scotia asked for my new phone number I point blank told them what they did, and said they could kindly go F*** themselves.

Never give your real information to anyone for any reason.
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Great read

I worked at a Canadian carrier and even as a second level Mobile/Network support, the amount of data we could pull and see live was daunting. Your mobile is an open book, recording all.

Let's just say it was simple to pick out the dumb @ss dope dealers and p@rn freaks

I have nothing to hide...except my credit card numbers....and my SS#...and my pornographic text messages...and that one night at that one place in that one city...and.......

so as a bb user, does it stand to reason that such data is not as easily deciphered because of RIM's infrastructure ? Im genuinely curious.

Great post btw.

I believe that data sent through the BIS/BES would not be deciphered by your carrier, however phone calls, text messages, GPS coordinates and anything else that goes around the BIS/BES is open season for your carrier.

The dark side of the information age. You can be certain the same is in place here in North America. And I love the irony that he was born in 1984.

Thanks for this post. Sort of makes me feel a little silly that I pride myself on knowing every little shortcut in my device Os and barely even think about something like this that is important. As someone who lived in a country during revolution I know how critical this is to those fighting oppression. It is a very "now" issue!

I have been asking for a long time for CrackBerry to have regular articles on security issues. When an app wants access to certain info I never know what to do. I am willing to bet there are those in the CB Nation with knowledge they would be more than willing to share. Lead the way, CB!

I agree - I also want to know what it 'really' means when an app wants access to files, or location etc.

I don't just mean that the app then provides access or utility to whatever the app is about .... I mean what can the app maker also do with that data or also 'see'.

CB could you do reviews on some of the biggest selling apps like Evernote and Wunderlist etc


well, holey-how-to-give-away-my-position-by-carrying-a-cell-phone batman, looks like wayne enterprises isn't the only one who can track the joker.

This isn't new to me I remember calling T-Mobile a couple of months back to have my email password reset, and I was amazed and floored at the amount of data downloads and websites I had visited that the customer service agent read back to me. I couldn't and didn't say a word I was shocked.

While we waited for a confirmation email to be sent to me he just starts to name stuff I had downloaded from the app store, he said he'd never seen someone with as many contacts that I had and actual websites that I had visited.

So yes be aware, and this was a first level customer service person who apparently doesn't need any high level clearence to acess this type of info.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

They do have it but its largely not harmful to the average Joe. It is certainly questionable whether or not they should keep it but with subscribers running into thousands/millions it will rarely be detrimental to any of us specifically.

Don't they need a warrant to do this? Couldn't see the video in this article. The area is blank. Was it censored already?

I am in Canada and watched the video just fine. Maybe it is blocked in your goegraphic region? I run into garbage like that all the time when streaming stuff from the US. The government are corrupt.
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