Is your contact list in disarray? Give Contact X a try!

Contact X from VietHop Software might just fix it for you

By Bla1ze on 18 Apr 2013 11:01 pm EDT

For as far back as I can remember, my contact list has always been a disaster. I've tried several times to get things back in order but it never really seems to work out so in the end, I just give up trying. As long as the contacts I need can be found I'm perfectly fine with that.  At this point, it's hard to say where the problem comes from because it's not 'just a BlackBerry thing' for me.

It happens across all platforms. That leads me to think it's Gmail but that's just a wild guess. In one last ditch effort to get things sorted out, I grabbed Contact X from BlackBerry World for my BlackBerry Z10 after reading about it in the CrackBerry Forums, to see if it would help in any sort of way. Much to my surprise, it cleaned up quite a few of my contacts and saved me a lot of hassle thanks to some superbly implemented features:

  • Import Contacts: all the contacts on the device will be backup to the VFC file type that is supported by Google Contacts and Outlook.
  • Export Contacts: From VFC file, user can export to the contacts on the device.
  • Merge Contacts: application will find duplicated contacts, then user can choice merge by phone or by name (Contact X work with local contacts, SIM Contacts and contacts are synchronized with email account (support CardDAV).
  • Delete all Contacts: Remove all the contacts off the device, be careful with this function.

The feature I used specifically was the merging of contacts. Sure, I could have gone through and done it all manually but that's a huge pain in the ass and let's be honest - I'm lazy at times. In the end though, Contact X managed to find all my contacts that had been mismatched and merged them all for me, subsequently reducing my train wreck of a contact list down to 77 well organized entries. I'm not going to say it will work as good for everyone as it did me but for the price of the app, it's certainly worth a shot.

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Is your contact list in disarray? Give Contact X a try!


Are you sure you're sure?

You know you can't turn back right?

You really want to remove all your contacts?

Do you maybe want to talk about why?

(^ I need it to ask all that.)

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Gmail contacts suck. . .Outlook does a much better job. . .was hoping the Z10 would make an app like this unnecessary . . .but oh well . . .

This app is a life saver. the duplicate contacts issue is finally resolved. I think I read at least 100 threads about this issue. A big thank you to the developer

You can try to click the link in this post which should take you into BlackBerry world by passing the start page. Worked for me when I loaded Blaq and my BlackBerry world was down. Another way is to go into your music app, hit the 3 dots on the lower right corner and select BlackBerry world

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This app is just what I needed! Amazing app! It merges even when there are multiple links to the same contact. Nice work ! :D

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I soooo like the developers, that we need to search "basic " things in different apps and not in the system.
Thanks g-d that in update 10.1 I'll ( able to paste into dialer, before I was using "flow dialer". (((
I don't think they really use the phone as main phone.

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I'm not sure but using youmail for your voice mail seems to duplicate contacts. Doesn't BB10 have the option to not allow duplicate names in the options in the contact app like os 7.1 and below. My ocd can not allow me to have a contact list in such a mess.

Just used it. My contact number went from 1000+ to a little over 430 and it only missed one set of duplicates. Nice

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That's bad, my algorithm is not good enough. LOL... By the way, be careful with merging by number. It could merge all of your team mates contacts into one.

Uhhh, duplicates can be solved by showing only certain contacts via settings or linking contacts together. Swipe down from top bezel of contacts app.

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Try hitting link to app in this post or go into your music app, tap 3 dots in lower right hand corner and select BlackBerry world. But bypass the start up page and have worked for others. Fix is out and filtering through.

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Just used Gmail yesterday and it did the job without paying. ... Now I am the Produkt, not the customer

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ok this app is effing amazing. deleted 95% of my duplicates. blackberry should buy this company and preinstall this in every device to make up for how dodgy the native contacts app is

Why should they buy them? Seriously? The developer is doing a great job providing a native app. They don't need to be bought out.

Whoa ease up. Was just saying blackberry contacts app is so bad, it would be great if this fix was pre installed on every device. It's a hypothetical that would never happen.

As an aside though, I reckon the developer would do way better financially if blackberry bought them out!

Sorry about that.
Time can't really be supplemented with money, so if they did get bought by blackberry, it wouldn't speed it up much. It's google/yahoo/other sync services, including facebook and BES/IT related issues that cause mass-duplication. That's something the contacts application has no control over.

Hey, 71 contacts, yes you are a bit lazy--to use your own words.. ... Mostly kidding but "put it to the test," or pretend that you did. There must be nearly 71 different contact potential entry/usage problems. Albeit no reason, I guess, for a problem with 700 entries. Still, the 71 isn't exactly a confidence booster or sale point(especially for a paid app)... Thanks for recommendation.

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The toughest case I have been reported is 14,000+ entries of contacts and finally it got fixed and clean after few crashed times. So please restart the device and only run Contact X if you haven't got it working.

I have about 5000 contacts. Tried to merge contacts. It fetched contacts and identified many duplicates. The moment i merge 1 set (2 contacts which are duplicate), it starts fetching contacts again. if I have to remove my 2000 odd duplicate contacts, this would take me forever. I am somehow skeptic about using auto merge

Yup, so far this is kinda complicated to explain, simply to say, it needs to grab the latest state of the Contacts to do the job properly. We have been testing many times without re-fetching and the outcome is unexpected, it doesn't seem right, that's why for now, we leave it working like that to be safe. And you can count on the Auto-Merge. But BE CAREFUL with merging by number. We don't recommend turning ON auto merge for duplicated numbers.

Why is everyone buying apps like this? That's like buying a 2013 Mercedes and buying replacement parts for it when it's new. Idk It just seems like a lot more apps are being released to make it seem like the Z10 is up to par with small things like this

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Because the developer has made a great app to solve GMAIL/google and other contact synchronization that causes mass duplicates that devices cannot solve themselves. Think about it.

Great app! Been living with 400 duplicates after giving up manually fixing. Worth the buck without a doubt.

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Although I really appreciate it when app devs step up when BB failures so utterly and completely. This app never should have been needed. Come on BB get your shit together and get me working calendar/contact syncing and a device that can stay on for more than 5 minutes. I defended BB to all my friends and what do I get for a it, a phone I can barely use to communicate and a bunch of egg on my face. /rantoff

What? Your blackberry won't stay on for more than 5 minutes? That's a power saving feature. Honestly, the developer did a GREAT job. Why bash them? Blackberry doesn't have to get their stuff together either. It's google/yahoo/others that need to resolve the duplication issue. Itks NOT A BLACKBERRY ISSUE!! Barely use to communicate? Seriously?

I stopped allowing Google to sync my contacts after my 3rd Os7 contacts disaster. I should have under 500 contacts but I ended up with over 4000 and many of my "Notes" fields were being duplicated and concatenated to obscenity. I still use Gmail but I haven't had the problem on my bb10 at all with no Google contacts sync.

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Does anyone know if the export feature also backs up the contact's picture so that if you have to restore your address book the picture is also restored for each contact?

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Will Contact X allow me to create contact groups for emails and texts? I had groups for family, kids, sales reps, managers & customers on my 9900 and I really need to have group contacts capability again. If so I will purchase Contact X right now.

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No it doesn't for now. BlackBerry hasn't provided Group Contacts feature, we will make it when BlackBerry provides that. Thank you :)

We have seen some cases like yours, please restart your device, then only run Contact X and DO NOT run anything else, no web surfing, no phone call, no network should be best. Just leave it focusing on working out the issue. Please contact me at: for direct support. Thank you.

Just removed over 500 contacts.

I have always had my contacts moved fr one phone to the next since my first "Dumb phone" on Verizon years ago.

My contacts were a mess even before getting a z10.

Mu sister who got married a while back took up the entire screen witj duplicate entries from her current and previous last name

I weny from 797 contacts to 394.

I still have duplicates from other things leaving out first or last names. However, it is much better.

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Just used it. There were minor bugs but it did merge almost all of duplicates. Highly recommend it. True this auto merger should have been part of OS.

Posted from my lovely Z10

The app is crashing out when the merge starts.
Exporting the contacts appears to work though.
Hope it gets fixed soon.

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We have seen some cases like yours, please restart your device, then only run Contact X and DO NOT run anything else, no web surfing, no phone call, no network should be best. Just leave it focusing on working out the issue. Please contact me at: for direct support. Thank you.

It should be crashed in this case. Please restart your device, then only run Contact X and DO NOT run anything else, no web surfing, no phone call, no network should be best. Just leave it focusing on working out the issue. Please contact me at: for direct support. Thank you.

For those blaming the phone it is more likely an issue with Gmail or your enterprise account. My company uses Lotus noted and at one point everyone had the issue regardless of phone. Our internal IT had to fix it.

Does the app allow you to back up your complete list. Just in case I quit and go to a competitor. I want my list to go with me.

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It can export all of your current contacts on your BB10 (Not any social account like facebook, twitter... contacts) IF it's allowed to run and to do so. I say this because I am not sure if there is a policy which could block third party app like Contact X to do such some jobs related to Contacts.

If someone has problem while using Contact X or you need extra info about it please drop me an email at:

Or reply to this comment so i can be notified and get to you asap. Everyone hates to be ignored when they need support and so do I :)

However, I'm in UTC +7 so please don't mind if i can't show up on time.

Thanks Danny, they have similar thing out of the box, it's called A.I of BB10 Contacts app, but it's not mature yet and it messes up so far, it will be mature after time and I will be happy to pull this app down from BB World :)

It's reassuring when apps developer expressed their commitment like that on CB.

Downloading Contacts X.

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Thanks up to this app. Had triplicate when I switched from 9810 to z10 and couldn't get rid of them. Clean it up except 1 or 2 that I noticed.

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I have thé dreadful triplicate entries... but I've noticed an added complication - Any contact I've added or edited on the z10 device ends up with information missing or altered. Has anyone else noticed this?

My solution is to only edit contacts on the desktop, and let the info transfer during a sync up. So I'm equally worried about having this app clean up my contacts, for fear that the editing would go rogue on my device.y thoughts are to wait until 10.1 is installed, hopefully the glitch will be resolved... then get to work on cleaning up contacts.

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You can use Contact X to export all current contacts into a single vcf file. Whatever happens you have your full contacts to restore/import at anytime. For your concern, Contact is not allowed to merge actually, it only is able to link contacts and you can unlink later. It's safe and I wrote this app to focus on safety.


I just sent you a separate note on problems I think I am seeing with ContactX. FYI, I have already tried your suggestions to not run anything else at the same time... In general, I'm not seeing any real indications that activity is completing successfully.

P.S. Is dual core mode stable? I have tried both options for that.