Is your BlackBerry your main camera?

By Adam Zeis on 9 Sep 2013 02:06 pm EDT

I remember when I was a kid and my dad has this crazy camera right that he used to tote all over the place. He had this big case that fit the camera along with flash and all kinds of other goodies. I can't argue that we ended up with some great shots from our vacations but it all seemed like a bit much.

Now that I'm a family man I do find myself taking my Canon T4i along on more than a few family outings. I'll grab it for planned vacations or for the big stuff if I know there will some good photos ops, but often times I'll just leave the house with my trust BlackBerry doubling as my camera. I had a nice little Panasonic Lumix that I used for quite a while since it was easily pocketable, but that too has since been replaced with my BlackBerry camera.

Sadly this wasn't the case when I had my Bold 9900 since we all know that the camera there was far from great, but with my Z10 or Q10 in hand I've snagged plenty of awesome shots.

Rolling along with today's Talk Mobile topic of photography, we want to know what you do. Has your BlackBerry replaced a stand-alone camera as well or do you still take one along for the ride anyway? Let us know in the poll below then hit up the comments and tell us why you do or don't lug a separate camera. 


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Is your BlackBerry your main camera?


Yep, Z10 is main camera and I could not be happier. Hey, am I first. Never happened before.

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Apart from my BlackBerry, I still bring along my canon 5D whenever I go for holidays.

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Yup, Z10 is the social camera.
Share, store, Storymaker etc etc.. no time for cameras

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Hell no. My Nixon Dslr. No photographer would ever use a cell phone camera for more than snapshots.

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Great shot and timing! Over 90% of taking a great photo is being there at the right time. I bet had you show up 1 hour before or after and there would not be anything to write home about. Internet is filled with boring photos shot midday with straight-on composition and complete lack of emotion in choosing the subject... and many of them are shot with professional gear worth many thousands.

Thanks, I totally agree, it's timing that makes most shots, not the equipment or photographer.

To be honest, I was walking my dogs, saw the sunset and the reflection of the wet pavement, pulled out the phone, sat on my tailgate for stability and just pointed and clicked. Probably my best shot so far.

Yes, my Z10 is my primary camera. So much so I stopped taking my point and shoot to customer visits. I could not be happier. This camera is excellent and gets better with every update.

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Speaking of which, I really hope some improvements in the camera when 10.2 arrives. When I take a pic at night with my Z10 I always get 'red eyes'. During daylight I get perfect pictures. I hope they take it in account

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Those red eyes at night might not be an artifact of the camera. Make sure you are the designated driver.

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Flash will do that. The Z10 photo editing software can remove them.

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I've found that the Z10 software removes red eyes really well. Both my son and I have red-eye-prone eyes --mine are green, his deep black-- so this is a good thing.

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Do they even make stand alone cameras anymore? Last one I carried around was the Minolta Freedom 100 35mm.

Depends. Z10 is for the bars, spur of the moment and remembering stuff. Olympus point and shoot that is shatter and waterproof for canoe trips and rainy days. Nikon with lenses, filters and flashes for the big stuff and custom shooting.

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>>>typical point & shoot/social media/auto accidents/stupid people you see doing stupid things in public: phone camera
>>>vacationing/trips/touristy locations/SOME social gathering and events: actual camera with more options

Yes!!!! I'm in love with the quality of the pictures and the focus, makes really breathtaking pictures but lacks many features!!

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Yes my Zed10 is better then my canon. Wish the time shift you could just keep snapping pictures then edit after.

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I love my camera only during the day. I mean every time I use it at night with the flash I got red eyes which I hate.

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I guess for common people (like me), we mostly do our kids photos, family photos, in my case photos of our construction sites and products, we don't require top of the line lens and camera, any cell phone camera can do this job just fine, off course those people that are more into artistic picture, profesional or amateur, and require further improvements for their pictures I think would never leave a good camera. So for me I have not used another camera mora than my cell phone since 2003 when I got my first cell phone with camera (I still have all those pictures and videos in my SD Card, moving from one device to another)

Yes, there's no reason for me to have a stand alone camera. Soon it will be a thing of the past, having "just a camera". Seriously, seems like just a big hassle to have yet another device to screw around with.

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A camera that can't instantly share a photo is so 2012. Ummm, last I checked it's 2013 now with 2014 fast approaching. Let it go people.

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LOL! Didn't you know... this is the future... sharing low-res crappy out of focus images on social sites... pray for us.

2025 soon, before you know it you'll be shooting and editing videos with your own augmented reality eyeballs and brain.

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A Lack if depth of field control does not help with good photos ;). Nor does noisy high iso or a slow shutter in a darker environment.

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^ What he said. Also digital zoom is NOT zoom.

Anyone who thinks that a smartphone camera can be their main camera does not have a toddler. (they are WAY faster than you think... and faster than the shutter speed on your smartphone...) bbbblllluuuuuuuuuuurrrrr

You might be surprised at what you can accomplish with Time Shift. In a pinch you can usually find a sharp frame or two in those circumstances. (Though I completely agree with you!)

You are right, Time Shift is a life saver in those sorts of situations to be honest. It's the auto-focus that's the problem in those cases.

A "good camera" does not make one instantly a "good photographer". And I've seen some photographers take great shots with cell phone cameras. However, right now even the highest of all the cell phone cameras, the 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020, does not have FULL manual control in order to adjust aperture (depth of field) and potentially also shutter speed, though I may be wrong on that one. This means that highlighting one's subject from the background and foreground is significantly harder without some stronger editing. Yes, there's filters in apps like Instagram which artificially add depth of field, however trust me, it is nowhere near the same thing as what I can do when I set up my now very old Nikon D80 and brand new 70-200 F/2.8 VRII G. Even Canon's latest point and shoot high end G16 has better low-light capability than any cell phone camera, including Nokia's 1020 and HTC's One.

Another thing to bear in mind is that with the exception of two smartphones, none have the flexibility of even a point & shoot camera with optical zoom. You're stuck at a single focal length, often a very wide view, which means even the wide apertures of some phones like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4, HTC Amaze 4G and newer is negated in terms of depth of field. You'll still get virtually everything in focus, which sometimes is not what you want. If something's far away, guess what, you're cropping in on that image to single out your subject, and some phones can't retain their quality in cropping as well as others would. Noise shows up much sooner on those super small sensors, meaning that cropping in on some photos will actually degrade its quality beyond a point where you'd want to do anything with it, even sharing it online.

I'm just saying, cameras will almost always have their place for the next while, until a major camera manufacturer actually pairs up with a major smartphone manufacturer, which I'm not too sure will happen for some time.

I don't believe in ANY cell phone camera being the primary camera. But I guess if you're not too picky about picture quality or photo effects then it's fine, but I'm a bit OCD about all of that. I use my Q10's camera if I don't have anything else and that's the absolute last resort...

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I love the camera on my Z10, I love the availability of it and yes I do take some pictures and videos with it, and they are great quality. I don't however expect dedicated camera quality form my Z10 camera. One main reason is Optical zoom level. I enjoy an optical zoom level of 50X on my actual camera and love that about it, not to mention a slew of other abilities. Fine tuning manual focus, Lighting adjustments,... I typically take both if I am going somewhere special or an event. My Z10 is always with me so I can always snag a good photo when the occasion arises.

No. It is fine for snapping documents in case I want to read them, or say a web address but if in want an actual photo I take my SLR along - a 5D MK II, no smartphone will ever beat that.
(With a battery grip and flash big required.)

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No cell phone camera can touch a decent standalone camera. But I do find myself not taking my camera with me anymore unless it's something really special.

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Even until now I don't have Z10, but based on this subject, I have my own 28 months y-BB Pearl 3G 9105 as my main camera even now I have SG Mega 6.3

I use my Z for almost all my daily camera use. A good point and shoot camera still has a better lens but I've taken some really good pics with the Z. Love the HDR feature.

It depends on the environment. If the intent is to share socially, or when I can't lug around proper gear, the Z10 is great. But if I'm doing anything more than a casual shoot, gotta have a proper camera.

Well Sony made the API available for the QX19 & QX100 for devs. It would be nice to see something like this baked into the BB10. It would also better the camera app and help sales.

Due to work I often have an iPhone (currently 4S &/or 4) in addition to my main Z10. For most day to day it is my Z10 I use. It's photo camera is pretty near as good, possibly better than iP4 or iP4S.

Being on 10.2 there's a host of great photo apps now too (so much better than any of the native one's I've tried), Instagram, Flickr, Pixlr, so finally I can do very good editing/filtering right from my phone, then share from the phone, where previously I would wait until at a computer where I could use online apps to edit.

One main thing BBRY NEEDS TO FIX/MAKE BETTER is the sound recording quality when shooting video. Right now, when shooting loud scenes (rock bands etc) the video camera audio is horrible, regardless of OS 10.0, 10.1, or !0.2. On even an iPhone 4 I can get very useable audio from the camera, in even the most loud situations. Please make this better on BB!

When I want to higher level photography I use my Canon 60D, or (for certain video shoots) one of my video cams.

I must admit that I use my Z10 for most of my pictures now. However there are still times and places for the old Kodak point-and-shoot, but they are becoming less and less. Recently on vacation the majority were done with the Z10 and only a handful with the Kodak. It's also a PITA gathering the pics from my Z10 the Kodak, and my wife's iPhone (especially the iPhone).

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I use a quality Sony or Canon for the pictures are care about. Cell phone pictures are really careless!!!!!! Pictures.

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Yes....always handy!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Whenever I travel I use my Z10 to take my pictures. When I transfer those pictures onto my laptop I'm amazed of the picture quality!

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If you're strictly considering the "main" camera as the one you use the most, then yes. That hardly replaces a "good" dedicated camera for pictures planned for the wall or physical album.

But I guess that's obvious so I digress.

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Yeah and though I love it I notice that your better off it seems when your running a version that is complete, running and noticed the camera has been iffy for me from leak to leak. Anyways have taken 4400 pictures since I switched from my BlackBerry 9930 to my DizBerryZ10 (nickname for my z10, dizzo is my handle), 4400 in a month yeah its my main camera. Have taken over 15,000 pictures with my blackberries that I have saved still (starting w my storm, my 8830 world had no cam)

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The 9900 camera was way better than my Galaxy S2 and the Z10 camera is equally as better as my Nexus 4. All that being said, I use my dSLR for photos I really want to keep. Cell phone camera is relegated to twitter photos or reminder of items in store, etc.

At least for me.

It's so much more convenient to just break out your phone because certain pictures are unexpected moments. The smartphone has replaced so many other things that we used to use on their own. It's like a swiss army knife!

Many people have actually complimented me about the quality of the image taken from my z10. Those people including iPhone 5 users and s4 users.

I use my Z10 for everything... I love the photos it takes in bright conditions but it's lacking if the lighting isn't perfect. having said that I've always wondered if I could replace the camera lens with another higher quality lens, like an iPhone lens for example, I mean they look as though they are the same size? Any idea anyone? Anyone?

I would have to agree with Schmurf, the effort and time involved in gathering photos from multiple devices is the biggest issue. I find myself using my SIII more and more for photos, and my mid-level compact camera less and less mostly for that reason. Image quality has come a long way since the RAZR (lol) but still has a long road ahead. On that note, I have no desire for 41mp cell phone pics either. It would really be nice to be able to choose the aspect ratio on pics, almost every phone manufacturer forces you into 4:3, I'd love to be able to shoot in native 16:9 to match most monitors and TVs.

For me it's a toss between my PlayBook and the Z10, I have to take a lot of pictures for work and when I first started using the Z10 I had a tough time learning the features and my pictures came out crappie or had to take over and over again. But the Playbook was perfect every time. Overall they have booth replaced my regular digital camera and since usually both always with me that's all I use.

Posted With My Z10 or PB

When I'm going to very special events (for example, my daughter's birth), where perfect photos are needed, then I switch from my Z10 to my nokia Lumia 920. Otherwise, I use my Z10 camera.

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Z10 is great for a quick shot when no real camera is available but can't replace dslr + lenses, flashes, etc. Or even my Canon G12 for flexibility and control.

No phone can compete with a broad and fast collection of lenses.

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No and it will never be as it keeps hanging and needs reboot of phone. Additionally it is useless in low light settings.


I use my Z10 for most casual shooting but for events at my club and family vacations I take my DSLR and a couple lenses and external flash.

I use to have a good camera but found the more I had a BlackBerry device the less I used my old camera which now has been collecting dust in storage for a few years... my all in one ZED 10 is good enough for my memories videos and pictures turn out just fine.

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For right now, if I know I'm going to be taking a photograph of something important or special, I'll bring my Nikon D300 or D2X. If it's just a night on the town, the Z10 will do just fine.

That might change once the new Sony cameras come out. If they can eventually be used with the Z10, then that will probably be carried more often than the D300 is currently.

I'm actually hoping Nikon makes a camera similar to the Sony models. That would pretty much replace my DSLRs except for the really important shots.

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For everyday use I'll use my blackberry. But if there is an special occasion where I need to take GOOD pictures. I will bring a separate digital camera. Until BlackBerry comes out with an at least 16MP camera this will be my way...

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No. I have a bold 9900 and the camera SUCKS on that device. have a iPod touch 5th gen along side with it and thats my main cam. To hell with the a***** who ever put such a shame of a camera in that BlackBerry!

That camera is/also a symbol of why blackberry is where it is today. Everyone had better software, better hardware and blackberry releases its flagship with that piece of garbage. It shows they were a broken company at the time that no one put a stop to it. And they still are behind in specs in almost everything and say it doesn't matter... well look at the 9900 camera.

I also have a 9900, and sadly, it IS my only camera.

Needless to say, I don't take a lot of photos.

I use the cam of my z10 cause I have to.. it does takes good pic. but I cant say is the best.. the cam sucks taking night pic.. the front facing is really dark. and mostly all the pic comes out with red eyes when shooting at night .. Ill definitely be happier with my Z10 if the cam was like the S2 S3 Iphone 5, my ipod touch 5 takes better pic than the Z10 night and day..

I use the camera on my zed 10 all the time as it is good enough to capture them crazy moments all the time

Sent by Bbry Zed10

I'm not really a photographer, so the Z10 is good enough for me. Using the phone makes it so much easier to share pictures in an instant with family and friends.

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Just went on a 4300 KM trip across Nfld and took 2300 Pics not all perfect shots but the rapid fire and HDR settings worked great and I took a lot of panoramas ended up with about 500 good shots...

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Yes I use my z10 cam wen ever I hav 2 take a pic n th pics on it r amazing especially wit th flash it's real bright way better dn an IPHONE 5

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As a snap and shoot when out and not expecting to need to take pics either my Z10 or Q10 is fine (Q10 especially good at work for taking pics of whiteboard scribblings to share after meetings). If I know I want to take some 'highish' quality pics and not carry around a lot of gear I'll take my Olympus Pen with a 20mm lens. When I need to go out and take some 'proper' pics in raw my Olympus OMD-EM5 and Olympus E-620 (as a backup).

I have way more cameras than phones. Only need one phone, but different situations call for different cameras!

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Yes and no. If it's a normal picture like taking a for instagram, I'll probably use my Z10. Otherwise I'll use my Lumia 1020 which is as close as I'll get to a DSLR. I'll buy one in the future :)

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Z10 is a good phone, not camera. For photography I use a Nikon D300s and as a backup camera a Nikon D60. Phone cameras may work for children...

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Well, my BlackBerry gets more use than my T4I but to say it was my main camera wouldn't really be accurate. If I'm looking to take great photos, I grab the T4I. The BlackBerry 10 camera is great though for those quick shots.

No, main camera is Canon 6D, secondary is my waterproof Sony point-and-shoot. Z10 camera (or a other smartphone camera) serves the purpose to shoot the holy-sh1t-i-better-get-that moments and snap pics of the whiteboard during meetings.

I don't know who in their right mind can think that a smartphone camera can come even close to a DSLR. Heck, even most decent point-and-shoot cameras are better.

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I would say a no for BlackBerry. Thw camera isn't up to par. For the ipjon though, it would be a yes.

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I'm happy for device consolidation. Most of my photography is pretty casual and the Z10 is plenty for my needs. That said, I will take the point and shoot for more serious needs, such as a vacation that I spent thousands of dollars on.

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I voted "sometimes yes sometimes no", but the reality is that I use my Z10 camera 90% of the time and my DSLR 10%. The pic quality on a phone is at a point where it really doesn't matter in most cases which one I use.

It has been since the 9780. These devices can take some mean pictures! The Z10 is just another step forward.

It's no Lumia. But it's very good.

I have a Nikon D5100 and no smartphone can out do it !. it never will i mean only so much light can enter such a tiny lens like cmon really.

sure a smartphone can replace a point and shoot camera...because well it is one but a DSLR no way in hell

On my vacation this summer I took both my camera and video camera, neither came out of the bag thanks to my Z10

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Yes, my Z10 is my main camera since I got lazy to carry the camera with me.

Sent from my Z10

I have taken amazing photos all over western Canada, Mexico, The Netherlands and Turkey since I got my Z10 in February. Amazing photos. Most people are surprised how good they are.

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... and the benefit of NOT LUGGING extra gear IMHO outweighs the loss of certain photos only a DSLR can achieve. for me, those are few enough to justify the tradeoff.

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My z10 is good enough almost every shot that's worth having I wouldn't have because I wouldn't be carrying a camera when it happened.

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No. My BlackBerry(and most phones) does a decent job but my main camera is a Pentax K5IIs. For shots I could not care less about I go with the phone, for those that I do I use a proper camera.

Nokia has the best camera phone out (at least when it comes to pixels). However, I still would not use it or my Z10 as my main camera. Camera "on the go" and for quick posts to social media, of course. But, for pics at the zoo or for my food blog, definitely my dSLR. There's a HUGE difference between digital and optical zoom...and because of that no mobile device quite cut it for me.

Zed 10 camera really sucks compare to other mobiles though it has 8mp camera but no panoramic and no such clarity as iPhone or Samsung..A..its a biggest drawback for BlackBerry ZA10 stl-100

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I disagree big time. I've been around friends with iPhones all having a good time taking pics. The Z shots were better in clarity and natural color.

I'm not being a homer, just saying. And I know many will call me bluff but it's okay.

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I like my Z 10 because the ease of use. I think story maker rocks! I was showing my friend a Story Maker video I made of a car show i went to and they don't believe me that it was created on my phone in only 3 mins. I do think the cam could be better in low light though.

Yes and no.

I am an avid DSLR user and supporter.

For anything you should use the right tool for the right job. If you want nice photos you can be proud of, blow up, crop etc - use a proper camera.

If it's an off the cuff moment, the smartphone is more than enough of a camera to step in.

I will addendum this by saying - the average smartphone has caught up with the lower end point and shoot variety camera. I can't stand PnS cameras anymore. Too big to be convenient, too cr*ppy to capture my memories.

Z10 + Canon T2i - Thats how I roll! :)

For me it's all about what I'm using the pictures for. Obviously there are times I don't have my camera so the Z10 camera is used. Other times, like taking pictures for work reasons, I still prefer a "real" camera. It may be the pot and a half of coffee I drink a day, but I'm extremely shaky when I try and take a picture so having the stabilization and shutter speed of a good Nikon saves my @ss when taking pictures for work.

Sometimes, more light, through a bigger lens is worth the extra carry. And digital zoom is no replacement for optical zoom... ever!

Love my Z10 camera... and ability to properly file and move pictures around... fantastic all rounder!!!

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If any phone camera is your main camera, you don't care much about photo quality or setting options.

They're better than nothing, though, because they're usually there.

Not even close. Great social pics to be posted on the fly. But anything important has to shot with a DSLR.

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My Zeddy Bear may not be packing the greatest camera in the world, but she packs enough megapixels to get the job done.

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For planned events, my camera comes with me but my z10 has come in handy for all other 'spur of moment' shots

On my chosen one... z10

I voted no, but having done that, its also true that the Time Shift feature has turned many Blackberry nay-sayers to ay-sayers.

Yes my Z10 camera is good enough for me. I'm always using my HDR On my z10. My pictures come out unbelievable. If you have not yet tried please do so you will fall in love with your pics

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No. I use a dedicated camera. Many sites that I work on do not allow smartphones on your person..getting caught can mean being walked off site / banned for a period of time. For pers use I have 2: Nikon 3100 & a Sony Cybershot that I also use for work purposes.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Yup, I use the Z10! Replaced my iPhone. The camera can only be improved in the future so bring on the second gen Z10!

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Yup Z10 only camera... use it at work company can't believe how good they are...

From my Z10 one and only . But unfortunately I just cracked my screen and I have been told $300 To repair...ouch.

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Went through a few countries in Europe on two separate occasions with a Torch 9800 the first time, and my Z10 the second time as my only camera.

A lot of people who saw my pics couldn't believe they came from a phone, many iPhone users were jealous haha.

That being said for my next trip I will more than likely pick up a real camera. Having an optical zoom will be really handy. 8/10 my Z10 is all I need for a camera, but for those other 2/10 times it would be nice to have something instead of not getting the shot.

My SLR camera and L lenses are expensive to lug around to theme parks etc where they might get damaged. My Z10 has been a wonderful on the go camera. My husband prefers it to his Samsung Galaxy when we r out and about.

Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10

It is..and let me tell you why.
In my line of work sometimes taking a photograph must be discrete. Like "undercover" discrete and it is hard to find cameras on mobile phones with this type of quality. It is very fast and I am able to email the photos via different services with ease! A few more points to add.
A) Most people don't suspect my Q10 of taking photographs
B) The shutter is quick and I can fire off 10-20pictures and they will almost all be in focus.
C) When not in covert mode, I like that I am able to use the screen, spacebar or volume buttons to snap a photo.
D) It's a BB camera...woot!

When I was preparing for Burning Man this year, I faced the same quandary - "do I take another digital camera, or do I use my Q10?" Also of note was - "do I want my Q10 exposed to the harsh Black Rock Desert condition?"

Well, sufficed to say that my Q10 both handled the desert fine, and my photos were amazing. Night shots were astounding, and video also great. Though I will agree with what an earlier post in this thread stated, which is that "audio when shooting video is AWFUL". But that's not the camera, so I'll confine my evaluation to what the thread's about. And end by saying "it's AWESOME".

Caveat: I'm not a pro-photographer, so for MY NEEDS, it's AWESOME!

autocorrect's for the birds -- SQN100-2. v10.2.0.1047

I don't remember the last time I use my camera! I don't even know where is it right now!

Z10STL100-3/ w/last unlocked android and dark themes on AT&T

I went through this dilemma recently and decided after much testing that the phone just isn't up to the job in replacing a real camera. I like the timeshift very much and for a phone, it's decent. That said, the quality of images the Q10 produces doesn't even compare with my 10yr old pentax optio-s 3mp compact let alone a modern compact.

I'm going away in a few weeks - my phone will be in my pocket for phone calls. I'll be using real cameras for photos.

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If I have my Q10 rocking yes...I have android and ios as well. all serve a purpose!

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Purchased a Nokia Lumina and Z10 this summer. Nokia takes superior pics, but still inferior to a decent SLR.

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Nikon F3/T is my main camera, film can resolve more detail than the majority of sensors on the market.
Of the sensors that are on par with film, they're prohibitively expensive.

I have to agree, I would never use my 9860 as a main camera. Nor my companies 9900. But I have my Z10 with me every day and use the camera all the time. I use the Z10 and send the picture to my work email rather than take a picture with my 9900. The quality is all there. I have taken pictures alongside friends with their iPhone 5 and they wanted me to email my picture to them because it looked so much better.

That said, I still carry a camera with me on vacation or when going to known events. Mainly for the zoom features. Though I just downsized that camera from a Panasonic DMC-FZ50 to a Sony NEC-3N mirrorless camera.

This way also, when I will be taking a lot of pictures and 1080p video, I won't be filling up my phones SD card.

If I'm taking actual pictures, it's my Nikon D800, always. If it's a night out with friends, it's the Z10. I don't even know where my point and shoot is anymore.


I have a Digital Canon camera for pictures .

But it's now my main video camera.

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If i had a 4g camera so I could take pictures, Instagram the good ones, and immediately share them, that fit in a pocket, and didn't cost a pile, and always have it with me, then sure, I'd stop using my Berry.

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Love the Z10 camera. It's convenient and thus it get use for most of my needs. It does not replace my regular camera for travelling. Nor does it replace the Contour for action video. It gets used but other cameras still have their place.

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It is always with me, so I use it often for a quick shot or for social media. But I still rely on my Canon for vaction or work photos.

My Q10 is my only camera now. I have a nice little Lumix that actually takes awesome pictures. But I always choose to leave it in the car and just roll with the Q. But what I've noticed is that I don't always care that I'm 'confined' to 4:3 format photos. So for this reason, and sports /movie viewing, I'm going to be picking up the Z30 later this year. So when I know I'm going to be taking pics I'll be able to do so in 16:9.

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Yes.. i mean does anyone really carry around a separate camera anymore unless they are a professional?

Z10 via CB10

I love my camera on my Z but the video doesn't work so I have to carry an alternative. Does anyone else have issues with their videos?

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I love my Z10 camera! I can upload to Instagram, Facebook and even twitter right after a shot! Very handy indeed.. Q5's camera is also nice! :)

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When I had the Bold 9930 it certainly wasn't because the camera on that was a piece of crap. But on the Z10 yes it is.

At the moment, yes. My Z10 has a great camera, and I always have it with me so I take most of my pictures with it. I am saving up to buy a really nice camera, but for the moment my Z10 works just fine.

Yep, main camera. Not that it matters.....I'm a horrible photographer no matter how good the camera is, lol.

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It can't replace my dslr but it now takes most of my point and shoot duties. The quality for those quick snaps is awesome.

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I used to use my 5th Gen ipod touch but my Z10 replaced it

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Whatever device I have when that spur of moment comes to take a picture is my main camera at that moment... since my current mobile is Z10, "yes" it is usually my main camera unless I have my Sony DCS-TX10 with me at that time...

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Oh well, as someone already said, as a professional photographer i do not use it a lot but every time i want to surprise my friends and colleagues i take my wonderful Z10 and that's it! Everyone saying wowww . I am one the Canon Academy teachers and i would be very happy if the company could have something like the BlackBerry Time shift function.

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I've never had a digital camera. Even though the Q10 takes awesome pics of my pups and family, I'm considering buying a camera specifically for vacation pics and video

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Hell ya luv my Z10, seriously can't wait for all that 10.2 has to offer. Panoramic for the camera bring it on :)

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Yeah my Z 10 is my main camera but I get weary of taking shots at night!! The Z 10 takes lack luster shots in low light

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It's amazing what I can do with the Z10!!! Using some of the inventive apps really enhances the features. I love using the magnifying glass on Gadget Box for everything from bugs, and plants to Lego creation closeups. Love it.

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Having a good camera on a mobile phone has changed photography completely by enabling immediate sharing of results. But images and quality vary. I find the z10 experience very mixed with sunlight photos good but low light still poor or marginal. If I want to do an important event, nothing beats a dslr by a good measure. No comparison. Increasingly dslr will become mobile. Carriers will love this at 20mgs per photo!

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Depends... pretty sure most people won't want to have a cell camera as there main source of photos for their wedding. my z10 takes great shots tho... for on the spot photos

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Is there somewhere online where blackberry users can show their photos with z/q10's?

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my Z10 has been my daily driver since March '13....i dont have to look for a button to take the shot and i can get to the camera pretty fast, why would i need another camera?

No way!
Z10 camera is for Instagram or Twitter.

Otherwise, I use a Nikon D800 to get things done.
Photography is photography.
I don't use a toy to make art.

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No way. Cell phone cameras don't come close to the quality I get from my regular cameras. However, there are plenty of times I use my phone camera even when I have a regular camera when I want to send/upload something quickly. It is an evaluation factor when I'm choosing my phone too, as I want my phone to be able to take decent pictures, especially when I don't have a regular camera with me.

Love my Z10 but wouldn't trust using the camera to take a picture I consider really special. Sometimes even in fairly good lighting, the images from the phone's camera are subpar - not as sharp as they could be. So I still carry my Olympus DSLR for those special moments.

Doesn't replace my Canon 7D. But makes better shots in meetings than allthose iPhones and Samsungs

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My main camera is my Pentax K30 dslr. A phone camera could not be my main camera because it's too limited. I keep at least one DSLR in my car at all times. The phone camera does come in handy in a pinch for unimportant occasions, but for the important stuff, I have to use my DSLR or a really good Hybrid super zoom!

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No way! I take a lot of shots with my Z10, but the quality is not there and, in my opinion, never will be. You cannot get a decent quality shot with small smartphone lenses. They may be okay for Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, but not for beautiful, sharp portraits or stunning landscapes. No way! It is a great tool, but isn't an SLR!!!

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I've got Nikon D3100 and D90. Both was good cameras. Now, I've got Q10. I always carries it wherever I go. And that's why, Q10 was my number 1 camera. Besides it always available, it tooks great pictures too!

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Well, I use my digital camera for zooms. It is good but slightly not enough

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