Is your BlackBerry ready for opening day? Check out these great baseball apps!

Citi Field
By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2012 12:06 pm EDT

It's here it's here! Today is opening day for the Major League Baseball season and fans everywhere are getting ready for a great season (hopefully). The team shirts are washed and the gloves are ready as we get set for another great year of baseball. And while you may be geared up, is your BlackBerry ready to go along for the ride? Keep reading to make sure you have all the best baseball apps to carry you through the season.

Baseball Apps and Media for your BlackBerry Smartphone At Bat 2012 At Bat

The go-to app for baseball fans, At Bat 2012 was a bit late out of the gate. While only the hardcore fans may opt for the purchase (it rings in at $14.99 again) it gives you the best experience there is with full news, scores, standings alerts and more. This is my pick for the must have baseball app this year (and pretty much every other year).

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ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

ScoreMobile BlackBerry

Want to keep up with scores and standings for your team but don't need much else? ScoreMobile for BlackBerry may be the best bet for you. This totally free app gives you the latest daily scores from aross the league as well as standings and boxscores. Push alerts let you know the instant things happen - set up alerts for game start, score change and more. Grab it for your phone and PlayBook free in BlackBery App World

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MLB Mobile Site Shortcuts

MLB BlackBerry Shortcuts

If you're on a pre-BlackBerry 7 device and you want to sport out your homescreen with your teams icon you can do that too. While it's not the newest method, the MLB offers a selection of shortcut icons for all teams that give you quick access to your teams mobile site. Just click the icon and your browser will bring you to the latest scores, standings, news and more. This simple approach will keep you informed without taking up a lot of space on your device.

Check out all the MLB shortcuts

The Players Choice by MLBPA

The Players Choice  The Players Choice

If you want to keep up with all the latest from players in the MLB, The Players Choice is the way to go. This app for your phone and PlayBook keeps you in the know with the latest news, videos and Twitter updates from your favorite players. Never be in the dark when it comes to knowing just what's going down around the league.

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Baseball Media

Check out all the baseball themed wallpapers we have in our free wallpaper gallery. You can choose from some great baseball images, or search for your favorite team for one that suits you best. We also have a TON of baseball themes for your phone if you want to go crazy this season. Choose a premium baseball theme or find something just for you in our theme forums.

You should be all set for a great season now. If you have any more baseball apps or media that you love be sure to let us know in the comments. Lets hope for the best and play ball! (Go Mets!!)

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Is your BlackBerry ready for opening day? Check out these great baseball apps!


I am a Premium subscriber and I am not paying $14.99 for At Bat 2012 when iPhone and Android get it for free.

Are you kidding me? this app on iPhone and Android is free and they sock BlackBerry users with a $14.99 fee? This makes no sense. Why isn't it just 99 cents for everyone?

From what I understand the 'free' version is like the old 'Lite' version...with less features. The one in App World is a full featured App, hence the price tag. Before getting upset when things are not free or more expensive on BB, look to why that is.. odds are the 'other guys' either have ads, or in this case it's not full featured..if you want that on iOS or Android I think I saw a $15 price...

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BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

The Lite version is FREE and when you sign to your MLB.TV Premium account it gives you all the same as the At Bat Full version, the reason why there is a $14.99 and Free is for MLB.TV users and non users.

The website says that if you are a subscriber you can log into the lite app and get all the features of the paid app. Im guessing the paid app is a sort of in between from the lite app and a full on subscription.

But read the apps website because i was there a couple of days ago and thats what it said.

Can anyone help with this question:

Why isn't the At-Bat app free for premium subscribers when it's free on Android and iOS?

ThE apps website says you can get the lite version and log into it with your subscription info to access all data/features

Sadly i own an iphone so idk whats in the app world.

I sideloaded the android app for my PB and when i went to the app site

it says:

MLB.TV Premium subscribers receive At Bat 12 for free

MLB.TV Premium subscribers get At Bat 12 for free. Download At Bat Lite for Android to receive At Bat 12 for free.

I figured if it was for android and iOS it would be the same for BB... that seems like just another developer screwing over BB users :(

Adam I'm starting to believe that you're a mets fan. You are allright in my book if that's the case. Now you just need to cross over and become a Giants fan and we can be buddies, ha.

WHats so bad about being a Jets fan? At least the Jets saw the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years

With MLB - at&t blocked url on this app on my blackberry. That sucks!!

So this app doesn't work unless I am using wifi.

Adam, Citfield looks much better than the picture above with those horrible black walls. Now, they're blue and orange.

Anyone out there have an updated link for MLB TV so I can watch on my PlayBook?

Nothing like Opening Day......Let's Go Mets!!

its funny how all those stars who went there "too grow old" all got World Series rings there. "The geezer squad"? That squad got rings!

There is no app for the Playbook, you can sideload the Android but won't have video.

You could get At Bat 2012 $14.99 for your 9900.

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