Your BlackBerry Online, With Skydeck

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Feb 2009 12:33 am

While catching up on my inbox Sunday night, I came across an email I missed looking at earlier in the week from Skydeck letting me know about their new just out of beta service for BlackBerry smartphones. It's kind of interesting - I'm definitely looking forward to hearing CrackBerry Nation's thoughts on this one!

Skydeck brings RIM devices to life online. It is for smartphone users who depend on their device the same way they depend on email, and need a smart way to manage and search conversations, voicemails and text messages. 

Skydeck highlights include:

  • Skydeck moves all the functionality of your Blackberry device onto the web, and lets you track, archive and search VoIP and wireless calls, voicemail and text messages online.
  • Skydeck keeps a complete record of your activity by capturing every incoming and outgoing call and lets you search them and attach call notes. It also captures full text of text messages and incoming voice mails.
  • Skydeck organizes the address book on your Blackberry device based on who you interact with most, putting the people you talk and message with the most right at the top.
  • If you lose your phone, or are traveling and want to avoid costly roaming charges, you can use your smart phone from Skydeck on the web.
  • Skydeck lets you initiate VoIP calls and text messages that look like they are coming from your cell phone.

Check out the video above for a detailed overview and hands-on by Skydeck's CEO. For more information, visit So whaddya think? Something you'd pay $9.95/mo. for? Let us know in the comments!

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This looks very interesting! I would like to try this service..but unfortunately it is not yet available in my region .. Canada ..I'd like to hear feedbacks from US Peeps


I live in downtown Canada and they don't even have it here yet! :D


that's actually pretty sweetttt
but i just don't have 10 bucks a month... haha


Wow, looks really useful, gotta check out this out soon. I like the voicemail feature


looks cool, but thats about it--they show a lot of features that i think are cool and i would need, but i just wouldn't... plus that 10 a month isnt worth it to me.


maybe 5 dollars a month promo for 3 months? services like this should start with a special promo price


Companies need to realize they need too cater to Canadians as well, especially in this case. I have no idea how one can claim to support a product, that has been for the most part built and designed in Canada and then leave Canadian users out of their services. Never, will I understand that.

Anyways, enough of that rant. On to that application, personally for me that's too much data too be collecting on anyone, I'm sure they have GREAT security in place, but it's not something I would utilize.

Now off to put on my tinfoil hat, it allows me to keep "them" out as well as quiets the voices.

Andrew Peron

Just FYI guys,
I just signed up,
and they have a free version of their service which allows you to sync your data, such as address book, messages, and call logs. If you're like me, these are the only features I really am interested in, seeing as I have visual voicemail and don't really need to access it from another source. But having the ability to keep remote copies of texts and contacts that automatically updates gives me some peace of mind when worrying about having to manually back up my BlackBerry to DM.
If this tier of service stays free forever, you can bet I'll be a lifelong user. Excellent idea, and even more fantastic that the core features are free (as of now). I recommend giving it a chance.


phone work like it should? How about when I have an alert on my calender it pops up like it should. How about my crappy Sprint provider upgrades me to 4.5 so I can have html. How about my BB send MMS messages.

I don't need all this useless crap. I seriously would not even use this for free.

If somebody is that much of a power user then perhaps they need this program. I choose to not be in touch with all that many people


ok you obviously need a chill pill. Its not that big of deal.


BlackBerry is making everything mobile. It's just reverse of that!


Great way to save some money on roaming charges while travling. Just i would imagine that the quality of the conversation wouldn't be that great over the computer. Feedback any1?


might be ok for those who work in an enviroment that has managers that get mad at you "playing" on your bb...otherwise for the mobile professional, waste of money...


if any one could find out when its due in Canada that would be amazing.


Just another product designed to profit off of BlackBerry users who love to use different apps. I can imagine there is probably .1% of the BlackBerry community who would actually find this useful. More power to those people but for most of us, we're trying to be MOBILE professionals and this does the opposite.


Has anyone tried this out on the Storm? I downloaded it. I can not get it to work correctly. It just freezes up and the touch OS does not respond.


Sorry that you're having a problem with Skydeck on your Storm. Please write to us at and we'll do our best to help you.

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The VoIP option seems great to me. None will know whether it is a regular phone call or a VoIP. Sounds interesting.


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