YouMail Announces Free Visual Voicemail BlackBerry App

YouMail Visual Voicemail
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2009 10:06 am EST

It seems February 4th is the day a bunch of companies chose to break their new / updated apps to the world. Following up on Slacker for the Storm and Pageonce V2, here's the announcement from YouMail (big thanks to Ronen for the images above!):

Press Release

YouMail Announces Free Visual Voicemail BlackBerry Application

Visual Voicemail Plus Offers Advanced Features for Faster and Easier Voicemail Management

IRVINE, CALIF. - February 4, 2008 - YouMail, Inc. (, the mobile industry's premier consumer voicemail service, today announced the availability of Visual Voicemail Plus, its free, visual voicemail application for BlackBerry phones including the Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm. This application provides BlackBerry users with access to un-matched visual voicemail that works in conjunction with YouMail's desktop visual voicemail service on their mobile phone or online.

"Visual voicemail is only a small portion of what voicemail needs to and can do," said Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail. "YouMail's Visual Voicemail Plus allows BlackBerry users to enjoy the speed and convenience of visual voicemail, for free, in addition to having access to all of the other voicemail enhancements in YouMail's award winning voicemail service."

YouMail's time-saving Visual Voicemail Plus, gives BlackBerry clients access to a voicemail inbox right on their mobile phone. Useful features include the ability for consumers to do the following:

  • Quickly and easily scroll through incoming voicemail messages to see relevant caller information including caller name, time of call, and length of message
  • Play voicemails by simply clicking on them
  • Easily share and forward voicemails as an email or post to a blog or social networking sites using a simple cut and paste feature
  • Delete, archive or save voicemails, forever

In addition, customers that currently use YouMail's free and premium transcription services will also be able to read their voicemails directly from the new application, saving even more time. This feature lets users, have anytime access to voicemail, even in situations where playing or listening to a voicemail is not an option, such as when in a meeting. Further, BlackBerry customers also have access to additional YouMail features, including access to their voicemail online when they're near a desktop computer, personalized greetings for every caller, the YouMail greetings community, and community-based or personalized voicemail filtering.

"We're extremely pleased about where we've come in terms of pushing the limits of what users can get out of visual voicemail and are happy to offer an unparalleled visual voicemail experience to customers at no cost," said Quilici. "This application streamlines the visual voicemail experience for all BlackBerry phone users, and it a valuable tool for anyone who wants to get through their voicemails more quickly and efficiently."

YouMail's Visual Voicemail Plus application for BlackBerry phones will initially be available to customers running BlackBerry O/S version 4.3 or later on T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T Wireless phones. To access YouMail's free, downloadable, native application, users can go to on a BlackBerry device or visit online. BlackBerry users who are not existing YouMail customers can then sign up using their BlackBerry device and activate YouMail directly from the visual voicemail application.

YouMail's BlackBerry application was built entirely on top of its open API. The API allows developers to write their own applications that extend YouMail's offerings to handset applications, browser plug ins, widgets, and more. Further, the API provides revenue opportunities for developers through YouMail's affiliate program. This API is a first among existing voicemail applications and takes YouMail from a stand-alone service to a mobile platform. The open API is now in limited beta and to participate in the limited beta program, developers can contact YouMail with suggested application project details at

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Reader comments

YouMail Announces Free Visual Voicemail BlackBerry App


If your Youmail pin is more than 4 characters forget about using it. You will get a "Field Full" error message when you try to input the 5th character in your pin.

That happened to me, so I logged into the YouMail Website and changed my PIN to 4 numbers and all was well!

I do not care for the fact that it seems to download your VM automatically (The sound part). I would like to have the option download and listen and then remove the sound prtion. Seems this would take up precious space on my BB, unless it's saving to the microSD card?


Well I just went to sign up and it says Rogers ATT is not available at this time :( Oh well, Lets just hope that either this comes available for Canadians or VVM is updated to the Bold and Rogers carries it and its free.

Great to see YouMail making a BB application as I am a huge YouMail fan and user. The application is not optimized for the Storm and feels a little lacking when compared to the features of VyMail (

For now, I will continue to use VyMail, but will keep my eye on this application as I am sure they will make improvements.

I have installed this on my Blackberry storm and although nice, it does not allow you to playback the messages. You can see the messages but no playback function...

If they can't maintain their website, how much confidence are we suppose to have in their ability to do our mail.

Also basic service if tagged with ads. I didn't read that anywhere, may not make a difference though. I will try for 1 week.

Just installed on my curve 8900 with TMO. does anyone know if they will be charging me for call forwarding?

Youmail has to get money from somewhere in order to operate. Why is this application free? Where do they get the revenue from? I would like to know before I install an app that has access to all my voicemail messages.

Found this on their website:
YouMail collects and processes, or has third party service providers who collect and process on YouMail's behalf, information about demographics and usage of the services that help guide and carry out YouMail marketing activities.

i cant get the damn application to initialize, and the "smart greetings" are lame and for some reason i cant turn them off even though i went through the trouble of creating a new deafault. bad first impression, probably going to delete.

I think a previous poster just mentioned this is not optimized for the BB Storm.

Visually it looks terrible - I logged into my account, then just gave-up and deleted it.

I'll stick with Joe Krill's VyMail.

Is it me or is the visual voicemail aspect actually not free? It looks like you still need to pay to read the voicemails.

Looks like they should have waited till they developed this a little more before releasing it to the public. It's uglier than homemade soap and I can't get it to work either.

It installed just fine but it will not open the messages to listen to them. Using the Storm. Tried compatibility mode both on and off with the same results.

I have no issues with the application. I like the fact that I can have custom greetings for specific contacts.. makes it kind of nice. As far as the look of the visual alert.. I suspect they will be cleaning that up and making it nicer looking over time. In the meantime, frankly, I could care less what it looks like.

I have had two voice messages so far and it has worked fine.. no issues. You do get to read a "snippit" of the voice message for free.. if you want to read a larger portion or the whole voice message then you pay a monthly fee. I am going with the free deal first, if it seems worth the price I may pick up the more upgraded deal later.

In terms of 3rd party usage of my information, I will see how that goes over the next week or so. If I start getting all kinds of advertising email, then I will unsubscribe to the service. And that will be that.

Don't waste your time with this program, if you weren't willing to spend the 2.99 for visual voicemail through Verizon, then visual voicemail isn't worth enough to you to merit waiting as long as you have to using Youmail. On my Storm 9530, it took 30 seconds to a minute to receive the message saying that I had a voicemail, another 30 seconds to log in on 1XEV signal (full strength 3G for Verizon) another 30 seconds after selecting the link to the voicemail to get the the point where I could download it, and minimal time to stream it. So it took between a minute and a half to two minutes to get one voicemail on 3G, which could be dramatically longer on less speedy signals.

Loaded on the storm, but can't get it to play a message. I keep getting a menu list when trying to listen.


Sticking w/VyMail for now.

i have been using youmail for about 6 or 7 months now and i am pretty shocked at how lousy this vvm works. going back to vymail now...
one of the single best features of youmail (without their vvm) is the ability to get a text of your missed call or voicemail. at least if you miss a call when your phone is off or out of range/signal, you still have a record of that call coming in.

I was excited to try it, but I didn't much care for it and deleted it. It took way too long for my messages to come thru (even though I have full EVDO bars). I also couldn't figure out how to get a message-waiting indicator for it, which was the dealbreaker for me. It was just kind of clunky. I may consider giving it another go when it gets out of beta, but they'll have to do some real streamlining first. (I have the 8330, btw).

This does not even come close in comparison to VyMail.
VyMial gives me the option to Play my messages using the Speakerphone or Handset, and a few other options. There aren't any options with the YouMail app.
I'm still unable to hear messages at a descent volume. I have to press the phone up to my hear, and make sure I'm in a very quiet room. This has annoyed me to the point that I'm thinking about switching back to my regular voice mail.

This does not even come close in comparison to VyMail.
VyMial gives me the option to Play my messages using the Speakerphone or Handset, and a few other options. There aren't any options with the YouMail app.
I'm still unable to hear messages at a descent volume. I have to press the phone up to my hear, and make sure I'm in a very quiet room. This has annoyed me to the point that I'm thinking about switching back to my regular voice mail.

This does not even come close in comparison to VyMail.
VyMial gives me the option to Play my messages using the Speakerphone or Handset, and a few other options. There aren't any options with the YouMail app.
I'm still unable to hear messages at a descent volume. I have to press the phone up to my hear, and make sure I'm in a very quiet room. This has annoyed me to the point that I'm thinking about switching back to my regular voice mail.

Jeez, all you people complaining about how it looks - I can't even get past the part where it signs in before I get an error message about downloading my account info :-(

Having problems downloading to my storm. The app tells me it needs to be initialized. I keep hitting the OK button and nothing happens. I enter my PIN and can't sign in. I'm frozen. Can i get some answers.. Thanks

I downloaded it and it never seemed to work earlier today. Then i came to a screen that said something about charging a monthly fee. anyone get it to work properly for free?

Blackberry Storm - Verizon - OS .75

Getting the "There was an error downloading your account info." message.

I downloaded the program.
My number already appeared.
I input my PIN.
Then minimize the keyboard and press OK.
A pop-up menu comes up with three options (show keyboard, switch application, full menu)
The the signing in status bar pops up.
The another pop-up stating "There was an error downloading your account info."
All you can do is click ok and start the entire process over again.

Going back to VyMail.

Complete GARBAGE! After seeing that Sprint charges for call forwards and such I decided not to go through with the service. That didn't stop this crap company from sending me about 10+ text messages within 3 minutes. I would stay away from garbage like this.

The program sounds great, but it is completely useless because it wont work on a Telus Network. So until that problem is resolved its worthless.

I can't get the youmail app to play thru the speaker. i enjoy the joekrill vymail app much better. Very much the same app as the youmail visual voice mail part, but a cleaner look and better functionality.

PS: Regarding youmail gathering information, demographics, and user info. There is no sinister and evil plan here. How is youmail free? They sell advertising on their website and include brief un-intrusive ads in text message "new voice mail" notifications. The data collected helps them direct ads that are of interest to their customers and make it easier for them to sell their advertising to potential advertisers. If they determined that the bulk of their customers were under 30 years of age - would they be marketing AARP products? Duh? When their salesman is selling the prospect of advertising on with youmail they can have an intelligent conversation regarding the target audience. Gathering demographoc info is NOT intrusive or sinister.

PPS: I am an advertising consultant by trade.

At this point in time, I have found Youmail's VVM unacceptable for use on the Storm. I have uninstalled it, and will continue to use VyMail until Youmail gets their's staightened out.

I understand the YouMail works by forwarding your calls to a YouMail voice mail server. Does anyone know how that would bill if you are traveling abroad? I'll be in Europe in March for 2 weeks and have been researching voice mail polling/forwarding services. This would be good but I'd be afraid that it would rack up international phone charges. Verizon has a good data plan ~$70 per month for unlimited data but the phone charges for a roaming phone are steep.

so i downloaded it...decided it was crap...went through adavancd options and deleted it...but when i call my voicemail i am still getting the pre recorded voice and i can't check my voicemails now...any one got anything for me to try?

i answered my own question by going to the website...all is well now...i decided to just shell out the 2.99 a month and get the legit visual VM....damn you verizon!!

I installed the app and did not like it much, it was very buggy and was not downloading my voice mails. It also forwards my calls to their voice mail number which resulted in a different greeting and I did not like it. The app has some potential but there are some bugs to be fixed.

I don't know... it works fine for me. I had no problem installing the app, signing up for an account (on my pc), recording a default voice mail and testing it out.

I like getting a log of my calls/VMs on my pc, since there is no cell service where I live. My only problem was that the logs were all on Pacific Time, and I live in the East. Once I figured out how to set my timezone, I was all set.

So far, so good!

after getting frustrated with the youmail app, i was reading about vymail and decided to give it a shot. WOW! what a difference, it so much easier to install and works great on my 8900. kudos joe krill!

I'm using an unlocked bold, with OS .234 on T-mobile. The previous version worked fine. Upgraded to this, and when I try to log onto my account (which is accessable via the web), I get a connection error, try again later message. No response from the company yet.

Any ideas?

Figured it out. After the OS upgrade, my TCP/IP settings in advanced went back to cingular. After updating for T-Mobile, I was able to log on.

I have the standard VyMail and it works great. I've attempted to install the BlackBerry specific application twice on my Curve, and each time I get "Uncaught exception: jva.lang.nullPointerException” after installation.

Just tried uninstalling and dialing the numbers to de-activate the incoming calls won't come through on my