You'll soon be able to use your BlackBerry in the air thanks to an EU ruling

BlackBerry Plane
By James Richardson on 15 Nov 2013 02:07 pm EST

In some places around the world using your 3G/4G smartphone or tablet on an airplane is common practice, but not for us folk in Europe. That's soon to change though as the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has announced new plans that will allow for devices to be used above an altitude of 3000 metres. 

As well as the use of certain electronic equipment being allowed during take off and landing (which has always been prohibited) it seems that some airlines may be deploying 3G/LTE services on their aircraft. For people such as my good self, getting a data connection on a plane is unheard of, but seeing how us BlackBerry addicts are somewhat addicted to checking and responding to messages as soon as humanly possible this is going to be a huge bonus for frequent travelers - business users in particular. 

As it stands at the moment we are uncertain of which, if any, airlines will roll out the service and there may be some restrictions in terms of what is allowed and when. Even if they don't offer 3G/4G options it's going to be nice to not have to switch off your BlackBerry as the plane prepares for take off and landing. 

It's early days but when things go live we'll let you know. It's going to feel weird at first sending an email from above the clouds. 

Source: ITV News




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Chill out. We all have learning curves. Let's focus on what's important. Making BlackBerry #1 in this world filled with rubbish androids and not so powerful iPhones

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Lol! As long as you are a BlackBerry fan, the community should be happy.

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Lool, chill the crap out! CrackBerry is for anyone and everyone, so enough with this "we are professionals" tribal mentality. Grow up people.

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I'd love to be able to get connected in the air. It would probably be fun :-)

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Ryanair had mobile on for a while but they were not making enough money.


Ryanair never makes enough money


Not sure why Ryanair ever offered these services. I find it's physically impossible to use a device while sitting in a seat where your face is plastered to the seat in front of you for the duration of the flight. lol


Is it confirmed that mobiles are one of the devices allowed on during take off and landing?

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I don't think we can use them in North America either, except in airplane mode. This would be a nice option!

From the mind of a MaNiAc


That changes effective Nov 1st.
Airlines now have some lieneancy to do what they want.


There's no service in the air anyway.


Are you serious buddy ?

I suggest you to read the entire article if you don't mind....

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My bad. And I'm not your buddy, chief.


If u own a BlackBerry you're a buddy. If u own anything else you're a chief who is old, useless and slow. #BlackBerry10

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I can't think of anything worse than being on a plane, and forced to listen to someone else's phone call....

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Oh hell yes! Agreed!!!

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I seem to recall reading somewhere that use of electronic voice communications will be prohibited in airplanes. I'm not sure where I read it. It might have been a specific airline or something else.

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This has also been announced by the FAA in the US. Now it's up to the airlines to change their policy regarding electronic device use during takoff/landing.


BB Adict

Now, we will be captive prisoners for people who use no discretion with either the content or the volume of their conversations.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.


Phone calls should be prohibited due to the small space, but you gotta admit on those long solo flights it would be nice to kill some time BBM'ing friends back home.


I think that for most airlines they will be. I seem to recall reading that anyway.

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Bradley Mckay

Apple owner's have always been able to use theirs on planes due too their lack of reception :-)

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I approve this comment. LMFAO


+1000 lol

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Clearly someone doesn't travel much. Oh wait as a DJ I do. So let's clarify some facts. KLM has been testing wifi on planes for a while now. I know in use it when I fly to Amsterdam. So suggesting or saying it's unheard of is clearly false. Please state facts as they are not as you assume!

Only a fool thinks they know me.


James u need to relocate to Amsterdam that way you can have that unheard of data connection that you find elusive :).

Only a fool thinks they know me.


He said it's unheard of "where he's from" and even stated that other places are able to use their phones on planes. Don't be an idi0t, please.

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Idiot. Ready response to my own comment. Thanks. Whose the idiot now.

Only a fool thinks they know me.


As a professional pilot, I guess I travel quite a bit, and believe me, more and more airlines are adding WiFi service on board. HOWEVER, it comes at with a pretty hefty price tag, considering all things. 10$ on AA for a flight. Stops working below 10,000 feet.

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I agree with you. You could have someone talking on the phone for over 4 hrs.
Just imagine your trying to relax and you get an idiot next to you talking about work , sex life or a great place he is going for holidays.
Let me be the first person to say, news at 11 person talking on the phone on an airplane has his phone shoved up his butt and can still hear someone say"are you ok can't hear you", because that's whats going to happen.


I think that most airlines will not permit voice-over-air communications, so no worries there.

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But you have 3rd party apps that will let you use wifi for voice over air communication.



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This probably is the most wrong photo of Crackberry history... Sorry mate. Tell me. Do you honestly believe that Ryanair will ever provide on flight Internet??? :+P

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Hahaha good point!

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Lol, the issue with this, is that the flight attendants will see you with a mobile device at take off and slap you for using it. I doubt they'll say "Oh, that's a blackberry, you keep on using it sir! "

(although it would be awesome if they did)




This is good news for a service provider stock like gogo which has been soaring in valuation on the US news a few weeks ago.

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Dwayne Jordan

Wonder how much airlines and/or providers will charge for data..maybe break the bank rates

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The was a CB10 news post about these changes to in flight rules a few weeks ago and that story said the phones still had to be in airplane mode. So I wonder what the real situation is?

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Just took a flight on Air Canada this morning and this flight offered free Wifi. Only a few of their planes are Wifi equipped.

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But then the application developer has unfortunately kept BlackBerry out of their device suitability. This is what I read somewhere a few days go!

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In my country we already allowed to use Wi-Fi in the airplane. But, just for specific aircraft. It have to go through various tests for the aircraft to be allowed to put Wi-Fi on it.

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The airlines in US are easing restrictions. On my last two flights we were allowed to keep mobile phones on "Airplane Mode" throughout the flight, including take offs and landings. Only laptops and larger devices had to be turned off and stowed during take off and landings. On certain flights we can log in to Go-Go Inflight, which gives and internet connection, but it costs $4.95 US so I pass on it.


I like to sleep but hey, why not :)

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Grzesiek Godlewski

In Norway ( it is something normal to send @ from the plane :) and it's for free !

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T-Mobile USA's WiFi calling works great for texts on Gogo WiFi. It's only cost effective if you have a monthly subscription and fly a lot on carriers that use Gogo. Your subscription login allows one device at a time to be active.

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BlackBerry Air 128gb

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I always try to select airlines which offer Wi-Fi, like for example Norwegian. That way I can Skype or use SIP on the plane if necessary. It's really nice to have the option. :)


This would be great ! As a frequent traveler I would love using my BlackBerry During flights!

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Most, if not all, flights in or out bound of GCC have cell use like a normal phone on ground and with certain airlines offering in-flight cell use without roaming charges so calls, sms, email, BBM, ...etc is at no extra charge than what you would pay for in your country or area.

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