You could win a hot new BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS! Enter now!

Telus BlackBerry Q10
By Michelle Haag on 20 May 2013 04:47 am EDT

Canadians, are you ready? We have a third chance for one of you to win a BlackBerry Q10, this time from TELUS.

If you're a resident of Canada, all you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post telling us why you want the BlackBerry Q10. Huge thanks to TELUS for hooking this one up!  As usual, one comment per person, and spammers will be eliminated and banned from future contests.  We'll run this one through next Sunday at midnight PST, so drop your comment below to get in on the action.

Unfortunately this one is again only open to Canadian residents but not to worry - we'll have more contests for everyone else soon. 

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The BlackBerry qwerty keyboard is awesome!


I love my Z10, but sure could use a beautiful Q10 to show off how BlackBerry is back!

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Crackberry closed for canadians only?


Signing off I WAS HOPEING THE NEW OS10 would own the androids and Iphones here in the US? Guess there's. Still a bit of cold feet for Sprint ect.


Sprint appears nervous to jump on board OS10


Can't say I blame them BB lost a lot of ground for a few years to the Iphone and Android market!


So that people stop assuming my phone is an IPhone!

Z10 with a case mate looks quite similar, even though it is bigger and better!

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I love the q10 the keyboard, is beautiful, the battery, fantastic, and the platform, fabulous! Pick me

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Great battery life, awesome form factor, perfect keyboard!

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Hey, I'm not a robot, or a glazier....
I don't work on a fruit, or a Scandinavian....
and I don't know Thorsten, Alec or Barbara from Blackberry,
although I'm certain they're really really nice.

I have a multitasker, not a toy.
I speak chocolate and vanilla, not apple.
And I pronounce it 'reboot', not 'reboat'.

I can proudly show my cell phone’s apps to the ratpack.
I believe in pace setting, not coasting,
honesty, not dissimulation,
and that the Blackberry is a truly proud and noble mobile device.
QNX is a tool, Blackberry 10 a breakthrough,
and it is pronounced 'Zed10' not 'Zee10', 'Zed10' !!!!

Blackberry is the third selling smartphone!
The first-ever Smartphone!
and the best part of mobile communications.

My name is WrightWords!!
And I am Canadian!!!


I want it for the keyboard

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Spencer Palmer

My 9900 just doesn't cut it anymore!


I wants the keyboard!!!!!!


A BlackBerry Q10 would mean the ultimate upgrade for the student I am, and my first ever BlackBerry! Plus, it looks so sleek!


The Q in it says it all... dat Nostalgic feel of texting on a physical keyboard... flicking just doesn't cut it... feels like every other phone nowadays without that physical keyboard...

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Keyboard is the best

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Q10: traditional style with a modern face. And power at hand.

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Safir Babar

Z10 owner on wind looking to move to Telus because of the network coverage. And just wanna say one last thing. QWERTY.

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Efficient OS and excellent keyboard!


Would love to get a Q10!


BB4 Life! Hook me up!


With a new Q10 - I would be able to further promote for Telus and blackberry!

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Keyboard would be cool...


It's time to move on and let my storm2 go, looking for Q.


Would love to win the Q10 for the awesome keyboard, glass-weave back, premium materials and the overall professional feel. It'd be like having a mini touchscreen laptop!

Jane Li

For my kid. She loves the BlackBerry keyboard

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This phone has everything and anyone would be lucky to win, but I want it so my mother can finally have a quality phone to help her organize her life, keep in touch with everyone, and catch up with the latest in quality technology.


I like the keyboard

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Oh how love the physical keyboard :-)

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Tej Baath

The Q10 gives the beat of both worlds. It integrates both a touch screen environment while giving the physical keyboard that people love. Hope I win

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Tej Baath

The Q10 gives the best of both worlds. It integrates both a touch screen environment and giving people the physical keyboard they love

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Simple, to be the Raddest dude in town.

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A perfect productivity phone.

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Q10 of course because BB10 is the futur now!

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So like #loveit I wanna win a Q10

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Woo hoo! I love the Q10 for the keyboard and the beefy battery life! Can't wait to get my hands on one! xD


pick me.... plleeeeeasssssseeeee!


Hi, i want Q10 because it's blackberry and it has a keyboard :)


the battery life is good. the keyboard is amazing.


I want the Q10 to get things done faster with that awesome keyboard :)


I moved away from BB a couple of years ago. This would be a great opportunity to come back to the fold :^).


I would leave Rogers for that!

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I am ready for the Q10!

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I want to update my Torch 9800 to the new system as I have seen them and they are awesome..


Looks like the best Blackberry ever.


Q10 win, tah trade-in for a Z10 !?
thanks for the opportunity :)



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Put my name in the hat. Would love to try out a q10!

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My 9900 needs a sibling.


Where to begin! Lets see.... I can't stand typing on touchscreens OMG, it takes for ever and is soooo annoying! So the keyboard is a HUGE deal. Phones that feel cheap and plasticky are lame, and the Q10 is solid and awesome. The fast speed and intuitive multi tasking capabilities run rings around the one app at a time allegedly 'smart' phones. And its blend of modern, and elegant styling are just very cool. For life, work and fun, this is the one for me <3 :)


It's the best phone on the market bar none

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I miss my old curves physical keyboard. I would love to have one again, and running on bb10, cant go wrong :)

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Wouldn't mind catching one of these. Gorgeous phones


am i late this time? Q-10---me plz


I will try this again...would love to win.

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Sadia Aziz

Keyboard 100% awesome...

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I want this phone cause its so awesome! Also, because I need a new phone. Annnnd, since everyone I know owns a iPhone, I can stand out while showing how awesome BlackBerry 10 is an how generous Crackberry is :)

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Physical keyboard.

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Need one please

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Holla CB :)

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Being a long time BB addict I couldn't wait for the Q10's release, literally. So I ended up grabbing the 9900 last year and couldn't be happier! Well fast forward a year later and two years left on my contract and we'll you guessed it, I can be just a little bit more happy. You see my wife, who's the patient one by the way, just picked up the Q10 and all I can say is wow! I thought the 9900 was the perfect phone but Blackberry has done it again. The solid build, larger screen, great battery life, blazing fast OS and fluid typing experience left me in awe and wanting more. I was so close to terminating my contract but cooler heads (and my wife scolding me) prevailed. And now here I am, at the mercy of Crackberry, I guess this will teach me to be more patient in the future.

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I Hope I win! I'm already a Telus costumer, so it would be great!

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I miss my bold 9900 keyboard so much! Z10 is amazing but something about those qwerty...


Pick me! Best of both worlds in this Q10!


What better way to start our relationship then by exchanging my love for a Q10?

I heart you Michelle!!!


Physical keyboard is the best!!

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I'd LOVE to upgrade my Bold 9780 to the hot new Q10!! :D


Best of both worlds...I've been a bold user since I can remember and this gives me the new awesome bberry experience with the feel and look of my 9900 but with an even better's an upgrade!!

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Woohoo q10 me!!!

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Love the slick design!

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Jimmy Meksavanh

Q10 please be mine!!! Crackberry don't let me down!! Lol

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I need the best keyboard!

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Thanks for the awesome prizes!

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I would love to win this for my sister! She is having a rough time with money and her job at the moment and is in desperate need of a new updated cell phone. The Q10 would be an amazing surprise for her upcoming birthday and would brighten up her day!

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Bob Lozon

I would love to have a new q10 and Telus you are the best

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So much better than the S4!!!!!! Love the keyboard

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Keyboard!!! I got the Z10 and love it but miss the keyboard big time!!!

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Keyboard of course!

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Keyboard. Amoled.

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I miss the blackberry physical keyboard. Purchased the Z10 out right when it came out and can't afford to do so for the Q10. Hope I win the Q10 or I'll have to wait to till next year. Thanks in advance.


Oh Canada!!! Q10 is the best phone ever!!!


Sleek baby

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Q10 with keyboard, please?


Still negotiating the Curve.


All the awesomeness of BB10 with a keyboard. Win win.

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Comment left. ;)

BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook


I would love to get the sweet honour to have BlackBerry Q10 on my hands in addition to my BlackBerry Z10! I've been a supporter of BlackBerry since torch came out (my very first smartphone). Having both phones just shows how much I freaking love BlackBerry! Blackberry for the win!!!!!!!! Thank you!

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Keith Goulding

The new BlackBerry is awesome and the BB10 O/S is just incredible but nothing beats a keyboard on a sunny afternoon when you can't see the screen to make a call or send a message.

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Let me win!

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Pick me

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I can already taste the keyboard under my fingers

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I made the mistake of switching to an iPhone and I regret it, I need to get back into the BlackBerry World.

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Longer battery life = more crackberry

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Got to be the keyboard.


Beat present ever for hubby he would love the keyboard and the speed of this awesome new device

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Brooklin McConnell1

Qwerty keyboard

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I want the Q10 badly because my daughter's old Curve is falling apart and I cannot afford to get her a new one!


Q me please!!!!!!!

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I would love to take this to work and make all the "kids" drool! While they are plugging in their phones during the day- I'll be laughing with the battery life on the Q10!


I want the longer battery life and keyboard on the Q 10!

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Just tried the demo. I think I would trade my Z10 for the Q10. Love it

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Looks way better than my old BB...would just love to get my hands on the Q10 !


fast browser would be really good to have.


GOOD GRAVY!!! Don't pick me! Don't do it! I won't be able to use any of the excuses in my arsenal any more about why I couldn't get my work done.

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farmer ken

I want my keyboard!!

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Broke my phone I think I need it the most please pick me

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For that special feeling beneath my thumbs.

Jin Chong

My sister in law needs a new BlackBerry. Her husband and I have the z10. Trying to win q10s for our wives.

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Would love to win one!


Can't type correctly without a physical keyboard and watching a baby

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I'd love to get the Q10.

Louis Vallier

Telus rocks

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1: Ever since I got my playbook I've been in love with blackberry.
2: Right now my phone is a hand me down Samsung Sph-m540.
3: I can't afford to buy the Q10, and I don't want to settle for anything but Blackberry.


My thumbs miss the sweet sensation of a qwerty keyboard! Please crackberry your my only hope!

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That keyboard is a beauty.


I would like to win a Q10 for my sister so she'll shut up about wanting one.


I would like to win because... well who wouldn't want the best phone ever made??

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The best phone for the best moments


I just bought my self a blackberry q10 but I would like to get one for my sister so she can get into the action. Best features I like about the q10 is the keyboard. Best features of the os10 is the blackberry hub.

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The fantastic keyboard! Telus rocks!

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Thank you :)

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Wanted: technologically focused home is looking to adopt a free BlackBerry Q10 to the family. QWERTY keyboard is a must! Should play well with other BlackBerry devices in the home such as Playbooks, Z10s, Curve and Bold. Must also play nicely with Windows Media Player, Xbox360 and other DLNA compatible devices. Telus would be a very welcome addition to the family, we do not discriminate. Our family likes to "Keep Moving" and we're looking forward to a "Friendly Future"! :-p

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Love new Q10, pick me!


I can't live without BB keyboard!


Would love to have it

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Another awesome contest from CB!
Good luck all.


Because the keyboard is awesome!

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Frank Tieu

Keyboard for sureee!!!

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Keyboard with new technology...why else


I'd love to have the Q10 to experience the best of both worlds.

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Love BlackBerry products, and the chance to have the newest and best one yet is too exciting to not try and win. Please help!!!!

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Love the Q10 keyboard. Pick me please.

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The keyboard and the awesome screen :)

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BB Q10? Why do I want it? For the keyboard & longer battery life.. which are aspects that I already appreciate from BlackBerry. Thanks for the contest Telus!

Rick Groot

Keyboard is the key.

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I love the Z10 but miss my keyboard!!


A Q10 would be especially nice, this would convince my friends and family BB is back(and was never gone either). Thanks for the contest Telus and CrackBerry!


Keep Moving goes hand in hand with the ability to use the device without having to pay attention to it directly-with a physical keyboard, once you're familiar with it, you don't even have to look at it to accomplish many tasks. You aren't staring at it constantly, you're getting things done by pounding away at the keyboard, verifying, sending, and moving on! You can't do that on a modern all-touch! Why I've continued to hold on!


The feel of it in my hand. Ahhh...


would love to win this one


I am an avid BlackBerry user and attended BlackBerry Live recently and had to watch my wife walk around with an iPhone..
She needs a Q10 asap

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It'd be a nice to get my girlfriend off her iPhone :)

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keyboard! good thing comes to those who waits! :)


For the phone speed and the keyboard also bbm video

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I think it would be an amicable symbiotic relationship, my using a BlackBerry Q10 and it benefiting my west coast lifestyle.
Having grown up in Kitchener-Waterloo, gone to University of Waterloo and relocated to Vancouver, I look for opportunities to spout off to my west coast friends and colleagues about how German Mennonite country has invaded the land of Lululemon. With my Bold 9000 long time obsolete and the necessity to switch to a smartphone richer in apps, I can no longer tout expressions such as, “Let me check my KW innovated device for the start of the yoga class” or “Before we head out mountain biking, I’ll check my hometown innovated cell for the weather.”
I think my dad and mom, who live just a few minutes away from BlackBerry’s headquarters, would appreciate it if I could once again have a BlackBerry as a sort of childhood Linus security blanket for those times when I miss the good old times of years gone past. So whether I am preparing important emails for business, reviewing documents or heading out into the mountains on an excursion, a BlackBerry Q10 would be a great hub for my lifestyle, tying in everything important to me including memories of family and home.


Would absolutely love to win a Q10 as I really miss the keyboard shortcuts even though I love my Zeder, thanks for the chance CrackBerry!

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Dadalinks Telus about BlackBerry Q10...

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I want to win this because I still love the qwerty keyboard!

sunny dee

Is this still open? I like the classic design and keyboard.


I want to experience the new Q10 for its sexy keyboard because I can type easier on a physical keyboard when im drunk tryin to hit on girls that I have no chance with.

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It's fast, it's smooth, the the best phone in its class, & its never been out done for that amazing keyboard. I'll take one, no problem. Thanks Crackberry, always number one.

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I'm looking forward to the keyboard on the Q10!

Thanks Telus and CrackBerry! Good luck everyone! :)

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love Q10! Too late for entry?

Number6going for 7

I have had the Z10 for several months and love it! My wife wants the Q10 because she finds keyboards easier with long fingernails. Pick me . . .Pick me . . .!


Please count me in I really need one

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Q10. Old style with a modern face! Good night and good luck.

Dilan Francois

Well for the keyboard and to give to my wife bcus can't afford to buy one for her and she really wants a q10 would be a nice surprise for her

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Love the z10 but I miss my keyboard

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Antikythera Mechanism

This is the most logically balanced device out there. Peek and flow gesturing galore! Definitely a strong point for me. Once you get a handle on the gestures it will be extremely difficult to go back to any other platforms. We should all applaud the industrial design team for this masterpiece. And of course please pick me!!!


I want it for my wife. She bought the new Samsung and hates it. I can't stand the complaining and crying about it anymore. She needs a blackberry. Please help

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Count me in

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Was the winner announced?

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Raheem Manji

I want it because it's a blackberry...

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My wife needs one to match my Z10...she's jelly.

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Pick me! I would settle my debate of choosing between S4 or Q10!


I miss my keyboard

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Because my Torch is getting so old and I would love a new keyboard phone. :)


I'm Canadian! and a Q10 from Telus! doesn't get any more Canadian thumbs up!

Loving my Z10 go blackberry.


I wish i'll get this Q10. I love this phone. Crossing fingers

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Giveer here please

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Bhuwan Sood

BlackBerry z10 is amazing phone... I would love to have my second contact number of BlackBerry Q10

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I want to winnnnn !!!!

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Would love to get my hands on the Q10. Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me. PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!

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Jamillah Ross

Touch screen AND a full keyboard? I love it!!


I don't think I would give up my Z10 but I would love to win a Q10 and gift it to someone I know who deserves it but would never buy one for himself.

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North ontario

Looks good.

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I'd LOVE to upgrade from my Palm Pre that I carry with Bell. Everyone seems to prefer Telus, and my phone is SLOWWW! Q10 looks great!


I am in. Hope I win.

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Really would love to win this

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Because I want it!

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Well blackberry on the Clearnet network (Telus) what could be better????

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This is the best phone available for business users, only thing it needs is a dual SIM capabilities.

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Best phone in the market none!
Go BlackBerry!

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Because it's new...and it's Blackberry!


It this still open? If so I want to win!!!!

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My wife is wanting this phone so bad. She does not have an upgrade available at this time.

The blackberry is important to her career and hope I am able to win this for her. She is also with Telus.

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Terrie Meehan

Q10 rocks

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Please select me. I need the Q10 with keyboard

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Thanks CB and Telus for the opportunities to win a "QTen"

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Kris Callaway

Looks so much better than the older Blackberries.



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Yes I want one

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OMG I miss the physical keyboard so bad. Pick me please

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Nothing says pride of ownership then winning a Telus Q10.

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super please, super super super.

Chive On!

Devin Partridge

I've always been a blackberry user and I can't see myself using another phone, the one I have now is a couple years old and a lot of things don't work anymore. I've never really had good luck in my life but this is worth a try, having the Q10 would mean the world to me.


This is a great looking smartphone - and a great working one, too !! Would be a nice one to give to mom or dad - and the excellent security reputation to boot !!


want to try that keyboard.