You could win a hot new BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS! Enter now!

Telus BlackBerry Q10
By Michelle Haag on 20 May 2013 04:47 am EDT

Canadians, are you ready? We have a third chance for one of you to win a BlackBerry Q10, this time from TELUS.

If you're a resident of Canada, all you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post telling us why you want the BlackBerry Q10. Huge thanks to TELUS for hooking this one up!  As usual, one comment per person, and spammers will be eliminated and banned from future contests.  We'll run this one through next Sunday at midnight PST, so drop your comment below to get in on the action.

Unfortunately this one is again only open to Canadian residents but not to worry - we'll have more contests for everyone else soon. 

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You could win a hot new BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS! Enter now!



I'd love this phone for the best keyboard in existence combined with the best mobile OS around. Here's hoping I can give the Q10 a nice home! Thanks CrackBerry and Telus!!

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For my mom she needs a new phone she has the bold and can't stand it but she still loves BlackBerry and is with Telus the Q10 would be amazing would you like to see your mom with an old BlackBerry Bold omg it's so slow please help

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Honestly if I win it I will give it to someone who is not s blackberry user. I'm that confident that the Q10 will win them over. Id video tape the whole thing too. This I swear and promise to do. I've already have some people in mind who condemned me for sticking with blackberry.

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Being accepted out of town to school, I had to ditch my bold 9900 about half way through because of no video capabilities, as I like to fire off a quick skype call on the run. with skype and even bbm going cross platform, id love to move back and still be able to keep in touch (my family is set in the iphone way). Would love a q10 being telus myself!

My wife needs a beautiful Q10 instead of the silly one (foreign brand) she has now. The keyboard would fit her hands perfectly.

I bought a Z10 and love it but I miss the KEYBOARD and I need better battery life !!! I'm always traveling and running around. Please!!!

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It's Canadian, eh! I look for the Canadian products, where possible, to support our economy. When it is also a great product, that is a bonus. Go BlackBerry! Go Canada!

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I need a Q10 for my wife. She has to have the physical keyboard and she is tired of her Torch freezing up.

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That sexy back cover, the amazing keyboard and the battery life! It's everything I need and more!

I'm a big fan of blackberry and I would love to get my hands on beautifully designed Q10 that I want so bad and a upgrade from my BlackBerry Pearl 9105 that's on its last life :(

BlackBerry for life...

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My dad has been struggling with his Samsung and old lobe to give him the sturdy, robust, and sexy q10

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I really want one of these!!! I keep hearing great things about this phone.. still love my torch but I definitely need an upgrade!

The Q10 has tons of amazing features. Back when I bought my 9900, the combination keyboard and touch screen was a huge benefit for me when compared to the other smartphones that were available.

Other features that are really good about the Q10 is the browser speed, the battery life (in part thanks to the AMOLED screen that doesn't require power in standby), the increased number of apps, and the camera.

Another great product BlackBerry!

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Awesome for Telus to give away a Q10. Would love to win one, for the amazing typing experience of course, no touch screen will ever compare.

As a faithful Telus customer (they have been my service provider for the past 7 years) and a proud supporter of Canadian products, I want to the new Blackberry Q10 for various reasons.

Being in the IT industry, I write a ton of emails from my mobile device. The only way I can do this effectively is from a phone with a hardware keyboard and Blackberry is the only device around with this feature! I also support Blackberry devices and BES in my job, so having the new phone to play around with and get familiar with is a bonus!

Plus, I'm also back in school full time while trying to work, so I'm too poor to buy the new phone. PICK ME PICK ME!

The Q10 has an excellent build quality, striking keyboard design, excellent battery life, and the new Blackberry 10.1 operating system. It has been designed from the ground-up to increase mobile productivity, as well as provide entertainment to consumers.

I want the Q10 to keep in contact with my family and friends, as well as my coworkers. It would take the place my aged Telus Blackberry 8330, giving new life to my love of all things Blackberry.

I want this phone for the keyboard (obviously), the battery life and the whole BB10 experience. It doesn't hurt that I'm already on Telus either :)

BlackBerry is the best phone company ever. With blackberry protect installed on every blackberry 10 it is hard not to choose blackberry when investing a phone!

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I want the Telus Q10 as I am a Telus client and I currently have Z10. I would like to get the Q10 for me and I can pass the Z10 to my spouse. She'd be supper happy!!

I want the Q10 for the amazing battery life and the wicked Blackberry Keyboard! This would be perfect as I'm with Telus but still have a year and a half on my contract with my Bold 9900. Please Crackberry Gods choose me hahaha

I want the Blackberry Q10 because of the new phenomenal keyboard. The new straight alignment of the letters and larger frets are so beneficial and make it easier to type.

Omg Im in BC and use TELUS as my subscriber. I would love this phone as it has been almost a year since I have used a good old BlackBerry keyboard and I really miss it, plus BB10 looks sexy :D

I want it for its working version of BlackBerry 10.1 I updated my Z10 to 10.1 and now my browser doesn't work I have to use an android browser and it's slow

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

The perfect combination of the Ultimate keyboard with a big vibrant touch screen. In addition to the iconic BlackBerry design!

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Tried to use a touchscreen only phone for a week. You just can't beat Blackberry's keyboard.

I've been with Telus forever, before they were even Telus it was ClearNet!!! Would love to upgrade to a new Q10!!! Hope I get it!

The Q10 reminds me of my old 9900 but better! The touchscreen and the combination of the physical keyboard is phenomenal.

No Reboots!!!! The Amazing quality, the fantastic keyboard and the better battery life. Please pick me I am stuck with a z10 that reboots consantly and has a 6 hour battery span. I really want the q10 but can't quite afford one just yet.

The keyboard and OS10 can't be beat and if I win I will give this to my wife (a hyper-typer) and save her from her contract from the "other guys"! I am already loving my Z10

The massive amount of work blackberry has put in to the new revolutionary smart phone. Truly a great effort from blackberry and everything is perfect. Definitely adore the keyboard.

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The keyboard/touchscreen combo! Since I got my first Blackberry, and 8330, I thought that the only major change it needed was a way to interact with the top screen via touch. The Q10 is pretty much what I'd envisioned!

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for all you Smiths fans out there... "so please...please... please, let me get what I want, for it would be the 1st time..." A new Q10 would be awesome...

Although my z10is an awsome phone but my son's outdated curve would like to be replaced by an awsome phone q10 fer my boy

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Was hoping to five my girlfriend a new q10 as part of our 2 year anniversary together. She needs a new phone. Love mine.

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Just got back from BlackBerry Live. You guys were amazing. Hung around your section a lot. Now your giving away a Q10?! You guys rock. Congratulations to the recipient!

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Well,since I have been a telus customer for thirty plus years and a blackberry only phone user for the last five years. And have been a crackberry reader from day one ,a new Q10 would be a nice touch

I'd love to win this new Blackberry Q10 because I love physical keyboard and because my Blackberry, the Bold 9990, is actually broken and since I'm a student I can't really afford a new one! :(

Let's hope this will be my future baby! ;)

I feel BlackBerry is a better built smartphone. I still have my 9700, and it works great, friends that have android and iPhones complain of something not working. BlackBerry forever!!

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Once you go BlackBerry you never go back. My z10 wouldn't mind a mate with the best keyboard on the planet!!

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Looking for the keyboard. Tried one on display at Future Shop and it was great. Bigger screen, bigger buttons, bigger apps...better stop their.

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I want to win so I can give my little brother my Z10 or maybe I'd be really nice and give him the Q10...I have grown quite attached to the big screen actually. I would really like to give him a new phone because he still has a Pearl (from Telus actually!) but it's missing all the top buttons and you can barely see his screen through the dust behind it. So let me score some brother points and be selfish at the same time. Yeah? Yeah!

I love my BlackBerry Z10 from Telus...but it's lonely and needs a bb10 friend. A Q10 would be the perfect companion. Lol

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I'm a long time Telus customer and blackberry fan. Touch, keyboard and bb10. bring it! Please?

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I want a q10 to give to my mom. She's a big fan of physical keyboards but wants a phone that's still great for games and media.

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already love my bold, but the Q10 is everything intensified and love the dark theme concept for saving battery life

Had the 9900, loved it. Have the Z10. Loving it even more. Want the combination of them, the Q10. Hoping you can make this happen

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Only person in my family of 6 to not have a blackberry! Diehard fanboy right here! The greatest thing about the Q10 has got to be the oled screen, wicked battery life and the super cool dark theme! Gotta love Canada, poutine and Blackberry all the way! Did I forget to mention the keyboard! So many great things packed into such a fantastic phone!

I would love to win a blackberry Q10 because I am currently very unsatisfied with my current phone with Rogers. My current phone has Rogers apps on it that do not work well and they intentionally made it impossible to uninstall them unless you root your phone. I would also love to get into developing applications for BlackBerry.

Hi. I'd love to win this because of that sweet keyboard. Plus, I'm a Telus customer, so it just makes plain sense if I were to win it. :)

Cheers from WPG,