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You could win a hot new BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS! Enter now!

Telus BlackBerry Q10
By Michelle Haag on 20 May 2013 04:47 am EDT

Canadians, are you ready? We have a third chance for one of you to win a BlackBerry Q10, this time from TELUS.

If you're a resident of Canada, all you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post telling us why you want the BlackBerry Q10. Huge thanks to TELUS for hooking this one up!  As usual, one comment per person, and spammers will be eliminated and banned from future contests.  We'll run this one through next Sunday at midnight PST, so drop your comment below to get in on the action.

Unfortunately this one is again only open to Canadian residents but not to worry - we'll have more contests for everyone else soon. 

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Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


Would love to win so I can give it to my girlfriend (after I play with it for a bit) and make her the happiest girlfriend ever! She has been jealous of my Z10 ever since her 9700 gave out and been stuck with a pearl 3G!

Posted via CB10


Back-up BlackBerry10 device. ;) :)

Posted via CB10


perfect upgrade from the 9900...


It is a truly beautiful device.


Q10 on Telus! I love the iconic qwerty keyboard! The touch screen experience although current just can't beat the accuracy of using a keyboard! I can't imagine using using your device for business and touch typing emails! No way!

Posted via CB10


My 8900 is on its last legs. I desperately need a new Blackberry!!


Love BB10!!

And Crackberry!


The keyboard would make my short, fat fingers and thumbs productive again.

Posted via CB10


Love the Z10 but just have to have the key board and the biggest battery plus it will be the best birthday present ever!
Big thanks to Telus and CB.

Posted via CB10


Keyboard, keyboard, keyboard.

Posted via CB10


I like it because of the overall look and feel. Plus, the qwerty keyboard doesn't hurt.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


nice... I'd love to try the q10 and my daughter would be tickled pink to inherit my Z10

Posted via CB10


I would have to say its the keyboard and battery that fits my heavy day. Good luck everyone.


Live the keyboard and battery life!

Posted via CB10

Matt Welch

Full keyboard, brilliant multitasking and Telus 4GLTE. Amazing device for work and fun.

Posted via CB10


Thank you for giving us another chance at it. I'd love to get my hands on one.

Posted via CB10


I got a Z10 on the day of release and my girlfriend is pretty upset shes still rinning with a 9810 which is constantly giving her problems so I would like to win the Q10 for her... pls pick this guy so I don't have to feel like "that Guy" anymore...lol thanks.


Keyboard and stainless steel construction.

Posted via CB10


Incredible keyboard and beautiful design.
Nothing beats that :)

Posted via CB10


Gimme killer battery life

Posted via CB10


Love the feel of the real keyboard.

Posted via CB10


The keyboard and the awesome battery !!

Posted via CB10

Speedy McKrash

I want the beautiful Q10 so I can give it to my wonderful fiancé. She's still using the Bold 9780 and doesn't want to give up the physical keyboard. Good luck everyone!

Posted via CB10

Lily Huynh

I want the Q10 for they keyboard!

Posted via CB10


I've been toting around keyboarded android phones for too long (moto milestone, xt860) and they just don't compare to the Blackberry keyboard.


Need this for my wife to bring her kicking and screaming into this century. Thanks for the contest.


This would be awsome to win. Waiting for a torch like device if i don't win.

North ontario

Would love the keyboard. If chosen my z10 would go to my son in college.

Posted via CB10


It's all about that keyboard!

Posted via CB10


The keyboard

Posted via CB10


I want to use the wonderful keyboard

Posted via CB10


Q10 is the best qwerty smartphone with Blackberry 10!


Buttons. Buttons. Buttons.

Posted via CB10

Christine Wright

Gotta have the keyboard :)


Keyboard and good battery would make me happy....fingers crossed!! :)

Posted via CB10


I have the z10 I would love the Q10.

Posted via CB10


Keyboard keyboard keyboard

Posted via CB10


I am totally stoked about the silver frets on the qwerty keyboard. They are slick, sexy, and c'mon, it's a physical keyboard. The versatility of the Q10 will be unsurpassed.


To complete my collection !

Posted via CB10


...cause I need a device to convert my iPhone loving wife.

Posted via CB10


Please let me win!!

Powered by QNX


My friend has a Q10 its incredible! Two of our friends have iphones, so this is an arms race!! I can't leave him hanging, two superior phones are better than one!


Would welcome the upgrade! Pick me!

Posted via CB10


The battery and the keyboard!

Posted via CB10


I want a Q10 for its awesome keyboard and BB10 OS.

Posted via CB10


Yes please!

Posted via CB10


Gotta get my hands on a Q10 to pair with my playbook. A new dream team is waiting in the wings with a little help from the crackberry gods. Please and thank you!


Two is better than one

Posted via CB10


would love to try out Blackberry. especially the keyboard

T Blizz

I want the BlackBerry Q10, because I am a BlackBerry and CrackBerry junkie. I have owned and used every single blackberry device that has been released. I even own a Z10 now. I bought the Z10 not knowing that there even was a Q10, I love my phone, but after seeing and hearing about the Q10 and playing around with it in the store, I love it even more than my Z10. I can't wait to get my hands on this gorgeous phone.

Posted via CB10


Add me. Pin:24C0A6CC

Posted via CB10


Oh yes, a Q10

Posted via CB10


My dog are my homework which just happened to be in my new Q10.

So now I need a replacement.

Posted from my Z10 via C10


Want want want...please, paramedics lice blackberry 10 and crackberry! it's ems week in canada so show a little love!!

Posted via CB10


Was supposed to be love blackberry, see that's why I need a physical keyboard!

Posted via CB10

Young Z

Battery life for sure.

Check out my "What Were They Thinking?" channel: C000BB092


The physical keyboard, shortcuts, longer battery life and BB10 OS. Sweet! Who wouldn't want one?


Need one please...one one please

Posted via CB10


i would want the Q10 because i am a die hard blackberry fan and no one does qwerty phones like blackberry also the Q10 ships with the beauty,functionality and efficiency of the Blackberry 10 OS.


I need the keyboard on an awesome Bb10 os, so that I can keep moving and get 'er done!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Pick me! Keyboard!

Posted via CB10


What's up with the draw for the international readers? Did I miss it or is it still pending?


Because This weekend after a couple of beers, I went to my car to grab a sweater and just like a genius, I closed my trunk right on my Cell... I personally think I've spent enough $$ on cell phones this year... a free one would be nice :)


Sick and tired of the sluggish performance, constant reboots and the overall weight of my Torch 9800. . . . Time to rock something fresh "maestro"!!

Stephen P Jones

I am loving my Z10. Both of my children are rocking legacy Blackberries, both of which are becoming unreliable. I think this new generation of phones raises BlackBerry performance to a whole new level and I would like to prove it by gifting one if them a Q10.

Posted via CB10

Cedric Menard

Impress my friends with the newest blackberry.


Telus - Canadian
BlackBerry Q10 - Canadian
Me - Canadian

Best trifecta !

Posted via CB10 / Z10


Really want one please

Posted via CB10


I'd like the Q10 because it's the best BlackBerry ever built :-)

Posted via CB10


Need the Q10 to keep my Z10 company!

Posted via CB10


I want it cause I always wondered if Telus was better then Rogers.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.


The Q10 would allow me to replace my wife's Samsung- Android. We have 3 BlackBerry phones users in the family and everyone is tired of helping my wife, their mother to understand the android nonsense. Help me keep the peace and off the couch.

Posted via CB10


Has to be the keyboard!

Posted via CB10

Kevin Denmark

Shortcuts directly from the keyboard, long battery life and bold sexy styling like a high end watch are why I would love to win this phone :-D

Posted via CB10


In and thanks CB!

Classic design for me.


Gotta love the one and only amazing qwerty keyboard a game changer in mobile computing industry.. BlackBerry user for years and years to come... thumbs up! blackberry and Crackberry team!



Please sign the petition to help get Pandora on board the blackberry 10 platform

Posted via CB10


....would LOVE the Q10! Can't beat a real keyboard and the new OS looks great.


I would love a q10 simply because of the keyboard.

Posted via CB10


Mine...please....q10 forever and ever xxxx

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


For the awesome keyboard!

Posted via CB10


I want it for the keyboard, and the OS BB10 of course!

Julie Beverstein

Cuz it's the best phone ever!

Posted via CB10

huang wei

I wanna Q10, Please pick me! :)


Sweet. I wouldn't even have to unlock this one. Sign me up for the win.

Oh and keyboard, keyboard, KEYBOARD!!!!

Posted via CB10


Yessir! would love it!


Give it to me!

Posted via CB10

Rory Black

It would let me use the c rack berry app so much easier!!

Posted via CB10


The keyboard shortcuts save you so much time.


Physical keyboard for sure...
Definitely the first choice for field construction works... especially during winter.

Best friend of my Z10

Posted via CB10


Keyboard goodness! Please!


I would love to have a Q10 so I can give this to my wife and she can stop eyeing my Z10 so much ;)


I hear that the Blueberry 10 is THE phone... I own one of these, wont be able to leave home without - let alone it would be at my bedside at all times too...


I want this phone simply because its a blackberry. And because my sister has one and both my brothers have one. I don't want to be the black sheep of the family anymore.


Thanks crackberry for another contest and I pick the Q10 for its keyboard and bigger battery size. Thanks.

Posted via CB10


So i can finally build and test the app i am trying to create on the phone not the simulator. Not to mention i would be using it out the wazoo

---Weekend Coder---


Please. Thank you.

Posted via CB10


I have my Z10 but this would be to relieve my wife of her iPhone 4

Posted via CB10


The build quality is phenomenal. The keyboard, the upgraded AMOLED screen and battery life, etc. Plus Telus is a homegrown BC company, why not enter to have a chance to win!


A Q10 will compliment my Z10 nicely.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


My hubby won't even let me hold his Q10. Love my Z10 but really want a Q10. Wish I had waited.

Posted via CB10


Just had a baby, bought a house, funds are not available to upgrade to a Q10. Been using my wife's old iPhone 4S since my Bold 9700 died. Following CrackBerry.com for so long & waiting an eternity for this phone. Miss the keyboard dearly would luv to win it!


I'm missing my 9900-style keyboard, so I think the Q has to be my next device. The better battery, and BB 10 seal the deal.

And on top of that, I'm already with Telus!

Posted via CB10


I have had the z10 since launch, but I would love the Q10 and its amazing Battery life too.


3rd time is the charm... keyboard and amazing battery life still my favorite!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I would like to win One.


Because I want help BlackBerry become #1 again by allowing others to see, touch and use a new Q10 along with my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Nick Spagnolo

I want to share my bb10 awesome experience with my wife and surprise her with a Q10. It would score me soo many brownie points. I can bank them for a Sunday golf game or a night out with the boys.

Posted via CB10

Matthew Puglisi

Such a nice phone overall, hope I win!

Posted via CB10


I have never owned a smart phone. Maybe about time!

Ramiro Arteaga

KEYBOARD, no one like BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


It would complement my z10, nicely.

Posted via CB10


Great keyboard

Posted via CB10

Jelly -Bean

I want to win it for my hubby who has been my best friend and partner since we were kids. He was there for all our kids and when our newest son was critical and in NICU he was my rock and continues to be every day. We are long time Telus users and to win a BlackBerry Q10 for would be amazing

Posted via CB10


Keyboard and large battery!

Posted via CB10


I do tooo much texting/bbm ...now that bbm going cross platform ill be doing more typing so the Q10 keyboard is a must!!!


I managed to hold on a IPhone 3GS for the past three years...I want to become one of the familly now, get me that Q10 as my first blackberry! :)

Shunji Yamada

Since i am a die hard of BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Greg Barker1

Familiar feel and classic keyboard

Posted via CB10


I NEED that keyboard! Thanks CB and Telus!


The Q10 is a gorgeous phone . I would love to have one.

Posted via CB10


I tried 3x please pick me my phone is falling apart lol I'm an big BlackBerry fan let me spread the news about the q10 in person

Posted via CB10


I want one for my better half who deserves the best and that is a BB10 with a keyboard (even though I like the Z10).


I want the keyboard and battery life.


Miss that keyboard !

Posted via CB10


That sexy QWERTY Keyboard of course!!!
Can't wait for that Q10 on my hands!!!


Well I tried the z10, but I just need that keyboard! :)


The Q10 is an awesome phone and I just got my fiancé to switch from an IPhone to a Z10 and she loves it! And i'm on Telus and they are the best of the big 3 carriers!

Posted via CB10


I want a q10 because of the keyboard!!

Posted via CB10


Simply the best keyboard ever!


I would like a Q10 so I can talk to my friends that have Blackberry's via BBM, and so I can help sell more BB's by owning one, replacing my Samsung. ;)


I would love this gift from the wonderful people at CrackBerry because the new BlackBerry Q10 is amazing!!


My 9900 wants a big brother, one that he can look up to and admire.


I would love a Q10 because I am a keyboard addict!

Posted via CB10


Upon test driving the device at a Telus store, I felt the Q10 had a lot to offer. More bang for your buck if you will.


Comming from the 8700=>,
9000.=>9700, =>9780 =>9900 to the Z10(my first all touch device with virtual keyvoard).....i miss the keyboard......and being that i buy my devices full price to avoid the, then contract system,.....would be nice if i win the Q10.......=) just a shot.

Posted via CB10


I went to the store and played with a Q10. The keyboard is AMAZING!!!

Posted via CB10


Qount me in. Need a new Q to go with my Z

Z10 + PB 64GB = Keep Moving. Posted using CB10 App

dan d

Love my z10 thanks Telus your the best but I do miss my keyboard...

Posted via CB10


I would love a Q10 because I want to keep on supporting blackberry as much as I can. They are Canadian and make the finest superphones out there.

Plus, I would love to show it off to all of my friends and family on Facebook :)

Posted via CB10


For the great battery power.


Love the Z10 but I am missing the keys.

Posted via CB10


I live BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Want one, need one.

Posted via CB10


Simply the best phone I ever owned. Keyboard plus touch screen. Doesn't get any better

Posted via CB10


Keyboard shortcuts of course.

Posted via CB10


I need it for the 100 + emails I write every day...

Posted via CB10


I wish I win, so I can bbm video chat with my wife and kids who I am going to be away from for 18 months. Thanks.


It would be great to win so I can demonstrate the greatness of BlackBerry 10 to everyone with both keyboard and full touch screen versions.

Posted via CB10


I want one to give to my friend


Keyboard just cannot let it go !!
Other than that "Just cuz I said so" Now had it to me lol :D
ok pweeeez


Keys. It's all about the keys

Posted via CB10


Love it! Happy to see another promo happening on Crackberry.com! Keep them coming!


I want a Q10 because nothing beats a BlackBerry physical keyboard!


Thanks to Crackberry and Telus please let me win!!!


I want a Q10 because I'm a big fan of Telus and a big fan of BlackBerry. The Q10 would be my fourth BB from Telus. I've been with Telus since they first came to Manitoba, in 1999. I'm a proud Telus customer and I look forward to many more years with them.

As for the Q10, it's a beautiful phone that I can't stop playing with. I've been going to FutureShop every couple of days to play with one. I really need to own one! It's truly RIMs flagship keyboard phone!


Need a Q10 to compare to my Z10

Posted via CB10


I would love one of these.
I'm extremely happy with my Z10, and the typing experience really is the best one i've seen on a touchscreen phone. Having said that... I would much rather sacrifice some screen real estate in favour of the speed and accuracy of a physical keyboard which made the 9900 so great.


Would love to get that keyboard back.


Count me in. Z10 rocks but oh do I miss the physical keyboard. Got to use it at blackberry live jam, blew my mind.

Posted via CB10


I want a Q10 because it is the best QWERTY phone in the market and it is the best QWERTY phone made by BlackBerry. It is the best of the best!


Wifey is dying to get a Q10, ultimate anniversary gift

Posted via CB10

Patrick Akle

I want a q10!

Posted via CB10

Stephen Green

Great upgrade from my BlackBerry 9900! Luv
My BlackBerry stuff.

From my Z10 via CB10


Hoping to get the wife into the BlackBerry love

Posted via CB10


What a beautiful phone this is...what a comfortable keyboard it has... I was eyeballing one of these at the Target Demo Kiosk...


Love BlackBerry, love Telus

Posted via CB10


It is an amazing blackberry

Posted via CB10

Disco Stu36

I would love to win so I can update the dinosaur in the office next to me with the totally awesome Z10, thus completing the total 10-afication of our tiny company.

Posted via CB10

Bacon Munchers

I need a phone that can go the distance (a typical business day) without the thing dying, or having to purchase extra gear.
Besides, it just looks real slick-like!

Posted via CB10


I just godda have it! Finally a front camera! Chat on BBM.

Rasec Blanca

I never win anything, but a new Q10 with BB10 would be the first! Me please!

Posted via CB10


I am ready to win!

Thanks in advance


Please o please choose me

Posted via CB10


I do not live in Canada but i still want to leave a comment

Posted via CB10


I want a Q10 because I have a Z10 but I need another top of. the line BlackBerry for my other hand.

Posted via CB10


I might not win the lottery, but I have a good feeling about this one! Lol.

Posted via CB10


My mom always had a problem with technology, she thought it's too complicated. The only phone she liked (and use) is Blackberry because of the physical keyboard. Now Q10 came with BB10 that are simpler than ever before, i want my mom to really feel the power of Blackberry now.. not only texting and make phone calls.. :)


I want a Q10! Why? Ultra cool keyboard!! That's why!!

Posted via CB10


Cuz i hate my current other-fruit phone ... and bb rulez!!! nuf said


I want this phone for the keyboard and battery life. I get a lot of emails and messages in a day so I need a workhorse to pound on during the day.


Beautiful AMOLED screen!


I would LOVE to have a new Q10. I have a Z10 and it's great, but my wife needs a new phone, so..

Posted via CB10


I want to give a co worker the Q10. She misses the physical keyboard. She about 4 months ago she traded her BlackBerry Bold in for a Samsung S3. I know she would switch back if she tried the Q10.


Posted via CB10


Mmmmm I would like one of these!!!

Pascal Cormier

The Q10 is plain sexy, with the keyboard. Also I bought the Z10 and every other BB model before that since the first device RIM ever made. It would be cool not to have to dish out $500 again. Love you guys, this is my first post but i read all your stuff everyday and it's helped me lots over the years.



Posted via CB10


Keyboard definitely

Posted via CB10


The keybaord experience keeps me productive; the Q10 is a great upgrade from my current Bold 9900.

Jamie Lind

I want one because well I'm with Telus, I'm awesome and the phone is awesome so it's only logical that I win ^_^

Posted via CB10


I would love one so I can finally be as cool as everyone else.

Posted via CB10


Winning a q10 would be neat! My z10 is a little lonely.

Posted via CB10


Keyboard i like it.

Posted via CB10


Thank you CrackBerry and Telus for this great opportunity. I had a chance to play with the Q10 at a store and just fell in love. Fluid motion, great features and an awesome Qwerty keyboard. What more could anyone want. My 9800 is feeling soooooooo old.

Brooklin McConnell1


Posted via CB10


The great display and keyboard are just perfect for my wife who so kindly won me a Z10!

A Q10 is the perfect phone for her!

Thank you Telus and Crackberry.

Posted via CB10


Would love this one.


Keyboard, q10 the best


I'd love a Q10 so that I can be fully prepared to run a "Why BlackBerry" panel at Developer tradeshows in Winnipeg. Developers keep talking android and iPhone; well, in cascades, ive developed an app for both Z10 and Q10 form factors in mere hours... at least, in theory. runs in the simulator, would be nice to have the device available on-hand to demo the awesomeness of native speeds on both form factors. Local talent MUST see this.

Especially at New Media Manitoba.

Posted via CB10


Who in their right mind wouldn't want a Q10? I know I would love to have one. QWERTY keyboard, great battery life, BB10. Its the only "smart phone on the market.


The sexy key board and nice screen


...because my Telus BB Z10 wants a friend!

Posted via CB10


Beautifully Bold! Bring on the Q10

Posted via CB10


i need this because my reception sucks on wind mobile and switching to telus would be a huge improvement


Why me? I want to keep moving!

= r =

Posted via CB10


Thanks for always having great contests

Posted via CB10


I miss the BB keyboard and the effortless typing. Thanks CB for the contest!


Awesome physical keyboard



Posted via CB10

nature boy

i would love to win because according to my wife, that would be the only way i'd get my hands on a q10!


Definitely the keyboard

Derek Chant

Nothing beats the qwerty keyboard.

Posted via CB10

manea alyami

Will I?!

Posted via CB10


I have the Z10 but I want the Q10 keyboard!

Posted via CB10

Hershy Moskovits

A few of my friend bough the Q10. I can tell u this mobile rocks, the fastest browser ever... I also tested the BlackBerry Maps which is also a GPS its amazingly fast, I have a I phone but I much better like the Q10, tnx

Posted via CB10


Add me 24BE3FDE

Posted via CB10


The real feel of the keyboard and the power-packed battery life.

Posted via CB10


That was easy

Wayne Martin1

Pick me. I would love a Q10 to go with my Z10.

Posted via CB10


I miss my keyboard

Posted via CB10


Why? because I currently don't own a phone, I want to be a Blackberry owner, support Blackberry and I don't like iPhone and despise Google and Microsoft.

Theodore Spitadakis

Love the keyboard it's an absolute must for when on the road from work

Posted via CB10

Halifax Guy

I just want to upgrade.


J'adore le Z10.... Mais le Q10 aussi pour son clavier.

Posted via CB10