You could win a hot new BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS! Enter now!

Telus BlackBerry Q10
By Michelle Haag on 20 May 2013 04:47 am EDT

Canadians, are you ready? We have a third chance for one of you to win a BlackBerry Q10, this time from TELUS.

If you're a resident of Canada, all you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post telling us why you want the BlackBerry Q10. Huge thanks to TELUS for hooking this one up!  As usual, one comment per person, and spammers will be eliminated and banned from future contests.  We'll run this one through next Sunday at midnight PST, so drop your comment below to get in on the action.

Unfortunately this one is again only open to Canadian residents but not to worry - we'll have more contests for everyone else soon. 

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You could win a hot new BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS! Enter now!



My fiancé has been using iphone and wants bb10. Because were getting married we won't have the ability to simply buy this phone for a while. This would be an amazing gift and make the event that much better.

Thank you

Posted from my Z10

I need to get back to a physical keyboard. The Q looks amazing. Good luck to everyone

Posted via CB10

great keyboard, battery life, communication device with all the bells and whistles you could want. Blackberry is back !

After seeing the Q10 at BBLive, I am so eager to get my hands on one. the keyboard is crazy good. Add that to the amazing OS 10 and it is a work of art for keyboard lovers.

So i can give it to my brother who is a huge fan of the qwerty. And he's pretty excited for the Q10 cause the buttons are supposed to be a bit bigger then on the 9900. He has very thick fingers


I want the BlackBerry Q10 to give to a family member who wants to have the best physical keyboard on the market, but isn't convinced yet that BB10 is the best OS. The Q10 will convince them on both accounts.

Posted via CB10

My wife loves her curve. "Why do I need to upgrade? " she says. I would love to show her why!

Posted via CB10

Looking to convert my GF back to blackberry. She is already with Telus so the Q10 would definitely help.

Love CB by the way. Keep up the good work.

Posted via CB10

The keyboard would be incredible. That, combined with the longer batter life, would be awesome, especially considering I'm sending messages almost constantly. I'd pick one up myself except for the part where I bought a Z10 on launch day (which I've dearly) and can't afford a second phone...

Posted via CB10

Would love a new q10 to help convert my 'droid and i friends. What a great combo, bb10, memory expansion, removable battery and telus!

Faithful BlackBerry fan and will always be supporting the legendary qwerty keyboard on BlackBerry devices!!

Posted via CB10

The Z10 isn't bad but would love to go back to a physical keyboard. The longer battery life would be a big plus too

Posted via CB10

I would love a Q10 especially from Telus! I am a current iPhone 5 user but there is a lot that I miss from my BB days and I still frequent the site and live vicariously through the CB nation. I have even steered a few of my friends to Zed 10 and Q 10 and they love them. If I had the Q10, with that wonderful keyboard (yes I have played with it) I would seriously consider making it my primary phone.

The Q10 has definitely the best keyboard and user experience on the market!

Thanks Telus for the contest.

Bringing touch screen and keyboard into one phone. Perfection. I have purchased 8 PlayBook for myself, family and friends and this would be the first BB 10 phone in the family I could show off.

I picked up the Z10 1st day in Canada, getting my mom a Q10 once Telus has them in white, but a black one would be perfect for my dad.

Posted via CB10

I would love to give it to my daughter. She is an avid blackberry keyboard fan, even if her friends aren't.

From Zed to U via CB10

I Wish. Here's hoping another attempt will finalize a q10 for me. Viva BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 in BB10 on Z10...

Fantastic execution of everything BlackBerry and everything BB10 in one package!!!

Q10 the perfect everything phone.

From the Zed of Rockivy

The Q10 stands for quality and a quantum leap into a new generation of greatness. Q10 is what my wife will be getting one way or another. She's been with another carrier and platform. I've felt betrayal for some time. Time for my baby to come back home with the new Q10 and me and my Z10 will be elated.

Posted via CB10

I'd love to have the Q10 to show my family and friends that Blackberry can make a far superior phone to theirs, who insist on telling me everyday how bad Blackberry is and how good their Samsung and Apple phones are.

Been with blackberry since I was 13, and I would never go anywhere else! I would love to win the BlackBerry Q10 because I miss the keyboard. I have the new Z10 and I love it, but I do miss the key board. Thank you CrackBerry and Telus for this awesome opportunity!!

Posted via CB10

Sweet let's try this for a 3rd time. I would like the Q10 so I can have the BlackBerry keyboard experience. I've never had a BlackBerry with a keyboard.

Posted via CB10

The q10 gives me a computer in my hand. All the other smart phones are just small video game consoles!

Plus, you gotta love Telus!

Posted via CB10

I would love to win this phone. I lost my bold 9900 over the weekend :( and the person would not return it. If i don't win this one, well then Q10 will have to wait a little bit longer since m saving up funds

My wife is jealous of my Z10 but loves everything on about the Q10. And also it would be nice to BBM video as I'm in the NWT and she's in Nova Scotia atm. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

I would love to have Q10 cause I have been BlackBerry user for years and love the physical keyboard. I also have owned a playback and love the QNX os. So with the two combine together you have the ultimate BlackBerry. Would love to own one.

I have been a very loyal BB fan since the StORM. I need this new BB10 as I can't waite to use the forward facing freaking awesome camera 4 vidoe chat with friends and fam in jamaica and london. Not to mention it's. A touch screen and Keyboard! Wicked combo *sigh* please pick me.

Battery life and the keyboard! It's just an awesome phone. I love it. Let me win pls:)

Posted via CB10

Love my Z10, but I miss the keyboard from my old Bold. Plus, I could use it to help convert my wife from her Galaxy!

Posted via CB10

Why not? The Q10 is the ONLY phone on the market that feeds the need for a physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10

I'd love one. I think it's time I upgrade from my 9790. I'm stuck on contract so to win one would be awesome.

Posted via CB10

as much as i love larger screens the keyboard is still KING! WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE!!!!!!! fingers crossed.

hey Team Crackberry! for what i have seen so far 3 great things i have instantly liked, the look, the screen quality and awesome keyboard that the Q10 is rocking #bb10 #believe :)

I bought a Z10 the day it came out from Telus...3 months later I was went on a fishing trip with my buddy, left the phone along with my buddy's wallet on shore in small bad....and from waaay out in the water we see a friggin goose take the bag away with out stuff in it! >.< :( Pls let me win a new BB Q10 to replace my Z10 :(

No longer want to be on the dark side (iPhone), I would like to return to the good side (BlackBerry) or in my eyes, the best side!!!

Ps. I love that keyboard!!!

I would love to win this phone for my wife. I have the Zed 10 and she has a 9900 with 2 years still on her contract. She needs and loves that Q10!

Posted via CB10

It would be the keyboard, i have and love my Z10 and I am starting to miss the good keyboard design of the classic blackberries.

Posted via CB10

Because I'm sick and tired of my iPhone! The Q10 is one of the only examples of true mobile computing. Canadian innovation!

I still have the blackberry 8330 which I've had for couple years now and this would be an amazing upgrade. Please let me win this phone!!

The Keyboard, touch screen with a bigger screen no tracking ball, the wieght, the sleekness, the O/S is faster, the HUB, there are so many reasons why i need this phone when i compare it agains my way too old Blackberry CURVE 9300 with a tracking ball that has a mind of it's own...yeah even im ashamed to admit i still use it. LOL what can i say im dedicated to Blackberry

Because as a proud Canadian I can quickly write sonnets to our beloved queen Victoria on an amazing keyboard and a vibrant screen!

Coming from a Bold 9900, the keyboard is a necessity. However the whole reason I've stuck with BlackBerry is build quality, and OS refinement. After testing the Z10 as well as the Q10 in-store I'm absolutely sold on the BB10 OS. There are still features that it seems BlackBerry has gotten right that other OS's seem to have forgotten (dynamic roaming information and time zone alerts being two which screwed many of my friends over the weekend).

So that I can swap out, use my Z10 to impress the ladies on the weekend and close killer deals with the Q during the week...

Posted via CB10

Sweet here we go for round three...Shout out to Crackberry and Telus for the chance. would love to get my hands on that Keyboard of the Q10

Posted via CB10

Physical keyboard is a deal breaker. I really need a phone right now my 9800 is going to the can soon.

Posted via CB10

Ooohhhh, my Z10 could use a sexy Suzy Q10 by his side. The fact that it's a Telus(my carrier) Q10 means it must be destiny. ;D

I want to win this, because I want a BB10 device. As well it just looks better then the Z10, even though it does have the keyboard.

I have the Z10 and i love it but even after 4 months with the touch screen I am itching to go back to the qwerty keyboard. I love the physical keyboard and the dark theme on the q10 and this devices is what I feel a modern BlackBerry should be. I am the only BlackBerry user in a family of iPhone user and i want to have a modern and real qwerty BlackBerry to show them what they are missing. :) plus Telus, in my opinion, is the best carrier in Canada so I would love to join them and leave who I am currently with. Love crackberry.

Posted via CB10

I would loooooove a Q10. I have missed the functionality of my 9900 and 9700 and would be amped to get my hands on the latest and greatest.

Posted via CB10

Because I am learning to dev with cascade and would be really helpful to have a q10 !

Posted via CB10

To show ex BlackBerry owners the BlackBerry 10 experience first hand.

Posted via CB10 on the Z10

I want the Q10 because it's the sweetest phone O t he market, and I want to have a physical keyboard again. I love BlackBerry and I am dying for this phone!!

Posted via CB10

I want this Q10 so badly, the physical keyboard is awesome ! Not to mention the AMOLED technology combined with the dark theme which gives insane battery life.

Thanks CB & Telus for this opportunity !!! Q10!

Because as much as I love my z10, the q10 would still be my workhorse...killer keyboard and rock solid build :)

Bullet proof device build like a tank and the battery life.
Keyboard is also out of this world.
No Other touch screen device come even close to the Q for typing.

Posted via CB10

Pick me! My wife desperately needs a new phone, and she's dead set on having a physical keyboard. She should have the best phone out there!

Posted via CB10

It gotta be the looks for me. It's so business at the same time with the Kool factor with K.
I love the camera on it too. But can't afford one so have to sit and pray and sacrifice something to please the lord to win this Q10.

Posted via CB10