You could win a hot new BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS! Enter now!

Telus BlackBerry Q10
By Michelle Haag on 20 May 2013 04:47 am EDT

Canadians, are you ready? We have a third chance for one of you to win a BlackBerry Q10, this time from TELUS.

If you're a resident of Canada, all you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post telling us why you want the BlackBerry Q10. Huge thanks to TELUS for hooking this one up!  As usual, one comment per person, and spammers will be eliminated and banned from future contests.  We'll run this one through next Sunday at midnight PST, so drop your comment below to get in on the action.

Unfortunately this one is again only open to Canadian residents but not to worry - we'll have more contests for everyone else soon. 

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You could win a hot new BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS! Enter now!



The form, how it fits in your hand, size, BB10 OS, BlackBerrys' best physical keyboard around, and everything to go with it.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I love my Z, but I held the Q for the first time last week. Beautiful! Now I'm a man of two minds...

Posted via CB10

Because my fiance's 9900 is dying a slow, painful death and therefore BlackBerry has fallen out of grace for her and I need to bring her back into the force. Pick me please!!!

Posted via CB10

I'd love the new q10! I'm definitely missing the keyboard and with it I get stuff done so much more efficient

Posted via CB10

A chance to keep in contact with friends and family while I pursue my dreams, and also support a great Canadian company :D

Posted via CB10

What's the chances if I'm post 527 , I should have held out for the Q but couldn't wait to get back to bb so bought the Z.

For sure the full keyboard is why I want the Q10. The original BlackBerry design is perfect and is so much better then the full touch screen phones.

Posted via CB10

I've owned 10's of BBs in the last 10 years and owning a Q10 would be awesome! Currently using a 9810.

Posted via CB10

That physical keyboard is so accurate, so nice and so distinctive.
It has a feel to it that I just can't resist... Q10 .... here I am !!..

Keyboard first....need to upgrade my bb second, need to show the new bb to friends and family

Uh... Okay. The Industrial Revolution to me is just like a story I know called "The iPhone Who Lost His Way." The world was changing, and the iPhone was getting... bigger. So, you see, the iPhone was like BlackBerry. In that, they were both lost in the woods. And nobody, especially the little boy - "society" - knew where to find 'em. Except that the iPhone was a dog. But the BlackBerry Q10, my friends, that was a revolution. BlackBerry High football rules!

The sky is more blue, the see gets deeper, the shadows appear and nothing gets lost in a memory picture with the gratious Q10. The joy of typing on your favorite patio near a coffee or beer while the sun is dropping its glaze of light on you would always translate in those unforgetable laughing chats that make our dreams come true. I want a Q10 to become part of it, to be part of the connected world that only blackberry has to offer.

Posted via CB10

I miss my physical keyboard. Love my Z10 but I want my keyboard back!

Posted via CB10•••Keep Moving.

oh Canada I want a Q10, please pick me as I want one of them. It's qwerty keyboard for typing fast and its oled screen. True multitasking, long battery life. It will help me get through this strife. Oh Telus you want to pick me, true north and strong, it will set me free. Truly north and free oh Telus give it to me.

Posted via CB10

Why would I not want a Q10? Best in class keyboard, OS 10.1, Instant Actions, those awesome Keyboard Shortcuts. They all make me wish I had waited for the Q10! I would love to win this beautiful thing to help convert my friends back to #TeamBlackBerry with!

I would love to win this because of the keyboard. I currently have a Z10 (couldn't wait and used my upgrade). However, I much prefer the physical keyboard, and I think the battery power on the Q10 would make the device that much more appealing. Please give me this opportunity to win! Thanks much :).

Q10 is the ultimate in messaging speed and efficiency. Nothing gets stuff done faster. My birthday being the 22 would make winning a Q10 the icing on the cake. Plus I would buy lots of accessories from the Crackberry store!

I would like to win the Q10 because it would match with my Z10 and I love the way blackberry has put a mat colour on the blackberry 10'S. This is smart because that is the new trend colour on the cars. I think they knew what the new trend will be.

Let's have a look here~
A one of a kind phone on a modern OS,
QWERY keyboard,
amazing battery life,
fellow Canadian company,

and most of all! It's amazing now, but will only get better with future updates from our friends at Blackberry.

Give me the Q10 and I will gladly market it at work and convert potential customers to BlackBerry. Die hard since my first device, love to get the Q10 and support the company for many more years.

Check it out. Space-grade technology...operating flight control centers, Mercedes Benz, Bullet Trains... in the palm of your hand.. QNX, physical keyboard, 120,000 apps, awesome screen, great community.

Love the Z10. NEED the Q10!

Posted via CB10

Oooh Telus. I like the Q10 style. I need a taste of BB10. Winning one is all I got for at least another year. I talk about BB but I only know 2 people with one. It is hard to explain to people why BlackBerry is not dead when I can't even show them the new phone. It is frustrating. 0_o

I want it because I want to give it to my wife so she can see how awesome BlackBerry has become again.

Posted Via CB10 from Z10.

I got my z10 and I love it, but my wife won't part from her 9900. I would like both of us to be loving bb10!!

Posted via CB10

I am big BlackBerry supported and got Z10 first day. Being promoting BlackBerry like crazy so getting a Q10 will help me more

Posted via CB10

I would love to win a q10. I already try it and it is working juste fin for me. BlackBerry did a great job. I like his size and I also like his keyboard. It's fluide and everything you expect from BlackBerry and a cell phone you got it.

Posted via CB10

The only way I will convince my wife to move to the BB10 world would be to give her the phone!

It will take time and momentum to convince those confused by the hype created by the other manufacturers that the Q10 is a great product.

I want to win this because I'm currently using a Z10 and I miss the feedback of a physical keyboard!

Posted via CB10

Amoled, and (of course) the keyboard! You just can't leave out the most recognized blackberry feature.

I want it, the qwerty physical keyboard, battery saving and the best network TelUs, wat else can you ask for , but i cant afford it right now ...

Posted via CB10

I already own one and love it. This one would be for my wife and she still has the bold.


Posted via CB10

Here I am with a beautiful white Z10 accessorized with a white transformer case packing CB10 and to complete my ensemble a gorgeous qwerty Q10 with accessories to be name later would be wonderful.

From my BlackBerry Z10 via C10

Been a BB user since day one (an addict of sorts) and always a strong supporter - through the thick and the thin. Love my new Z10, but would also like to round out my assortment of devices with a shiny, new Q10. Pick me....pick me....

Posted via CB10

I will be able to make great picture using the awesome camera of the q10. I will be able to take amazing picture of the baby me and my girlfriends are waiting july 16. It will be amazing to take quality picture (it not the same using a old bold). also this will be awesome to try the great feature of qnx.

Posted via CB10

BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH LAWDY LAWD BUTTONS!!!! Tried one out and gave the "side eye" to my beloved Z10......."HOW I MISS THEE OH BUTTONS"

My gf is having signal issues with her carrier and she's thinking of jumping onto Telus (ironically we were in a Telus store yesterday) so this phone would be great for her to make the switch.

Posted via CB10

I need this to get my girlfriend off her ancient Samsung qwerty, don't even know what it's called. ITS OLD! With my z10 and her having a Q10, it'll be the perfect pair.

Well the Q10 is a beautiful phone to begin with, but I have been a fan of the blackberry keyboards because I do a lot of messaging. Also sometimes I'm at school from morning till night and the longer battery life can help me through the day without having to worry about bringing my charger :). Getting the Q10 would really help my social life.
Thank you

Posted via CB10

I want this phone cause that keyboard is AMAZING. And it just looks so sleek and professional. And, of course, love to support our homegrown Blackberry! :)

I would love to win this and be able to give it to my girlfriend who has a 9800 that is falling apart.... the keyboard looks to be amazing!

I would love to have a new sleek Q10. Get my qwerty fix on. Fingers crossed.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

I would like to win the Q10 because it is the best of both worlds when talking about the old BlackBerry and the new one (or rather, ten)

I love the keyboard and everything about BlackBerry, I'm Canadian living in Waterloo and there is no other device that should be in my hand.

Posted via CB10

Do I really need to leave a comment of why I need a Q10? I don't think one is necessary! ;)

Posted via CB10

Love the 9900 keyboard and form factor... combining that with BB10 and the new app ecosystem and its a hands down winner for the highest productivity phone you could buy... especially if your serious about messaging.

...and of course I'm already in Telus so it's a natural fit :-)

Would make a great upgrade for my dad's 9700 since I'm loving the Q10. An early father's day.

Posted via CB10

Me please!! Would love to have my physical keyboard back and why not add to the bb10 family ;)

Posted via CB10

The evolution of my BlackBerry life:
7100 => 7130 => 8100 => 9000 => 9700 => 9780 => 9790 (current)

This needs to have => Q10

I'm most deserving as I've been a dedicated and committed BlackBerry user for a decade. Heck, BlackBerry should GIVE me a Q10 !! Since they won't, I'll take one from Telus.

Third time is a charm--and I'm a loyal Telus client. Can't wait to get my hands on the awesome KEYBOARD. By 9700 is so slow running OS6--I'm ready for BB 10 SPEED. Please!

I want to win this for my good friend because he needs a new one but isn't eligible for an upgrade or pre-upgrade.

I miss my keyboard but not willing to shell out the extra dough for the Q10. Winning one would be a great way to confirm I've made the right choice. Not to worry I know plenty of BlackBerry faithful that could I pay BB10 forward to if I were to win. Pick me!

Posted via CB10

I would like to have it for those days that I miss the keyboard of my Bold. Plus I've never had two phones going at once. This would be the first step in my desire to be like my idol, Kevin!!

Please help me reach that goal!!!!

Posted via CB10

Would love to get the q10 for the purpose of work, the z10 is amazing but I feel that the q10 is more professional looking for work

Posted via CB10